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Amarillo’s Summer School Grades  Heat Up with ODYSSEYWARE®
Amarillo’s Summer School GradesHeat Up with ODYSSEYWARE®PROFILE                                           PROGRAM CHARACTE...
DETAILED GRADES                                                                                         CONCLUSION    Exhi...
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Amarillo ODYSSEYWARE Case Study


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Amarillo summer school students heated up their scores with ODYSSEYWARE to achieve a dramatic collective increase in student pass rates of nearly 100 percent! Even with more rigorous curriculum than their former eLearning provider, Amarillo had an incredible 91 percent of summer school student pass their courses in 2009!

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Amarillo ODYSSEYWARE Case Study

  1. 1. Amarillo’s Summer School Grades Heat Up with ODYSSEYWARE®
  2. 2. Amarillo’s Summer School GradesHeat Up with ODYSSEYWARE®PROFILE PROGRAM CHARACTERISTICS Exhibit 1 depicts ODYSSEYWARE course enrollment, by subject, for summer school 2009.DISTRICT As shown in the exhibit, all ODYSSEYWARE courses taken were in core-area courses (i.e. math,School: Amarillo Independent School District science, social science, and/or language arts). The majority of course enrollments were in math,Location: Amarillo, Texas representing over half of all enrollments. At 16 percent, social science courses contained the fewestLocation Type: Midsize city number of course enrollments.ODYSSEYWAREEnrollment: 200 studentsFocus: Summer school Primary EnrollmentGrades Using ODYSSEYWARE: 9-12 Distribution:Period Examined: 2009 summer school Math: 53% Science: 30%BACKGROUND Social Science: 17%PROGRAM OVERVIEWIn 2008, Amarillo Independent School District(AISD) implemented ODYSSEYWARE as areplacement for two e-learning products deemedineffective for its students. AISD initially *IPC denotes Integrated Physics and Chemistry.enrolled 81 students in the ODYSSEYWARE Source: ODYSSEYWARE, summer school, 2009.program; within a year, enrollment increasednearly 14 times to include over 1,130 students. RESULTSCurrently, AISD uses ODYSSEYWARE for the GRADE DISTRIBUTIONfollowing circumstances: Exhibit 2 illustrates the grade distribution for all ODYSSEYWARE students during summer school 2009.• Summer school• Special education• Credit recovery• Electives % Earning “B”• Accelerated learning or Better:• Instruction for suspended students 40%The scope of this case study focuses on % Passing Course:ODYSSEYWARE’S effectiveness during the 91%2009 summer school session. Note that the datapresented herein relates only to students usingODYSSEYWARE, who accounted for 24 percentof the total 2009 summer school cohort. Note: Data shown above represents only those who utilized ODYSSEYWARE. Source: Amarillo Independent School District, summer school, 2009. According to Exhibit 2 shown above, 91 percent of all ODYSSEYWARE students passed their courses with a grade of 70 or better. Moreover, 40 percent earned an 80 or better.
  3. 3. DETAILED GRADES CONCLUSION Exhibit 3 below depicts the class average and pass rates for each summer school 2009 course. Disappointed with the performance of previous e-learning software, administrators at Amarillo Independent School District upgraded their curriculum, choosing to implement ODYSSEYWARE’s technology-based learning environment for use in their summer school program. Those administrators saw dramatic results. Despite enrollment in some of the most rigorous math, sciences, and social studies courses ever offered by AISD, an incredible 91 percent of summer school students passed their courses. In fact, science and social studies students experienced unprecedented success, collectively achieving pass rates at or near 100 percent. So how were these Texas students able to achieve such success? The simple answer is ODYSSEYWARE. The features of this innovative online curriculum are designed to be delivered to a diverse mix of students at a pace that suits their individual learning styles. In addition, thousands of multimedia elements engage students and allow them to receive information through multiple interactive channels to accommodate visual, auditory, linguistic, and kinesthetic learners. Perfect for summer school and other alternative Note: Data shown above represents only those who utilized ODYSSEYWARE. learning programs, ODYSSEYWARE allows *IPC denotes Integrated Physics and Chemistry. students to log on and learn anytime and from any Source: Amarillo Independent School District, summer school, 2009. computer with an Internet connection. As shown in the exhibit above, students earned highest grades and pass rates in the social Perhaps the success of Amarillo’s summer school sciences field. With the exception of second-semester U.S. History, every student taking a social students explains why ODYSSEYWARE enrollment sciences course passed. has grown 14-fold, from 81 students to 1,130 within a year and why hundreds of thousands of students A close second to student performance in the social sciences is performance in the sciences. and teachers nationwide use ODYSSEYWARE! Overall, the pass rates were nearly perfect, with the exception of second-semester IPC and second-semester chemistry.“ ODYSSEYWARE allows students who need flexibility to facilitate their own learning at school as well as from home. One big advantage to ODYSSEYWARE is that it allows teachers to customize individual students’ instruction. It is vital for many students, who are in an alternative education setting, that teachers are able to develop students’ lessons based on individual strengths and weaknesses. ODYSSEYWARE is a powerful tool for North Heights and is an essential part to our students’ success. ” Kathy Johnson, Alternative Education Coordinator North Heights Alternative High School, Amarillo Independent School District ODYSSEYWARE‰ • 300 N. McKemy Ave. • Chandler, AZ 85226 • 877.795.8904