Caribbean Media Network, USA


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We specialize in "Caribbean Multiculturalism" that provides you with a specific market branding through specialized programs.

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Caribbean Media Network, USA

  1. 1. Caribbean Multicultural Media Connecting Caribbean America to the Caribbean World Michael Thomas, Executive Director, 1-888-317-7898 mthomas@caribbeanmedianetwork. com Loretta Green-Williams, Marketing Director, 1-888-317-7898 x102
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION The American Caribbean community has spoken. And, for the first time, in the history of the US, Caribbean ethnicity is the center of the US Census count. Twenty-six Caribbean countries, and three South American countries shall identify their Caribbean ethnicity. This makes the American Caribbean community the largest buying power in the US. So how can you get to take the rum cake? Caribbean Media Network, USA can involve you in this multicultural Caribbean market through our unique "profile" marketing system.
  3. 3. WHAT IS PROFILE MARKETING SYSTEM? Strategic product/services presentation place. We market to a specific captive audience. We combine social media sites, guerrilla, blog talk, videoweb, and traditional marketing in order to get your brand into the hands of the multicultural Caribbean audience. Through Profile Marketing System, your product/services will be presented in Caribbean carnivals, festivals, and other specialized venues.
  4. 4. HOW WE GET YOU INVOLVED..... We present your product/services to a specific captive audience. We combine social media, guerrilla, blog talk, videoweb, and traditional means of getting your brand into the hands of the audience.
  5. 5. WHAT WE DO.... Becoming a partner with Caribbean Media Network, USA, we provide product placement in carnivals, festivals, and other multicultural Caribbean venues. We are linked to over 25 US, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South American carnivals, and festivals. We have connections with over 50 multicultural Caribbean and African American venues.
  6. 6. HOUSTON (TX) CARIBFEST, JULY High Nightlife, Food, and Gatherings
  7. 7. WEST INDIAN DAY (Brooklyn, NY) PARADE, SEPTEMBER Affectionately known as the "Labor Day Parade." Produces 2-3.5 million in attendance each year. Oldest established Caribbean group in the US (1967).
  8. 8. BRAZILIAN DAY (Manhattan, NY) PARADE, SEPTEMBER Affectionately known as the "Labor Day Parade." Produces 2 million in attendance each year.
  9. 9. Toronto (Canada) Caribana Parade, July One million in attendance Major Nightlife and events surrounding event
  10. 10. A FEW OF CMN'S CARNIVAL & FESTIVAL CONNECTIONS MONTH OF MAY San Francisco (CA) Carnival Atlanta (GA) Carnival Virgina Beach (VA) Panarama Caribbean Music Fest MONTH OF JUNE Washington (DC) Caribbean Carnival Chicago (IL) Caribbean Jerk Fest Tampa Bay (FL) Caribbean Carnival MONTH OF JULY Houston (TX) Crabfest San Diego (CA) Seabreeze Festival MONTH OF AUGUST Berkeley (CA) World Reggae Soul Music Benefit
  11. 11. LEVEL ONE Full-Partnering: 36-month agreement that guarantees your Networking Rate. It will not increase during your Partnership. Selection of two 1 mill+ venue, and 3 under 1 mill venue. Your brand in all of CMN's traditional media and marketing relationships. Sponsor and special guest on BTR and VideoWebTV. Lead Vendor in CMN Media Festival Booths. LEVEL TWO Full-Partnering: 24-month agreement (Networking inflation rate applies). Selection of two 1 mill+ venue, and 1 under 1 mill venue. Selected Partnership in CMN's media and marketing. LEVEL THREE Event Partnering: 18-24 month agreement (Printing Rates Apply). Visual presence at one 1 mill+ venue and 1 under 1 mill venue. (Other Marketing Combinations Can Be Determined)
  12. 12. FOR MORE INFORMATION Michael Thomas, Executive Director 1-888-317-7898 (b): 770-875-3167 (m) Loretta Green-Williams, Marketing Director 1-888-317-7898 (b)