Online us shares trading in nigeria make money from stocks


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Shares To Buy Online - Nigeria Stock Market Report Today - Stock Market Nigeria Investment - America Stock Brokerage Account - NSE Price List - Make Money In Stocks

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Online us shares trading in nigeria make money from stocks

  1. 1. Can Nigerians Really Make Money In American Stock Market? Here is Biblical Secret To Investing You may have noticed a lot of buzz lately about stock market investment. American stocks refer to the common stock of smaller public US, Europe and Asian based companies that trades per share on a daily basis based on demand and supply trends. Like Nigeria stock markets, they are regulated by the SEC and other authorities, but instead of trading through your broker via a mandate form, you can gain direct access to the market if you have all the minimum requirements to be registered investors. Today, American stocks are offering smaller investors like you a great opportunity to earn significant up-side on their investments. The benefits occur for two reasons: 1. It doesn’t take a lot of money to invest in American stocks. Unlike what you may have been told, you can start trading American listed shares for as low as $100 (N16,000 ) For the price of just one share in large companies such as Apple or Google, you could also buy thousands of shares in small companies. 2. American stocks have the potential for huge returns if you buy the right company. Because the prices per share of some companies are so low, you can experience steady price increases on monthly or yearly basis. Price jumps like this do not often occur with larger companies, but are much more common with small growth stocks. 3. When you sell your shares, aside from the long-term price increase, the Naira exchange rate increase to a US dollar can offer an additional income growth to investors. When you buy 100units share at $1 with N16000 when $1 is equal to N100 and sell for $2 per share after one year, assuming $1 is equivalent to N115, you not only make $200 but N23,000 when you factor current exchange gain for holding your investment in US dollar. But, with over twenty thousands of different listed stocks to choose from, how should you go about finding the right ones to invest in?
  2. 2. One platform that is exclusively devoted to tracking foreign share performance and helping Nigerians open an American shares trading account is iSHAREs Nigeria. They follow the market for secure companies with potential to make long-term gains and then alert their subscribers with the latest picks. In fact, every single pick they recommend have been based on over 2000 years biblical principles to investing in stock market, which has been not uncovered in the investment world (Luke 6: 48-49) We do not promote get-rich quick investment iSHARE’s current foreign stock pick is soaring (YTD performance: 123%). Do you want to Trade US Shares and Earn Long-term Profit? Click HERE To Join iSHARE On FACEBOOK Visit: Call 08084219399 for Support