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Looking for something to share with your farm? Here are 10 things homesellers should be looking for in their agent when it comes to listing their home for sale. Assuming you meet all these qualifications, proudly send this out and let everyone of your leads know you mean business!

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  1. 1. FORSALE SOLD FORSALE SOLD FOR SALE SOLD FOR SALE SOLD HOME FOR SALE SOLD HOME FOR SALE SOLD $ $$$ $ $$$ THINGSTHINGS HOMESELLERSHOMESELLERS ARE (REALLY) LOOKING FORARE (REALLY) LOOKING FOR IN THEIR AGENTIN THEIR AGENT 2 ABILITY TO WORK WITHIN A TIME FRAME1 RELEVANT EXPERIENCE 4 HELP NEGOTIATING THE PRICE3 HELP NEGOTIATING THE TERMS OF SALE 6 CONFIDENT GUIDANCE5 KNOWS WHAT NEEDS FIXING 8 RESPONSIVENESS 7 HONESTY AND TRUSTWORTHINESS 10 LOW FEES 9 LOCAL SOLDSOLD collects and provides insights and/or best practices gathered from real estate professionals and consumer homeowner industry peers. If you're interested in learning more, visit Many look for agents with experience selling homes in the same area or price-range. An agent who is highly-experienced in drafting and reviewing legal fine print is always a plus. Most homesellers want an agent who is going to fight for them using updated market data. An agent who can spot potential problems in a home ahead of time is invaluable to the seller. Homesellers want solid leadership and confident answers at every step of the process. Homesellers want to work with reputable agents that don’t have“trust baggage”in their past. More than most traits, homeowners value steady attention and responsiveness. Homesellers want an agent who is conveniently located nearby (personal contact is important). And finally, homesellers want a great agent, but don’t want to end up issuing them too large a percentage of their final earnings. Homesellers want an agent that can work within a time frame, not one that has a full client load. Listing a home for sale can be intimidating and homeowners want to do it right the first time. This makes selecting the right agent a vital part of the process. But how do you know for certain that you have found the right agent for your home? Here’s a list of 10 major capabilities and qualifications to look out for.