12/28/2011                                                        Brand Essence     Introducing…                          ...
12/28/2011             Who we are                                     Strategy DevelopmentWe are a one-stop shop          ...
12/28/2011                 Human Capital Development                                     ICT Convergence 1 of 2Our trainin...
12/28/2011                            ICT Convergence 2 of 2                  Nigeria Market Entry Strategy               ...
12/28/2011                    Our Vision                            Our Mission   ...is to be one of the leading          ...
12/28/2011     Our Passion                     …Our Motivation                                  Our primary motivation is ...
12/28/2011                                                                               Some of Our Partners & Associates...
12/28/2011          Partners & Associates                                      Partners & AssociatesAKINOLA, OLORUNLEKE   ...
12/28/2011         Partners & Associates                                              Partners & Associates               ...
12/28/2011           Partners & Associates                                                                      Conclusion...
12/28/2011                                Contact Us 6, Atunwa Street, Off Unity Road            Ikeja-LagosTel: +234 1 85...
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Gta consulting profile


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are a one-stop shop creative business solution provider and a leader in management best practices in Nigeria. Our solution based approach is to work with our clients in order to address observed areas of critical needs.
Management Consulting, Business and Marketing, Training, Recruitment, Software and Web Development, Financial Advisors.

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Gta consulting profile

  1. 1. 12/28/2011 Brand Essence Introducing… …utilizing Information and Communication Technology tools to enrich lives.http://www.gta-consulting.com info@gta-consulting.com info@gta-consulting.com 1
  2. 2. 12/28/2011 Who we are Strategy DevelopmentWe are a one-stop shop Our desire is to assist our clients increative business solution envisioning and defining a strategic directionprovider and a leader in and Implementation. We help them blueprintmanagement best practices a strategy for seamless implementation of ICTin Nigeria. Our solution projects by leveraging on their existingbased approach is to workwith our clients in order to capabilities, and/or recommending newaddress observed areas of competencies that they should build.critical needs. info@gta-consulting.com 2
  3. 3. 12/28/2011 Human Capital Development ICT Convergence 1 of 2Our training programmes are designed insuch a way that our first priority is to • IT Training:understand our clients’ needs and secondly, Information technology training is so essential to thedesign an appropriate training solution to success of every organization. We have tailored ouraddress that need. We do this through training to focus on best practices for impactfulpartnering with them rather than work for delivery. Our IT training programmes which include eLearning implementation and training for your staffthem. This way we will collectively assist in are practically oriented; result focused anddeveloping their valued asset fully equipped essentially needs assessment driven.to meet their corporate objectives. 3
  4. 4. 12/28/2011 ICT Convergence 2 of 2 Nigeria Market Entry Strategy The Nigerian market offers great businessManaged IT Services: opportunities due to its rapid economic growth andOur Managed IT Services programme provides huge market. GTA Consulting has developed aaffordable proactive IT management and support to practical and systematic approach to help our clientsgrowing businesses and Ministries, Department and reduce these risks and maximize the return on their investment in Nigeria market. With our global vision,Agencies of Government. Utilizing our unique local experience and network, we can assist ourframework, we provide a range of proactive clients to acquire valuable market information,services including hardware configuration, system undertake comprehensive market analysis, draw upintegration and network maintenance to keep your appropriate entry strategy, establish best distributioncomputer systems up and running thereby ensuring channels and expand our clients business effectively in Nigeria.increased productivity of your people. 4
  5. 5. 12/28/2011 Our Vision Our Mission ...is to be one of the leading ... Is to impact the ICT innovative and strategic operational deliverables management solution providers in Nigeria by of our clients positively deploying state-of-the-art through creative andtechnology tools to ensure our relevant innovative clients’ productivity is interventions. enhanced. info@gta-consulting.com info@gta-consulting.com 5
  6. 6. 12/28/2011 Our Passion …Our Motivation Our primary motivation is the existence of vast …is to see the possibilities in the public & recreation of private sectors that need economies through to be harnessed…through integration of ideas withintegration of ideas ICT tools for optimal with ICT tools. service excellence. info@gta-consulting.com info@gta-consulting.com 6
  7. 7. 12/28/2011 Some of Our Partners & Associates Our Testimony (Clients) ELUE, J. C. (B.Sc, M.Sc, MBA) Elue is a Conference Speaker and a businessGTA Consulting have over the years built its reputation on provision of professional, author and Nigeria foremostinnovative management solutions to various clients. Some of the motivational speaker. He is the author of theclients we have worked for and currently working for in varied form popular books “Poverty is not Hereditary”, “Theinclude but not limited to: Ultimate Manager” and the propounder of the Afribank Nigeria Plc “Triangular District Analysis”. African Petroleum Plc He is an Alumnus of the University of Nigeria, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Nsukka, University of Lagos and the University First Bank of Nigeria Plc of Ife. He belongs to several professional bodies Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) including the Nigerian Institute of Management Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) and a fellow, African Heritage Education and Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), and Research Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Union Bank of Nigeria Plc (UBN) He is a sort after Change Management and Consultant to Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria attitudinal re-orientation expert. (ICAN) Enugu & District Society Some States government and several private organizations here too numerous to mention. info@gta-consulting.com 7
  8. 8. 12/28/2011 Partners & Associates Partners & AssociatesAKINOLA, OLORUNLEKE (B.Sc. (Eng.), CCNA, MCSE)Olorunleke is a Cisco Certified Network Administrator AKINSOLA JET (B.Sc, MIT, MNCS, MISOC)and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He has a Akinsola is a Principal Consultant in the Directoratedegree in Engineering Physics from the Obafemi of capacity Building and Head, ICT of the NigerianAwolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state. He is also a Institute of Management (Chartered). He holds aBrainbench Certified Professional with ample Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Mastersexperience in Network and Information Security. Degree in Information Technology. He is the coordinator of Information and CommunicationsHe has presented papers in areas of information Technology (ICT) Management Training in thesystems, security, communication and their impact to Institute. He is a seasoned Developer, Researcher andbusiness and good corporate governance, on courses Consultant.and workshops organised by consultants at variousICAN Districts including Ikeja, Enugu, Jos and Kaduna, Before joining the Institute, he had gained a wealthICSAN, NIM, NBA, and other professional bodies. of know-how and high level of competencies in Web Application Development, Database Optimization andHe also has up to 7 years of experience in designing, Disaster Recovery, Business Performance Monitoring,deployment and monitoring of WANs, LAN, Intranets, Strategy Development and Training Consultancy. HeNetwork Security, installation, deployment and started his career as a Consultant with Pacifictroubleshooting of VSAT and Radio Links. He also has Computer before moving to Global Webnets as amore than 2 years of experience in design and Senior Programmer and Developer. He is a recipient ofmaintenance of Dynamic Web Applications including several international scholarships.websites, online retail application and web services. info@gta-consulting.com info@gta-consulting.com 8
  9. 9. 12/28/2011 Partners & Associates Partners & Associates JOHNSON ATEGHIE (B.Sc, M.Sc, AMNIM, MCMC-Canada)KOLAWOLE OBASANYA (B.Sc. Econs, M.Sc. Fin, CIS-in view) Johnson holds a Master of Science Degree (M.Sc.) in Finance from the University of Lagos, a Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc.) inKolawole holds a Master of Science Degree (M. Banking/Finance from the University of Calabar. He is a member,Sc Finance) from the University of Lagos, Akoka Certified Management Consultant (CMC-Canada) and Nigerianand a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics Institute of Management (NIM) Chartered.from Delta State University, Abraka. He is also a Johnson has had over twelve years of progressive managementlevel 2 (final stage) student member of experience in strategy development, training and businessChartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS). consulting. He was at several times a training officer and head business development and a Managing Partner at GTA ConsultingHe currently works at Lotus Capital Ltd as a (financial and information technology consultants) where he wasSenior Analyst where his responsibilities include; called upon to play a leading role as project director in the start upvaluation of companies, Global and Local Markets process of Landmark Exposures Limited (Sales Activation, Brand andanalysis and reporting and product development Management Consulting Firm) where he played very strategic role in the start-up process and subsequently was appointed Director,amongst others. Prior to joining Lotus, Kolawole Strategy and Research and left after the expiration of his two yearsworked at SMADAC Securities Ltd as an contract to further strengthen GTA Consulting team.Investment Officer. His responsibilities included; He has delivered several seminar and workshop papers in areas ofrelationship and portfolio management, and Customer service, marketing, finance, small business and othermarket/stock analysis. related subjects and was for two years a media adviser to BusinessHis hobbies include reading and he loves playing Update newspaper (a leading monthly business newspaper) where hefootball without scoring. maintained a column for the same period. He has also attended several management and IT courses and is well travelled. His hobbies include research, reading and writing. info@gta-consulting.com info@gta-consulting.com 9
  10. 10. 12/28/2011 Partners & Associates ConclusionMR. ANYA OLUGU (B.Sc, ACA)Anya is a seasoned professional, is the principalpartner of Anya Orji & Co. An accounting graduate ofmany years of practical professional experience heoccupies this enviable position because of his hardwork, professional efficiency and diligence.Mr. Olugu is an Associate member of the institutes of  We have internal competence and externalchartered accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). He alsobelongs to other reputable professional associations. network to deliver on our promise.His professional carrier training and practice saw himthrough such renowned practicing firms as Peat  We have primed ourselves ready to executeMarwick Ani Ogunde & Co. (KPMG Audit). Dala Akpati& Co, Sada Idris & Co. and Peter Oliver & Co. among client’s brief professionally with our engagingothers. team and facilitators.He also has an enviable carrier in informationtechnology. He has acquired considerable training aswell as experience in computer programming andcomputerization of any form of accounting concern. info@gta-consulting.com info@gta-consulting.com 10
  11. 11. 12/28/2011 Contact Us 6, Atunwa Street, Off Unity Road Ikeja-LagosTel: +234 1 854 1950, 803 330 3444 Email: info@gta-consulting.com URL: www.gta-consulting.com info@gta-consulting.com 11