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  1. 1. Just an average House. In the Tennessee country side, Right?
  2. 2. Except for the hidden door in the Garage
  3. 3. Hydraulic operated door leads from the garage
  4. 4. Inside, the Pot Cave
  5. 5. Concealed inside is an elaborate pot growing operation
  6. 6. Concealed inside is an elaborate pot growing operation Equipped with irrigation
  7. 7. The pot cave runs 50 yards back into the hill the house was built against
  8. 8. Equipped with grow lights and ventilation
  9. 9. The average man is how tall?
  10. 10. A Multi-Million Dollars Operation
  11. 11. Harvest could be done every 60 days
  12. 12. More Drip irrigation and climate control
  13. 13. Escape routes are a must.
  14. 14. Looking up the escape tunnel
  15. 15. Outside door of the escape tunnel looks like any other rock