Powerpoint for assigment 10 for PFR&P


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Mock Powerpoint presentation for PFR&P, a NYU Public Relations class

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  • Assignment 10 Powerpoint assignment done by Tom Boud for PFR&P class.
  • Stern Advantages. 1. NYU Stern Business School is located in a world center business city, which benefits MBA students and recruiters. 2. Stern business faculty are world recognized authorities in their fields. 3. NYU Stern is ranked fourth around the globe in research productivity. 4. NYU Stern’s alumni numbers more than 100,000 across more than 100 nations. 5. More than 500 Stern graduates are CEOs in top firms around the world. 6. NYU Stern is number one of all American business schools in new research downloads based on data from October 2010 to October 2011
  • 1. Talk about how the PSRA, founded in 1947, is a respected public relations industry organization which establishes standards of excellence and ethical guidelines. The PRSA’s stamp of approval on NYU Stern public relations program for MBA students would be a mark of prestige that would attract more MBA candidates.
  • Both NYU Stern And PRSA can mutually benefit from NYU public relations program for MBA candidates.
  • Cite PRSA statistics that forecast growth in the public relations industry. For example, in a year end survey by the Council of Public Relations Firms, 76 percent of the participants anticipate social media to be the leading business growth area. There are plenty of other PR growth statistics, that could fill several paragraphs.
  • Cite a December 13, 2011 businessweek.com article that mentions a telling fact from a new PRSA study. Some 98 percent of senior business leaders believe business schools need to include public relations curriculum into MBA programs. Also mention that public relations increases a business’ ability to reach target audiences, and boosts product demand and awareness of your company. Public relations also portrays your company in a more dynamic light, and sparks more Internet search engine hits. Public relations carries more credibility than advertising. Also if your company is efficiently using public relations, then your company has an advantage over any competition with little or ineffective public relations
  • Talk about how a solid public relations campaign translates to revenue. Mention one or two real life examples is one good avenue. A better one would be to ask the audience if they know or have seen examples from their own companies where public relations boosts revenue
  • Briefly mention that public relations involves a great deal of components, which as a whole, take time for students to learn and master. That’s why a solid PR class program is warranted for an MBA program.
  • Mention that NYU’s reknowned business school and respected public relations program make a great combination for a PRSA sanctioned public relations curriculum in MBA programs.
  • Self explanatory, thrown in for audience charm.
  • Talk about how NYU’s PR program teaches students about strategies and tactics which are aimed at selling your audience on your companies. Mention message. Do explain that the essence of public relations is strategic communications. Do mention that strategic communications is a number of thought out tactics working in concert to achieve the goal in question. This will lead into the more specific facets of NYU PR program,
  • Elaborate on how students will be taught the principles of clear writing. Explain how overly glitzy words (such as revolutionary), acronyms, and jargon turns off the audience. Why not ask the powerpoint audience about real life examples of word overkill in public relations? That will drive home the point.
  • Delve into how the center of gravity of the PR world is rapidly shifting from traditional media to non-traditional media, and that PR students, especially MBA candidates, need to be prepared for this shift in order to fully capitalize on PR’s value to their business.
  • Delve into how Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, and Foursquare are shaping the business world, let alone corporate websites. And how MBA students will be taught to create social media assessments of a company. A powerful social media program is not a luxury, it’s a necessity, since a business with a dynamic social media program will have a edge over a less online conscious competitor.
  • Discuss how PR students will be involved in a PR course blog, where they will write about PR relevant topics and post comments about classmates blogs. Mention how blogging is a valuable medium for supporting company product sales and for announcing all sorts of company related events.
  • Talk about how intensive weekly assignments reinforce the points discussed in class, and how rigorous assignments foster learning
  • Talk about how weekly homework assignments come with sudden curveball assignments to teach students how to think on their feet. This is a crucial skill in public relations.
  • Go into detail how public relations goes far beyond the business day, whether it be monitoring social media sites, handling unforeseen complications, or meeting project deadline. Bring up that NYU PR program will emphasize scenarios that test students to adapt to round the clock changing PR circumstances. Mention that this kind of training will benefit MBA PR students since increasing business globalization will bring more contingencies happening at odd hours
  • Tell the audience that following the “fine print” in assignment instructions will be a predominant theme with the NYU PR program. Explain that missing the fine print is a problem in real world PR. As such, emphasis will be placed on MBA PR students to spot and implement the fine print, since this will prevent problems in the business world.
  • Talk about MBA PR students will be taught to script a crisis PR plan around some hypothetical business world setback. Explain the importance of skillfull timely communication in a crisis. Also mention how crisis PR spares businesses reputation damage.
  • Expound on how NYU’s PR program will teach students how to prepare an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan that is tailored for their business’ needs.
  • Talk about how brainstorming and crowdsourcing will be incorporated into the MBA PR course curriculum. Definitely mention the weekly blog crowdsourcer initiative. More importantly, explain how brainstorming and crowdsourcing are invaluable tools for solving business problems or reaching corporate objectives.
  • All students have more PR relevant experiences than they think they have. Their stories make for a lively learning environment, and lend real life context to PR material. At NYU, professors place a high premium on class participation, which makes a stimulating and thought provoking environment for MBA PR students.
  • Talk about the NYU PR programs guest lecture series. Mention a few examples where invited speakers enlightened students about a certain PR topic. Do cover the value of students being able to ask PR questions directly to the pros.
  • Apprise the powerpoint audience that NYU’s PR courses will include online courses. This will offering more flexible scheduling for MBA students, and give them hands-on experience in online medium.
  • Self explanatory. Transitional image leading to next point
  • Describe how NYU PR students in the MBA program will split into teams, work out, and present a PR project plan for a mock PR agency.
  • Talk about how PR students will learn to function as a team in exchanging ideas, suggesting PR tactics, and agreeing on the final strategy. Also explain how such an intensive assignment benefits the students in the real world.
  • Talk about how students will learn how to handle the laborious back and forth involved in PR project planning
  • Self explanatory. Cosmetic slide for transition.
  • Discuss how the PR project component is more than just a big assignment. It prepares MBA students for actual PR projects by teaching them the tools to mount audience winning PR project presentations. Elaborate on how this skill alone is priceless in the MBA context, where a presentation can make or break a business deal.
  • Self-explanatory, but can give a brief comment about the importance of a PR program being rigorous, especially for MBA students.
  • Self explanatory, and good powerpoint visual
  • Discuss how New York City is ideal for an MBA related PR program, in terms of contacts, job opportunities, internships, and even cultural offerings. All are big people magnets.
  • Self explanatory, just a reminder
  • You can remind the audience here of the reputational boost that NYU Stern, through its global reach, can give to the PRSA.
  • Explain that NYU Stern wants to work with PRSA on any necessary modifications that will make for a better MBA geared PR proposal
  • Ask the PRSA for a date and time where NYU Stern, administrators, and PR program officials can sit for feedback from the PSRA with a mind to incorporating suggestions.
  • Powerpoint for assigment 10 for PFR&P

    1. 1. Public Relations Boot Camp For MBA Students NYU’s proposal to the PRSA for a MBA geared PR curriculum
    2. 2. Stern Is A Global Business School
    3. 3. PRSA is a public relations pillar
    4. 4. What a great partnership!
    5. 5. The demand for PR ever grows
    6. 6. MBA students must answer this:
    7. 7. Because good PR increases this
    8. 8. So MBA students need to know this
    9. 9. That’s where NYU comes in
    10. 10. PR program that covers the bases
    11. 11. Winning your audience over
    12. 12. Clear writing spells success
    13. 13. Traditional and non-traditional PR
    14. 14. The wide world of social media
    15. 15. Get set to blog and post
    16. 16. Learning PR takes homework
    17. 17. which comes with curveballs
    18. 18. Because PR isn’t just 9 to 5
    19. 19. And don’t forget the fine print
    20. 20. Get skilled in PR crisis planning
    21. 21. Put together a whole IMC plan
    22. 22. Experiment with PR concepts
    23. 23. Let’s hear the students’ PR insights
    24. 24. Lectures from the industry pros
    25. 25. Get out before the webcam
    26. 26. Now for the tallest challenge
    27. 27. Designing a full-blown PR project
    28. 28. Which takes solid teamwork
    29. 29. And viewing options from all angles
    30. 30. To get the best plan road bound
    31. 31. Which sells people on your goal
    32. 32. It takes an uphill PR program
    33. 33. to make MBA students stellar at PR
    34. 34. You can’t ask for a better location
    35. 35. for a MBA geared PR program
    36. 36. Go with NYU Stern’s PR offerings
    37. 37. You’ll get MBA careers soaring
    38. 38. and a name with global fame
    39. 39. We welcome what you dream up
    40. 40. So let’s sit down and talk
    41. 41. Thanks for your consideration