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Professional Gambler Blows NFL Betting Hoax Out of Water


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If you handicap yourself, there is a very good chance you believe a common gambling myth that crosses over each and every sport. We show how it's complete poppycock in the NFL and in fact the reverse is true.

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Professional Gambler Blows NFL Betting Hoax Out of Water

  1. 1. NFL Handicapping Myth Refuted
  2. 2. Joe Duffy of Featured on ESPN, Bleacher Report, CBC, CTV, Sports Network and various multi-media Winningest NFL handicapper ever Picks public since 1988 Scorephone legend
  3. 3. NFL Splits in Betting Bet on teams that are much better at home than on the road to cover and home and to lose ATS road Road teams that have a road winning percentage of at least .400 points worse than at home are 412- 337-22 ATS road as dog of 2.5 or more Such teams are 655-720-33 unless getting 7.5 or more at home
  4. 4. Conclusion Not massive edge, but good one fading myth At minimum, stop outsmarting yourself