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Starting a meat shop business


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Seminar on starting a meat shop business in the Philippines

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Starting a meat shop business

  1. 1. Email: businesscoachphil@gmail.comWebsite:
  2. 2. *Have sufficient fund for starting the venture.Email: businesscoachphil@gmail.comWebsite:
  3. 3. *Get an ideal location.Email: businesscoachphil@gmail.comWebsite:
  4. 4. *Have the proper facilities.Email: businesscoachphil@gmail.comWebsite:
  5. 5. *Have the proper equipment.Email: businesscoachphil@gmail.comWebsite:
  6. 6. *Know the impact of holidays on meat purchases.Email: businesscoachphil@gmail.comWebsite:
  7. 7. *Be careful in buying cheap meat from unknown suppliers.Email: businesscoachphil@gmail.comWebsite:
  8. 8. *Know the yield you will get from a carcass.Email: businesscoachphil@gmail.comWebsite:
  9. 9. Do you want to learn more?Call us now!(02) 227.01.42 / (02) 496.69.49 /(02) 727.56.28 / (02) 727.88.60www.businesscoachphil.comEmail: businesscoachphil@gmail.comWebsite: