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Offline Consulting Step by Step


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Offline Consulting Step by Step

  1. 1. Offline Consulting : Step by Stepby Ryan Shaw
  2. 2. Table of Contents1. Introduction2. Ten Ways to Acquire Local Businesses as Clients3. Running a Successful SEO Service4. Services to Offer Small Businesses5. Do you need your own Consulting Website?6. Case Study: Create a Local Viral Fan Page7. The Story Begins Now For You
  3. 3. 1. IntroductionI have talked with a few internet marketers that are selling or wanting to sell theirservices to local businesses and it seems that we all have one thing in common.Most of us have the technical skills needed to offer services to business owners, butwe dont have the sales skills or we are not motivated enough to pick up the phone andcontact them.So, I thought about this for a while and then it hit me.Neither do you need technical skills or massive sales skills.You do however need some common sense, motivation, and belief in yourself thatyou can really HELP small business owners.If you havent gotten your first offline client yet, dont worry. You need to start smalland build on your successes and also learn from your failures.Having small successes to start off with will build your confidence and help you landbigger clients that pay massive money!One client can literally help you quit your job; at least it did for me!In this quick, easy to read ecourse, Im going to highlight 10 ways to get a new offlineclient for your business. Pick at least 3 that you can use in your business startingtoday!Ive done over $500,000 in sales in just 18 months selling services and products, but itall started somewhere, and this is it.Here is some quick advice.When you start to look to acquire clients, focus on ONE niche and ONE product.Dont take the next two months to figure out what businesses to target and what tooffer them.Decide TODAY of what niche you feel most comfortable selling to and what serviceyou would feel most comfortable and confident in offering them.This way, you dont waste time in the beginning and you will quickly learn whatmethods are best to acquire some clients.
  4. 4. Another Tip. Visit my website to get access to my videotrainings, and webinars. Make sure to subscribe to my email list for the latestinformation!
  5. 5. 2. Ten Ways to Acquire Local Businesses asClientsIf you are brand new, I recommend you use the following method to get the quickestresults possible:#1 Zone of Influence / Referral Marketing / Warm ApproachThis was the real beginning for my business and it should be for yours! I know youknow at least 200 people. Heck the average person on Facebook now has 500 friends.Now, write down those people that are business owners or that could use a website.Write down those those people already have a website and find ways to help thempromote it or make it better.Simply contact them via email or phone and let them know you are starting a newbusiness geared to helping small business owners get more business using theinternet.Tell them it would mean a lot to you if they would help you out if they just TRIEDyour services. If you need to, explain that you are SICK of your job and are reallylooking for a way out.Even if they say they arent interested, you can always ask for referrals from them aswell.Heres the exact script!Hi John,I wanted to ask you a favor. As you may know, Ive recently started a new businesshelping business owners with their online marketing.Do you know of any business owners that I can reach out to talk with?[Insert Your Why]Your “why” should be your strongest emotional reasons for starting your business.Such as sending your kids to college because you never got the opportunity or leavingthe corporate world to spend more time with the family.All of my first clients came from using this method. Now, I was new and I didnt haveoutsourcing in place yet. My services werent as good as they are today either. In fact,
  6. 6. they were pretty bad!My first client, I built his website and created a logo and postcards for his business. Icharged what was a pretty cheap price of about $500 for this.I did everything myself and it took me a long time! I wasnt very good or quick.Heres the results.This was a simple Wordpress blog. Nothing real advanced here.I did the top banner and logo myself which took me a long time to set up just rightusing Photoshop. You can also download Gimp for free to do this.From then on, I would head over to Digital Point Forums and outsource it for $10.Now we can use Fiverr thankfully!95% of the time, the results were a better quality than I could deliver myself!After a while of doing that, I found a couple people I like and I just email them when Ineed something. Now it takes me just a minute to get that done instead of a couplehours.I would rather much pocket the profit myself. Wouldnt you?Ok, so I created a simple website. What if you dont have technical skills to do that?You can outsource that as well!If you have a Host Gator account, you can setup Wordpress in just seconds using alittle thing called Fantastico De Luxe, you can also use Quick Install or any othersoftware like it.
  7. 7. You simple click on Wordpress and it will install it into any directory you choose.You then have a website up and running in just seconds! Its so much easier than theold days of HTML!Ok, so now we made out first website. What other services could we offer??What about SEO? This service is monthly and can help you really make a residualincome if done right.When I first started out learning about SEO, I started using Pauls & AngelasBacklinks. These things are cheap and pretty easy to use. Not only that, they got mesome good results!My next client, I got a chance to test out these links. I ended up ranking for thekeyword “HVAC Duct Design” and getting a page one listing on Google. There is agood amount of traffic for this keyword and this led my client to a couple nice sales tohis business worth over $2,000.As you can see about, I also optimized his homepage for that keyword as well as forhis company name.This I did for $100. Really raking in the dough right?? Well, not quite.However, getting some small clients to begin with will build your skills,experience, and confidence and start building you a nice portfolio!#2 Send 10 Personal Emails Per DayOk, I admit it. I dont like calling up business owners cold. In most cases, its bad
  8. 8. timing for them and it doesnt make it easy to sell them something when they are notwilling to listen!Many times, they just dont want to be bothered and Im always looking for a way ofthe least resistance.They NEED your services, its just a matter of getting them to listen to you!However, Im not saying to never call business owners. Please do! It works!In any case, here is a great way to get in front of hundreds of prospects a monthoffering your services without rejection.Visit Google Maps and start visiting your local business listings. You can start withreally any type of business. Salons, restaurants, doctors offices, etc. Take a look attheir website and see where you can help them out.Visit their website and contact them via email. Believe it or not, I actually get positiveresults from this! Its quick and easy and you can quickly send out 10 of these emails aday. Just use a simple script and copy and paste in most cases.What can you offer an existing website??Here are just some of the services you can offer them:− SEO− New Updated Website / Graphics / Logos− Video Marketing (Youtube) – Using a flip camera, Iphone,− Email Marketing (I use Constant Contact for Businesses)− Social Media Marketing (Facebook and Twitter)− Press ReleasesI charge anywhere from $100 - $2000 per month for my services. The good rule ofthumb is to try to automate and outsource all the monthly services and leave yourselfwith 80% profits.To sell these packages, I give them the normal price and then my discounted price forbundling!I tell them that I will package it all together for a cool monthly price of $247! Itsounds like a great deal for them since altogether it would normally be $500 permonth.Figure out what the monthly costs are to you to do the services and see if this price
  9. 9. works for you. It does for me especially as I build my client list, my profit ratioincreases greatly.This is using outsourcing for most of these tasks. I will write up an occasional consultwith them or show them a report, etc, but the more you can automate using softwareand outsourcers, the more money you will make.I outsource the graphics and website coding as well as the SEO.So in reality, all I am is the middle man for the business owner. Im their consultantwho makes sure they have all the tools, services, marketing they need for theirbusiness to grow.The expert designers, coders, and online marketers that do the work for me areworking now for $5 on Fiverr or $5 - $15 for designers & coders at the most.So, why wouldnt I outsource to people that do a better job than me and save metime to get NEW clients!Thats the key! Focus 60 – 80 % of your business on getting new clients.Outsource & automate the details!Do THIS, and you will constantly be getting new checks coming in!So, as you get new clients coming in, will you forget about your old ones?I hope not!Even though the work for the clients is being outsourced, it is still your responsibilityto keep up your relationship with the business owner and share with him or her whatyou are doing and what increases or benefits they are getting from using your service.Its also a very good idea to continue to get referrals and offer upsells to them. Givethem value and consult with them on how you can help them grow their businessfurther. I find many small business owners are completely clueless on how to markettheir business. So even someone with limited marketing knowledge knows a ton morethan they do.SEO for instance is a hard thing for a business owner to understand or care about.Simply, explain what you do each month for the business. Send a monthly trafficreport and SEO report each month. This isnt always necessary, but it goes a long wayto showing you care and want results for the business owner.
  10. 10. Simply by showing you care will help you retain those clients longterm.Who should you use to outsource?I prefer to outsource the coding and graphics to someone in India although I have hadsuccess with using people from the Philippines and Pakistan.Test out different people that you find on Digital Point Forums, Warrior Forum,Fiverr, and Odesk.Keep their contact information on Skype and email to get quick access to them. Ifsomeone isnt working out for you, always have a backup ready to step in and getyour assignments done. Give out test assignements and always be looking for betterhelp because theres a ton of talent available to you. Always be hiring outsourcers!Important: DONT pay until they give you the work and you are COMPLETELYsatisfied with the exception of Fiverr.For the SEO, I have use many methods with varied successes. I will create a specialsection for this topic later in this course.Ok, so you contacted everyone you knew and went through who they referred you.You are sending out emails daily to get responses from interested business owners.What else can you do to start getting new clients?#3 Contact Local Non-Profit Groups / Get INVOLVED with the community!• Join your local chamber of commerce• Start a Non-Profit Group• Join a Non-Profit Group• Ask a Non-Profit Group if they need help for their website, FB page• Do a barter with a local business• Volunteer for local events and meet business owners• Ask the chamber if you could do a seminar about Internet Marketing; pick onespecific subject such as Social Media or the importance of using an email listThere are many ways you can get involved with your community. By doing so, youbecome well known by your target market. Business Owners!*If you are interested in doing a seminar, the chamber can help you. You may also
  11. 11. want to promote it using Craigslist Events, newspaper ads, and more.You may also want to join other networking groups in your area.Try some of the following:− Local BNI Chapter (Costs around $400 to start, but works well, you mustattend every meeting. Once a week)− Search for local groups. Usually free or a couple bucks permeeting− Start your own local Group!− Join local chamber or join multiple ones− Your local Rotary ClubHint: Once you join the chamber, you can get access to their entire list of localbusinesses. They then should be able to send that to you in a spreadsheet.With this information, you can either call, email, or direct mail then. I prefer doing allmethods. The more exposure to your name, the better!Ok, so who will be calling these leads??#4 Hiring one or two appointment settersOk, now that you are established as a legitimate business and have started buildingyour portfolio, its time to start scaling it up.You can do everything yourself, but do you really want to?How do you hire sales persons? First, you want to get an appointment setter. A goodone should make 3 or 4 appointments per day and have them work 100% oncommisssions.This is actually very easy to setup.Heres a sample ad from Craigslist that I used with success.Title: Appointment SetterI have a web consulting company ( Rhino Web Consulting)http://www.rhinowebconsulting.comI need someone to set B2B Business Appointments in south and central NJ.
  12. 12. $10 per appointment + 20% Commissions.Must have some prior sales experience, will be calling business owners with a short pitch to get ameeting in place for me to go sell them on a website and / or internet marketing services such asSEO, Social Media, Email Newsletter Systems, and much more.This is not MLM.There is no hourly pay.Im not looking for someone that HAS NO sales experience.B2B experience is a plus.** Im an excellent closer and usually close 50% of my appointements so you will make money!If you make enough calls and you have a level of skill, you will be making at least $10-20 an hourby just setting appointments.Then, you can build up your income greatly with our 20% commission pay scale which is verygenerous!Im only looking for one individual, I will hire two for a two week period and the best person willhave a long-term job here at our company.Script and basic training provided if needed.Appointment setting is all about the amount of calls you make and how well you are with followingup with interest.Contact me back with your resume and contact information please.Note: You may want to change it a bit, but I recommend you stick with going after“Appointment Setters” since paying them per appointment seems to work better fromattracting a commission only sales representative.Ok, now you have your ad out there.What script should you give the person? Keep it simple!If they are calling someone that doesnt have a website, simply ask, would you beinterested in getting a website for your business?People understand the value in having a website, however many do notunderstand that there is a difference in just having one and in marketing it.Most business owners have a “brick and mortar” business where they expect people to
  13. 13. just come to them.Its our job to show them the importance of MARKETING themselves effectively andusing the internet is CHEAPER than traditional direct mail and newspaper ads.How about asking the business owner that:“Did you know that 94% of businesses are found by using the internet today? Whatare you doing to market your business online?”Heres a sample script for a sales person talking to a restaurant owner thatALREADY has a website:Get business owner on phone.My partner and I are web consultants and we are focusing on help restaurants buildtheir customer base using cheap internet marketing methods and keeping in contactwith you customers at a fraction of the cost of direct mail.I can teach you how to use something you already have and help it make youthousands of dollars using my proven marketing strategies which are a fraction of thecost of print and mail ads.(Name restaurants I work for already.)I have already helped Mud City Crab House in Manhawkin, NJ win awards (BestCrab Cakes in NJ; it was an online survey) and get press coverage in local papers.I also work for Black Whale in Beach Haven, NJ and have doubled their visibility onGoogle in less than a month.(Edify me)I have 7 years experience in the restaurant industry and I know how to help them bestand have been a local here near LBI my whole life.I work for local charities such as Save Our Shack and Bridge Walk and want all thelocal businesses to not only succeed but to flourish.Keep it ~60 seconds long______________________________________________________
  14. 14. As you can see, Im building credibility and value by having my sales person tellthem about my current clients and what I have been able to do for them.This is just an example of what you can do.Of course, you can target any industry. I am targeting restaurants because of myexperience in the industry and using the clients I already have as leverage forMORE!!Target whatever business you feel most comfortable with and keep it simple. Dont goafter 10 different niches to start because they all need different things.Focus on one and it will make your life much easier.Also, I recommend going after businesses that do more than $500k per year. Less thanthis, businesses dont have a set marketing budget if any in most cases. I would say agood minimum is $1,000,000 per year which would be a large restaurant, lawyer,doctor offices, a small chain of businesses,etc.Many small businesses are just an individual, thats not a good target for you. Go aftercompanies that have at the very least 10 employees.#5 Do Video ReviewsIts free. So... why NOT?? It works much better than text emails. Its been tested to geta 75% response rate. So far, Im at a 50% myself.The only thing you need is:Camtasia 7Jing (Free Version)Google Keyword Tool#6 Place Ads in Newspaper / Local MagazinesKeep your ad short and sweet. Include your phone number, email, and website if at allpossible.Send your leads to a specific offer in order to track its results.
  15. 15. I know people get results this way and its a cheap method to employ. Not everyoneuses the internet yet, so you are missing out on customers if you dont advertiseoffline.#7 Joint Venture with Local BusinessesThis is really a great way to get you started. Contact offline marketing agencies,printers, sign shops that deal with business owners every day and have them promoteyou. Local printers dont want to deal with the internet for the most part and they onlydeal with promoting a business offline. This is your target to joint venture with.You can send them an email, go visit their store, or send them a postcard. It doesntmatter, just make contact!Businesses in todays economy are LOOKING for someone like you where they canmake some money on the side to stay profitable.In exchange, give them 20% commissions per sale. If its a residual sale, just offerthem a one time commission while you collect your monthly checks!You could also just offer them some of your services in exchange for them gettingyou business. Thats up to you.Also, contact sales persons in your area that are selling to businesses already. Theyhave established contacts in the community; use them! Pay them their commissionand you both win.Another great method is find about 10 web design companies local to your area.Preferably the bigger ones.If they dont do SEO or marketing for their clients, theres a great partnership whereyou get as much as work as you can handle. Especially if they have 10 or 20 newprojects per month!#8 Place your business cards/postcards/brochures EVERYWHEREIts a very cheap way of getting your business out in the community.I place them everywhere I find a place for them.Head over to Staples and buy some business card holders for a $1 and just buy themall up!Imagine that your business cards are in 100 local businesses. Thats a lot of extra
  16. 16. exposure for just a few cents up front.#9 Talk to Business Owners you see all the timeThis idea is simple. When you go to get your hair done, drop off your dry cleaning,visit your doctor, just simply tell them that you help businesses get new customersusing the internet.Businesses you already do business with have an obligation to keep you as a customerand listen to you, use that to your advantage. You also have a trust factor in placebecause you give them money.This usually opens the door to further discussion and questions about what you do!#10 Look at whos paying for offline adsPick up your local newspapers. Look to see whos spending money on color ads.Find out if they have a website. Is there a service you could offer them to increasetheir business?If so, find out how to contact them and do so immediately.Getting in the mindset of always doing this will give you a constant flow of newprospects coming into your business.
  17. 17. 3. Running a Successful SEO ServiceI recommend you first head over and get your SEO Certification. Its completely freeat the following website and it teaches you everything you need to know and more.I completed the course in a couple days myself.On completion of the course, you will get a certification that you can use to build yourcredibility and show off to business owners! Hang it in your office!The link is: my certification:I also recommend following the latest SEO strategies and avoid blackhat techniques.The latest is having a combination of natural backlinks, social interaction, and highquality content on your site for higher rankings. Its really half science, half art.
  18. 18. I also highly recommend investing into the Rank Tracker Program. Try the suite forfree. It has complete functionality to run all your websites through. You just cantexport the results on the free version.That can be obtained through that link as well.Also, get a trial of Market Samurai. I just started using it; its awesome! It has rankchecker, keyword research, and much more built in with a bunch of features. Its easyto use as well.The great thing about offline clients is that the competition is very low in most casesand you dont need many links at all to rank #1 for multiple keywords on Google.Check out my blog ( for resources on who to use from Fiverrto get backlinks.
  19. 19. 4. Services to Offer Small BusinessesFree 30 Min Marketing Consultation ($100 Value)− I will help you get the right mindset in marketing online• We will get inside your customer’s mind and deliver what they want• We will discover your unique selling points and strive to relay the benefits toyour customersSEO Listing Services− #1 Results on Google,Bing,Yahoo− Get listed in 10,000+ Directories online (Outsource this for $20)− Listings in Local Business Searches and Google, Yahoo Maps, Yellowpages,Yelp (Easy to do yourself or outsource it)Compare at $99-$1500+/month** I charge usually around $199/Month, $399/Month, $799/Month for my 3packages. Having 3 packages seems to be the best strategy for pricing.Affordable Effective Website Solutions / Graphic-Full Functional sites-Provided content on request-Best Copy to Funnel Potential Customer to Buy-Custom Graphics, Logos, Templates, DesignsPricing at $500-$3,000+ ($80 - $95 per hour.)Visit my website to get some outsourcers contact info , get access tomy video trainings, and webinars. Make sure to subscribe to my email list!Pay Per Click Advertising-Monitor Advertising online daily-Target a certain demographic, area (25 miles of business) and use their credit card /account for billing-We will set up where you want to advertise and how much and for what
  20. 20. -Get a My Client Center account with Google and become a member of GoogleEngage to get free coupons-Get Google coupons on Fiverr, maybe even FB coupons-Start at $99 / month for managing their accountNote: You can do Facebook and Google PPC here.Article & Press Release Marketing− Get seen by a larger audience and drive more people to your site.− Get your articles picked up by blogs, news sites, and much more!− Use Fiverr to get it written and submitted to free PR sites.I use PRWeb( and Webwire( doing press releases.Note: I usually only offer this service to bigger clients.For more exposure, I visit all the local newspapers websites and get the emails ofreporters and the editor where I send the press releases manually as well. This servicecan really be a great money maker!Video Marketing- Be seen on the new TV! Video Marketing is highly effective and can be used foryour website to capture your audience!- Custom Videos such as a 30 second ad clip of your business seen on Youtube, andmany more video sharing sites- Will also be seen on the top 50 social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Digg,and Stumble Upon. (Note: I like to use a program called OnlyWire to do this in just acouple seconds)Heres an example of a cool video you can create with and charge $500for it. It looks so professional and only takes two minutes to create! Marketing
  21. 21. - Keeping in contact with your customers is VITAL- If you do not have an email list, I urge you to start right now. The money is in thelist!Note: I use Constant Contact usually for small businesses because its easy to importtheir database of emails they may have already and they give you great templates tobuild an email that looks good.Detailed Reporting (Use Google Analytics and setup auto monthly reporting forthe client)-Find out where your visitors are from in the world-Find out where your visitors go to and from your site
  22. 22. 5. Do you need your own ConsultingWebsite?Its actually not necessary. People dont care about your website, people want to havetheir own website looking good and converting for them.If you show that you have other clients and you show what you did for them, thatsenough for your potential new customer.However, as you build a business, you should invest in a website so you can generatenew leads to it using the internet and offline methods of marketing.Important: DONT pay until they give you the work and you areCOMPLETELY satisfied.I have outsourced work and I thought since they did a good job the first time; Ill paythem ahead of time.... Wrong! Its been two months and I still havent heard from thatperson regarding my job....It seems to work that way especially with coders that you may outsource. Havesomeone check their job before you pay them. Make sure everything works and its theway you want it!Your websites reflect on you and will help land you future clients. Make sure theylook the best!
  23. 23. 6. Case Study: Create a Local Viral Fan PageFacebook Fan Pages : Local Fans Revealed!I first created a Facebook fan page called “Blond Jokes” and invited all of my friends to join.Currently, this fan page has over 3,000 fans without any paid promotions of any kind. I added somejokes to it and people started interacting and adding their own!Well, I didnt make any money from it, but I saw the potential for viral traffic using Facebook fanpages.Although I know I can create a fan page like “I LOL too much” and get thousands of fans to join, Iwanted to think of a way to target local Facebook users to join my page.What I did was I started thinking about the top and controversial local news related issues in myarea.This is what I came up with:There is an old building that everyone refers to as “The Shack.” Its a landmark and brings up fondmemories of my area. Many people want to save it and many people want it to rot! There was myhot topic.I simply created a page entitled: SOS: Save Our Shack!I was hoping I would feed on the interest and the controversy of the idea of saving it.Well, I invited all my friends to it and I started running an ad campaign to it. I spent a total of $35and today, I have over 10k fans today; most of which I got after just a month of starting the fanpage.Take a look for yourself!
  24. 24. As you can see, I went from 0 to 6,000 fans in just two weeks!Http:// also is really exciting is that they are all from local areas. Most of which are within 20 miles ofmy home. What a great local market to hit for your services!Now, its vital when you start a fan page like this that you stay true to what the fan page is about. Towork in my offer, I would promote it saying that I will offer my services and donate a percentage forrebuilding the Shack.Note: We are actually trying to rebuild this “Shack” and are raising real money!What was amazing is that business owners in the community and important people locally startedcontacting me!!What was even better was that my fan page became so popular that everyone I asked about itseemed to have heard about it!What was even better than that was that I was published in ALL the local papers!!! Guess what, theyput a link of the fan page and the website in the article and that linked back to me!Then, emails and phone calls started coming my way on how they needed website consultingand online marketing services that I offered all due to this simple fan page!WOW! Thats it, go out there and find an issue in your community and start a RIOT!!!
  25. 25. 7. The Story Begins Now For YouIts simple, contact enough business owners with your vital internet marketingservices and you have a thriving business.Ask yourself right now: How many business owners have I contacted over the pastmonth about my services; either directly or indirectly.This will give you a good idea of what your results should be. Just like with selling aproduct, you wont make a sale every time.Email and direct mail should give you a return of just 1 – 3%. Thats why when youstart out, go after people you know and referrals for a much higher chance for success.Then, branch into networking meetings and hiring an outside sales rep. Doing this inorder will help build your business at a good pace and keep you excited as you landnew clients every month!Now, since I manage a few sites, I am able to put my website link on them. It givesme a chance to advertise for free.Make sure you put your contact information or website on every website thatyou do!I landed a $2,000 sale of a new restaurant website which I will outsource it for $400and do about an hour of work for a nice $1,600 profit. This was due to my websitelink being on a clients site. So, market yourself through your customers!As your business begins to build, keep asking for referrals from your clients and offerthem upsells and make sure they are happy first!If you dont ask, you wont receive!By not ASKING for referrals, you can easily miss out on thousands of dollars.Never hurts to ask, people naturally want to help you succeed since you arehelping them succeed.
  26. 26. If you are serious about working from home in an industry that is thriving and willcontinue to grow over the next 10 years, take advantage of this course and startapplying what you learned today!Once you start having success in offering internet marketing services, maybe then goback to offering products such as this course. This way, you will have multiplestreams of income and you can build a solid base for your business because it willhave its ups and downs!To Your Success,PS. Visit my website to get access to my video trainings, andwebinars. Make sure to subscribe to my email list for the latest information!All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or byany means, including scanning, photocopying, or otherwise without prior writtenpermission of the copyright holder. Copyright © 2013