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TelKart and QnA: An Open Teaching System for Computer Science Courses

Vikram Kamath Cannanure, Geoff Gordon
Carnegie Mellon University

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TelKart and QnA: An Open Teaching System for Computer Science Courses

  1. 1. Telkart and QnA: An Open Teaching System for Computer Science Courses Vikram Kamath Cannanure, Dr. Geoff Gordon Carnegie Mellon University
  2. 2. Introduction: What’s the talk about? • Discuss our system for teaching computer science courses. • Show a prototype and its application in teaching. • Seek feedback about our system and it’s application in OER. • Look for prospective collaboration for research and deployment. 2
  3. 3. Our System: What is it made of? • QnA: A software system to upload instructions (videos, text) and assessments. • Telkart: A custom hardware system to create videos. • Lightweight: Uses existing devices (MacBook and an iPad) to create course content. 3
  4. 4. QnA: Software Web Portal • Limited Learning Management System(LMS) features with low setup cost. • Modularity, portability were the goals. • Designed using user-centered research; and open source libraries. 4
  5. 5. Our Design Approach • Our users are stakeholders • Features developed in iterations • Continuous feedback loop • We use insights from users for iterative design 5
  6. 6. Features in QnA • WYSIWYG- What You See Is What You Get • Real-time latex preview • Embed media • Version control 6
  7. 7. TelKart: Custom hardware cart • Mac Mini, Wacom tablet, video and audio recording. • Mounted on a custom-made cart. • Can be wheeled to a classroom or office. • Content is exported or live streamed to YouTube or Panopto 7
  8. 8. Future Work: Low Cost TelKart • iPad Pro and a MacBook connected using the default cable • Uses QuickTime and open source OBS Studio to broadcast the window from the iPad • Allows switching windows and adding a camera view. Add image 8
  9. 9. Demo 9
  10. 10. Next Steps: Low Cost TelKart “ It took me less than an hour to set up” - Professor, Carnegie Mellon University • Collect feedback from users and deploy it • Build a low cost version e.g. Android tablet • Build a DIY instructional setup for instructors to use it independently • Augment the system with 3D printing and add on lenses 10
  11. 11. Project: Future Work • Open-source software to form independent instances • Prototype and evaluate the low cost version of the tool • Deploy to more instructors within and outside university • Add documentation to make adoption easier 11
  12. 12. Summary • QnA: system is deployed in campuses in Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley. • TelKart: A custom hardware system to create videos. • Prototype a low-cost version of the system based on a laptop and a tablet • Seeking feedback and ideas that you may have 12
  13. 13. Feedback? Stay updated: Visit me at my poster. 13