America shares trading in nigeria, buy and sell shares online broker


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Learn how to make money trading US shares in Nigeria - open a Free stockbrokerage account - learn stock trading strategies by calling oge on 08084219399

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America shares trading in nigeria, buy and sell shares online broker

  1. 1. How To Open An American Stock Brokerage As A Nigerian In these short tips I will be sharing step by step guide to opening a stock brokerage account here in Nigeria, fund your account and start buying American stocks in less than 5 days. About Choice Trade: I have been using Choice Trade to trade international stocks online and have seen an effective service from this broker. Here is a review of Choice Trade: Choice Trade Review 2012: Commissions, Fees and Investment Products Offered         Stocks and ETFs (not direct access): $5 per trade Stocks and ETFs (direct access): $0.0025 per share, $1.50 minimum per trade Stocks and ETFs (broker-assisted): $10 per trade Options: $5 plus $0.15 per contract Mutual funds: $25 per trade Investment products: stocks, options, mutual funds, Forex, ETFs Minimum to open Choicetrade account: $0 for cash account, 2,000 for margin account All Choicetrade fees ChoiceTrade Account Application Process: It takes 10 minutes to complete new account registration at Choice Trade -- the forms are short and very well designed. The firm found an ingenious way to get a customer signature -- they provide a little box where one can draw their signature with a mouse! The application was approved in 15 minutes (during work hours, possibly longer on weekends and evenings), after which the company emailed us user name and password (both are changeable in account Settings). At this point we were ready to use all the features and fund the account. We opened account with $0. Choice Trade Website ( Tools Review
  2. 2. Choice Trade provides two choices for trading: website-based and stand-alone, professional, advanced trading platforms developed for day-traders. Both options are well-designed and provide just about everything an average investor needs as well as lots of advanced features most investors will never use. Web-based trading does not require plug-ins and could run on any device, including smart-phones and tablet devices like iPad. STEP TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT: Step 1: Go to Step 2: Click Open An Account: An account opening form page will appear which will prompt you to enter you personal details: Please enter your details as it appears on your Drivers license, International Passport or National ID Card.
  3. 3. When you are through, Click continues to proceed with your account opening processed: This applies to all the steps you take in filling the form: From Set Up page, Personal Profile, Agreement and so on. Alternatively, this is what you should see when you visit: The First is complete application:
  4. 4. Once you have completed it, you will electronically sign your form: Once they confirm your documents which could be International Passport, drivers Licence or National ID Card, An Account Number will be emailed to you which you will use to fund your account through your domiciliary account. After which you can start trading international stocks. For Stock News: Go To Once You Open an Account: Call Ndukwe On 08084219399 on how To Pick Your First Stock for Profit.