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Unveiling the Truth


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Unveiling the Truth

  1. 1. 22:30Maham<br />no problem, u just ask <br />22:31Sabrina<br />thanks : )<br />Do you wear the hijab?<br />22:31Maham<br />yes<br />22:31Sabrina<br />Do you wear the ones that go down to your feet? A burqa?<br />22:31Maham<br />sometimes<br />22:32Sabrina<br />Under what circumstances do you wear a burqa?<br />Is there a certain name for it in Pakistan?<br />22:34Maham<br />i wear it becoz in pakistan we hav to wear shalwar kameez and i dont like my kameez or shirt to go with air thats why<br />and ther is a certain name"abaya" or that kind of hijab<br />22:35Sabrina<br />Oh, I see.<br />Are there times when you feel pressured wearing the hijab or the abaya? If so, when?<br />22:35Maham<br />yes there r<br />i hate being watched by street boys<br />22:36Maham<br />and also by other being who r in habit of staring people and examing them<br />22:37Sabrina<br />Mhm,<br />Do most people around you wear the hijab/abaya?<br />22:37Maham<br />not most but ther r some who dont<br />22:38Sabrina<br />When did you start wearing the hijab/abaya?<br />22:38Maham<br />at the age of 13<br />22:39Sabrina<br />(you dont have to answer this one if you dont want to)<br />How old are you now?<br />22:39Maham<br />i m 15th<br />22:40Sabrina<br />Okay,<br />What do you think are the main effects of wearing the hijab/abaya in daily life?<br />(ex: school, outside, home)<br />22:43Maham<br />i think<br />22:44Maham<br />u should watch the video which i m going to paste in my profile<br />just wait for 2 or 3 mins<br />22:45Sabrina<br />ohkay, thanks :)<br /><br /> -TALIBAN<br /><br />Sabrina<br />Heyy<br />22:21Maham<br />well i dont know wat is the ans of heyy<br />well i m fine<br />wht abt u<br />22:24Maham<br />how did u find me and how did the interest of knowing pakistani culturedeveloped in you<br />r u ther<br />22:28Sabrina<br />Hello<br />22:28Maham<br />no pro<br />yes<br />22:30Sabrina<br />may i ask you a few questions? (if i offend you, i dont mean to, i dont know much about the culture, but im trying to find out as much as i can)<br />22:30Maham<br />no problem, u just ask <br />22:31Sabrina<br />thanks : )<br />Do you wear the hijab?<br />22:31Maham<br />yes<br />22:45Sabrina<br />Okay, thanks<br />22:48Maham<br />plz go to my profile<br />22:48Sabrina<br />I see the video. <br />22:49Maham<br />and hear each and every word of the conversation between a women and her soul<br />22:49Sabrina<br />i'm watching it right now, it is very interesting, thank you so much for sharing,<br />Oh, you mentioned streetboys,<br />can you tell me what they are? what they are like?<br />22:50Maham<br />they watch a women with such dirty eyes like<br />22:51Maham<br />u might be knowing of rape<br />22:51Sabrina<br />yes, i know.<br />22:52Maham<br />i have heard many cases abt raping a woman and all<br />i just reallly cant tolerate their eyes<br />they r also in habit of shouting at every woman<br />22:53Sabrina<br />are there many of them?<br />how old are most of them?<br />22:54Maham<br />yes near my school when i go for bus they r ther<br />and they r mostly of 16 to 19<br />22:54Sabrina<br />Does wearing the hijab help? Or do they stare more?<br />22:55Maham<br />first they will out of amazement but if we dont answer them wht they r doing and go quietly by ignoring them<br />then they will surely not do tht again<br />22:56Sabrina<br />ohh, i see<br />the video is really inspiring<br />thanks for sharing<br />Are there times when you don't want to wear the hijab?<br />22:57Maham<br />yes somtimes<br />22:57Sabrina<br />If you don't mind sharing..when do you feel that way?<br />22:57Maham<br />like if the weather is hot <br />and also while going in marriages<br />becoz i myself also like to look gud and i also want tht people should praise my beauty<br />but i hav to kill my all these kinds of desires<br />22:59Sabrina<br />mm<br />23:00Maham<br />just to be answerable in front of Allah<br />have u heard abt the news of talibans<br />i hate these ppl<br />23:01Maham<br />taliban r the group of ppl who want to bring their islamic shariah<br />in pakistan<br />they r portrayin islam in their own manner<br />23:02Sabrina<br />Do they force it onto people? Like force people to believe in the religion THEIR way?<br />23:03Maham<br />yes<br />they think islam should be spread by keeping the sword on the neck of ppl<br />but they dont know tht islam is a religion of peace<br />23:04Sabrina<br />Islam is a beautiful religion, it really is.<br />Do you see those people on the streets everyday? Or..?<br />23:05Maham<br />i agree<br />yes<br />they r in habit of disturbing girls<br />and sum girls venture to answer them<br />then they saying to those girls tht we r not shouting at you<br />why just u dont go and do ur business<br />and in this way<br />a girl get insulted infront of huge crowd<br />23:08Sabrina<br />: (<br />I hope one day it'll stop.<br />23:09Maham<br />inshallah<br />23:09Maham<br />oh<br />23:09Sabrina<br />hope i can talk to you soon again<br />THANK YOU : )<br />23:10Maham<br />nice meeting u<br />Allah Hafiz<br /><br />3438525-4476751676400-447675ALICE JOAN CASTALDI<br />Alice says: Hello`SABRINA09.♥   JulianMcMahon            .    _STEPHENMOYER says: in social studies class i have to do a term project, i chose to do my project on how wearing the hijab affects Muslim women's daily life, i choseto do my project on Muslim women, more specifically Muslim women wearing the hijab because i love studyingabout the Muslim culture, it is very interesting. Do you wear a hijab?(if anything i say offends you, i'm sorry, i dont mean it intentionally)Alice says:  Yes I do.. I started wearing it sept 2008 Oh no problem.. don't worry about offending me  `SABRINA09.♥   JulianMcMahon            .    _STEPHENMOYER says: thank you so much : ) (this might seem personal, you dont have to answer) where do you currently live?Alice says: United arab emirates`SABRINA09.♥   JulianMcMahon            .    _STEPHENMOYER says:Why did you start wearing the hijab?Alice says: I wore it on my first Ramadan (Muslim fasting month) which was in 2005 but only for that one month.. then I removed it because I wasnt so comfortable with it... then I started sept 2008 til date`SABRINA09.♥   JulianMcMahon            .    _STEPHENMOYER says: Are there times when you feel pressured wearing the hijab? If so, in what circumstances?Alice says: I don't feel a pressure because I started wearing it with my own choice (I am the only muslim in my family and I am not married) but I do feel very uncomfortable in hot weathers`SABRINA09.♥   JulianMcMahon            .    _STEPHENMOYER says: Do you wear the full length kind? or the ones that only cover your face?Alice says: I cover my head, I wear jeans or skits (full length) and long shirts or t-shirts that covers my bum <br />22669504762545434250MAHAM NAZ<br />AGE: 15<br />(<br />‘<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> Helloo!<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> heyy : )<br /> can i start interviewing you?<br /> if something i say offends you, i apologize beforehand,<br /> i dont know much about the culture, but i would love to learn more<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> Alrighty!<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> soo...<br /> Where do you live?<br /> (you dont have to answer this if you dont want to)<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> The United States<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br />Are you a Muslim? If so, do you wear the hijab?<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> Yes I am Muslim, I do wear the hijab.<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> When did you start wearing the hijab?<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> I started wearing the hijab long before I had to, like just because I wanted to, but then I actually started wearing it permanently a few months after I turned 11 years old.<br /> 6th grade<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> Do you wear the ones that only cover your face? Or the ones that also cover your feet? (I'm sorry I don't know what it's called)<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> oh, hah, thats fine, No i do not wear the "Nikab" over my face. what do you mean by the one that covers the feet?<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> There are some that go all the way to the feet<br /> some people call it the..abaya<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> oh yeah, yeah I sometimes wear the abaya, but not all the time.<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> Under what circumstances do you wear the abaya?<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> Well whenever I just feel like putting something on real quick, and then my school uniform, and then somethimes while going to the masjid, ect.<br /> mosque<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> Are there times when you feel pressured wearing the hijab? If so, when?<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> No. I've never felt pressured to wear the hijab. It always felt natural to me since I was a small child, because everyone else around me that were muslim wore it also. So when I had to wear it, it was just normal, like finally being able to wear a bra and not just a training bra. lol. (haha i know weird comparison sorry)<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> haha, its okay!:)<br /> Can you explain why you have to wear it?<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> Yeah. It is said in the Qur'an (muslim holy book) that the women should draw their veils around them self and cover their adornments. We should cover so that we are looked upon with respect and so that people will see us for ourselves, not just our appearance.<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> mm<br /> Are there times when you get treated differently? Or do you know anybody who has been treated differently because they wear the hijab/abaya?<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> whoops. sorry got dc.<br /> Yeah well I always get looks and strange glances from people while out somewhere.And then there's always that someone to yell out "A-rab!" or "Go back to your country!" . Then there are boys, they may be like the type of boy to touch girls all the time, then when it comes to me they wont touch me, they'll ask first like "can I get a hug?" or something, instead . which is cool. <br /> My friend, she wears the hijab and one of her substitute teachers was just so mean to her like, "you people always kill innocent people" and then got into this whole argument with her.<br /> oh and then some times if like some people are KNOWN for cussing, and then they cuss around me they'll be like, "oh oops sorry!"<br /> which is funny<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> ahh i see<br /> Are there times when you don't want to wear the hijab?<br /> Or are there times when you want to do your hair a certain way but you can't? (sorry if thats confusing)<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> lol. yeah, like, i'll probably see a hairstyle that I like and then be like too bad its too puffy under a hijab! Yeah there are times i dont FEEL like wearing the hijab, like when one of my brother's brings their friend over, I'm like ugh cuz i'll have to go put on hijab.<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> mm<br /> haha, i'm watching one of your videos right now,<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> lol. ah, thanks! which one?<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> The Muslim Tag Q&A<br /> hahaha<br />oh and last question for the survey <br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> o aiight. yeah i have a face book but i DESPISE it!<br />`SABRINA09.♥ JulianMcMahon . _STEPHENMOYER says:<br /> How do you think wearing the hijab affects your daily life? What kinds of effects are they? Positive? Negative?<br /> haha whyy do you despise it?<br />Fatima-sama says:<br /> because its all like "chad wrote on Cindy lu's wall 2.5 seconds ago!" and "new app invites!" like WTH i dont care!<br /> Ok to answer question now. Hmm, yeah of course. wearing hijab affects my daily life because whenever someone sees me they'll see me in hijab and know for a fact that i am muslim or if they dont know they'll know for a fact that something is different about me. Seeing me if they've never seen a muslim before or very few, they'll pay close attention to what I'm doing you know? like if you saw a dude<br /> walking around in a mask and goggles you'd be like "hm why he wearing that?' and start watching him to see what he's doing....<br /> so knowing that I always pay close attention to what i'm doing while in public. If i ever had a thought about say, "stealing" they hijab would stop me because I dont want to set a bad example for myself or Muslims.<br /> its positive because i know not to do something stupid and then negative because NOSY PEOPLE ARE SOOO NOSYYY!<br />