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Computer systems in sports betting game changer


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Computer systems that actually win are changing life for the better...and bettor. Sports betting formulas are out there and there are so many advantages to exploiting computer systems and formulas and using computer software for gambling. The Grandmaster, Joe Duffy of reveals some of those secrets.

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Computer systems in sports betting game changer

  1. 1. H O S T : J O E D U F F Y , G R A N D M A S T E R H A N D I C A P P E R M A G I C O F C O M P U T E R S O F T W A R E I N S P O R T S H A N D I C A P P I N G
  2. 2. Eliminates Biases Most love favorites, some dogs; over/under Road favorites sucker plays in NFL, yet very good NBA Underdogs, especially big ones, generally good bet; but not college football Facts first Situations where I’ve gone with big favorites in MLB, which I hate Takes advantage of biases!
  3. 3. Thousands of Man Hours; Never Miss Computer software stores the system and tells you when it applies  Old days with unranked favorites to ranked teams  So many of the best opportunities are small college football totals