Woodstock 1969


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A presentation of the planning, concerts, and effects of the original Woodstock festival.

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Woodstock 1969

  1. 1. WOODSTOCKBy: Ingrid Mueller
  2. 2. WOODSTOCK: 3 DAYS OF PEACE& MUSIC• When? August 15 – 18, 1969• Where? Max Yasgur’s 600 acre dairy farmin Bethel, NY• What? 32 concert acts performed in frontof 500,000 people• Who? Initiated through the efforts ofMichael Lang, John Roberts, JoelRosenman, and Artie Kornfeld
  3. 3. PLANNING OF WOODSTOCK• Original plan was to hold the festival in the 300 acre Mills Industrial Park in thetown of Wallkill, NY• Town residents protested when they heard that 50,000 people weresupposed to show up• Wallkill officials banned the festival from coming to their town• Less than a month before the festival, they decided to hold it on MaxYasgur’s dairy farm• People also protested this, but town officials approved it
  4. 4. PLANNING CONT.• Because of the last minute change in venue, pavilions, the stage, parkinglots, and concession stands barely got finished in time• Unfortunately, gates and ticket booths were not finished• 3 days before the festival started, people began to come through the gapsin the fences and started camping out near the stage• Because they could not get these people to leave, it forced them to makethe festival a free event
  5. 5. SO MANY PEOPLE• Estimated 1 million people beganheading to the festival• 500,000 people were turned away intheir cars• Massive traffic jams, highways turnedinto parking lots as people left theircars and walked the rest of the way• Facilities not prepared for this manypeople• Food shortages• Poor sanitation
  6. 6. THE FESTIVAL• Despite poor planning, festival startedon time• Richie Havens was the first of 32 actson the night of Friday, August 15, toperform• Music started up again shortly afternoon on Sat. the 16th, and continuednon-stop until 9 am Sunday morning• Jimi Hendrix was the last to performon Monday morning, with 25,000people left• The four days were full ofsex, drugs, and nudity
  7. 7. MEMORABLE PERFORMANCES• Richie Havens• “Freedom”• Joan Baez (Happened to be 6 mo. pregnant)• “Joe Hill”• Janis Joplin• “Piece of My Heart”• The Who• “We’re Not Gonna Take It”• Joe Cocker• Covered The Beatles’“With a Little Help From My Friends”• Jimi Hendrix• “Star Spangled Banner”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPauXWjY4T8
  8. 8. WHO ELSE WAS INVITED?• The Beatles – Refused to play if Yoko Ono wasn’t allowed to perform• Led Zeppelin – Was playing in NJ at the time• The Doors – Jim Morrison disliked performing outdoors• Bob Dylan – His son was ill at the time• The Moody Blues – Performing in Paris at the time
  9. 9. WOODSTOCK MOVIE & ALBUM• The founders of the festival made Warner Brothers and offer to make adocumentary• The success of the film was enough to pay their debts from the festival• Received the Academy Award for Documentary Feature and was anominee for best sound• Live album of the concerts was released in 1970
  10. 10. DEATHS• There were unfortunately two deaths at Woodstock• One was from a heroin overdose• The other was a sleeping man in a nearby field being run over my a tractor
  11. 11. SIGNIFICANCE OFF WOODSTOCK• United the people of the counterculture/hippie movement through peaceand music• Everything that the counterculture meant – the music appealed to thegeneration that was questioning the common American society• Protest to the Vietnam War• Held the record for world’s largest music audience at the time• Regarded as one of the greatest moments in popular music history• Listed in Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the “50 moments that changedthe history of Rock & Roll”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StFhvAIv3Js
  12. 12. BIBLIOGRAPHY• http://www.woodstockstory.com/passingperformersbands.html• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodstock• http://history1900s.about.com/od/1960s/p/woodstock.htm• http://classicrock.about.com/od/tourschedules/tp/woodstock101.htm