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Podcasting Outlining Template


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Podcasting Outlining Template

  1. 1.   ELA:   Standards Addressed ISTE:   Content:   This  podcast  has  been  brought  to  you   Intro Tag by  Title  2D  funding,  Enhancing   Education  Through  Technology.   Who  you  are?   Intro Your  Script:  Please  include                         Students  First  Name,  Teacher  Name,   Monologue School  Name,       (15-45 seconds) What  you’re  going  to  talk  about?   Your  Script:       What  feel  of  music  do  you  want?   Intro (example-­‐broadcast  news,     Your  Notes:   Music Jingle     (25-45 seconds)   The  jingle  can  play  in  the  background  of   your  intro  monologue.         Your  Script:     What  is  your  topic?   Show Content/Topic Your  Script:     (2-3 minutes)   How  will  you  deliver  the  content?   (Talk  Show,  How  to,  PSA,  Interview,…)   Your  Script:     • Thank  your  audience   Closing Remarks                            Your  Script:   • Thank  guests   (1-2 minutes)                              Your  Script:   • Talk  about  the  next  show                              Your  Script:     What  feel  of  music  do  you  want?   Closing Your  Notes:   Music Jingle