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NBA {layoff Betting Secrets from Best Sports Handicapper in History


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The great Joe Duffy knows how to dominate sports betting. He has sports handicapping secrets revealed. Get his picks at

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NBA {layoff Betting Secrets from Best Sports Handicapper in History

  1. 1. JOE DUFFY, CEO OF OFFSHOREINSIDERS.COM Betting NBA Playoffs Zigzag is Dead, But Chalk Does Well in Postseason
  2. 2. NBA Zig Bet against the team that won previous game SU 668-646-17 all time, just 50.8 percent  189-215-4 since 2014 46.8%  116-141-2 since 2016  Bounceback, loss by 23 or more, 52.5 but under specific circumstances that apply do well  Favorites 768-652-18 for 54.1 percent
  3. 3. Why Are Favorites Good Postseason Bets? •Only time public will bet dogs is if they are good teams, especially postseason •240 total minutes played in a regulation NBA game o 5 starters X 48 minutes o If 2 superstars play 40 minutes each, they’ve played 33.33% of team’s total minutes o No other sport can match that ratio o Thus, better team more likely to win o No regular season uncertainty about “load management”