How to Search the Web


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  • What is a search engine? Search engines are like a phonebook for the internet. Except when you ask the search engine to find something for you, the search results are presented as a list of results and can appear as web pages, images, information and other types of files. Search engines allow you to modify your search to get the exact information you are looking for. Google is the largest web search engine, but there are others to choose from, including
  • Google Safe Search is a web search engine tool that allows you to filter search results. Other search engines have similar filtering tools. These filters are a must for anyone who shares a computer with children or wants to make sure that every search is rated PG. In your search settings, you can change your preferences so that all questionable content and images are blocked when you search.
  • Step 1: Locate your internet browser, either from a shortcut on the desktop similar to what you see here. You can also use the Start menu to find and open your web browser. If your browser is already open, you may type in the name of a search engine web site. Try:
  • Step 2: Type a subject into the search bar such as “NCAA Football.” Step 3: Now click “Google Search” below the search bar to get your results!
  • Here is a sample of what your search result may look like. Sift through the results to find the exact information you were looking for. If for some reason, you don’t, you may need to adjust your search topic. From there go through the search results feel free to click on them and visit some of the result sites. Just remember to get back to the search results home click the back arrow in the top left corner of your internet window. See a breakdown of a Google search results page next!
  • Here is a sample of what a Google search result will look like, let’s break down the layout so that you understand where to find your search results. This is the header . The search bar will display the last search you last entered when viewing the results page. The search results are displayed in order of their relevance to your search criteria. If you performed an advanced search the result you want should be near the top of the page. The advanced search options or tools and filters give you several different options for narrowing down your initial search. Based on your search results you will receive targeted advertisements to the right of the screen. You may be how surprised at how relevant some ads are to your search. At the bottom of the page, you have the option of moving between pages to view results that aren’t in the top hits.
  • How to Search the Web

    1. 1. Searching the Web How to find what you’re looking for
    2. 2. Searching the Web What Is a Search Engine?
    3. 3. Searching the Web Searching Safely
    4. 4. Chrome Searching the Web Conduct a Search
    5. 5. San Francisco Click to see search results Searching the Web Start Your Search
    6. 6. Introduction to Search Engines
    7. 7. Searching the Web Explanation of Google Search Results
    8. 8. <ul><li>Congratulations! Now you’re ready to search the web! </li></ul>You Did It!