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Regulating qualifications to secure standards and value


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Presentation entitled 'Regulating qualifications to secure standards and value' delivered by Fiona Pethick at the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) National Conference 2010.

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Regulating qualifications to secure standards and value

  1. 1. Regulating qualifications to secure standards and value Fiona Pethick FAB National Conference - 11 November 2010
  2. 2. Regulation – our mission As the independent regulator, Ofqual strives to secure qualifications, examinations and assessments that are valued and trusted by learners, users and the wider public
  3. 3. Regulating qualifications to secure standards and value Why regulate? What are we regulating? How will we regulate? What does this mean for you?
  4. 4. Why we regulate
  5. 5. What we regulate
  6. 6. How we will regulate Ofqual will:- – Follow the principles of ‘better regulation’ »Transparent »Accountable »Consistent »Proportionate »Targeted
  7. 7. Our principles for regulation We will:- – Act in accordance with the principles of better regulation – Base our decisions on evidence – Target our interventions in response to our assessment of risk posed to standards, learners, efficiency and public confidence – Make sure our staff have the skills and knowledge to undertaken their roles – Engage with each organisation we regulate in a fair and open manner – Use proportionate enforcement sanctions where necessary – Contribute evidence-based advice on policy options that affect regulated activities and organisations
  8. 8. Our principles for regulation Awarding organisations will:- – Make sure they behave in accordance with the conditions of recognition to which it is subject, and that it has the expertise and resources to do so – Be accountable for the quality and standards of the qualifications it awards and the efficiency with which it operates – Respect our role as a regulator and cooperate with us – Take remedial action if things go wrong and ensure we are informed promptly
  9. 9. Recognition criteria Governance Resources Operations Quality assurance Financial viability Efficiency
  10. 10. Recognition conditions
  11. 11. Secure efficiency and value for money
  12. 12. Securing standards
  13. 13. Qualification frameworks
  14. 14. Shifting responsibility
  15. 15. Authority with complaints and appeals
  16. 16. From Transition to Transformation – a journey
  17. 17. RITS and the Register
  18. 18. What does this mean for you? Implications – Recognise different approach to regulation – Duties for the accountable officer – Final suite of general conditions – Evidence of behaviour – Risk based approach to regulation
  19. 19. Finally – tell us what you think Please visit – Look for the link to ‘Public Consultations’ Please respond by:- – Online form – Email – Post – Talk to us! Consultations events:- – 3 December 2010, London – 2 half-day events