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Solar Project

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Harnessing solar power in Denver, is becoming a viable solution to high energy cost.
  2. 2. Senior Kyle Sundman, is the leader behind the $1.7 million solar project at DU
  3. 3. The “Sun Light” on top of DU’s Sturm College of Law, is a good example of what solar panels on the Ritchie Center might look like.
  4. 4. Residential areas have already made the move to solar power. Above, a home on the West side of Washington park near the DU Campus. Left: A photo taken from the plane, showing the a community in Colorado Springs, riddle with solar panels.
  5. 5. The Las Vegas Strip, a prime example of a “ Energy consumption nightmare.” Las Vegas consumes 15% of the energy produced by the Hoover Dam.
  6. 6. An example of how DU’s sustainability efforts can improve. Here, is a student using three propane tanks, to cook one piece of meat. One tank would suffice.
  7. 7. Even at 6:40pm, DU students can play Volleyball out side Sturm, because of the sunlight that breaks through the clouds.
  8. 8. The University of Denver, has already implemented sustainable strategies like this water bottle filling station in Driscoll. This one has helped eliminate waste from 116,504 disposable plastic water bottles.
  9. 9. DU’s bike renting station is powered by solar energy. This station also helps lower the greenhouse gases and cost associated with driving.
  10. 10. Colorado’s “Three-hundred days of sunshine”, undoubtedly make it a great location for using solar energy.
  11. 11. The Gates Field house, where Kyle Sundman, plans to install DU’s first large scale solar project.