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Tokyo. Ion and Nerea


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Published in: Education, Travel, Business
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Tokyo. Ion and Nerea

  1. 1. By:Jon García & Nerea López TOKYO 01 - main theme_opening.mp3
  2. 2. Fly Bilbao-Tokio .GO: Wednesday 1th of december7:10h .Airport of Bilbao .Compainy: Air France (AF)
  3. 3. HOTEL PRINCE SHINJUKU **** • 3900€ per. Person • Total:7800€
  4. 4. Arrival day •We are going to Visit Tokio
  5. 5. MONTE-FUJI • A long time ago, the Japenese people considerated that the Fuji mountain was a relijius place. Until XlX century, the womens forbidden to climb the top. First Day
  6. 6. Sapporo • Sapporo is the 5th largest city in Japan. They celebrated the snow party. And in this party, they created a lot of sculptures made with snow. Second Day
  7. 7. HOKKAIDO Lake Toya • The paradise. • Hokkaido have lot of naural parks, that gives very beautifull landscapes. In one of them, is the lake Toya famous for its clear Third Day
  8. 8. Himeji The three castles • Kumamoto • Matsumoto This three castles are always visited by many turists. This castles are: Himeji, Kumamoto and Matsumoto. On the three castles are lots of estructures . And they have lot of old years ! Japan has a lot of secrets! Fourt h day
  9. 9. The Toriis “ Religius symbols” fifth Day
  10. 10. SHIBUYA • Shibuya was a very big fashion center from Japón Sixth Day
  11. 11. TOKIO TOWER seventh day • Tokio tower has got 9meters hight and is a replik that Eifel tower of paris. there Is a metalic higest tower of the world
  12. 12. Yokohama Seventh Day • That city is than biutiful than tokio. • It is very popular in japan because it has got a Landmark tower the largest skyscraper from japon
  13. 13. Gundam the robot of Tokio Eight Day • One of the Japanese comic book héroes it has got 18meters long. • which would be the actual size of this robot if they really exist
  14. 14. Fly Tokio-Bilbao Price per. Person: 751,43€ Total,Two Persons: 1502,86€ • .Back: Friday 10th of December 5:45h • .Airport of Tokio, Narita • . Company Air France (AF)
  15. 15. Godbye TOKIO....... .......  We are miss you so much...!!! We Love TOKIO....