I would vote for obama even after the debate.


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Wars and Battles...what do you try to win?

  • Trump positives -- he is a entreprenuer. Who amongst us would not want the life of the Donald. Seriously. Name calling, lying and divisiveness and hate speech are the essential/required pillars to be Republican. I believe Trump at his core is a liberal. His accomplishments are more than acting .... he would fare much better than the silver-screen gipper. Presidents dont have to be policy-nerds. Must be willing to let go of the ego (which Obama cannot and does not know how to do) and relentlessly persist on bringing warring faction together. Trump has done it and will do it. Still cannot trust Mitt regarding the hidden bomb -- Mitt is just seeding doubt in our minds. If Mitt is so sure, FBI and IRS would have taken care. Does Trump use foul tactics and bully people -- is that not what Republican Party do. Gone are the gentlemen like Hatch or Dole or Mccain. They loved the country and politics was their tool to better the country. Now we have Canadians wanting to wreck the country. Enough of this crap. Let us bring in a known pugnacious politically incorrect guy who has the abilities to make things happen, never gives up and has the heart in the right place. Why should we expect any class from a party that broke the tradition calling President a liar in State of the Union address. A Party that will give you the right to kill others with a gun but not the right to do your own thing in the bed-room or with your body. The strain of the current -day republican party is a cancel that only the Donald can cure. Donald is the reset button. There was no decorum nor any decency when they approved the farm-subsidy in the billions while denying WIC program in the millions. Why now should we expect decency. Name calling, character assassination and base animal tendencies are the hall-mark of current day Republicans. Tea Party -- did nothing but grab rich jobs in DC and free and gold health benefits while denying the rest of us those same benefits. If they continue USA will be Flint. Not even clean water. Trump will wipe them out clean the perfect RESET button, this country needs. So I the consummate liberate will vote Trump. The guy that had the nerve to call George W. Bush for who he is. Did or would any liberal choose to do that. Wasnt it music to hear what Bush did. Katrina and Middle East. Only Trump would and could do that. That is why you and me both should vote for Trump. Clinton will continue the malaise, Sanders came out too soon. Another 20 years, we need a Bernie. Let us sow the seeds with the reset button.
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  • I am voting for the outsider, The Donald in 2016. Why? Clinton is good but will status quo will continue and cannot afford the baggage and the acrimony the Clinton brand generates. I dont understand why she took the bait after such a illustrious career instead of mentoring. How in the world Clintons networth is in the 10s of millions. Like Sanders but unelectable. Health and Education should be free for all, like he says but we are not ready as a society for that. I am liberal but now have to put the country ahead of my politics. Rubio is Clinton in the making. Backed by establishment automatic disqualification. Hates government but has never worked for anything other than in government. Rubio does not have basic human tendencies of gratitude. Cruz, Canadians are not eligible. I will revisit when 10 senators endorse him. I love Rand Paul, Gov Kasich. Unfortunately, Republican airwaves riled up the public to hate government. Now they hate the government and the so-called establishment. Trump it is!
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  • http://andrewsullivan.thedailybeast.com/2012/11/will-the-rights-fever-break-ctd-1.html
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  • Thank you, the most beautiful!
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  • Barack Hussein Obama's record: (on Point)
    ended war in Iraq
    got rid of SOB OBL
    healthcare for all (thank god not oil for all)
    saved GM and auto industry (if GM dies suppliers would have gone and would have created difficulties for other producers like F and Chrysler)
    brought Michigan, Ohio and Indiana back from the brink of total devastation
    doma initiative
    2% social security reduction for all including the very rich wage earner
    can carry my kids on my policy (less tax)
    insurance companies cannot deny coverage invoking pre-existing condition any more
    the non-defense discretionary portion of the budget is almost where it was when he took office
    compassion for people:
    extended unemployment benefit for longer period compensating for the deep recission we were in
    Education President:
    Increased Grants for college going kids
    Eliminated the middle men 'bankers' who were skimming money off of the Govt Grants from deserving grants. President Barack Hussein Obama got rid of the bankers in between and govt directly awards these grants at cost... no profit off of people's money or commission. If you qualify, you get 100%. You borrow from the people and you pay back the people.
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I would vote for obama even after the debate.

  1. 1. Why?Olivier
  2. 2. Here is whyNot because I am a liberal..because I am an AmericanI am voting for America … and you?read on .. may be you should too..
  3. 3. Would you? rather pave the way for universal health care? OR try something else temporary fix current and transient woes work for a second termPresident Barack Hussien Obama accomplished what no one else could– pave the way for health for all.
  4. 4. 90 Billion for green energy One could choose to funnel borrowed money through private firms into wars in desert lands as well as Capitulate to the big money oil cartel and fund the destruction of our natural resourcesIn contrast our president seeded a new beginning forenergy independence
  5. 5. High Moral GroundNot working for a second term...It takes courage, fortitude and vision tostay that course...President Obama did bothstrategic initiatives and tactical measuresPresident stopped the bleeding and put us onthe path to resurgence. Visit Ohio or MI...
  6. 6. Strategic InitiativesGreen Energy – true independence from fossil fuelsQuality of life – affordable healthcareWomens rightAlternative life styleTax relief for all
  7. 7. Taking care of businessTactical MeasuresSaving Detroit and Auto IndustryGetting rid of SOB OBL Something for all the billions lost and the lives sacrificedWhile allowing people to recover andput their lives back together with extendedgovernment support
  8. 8. What Obama did Reduce my tax burden and everyone in America pays 2% less in Social Security, thanks to Obama Adult children can get healthcare through parents family coverage Gone are the insurance companies Schemes – pre-existing condition Administration plugged the privatize profits and socialize the losses culture in Wall StreetHe did all that despite McConnell and the hate propaganda
  9. 9. He did so with class...The damage done to America cannot be fixed over nightor in 1 termAmerica needs to work hard and climb out of the hole as ithas in the past Are there millions still suffering … of course... A meek and contrite President is a winner and compelling than an arrogant orator who could win the debate Think about it – had Obama won the debate....Winning the debate is not the goal, to continue to workfor all people, haves and those who have-not, IS!!!
  10. 10. And so.. Obama is one of us .. Obama feels our pain and Obama needs 4 more years to complete the job Obama needs 4 more years to undo the past policies This is not the time to fall back to the failed policies of reckless war and military spending tax-cuts for the rich who dont even want it cementing our fate in fossil fuels. Need for the hour – We must invest in our education, health and green energy Obama means opportunity for all...And so I will vote for Obama again – make no mistake
  11. 11. And You?Thank you!