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An example printed version of a multiple award-winning school newspaper produce by a team of student managed by Nick Abbot of SirClickALot.

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School newspaper

  1. 1. THE NEWSPAPER M2 Lifestyle Free VCD Magazine The Paper in the making for TES Adam Brody | Joely Richardson | Rankin Live footage of the dayWednesday 9th March 2005 50p SirClickALot’s SchoolIRA offers hitman Ofsted ‘off theRecent outrageover the IRA’s rails’offer to shoot By A StudentMcCartney’s The government announced yesterday that, as from nextkillers September, Ofsted inspections will be shorter, more stringent and directed at students. SchoolsBy A Student will be inspected every three years, more often for struggling schools, for a maximum of twoThe IRA offered to shoot the days, with a greater stress onkillers of Robert McCartney, schools’ said last night in a statement. Currently, schools areThe offer was made during a five inspected on a six-year cycleand a half hour meeting with over a period of three to fourthe deceased man’s family, who days, with 6 to 10 weeks notice.rejected it. During the meeting This method has partly beenthe IRA also offered the family blamed for the perceived decreas-the names of the men involved. ‘I ing standards in schools. In thethink the feeling is that to shoot future, inspections will occur onand possibly kill these people short-notice to prevent excessiveis revenge and not justice. And preparation, which can not onlyrevenge is not what the family is benefit poorer schools but alsolooking for,’ said Gerard Quinn, be detrimental to good schools.a cousin of Mr McCartney. Schools will now be rated on a The offer has inspired out- scale of 1 to 4 for a outstanding,rage among those involved good, satisfactory or Northern Ireland’s politics. Although these methods are gen-The moderate nationalist SDLP Seeking justice: Four of Robert McCartney’s five campaigning sisters in Dublin yesterday, flanked by Irish erally recognised as a positivedescribed it as “obscene”, while Senator Mary O’Rourke and Labour MP Liz McManus. Courtesy of The Daily Telegraph. step, the question remains as toIan Paisley, the leader of the whether or not this is a genuineDUP, said ‘The offer to shoot h the IRA called for any wit- after the murder, noone has been The first man, who had attempt at improvement. Labourthose responsible for the murder nesses, including IRA members, charged in relation to the attack. fetched the knife, removed and has a history now of inadequatelyof Robert McCartney confirms to come forward and give a full Yesterday’s statement also destroyed the weapon. He also addressing the problems in edu-again that terrorism is the only account. McCartney’s family, contains the results of the IRA’s took the CCTV tape from the cation with a series of lack-lustrestock and trade of Sinn Fein/ however, has continued to internal investigation into the bar and destroyed it, threaten- and money-wasting projects. IsIRA’. The Secretary of State for express concern regarding wit- attack. It offers the clearest pic- ing a member of staff to obtain this just a weak attempt at fulfill-Northern Ireland, Paul Murphy ness intimidation. In response to ture yet of the events of January the tape. The same man burned ing Labour’s pledges of greaterdeclared that ‘There is no place this, according to the statement, 30th. The IRA’s statement men- clothes after the attack. Although parental input in schools? Thisfor those who signed up to the the IRA has offered individual tions a fight that broke out in the the IRA’s statement does not move hopefully signals the startGood Friday Agreement for guarantees of safety to three men Belfast bar, but does not address mention any other activity after of a committed drive towards tai-the sort of arbitrary justice and the McCartney family was par- its cause. Previous press reports the murder, there were wide- loring education to the individualmurder that is being suggested ticularly concerned about. One of have alleged that McCartney spread reports after the attack needs of’. Even Sinn Fein, which has these men has since disappeared, made a rude gesture at a woman that the killers returned to the bar The controversy, however, hasbeen involved itself in the enquir- however, and the IRA has been in the bar. The fight then spilled to wipe it down, and warn up to arisen over reporting the out-ies into the murder, emphasised unable to contact him. into the street, and McCartney, 70 witnesses that the killing was come of inspection to studentsthat ‘Sinn Fein’s position is very Concerns about witness intim- his friend Brendan Devine and an internal IRA matter.clear on punishments, it’s clear idation may also be relevant in two other men were chased down Out of the four men directly continued pg 2they shouldn’t happen’. light of the failure of Northern the street. A first attacker fetched involved, two were IRA mem- The statement, the third Ireland’s police to make any a knife from the bar’s kitchen, bers that have now been expelledissued by the IRA in response to headway with the case, despite which a second man used to by the IRA along with anotherMcCartney’s murder on January reports of some witnesses coming stab McCartney and Devine. A man whose involvement is not30th, also contains details of the forward. Although they also have third attacker kicked and beat clear. Sinn Fein has also expelledfamily’s concerns about wit- the names of the suspected kill- McCartney post-stabbing while seven of its members in relationness intimidation and the fullest ers, the 10 men they have talked a fourth hit Devine and another to the killing. Whether the IRA’saccount yet of the events sur- to so far have refused to answer of McCartney’s friends acrossrounding the death. questions. More than a month the face with a steel bar. continued pg 2 Inside the Paper: Arts Features pg.22 , Finance and Business pg 28, Comment & Editorial pg 26, Weather pg 31
  2. 2. 2 Home News Wednesday 9th March 2005 The NewspaperTHE Paper Legality of War - questioned again Wednesday 9th March 2005NEWSBlair admits witholding legal information from cabinet in run-upto war............................................................................................2 By A Student It has emerged that on 7thThe Royal Wedding: courts give their approval...........................4 March, the Attorney GeneralA Student talks about the importance of National No Smoking Further questions about the legal- Lord Goldsmith warned BlairDay................................................................................................2 ity of the Iraq war have been that without a second UN res-Scientific breakthrough bodes well for diabetic...........................3 raised in Parliament. The latest olution endorsing it, militarySmall time crooks and why not to admit fraud on national allegation, that Blair breached the action in Iraq could be deemedtelevision.......................................................................................4 ministerial code of conduct when illegal. Only a week later, how-Leading Chechen rebel ‘assassinated: what next for Putin?.........5 advising the cabinet on the pos- ever, his opinion had changed.Bolivian congress rejects presidential resignation........................6 sible invasion, could be the most It appears that Lord GoldsmithLocal news: The Paper talks to the opposition in damning, and ultimately the most asked whether SaddamHammersmith and Fulham about what they can bring to the damaging both to the govern- Hussein was still violating cur-borough.......................................................................................14 ment and the Prime Minister him- rent UN resolutions, and wasLotte Johnson and Clemmie Dowley investigate calls self. The code, states that “When assured that this was the case. for greater security and CCTV at School . ................................14 advice from the Law Officers Simultaneously, however, HansA Student interviews the council’s team leader for environmental is included in correspondence Blix, Chief Weapons Inspectorpolicies and projects and facing up to responsibilities...............15 . The Prime Minister: under fire between Ministers, or in papers in Iraq, was sending back posi-School Bursaries: extending the privilege..................................16 for the Cabinet or Ministerial divulged to the Cabinet. The pos- tive reports showing growingSports: Kicking racism out of football........................................30 Committees, the conclusions may sible violation was revealed by co-operation in Iraq. This sug-Match Reports....................................................................... 31-32 if necessary be summarised, but if MP Simon Thomas, who asked gests that the Iraqi regime wasCrossword...................................................................................32 this is done, the complete text of Blair if the code required that he in fact no longer in breach of the advice should be attached.” “show full legal advice from the resolution 1441, quashing someFEATURES At a cabinet meeting on 17th of Attorney General relating to mat- ministers’ claims that this reso- March, ministers were only given ters before the Cabinet to each lution in itself justified the inva- a presentation by Lord Goldsmith member of the Cabinet.” Blair sion of Iraq. and a copy of his parliamentary replied that this was the case, Several ministers have in theInterview: Andrew Marr on the future for Blair and the BBC. ..11 . statement, not a full copy of the which was seen by some as an past resigned after breaching thePalestine and Israel: are they reaching a real peace settlement?. 2 1 advice, as should have been the admission of the breach. Downing ministerial code, written by theA Student asks how secular British government really is...........13 case. Nor was the content of Street, however, maintains that Prime Minister himself, but itEnvironment: Can Kyoto pull its weight?..................................18 communications between Lord “As far as the legal advice on remains to be seen whether theHow we can use renewable energy on a daily basis...................19 Goldsmith and Blair, which high- Iraq is concerned he has behaved same fate will befall him.Education: Are gap years worth the hassle?...............................23 lighted Goldsmith’s concerns, properly at all times.”A Student argues the way forward for............................................ IRA Hitman National Non-university applicants in England.................................................23Arts: The Paper talks to Frieda Hughes about her mother,.............her life and her art.......................................................................24A Student asks us to pardon Leni Riefenstahl’s.............................. continued from pg 1close nazi links to appreciate her art..........................................26 offer of punishment was extended Smoking Day to those murderers outside the IRA is not made explicit in theM2 statement. Also left unclear is the precise punishment suggested. The IRA has not said whether its offer of shooting meant kill- By A Student with No Smoking Day to offer ing those involved or, in a moreLifestyles: Exam ethics.................................................................6 help and advice to smokers traditional republican punish-Feature: Adam Brody....................................................................8 Seven out of ten smokers say they who want to give up, in order to ment, shooting them in the knees,Fashion: Eclectic and vivacious..................................................16 want to give up and this was a New achieve maximum success with ankles or elbows.Interview: Joely Richardson.......................................................29 Year’s resolution for thousands. as many smokers as possible. McCartney’s sisters and part-Listings and Directory................................................................34 . Current government targets aim No Smoking Day directs itself ner have been very clear that they to reduce smoking prevalence in at smokers who want to stop, refuse to allow his murder to pass the UK, from 28% to 24% of the insisting that it is not trying to in the usual way of IRA-related general population by 2010. This harass or force smokers who are activity in Belfast. The IRA’s offer equates to around 125,000 smok- unwilling to give up. Instead, to deal with the killing in a way ers stopping per year. With aound the focus is upon spurring those very typical of its organisation 40,000 smokers stopping for good who lack motivation into action therefore seems odd. It will cer- on No Smoking Day annually, the by creating a supportive environ- tainly not help the organisation’s day makes a major contribution to ment, and raising awareness of reputation in an area already out- reaching these national targets. the many sources of help that are raged by McCartney’s murder. Based in London and registered available. PLUS: YOUR WEEKLY TRAVEL AND in 1991, the charity is funded by a coalition of governmental and voluntary sector organisations A major PR plan is developed in order to get as much exposure as possible in the media, with Ofsted: plans SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY with an interest in health, and has grown in influence so that, twenty supportive coverage in newspa- pers, on the radio and on televi- continued from pg 1 “in a language they understand”. The chief inspector, David Bell, SUPPLEMENTS WITH THE Paper two years after the original con- cept was developed in 1984, it is one of the biggest annual health sion programmes including BBC News, Sky News and Richard argues that it is imperative to inform students of the results of a & Judy. Over the years, No process in which they are highly awareness campaigns in the UK, Smoking Day has also managed implicated. with the support of over a million to attract the support of many The general secretary of the smokers. high profile figures, including National Association of Head No Smoking Day acts as an Esther Rantzen, Edwina Currie Teachers, David Hart, has spoken incentive for those who lack and Princess Diana. The organ- out against the new policy. He motivation to take action by izers are also keen to widen the says that students will only be creating a supportive environ- appeal of the Day, with mes- armed with criticisms of their ment, and raising awareness of sages relayed around the world teachers, worsening the problem the many sources of help that are in seven languages. The result of of discipline in schools. Given available. As the official website this exposure is a 70% awareness that Ofsted has recently pub- admits, success is not necessarily of the day amongst the general lished a report saying that 1 in 10 easy: ‘NSD isn’t just about the public, and a 10% decrease in the secondary schools is still failing Day. Giving up smoking requires number of adult smokers so far. to tackle the problem of unruly much planning, encouragement, pupils, it seems short sighted to support and motivation.’ For this Log on to www.nosmokingday. introduce measures which heads reason, national help lines, local or call the NHS stop feels will only add to the prob- stop smoking services, drop in smoking helpline on 0800 169 0 lem. David Hart insists that “the centres, pharmacists, GPs and 169 for more help chief inspector has gone off the others all work in conjunction rails on this one”.
  3. 3. The Newspaper Wednesday 9th March 2005 3Massive breakthrough could allow thousands of diabetics to lead normal livesDiabetes “Cure” BreakthroughRetired Londoner Richard Lane, 61, now cured of his type 1 diabetesBy A Student infusion pump that automatically gave me a dose of insulin everyA breakthrough in the treatment six minutes with a boost at meal-of diabetes has meant that, for the times. But that started to fail too. “ Diagram by Aleka Lieven,very first time, a British person Fortunately, Mr Lane was offered Pandora Lennard and Riyahas been completely cured of dia- the opportunity last autumn to Khilnanibetes. Richard Lane is the first of have an islet transplant.hundreds of thousands of diabe- This hour long operation The breakthrough may eliminate the symptoms of Diabetes 1 sufferers removing the need for insulin injectionstes sufferers in Britain and one of involves using the islet cellsthe first of millions world wide from organ donors and infusing short term measure. and patients should be heartened One possibility being exploredto make a full recovery from the them in the patient’s and takes But should people of the medi- nevertheless as results are stead- is the usage of living donors. Incondition following this radical place under local anaesthetic. It cal world celebrating yet? They ily improving. Indeed, Mr Lane Japan last month, part of a wom-operation. has been carried out around the are currently faced with two main remains optimistic. “ My doctors an’s pancreas was transplanted The retired South Londoner, world several hundred times and problems. Firstly, it is unclear are fairly confident that they will into her daughter who sufferedaged 61, lived in misery before experience has shown that over whether the treatment is long last for a long time. If not there from type 1 diabetes. Also, Typethe operation. He suffered from a million islet cells are required. term or not. Although around 80 will be another candidate for 2 diabetics, who are the mostType 1 diabetes and, although he This normally means that more or 90 per cent of successful islet another transplant or maybe stem common diabetics, are unable tohad been able to lead a reasonably than one donor is needed. For Mr recipients still do not need insu- cells will have proved their value undergo transplants, so it is clearnormal life in the past, his condi- Lane it meant 3 operations. The lin a year after the operation, this by then” A further problem that that diabetes will continue to be ation had recently begun to dete- only insulin Mr Lane now has to percentage plummets to 40 per the doctors must now face is the serious problem.riorate. “I was put on a 24 hour take is a single dose at night as a cent after three years. Medics inevitable shortage of donors.Royal Wedding THE PAPERDeclared Legal TWO FREE DVD’S with today’s issue fully repealed. Questions were raised over the phrasing of the 1949 legislation, which many A Chemical lawyers claimed failed to lift the ban. Mr Cook said that mistaken advice had been given to other Royals, such as Princess Margaret Romance and Prince Michael of Kent, when they were told that they could not marry in civil ceremonies. He further stated that due to the all- encompassing nature of the 1998 European Convention on HumanPrince Charles with his wife-to-be Rights, any previous legislation was in effect irrelevant. Work by video artist Claire Gordon, see page 17By A Student A Clarence House spokes- woman said that the Price ofRegistrar General Len Cook has Wales and Camilla Parker- Classical CDgranted the Prince of Wales and Bowles were ‘very pleased’ thatCamilla Parker-Bowles a mar- the licence would be issued. Theyriage certificate, dismissing alle- may still, however, face a fur-gations that their forth-coming ther challenge if objectors decidenuptials would be illegal. Mr to apply to the High Court for aCook said that he was satisfied judicial review of the of the deci-the wedding could go ahead,‘in accordance with Part III ofthe Marriage Act of 1949’. He sion. In the unlikely scenario that an injunction is sought, the cere- mony could be delayed. However, 20th century musicrevealed that eleven objectionsto the ceremony had been lodged Mark Rimmer, senior registrar in the London Borough of Brent, performed by SPGS andby members of the public. Thesefollowed press reports and expertopinion suggesting that the 1863 expressed doubt that any further action would be taken. ‘The ques- tion is whether any of the objec- SPS, see page 17Marriage Act, which legalised tors can afford to go the Highcivil ceremonies for all but the Court’. The marriage is scheduledRoyal Family, had never been for April 8 at Windsor Guildhall.
  4. 4. 4 Wednesday 9th March 2005 The NewspaperFurther Defeat onAnti- Terror Bill Tony Blair pledging to reduce waiting time for hospital treatment. Courtesy of the Daily telegraph PM will privatiseBy A Student nally included proposals allowing toral chances. politicians to order indefinite The government’s failure toThe Lords dealt Tony Blair a cat- compulsory house arrest, cur- compromise with the extent toastrophic blow yesterday as they fews, and electronic tagging of which it increasingly seems to be parts of the NHSrejected his anti-terror bill for the suspected terrorists. After the out of touch with the Lords andsecond time. The overwhelming first rejection of the Bill, it was unable to work with them effec-rejection of the Bill by a margin amended, diminishing the poten- tively. It now looks as thoughof 3-1 is a damning result for tial power of individual politi- Charles Clarke will have to bowBlair and his Home Secretary, cians, and increasing judicial to pressure from the Lords to fur-Charles Clarke, who had already involvement. ther amend the Bill if it is to be By A Student life-saving operations. He alsoconceded a judicial involvement The Committee for Human passed at the third attempt when accused them of using “humanin determining house arrest, Rights, however, has declared it goes back to the Commons on The Prime Minister is ready to shields” to hide an “immoral”which is the most controversial of that this is still an infringement Wednesday. give the private sector a much policy of giving wealthier patientsthe government’s proposals, in a of civil liberties that goes against Either way, this is an embar- bigger role in providing National public money to jump NHS wait-bid to get the Bill passed second EU human rights laws, and that rassing outcome for the govern- Health Service care. The plans are ing lists. As the row betweentime round. this is not justifiable in a demo- ment, which will now be forced set to further anger Gordon Brown Labour and the Tories over health The Bill, which is a response to cratic society. to include a “sunset clause”, and other Left-wingers resenting intensified, Mr Blair made clearan increase in perceived terrorist Yesterday’s result is a disas- advocated by Michael Howard, what they see as creeping “pri- that the Government’s 15 per centthreats post 9/11, is wide-rang- ter for Blair, who saw his back- that places an end date on these vatisation”. Mr Brown is wary limit on the amount of NHS careing, proposing new governmental benchers turn against him to extraordinary powers; a clause of widening the private sector’s provided by private firms couldpowers and allowing government such an extent that the number that peers voted for by 297 votes role, believing that less popular be exceeded. While he doubtedagencies, such as Customs and of Labour ‘No’ votes would have to 110, but that Blair has person- NHS hospitals would be under- that it would rise sharply aboveExcise and the Inland Revenue, ensured defeat, even without the ally opposed. used and therefore waste public this figure, because the NHS isto pass information to the police Opposition votes. The scale of Current legislation that was money. Tony Blair and John Reid, expanding its own capacity, pri-where national security is an this defeat, and the fact that even rushed through parliament in the the Health Secretary, urged on by vate providers would be usedissue, and widening the govern- staunch Blairites such as Lord aftermath of 9/11 in 2001 will Alan Milburn, Labour’s election wherever needed.” It will onlyment’s ability to monitor terrorist Irvine have abandoned him on expire on Monday, when the nine co-coordinator, believe private ever apply in a relatively smallfunding. It also puts forward sug- this matter, reflect an underlying suspects currently detained with- providers must play an increas- amount of the system,” he said.gestions for making the incite- division and mood of rebellion in out trial in Belmarsh Prison will ing role if Labour is to keep its “But you have got to have thement of religious hatred and the the Labour party over the issue have to be released. This makes promise to cut waiting times to a ability, if the NHS is not able todeliberate causing of a nuclear of terrorism. This, merely a few the passage of new anti-terrorist maximum of 18 weeks by 2008. cope for any reason, to go outsideexplosion illegal. The more con- months before the election, may legislation even more of a politi- Yesterday, John Reid raised to independent providers.” Mrtentious elements of the bill origi- be damaging to Labour’s elec- cal necessity for the government. the temperature of the pre-cam- Blair, who said care would still paign exchanges on health when be “free at the point of use within he launched a stinging counter- the NHS”, added: “If people are attack on the Tories. Mr Reid in pain or in need we will do accused the Conservatives of whatever we can to help them out “cancelling lives” when in gov- of that.” ernment because of long waits for Trisha Chatshow Conman Arrested By A Student Following a 999 call he was dis- covered to be in possession of Ian Pass, a 52 year old father of bank cards under other peoples three, was jailed yesterday fol- names including one stolen from lowing an appearance on day- pensioner friend George Gooding. time TV chat show ‘Trisha’. Pass Pass, of Salisbury, Wilts, was appeared on the show in January charged with theft, forgery and last year, subtitled ‘My Brother is deception. a £1 million conman’ boasting of Pass was later discovered to how he had swindled £2.5 million possess 13 convictions on 39 through forgery and taken advan- charges Although he pleaded tage of lonely women by posing ‘not guilty’ to all these charges, as a lottery winner in lonely he was later convicted and sen- hearts ads. He also claimed to tenced at Hove Crown Court for possessing 17 different passports three concurrent four year terms, and using five different names. his fifth residential sentence. During the show Pass made The court heard how a cheque light of his crimes, whilst his stolen from Mr. Gooding was not sister Maureen pleaded with him only made out to Pass for the sum to go straight; “I’ve been doing of £4,000, but also used to open these scams for as long as I could a credit card account and pay walk. You could call me a self- for a holiday to Rotterdam. The employed trickster, but not a recorder at the court, Christopher conman. Robin Hood used a bow Morris-Coole, condemned Pass as and arrow, I use a laptop.” So “A full-time trickster… a person angered was host Trisha Goddard who resorts to deception even if by his arrogance that she ordered it not premeditated.”. Pass con- the cameras to zoom in on Pass cluded by expressing his regret and said, “Now you know his for his involvement in the show, face, don’t let him con you.” saying “If I had not have gone on Pass was subsequently recog- the show I would still probably nised by a shop assistant as he be out now.” walked into West Sussex newsa- gents, who suspected him of fraudulent use of credit cards.
  5. 5. The Newspaper Wednesday 9th March 2005 World News 5Russians Kill Chechen RebelThe assassination of Maskahdov in Tolstoy-Yurt nearGrozny will be met with a fierce Chechen responseBy A Student Mr. Maskahdov had persist- a $10 million bounty on his head. ently requested negotiations with Yet Mr. Maskahdov has always“It is just one more political Russia, calling for peace-talks publicly denounced the terroristassassination,” commented Mr. early this year, however Russia attacks, and denied any personalZakayev, speaking on the killing rejected the idea, and since 9/11 involvement. He championedof Aslan Maskahdov, the elected there has been little foreign pres- peace negotiations, and criticisedChechen president. Mr. Zakayev, sure for diplomatic reconcilia- the radical commander of Maskahdov’s most promi- tion. Meanwhile, Maskahdov Maskahdov was born in 1951nent aids, further remarked, “The was unable to control his more in Kazakhstan, where Stalinordinary people of Chechnya are radical commanders, and the deported thousands of Chechens.being killed every day because anarchy of his breakaway repub- After serving as an officer inthey disagree with the federal lic. A wave of terrorist attacks 1944 for the Soviet army, andauthorities, as are the people they recently thrust the area into the later in Hungary and Lithuania,have elected.” media’s glare. Chechen suicide he resigned to Chechnya in 1991. Mr. Maskahdov died in a bombers destroyed two Russian During the military conflicts overbunker in Tolstoy-Yurt, 12 miles civilian airliners mid-flight last the last decade, Maskahdov, withfrom the region’s capital, Grozny. August, at the cost of 89 lives. A his band of guerrillas, defendedThe ostensibly peaceful village Moscow Metro train was bombed the capital Grozny. His militarywas shaken as graphic images of in February, killing another 39. successes made him a nationalthe dead president emerged from Moscow forces were responsi- hero. As president, he was aone of its houses. Film footage ble for another 120 deaths, when figurehead for peace, with theof his bloody, outstretched, half- they stormed a theatre holding hope of ending the violence andnaked body was shown on state- 800 Russians hostages in October terror that has been spilling intorun television, with a bullet hole 2002. Shamil Basayev, Russia’s surrounding nations. Althoughevident beneath his left eye. most wanted man, has confessed Russian troops were ordered to After Russia officially estab- responsibility for masterminding capture the man alive, he waslished itself as a sovereign power the most horrific attacks of recent killed by reckless weapon-hand- Aslan Maskhadov before he was killed by the Russian Federal Securityin 1991, Chechen rebel fighters years, including the siege of the ing. Servicewanted independence, or at least theatre in Moscow, and of the For the Russians his death isself-rule. Three years later, the school in Beslan last September, regarded as a military triumph, in in President Putin’s “anti-terror- Maskahdov will be much moreRussian president, Boris Yeltsin, which killed, among the 339 total a country that was the victim of ist operation”, which began in dangerous for the Kremlin lead-instigated the war when he tried deaths, over 150 schoolchildren. brutal terrorist attacks and bloody October 1999, but Zakayev attests ership in death than he could haveto restore Moscow’s authority, Yet Russians believed that the wartime losses. Dmitri V. Trenin, that the death was “a very big loss been even in life, when he wasand in the war that followed, Chechen president was a terrorist deputy director of the Carnegie but it is not a death blow to us, as calling for peaceful dialogue”,Aslan Maskahdov was the main himself, co-ordinating the attacks Moscow Centre, called it a “polit- Putin thinks”. Zakayev. Despite a momentaryrebel commander. Russia’s dev- from hiding. He was rumoured to ical victory and a moral victory” The death of Maskahdov is a victory for the Russians, theastating defeat almost earned the collaborating with international for the Kremlin, and Russian personal tragedy for Chechnya Chechens have only reaffirmedChechens autonomy. But even terrorist organisations, including President Putin will award medals and a blow to their fight for their dedication to independence.Mr. Maskahdov’s election in 1997 al-Qaeda - planting him on the to those involved in the raid. The peaceful autonomy. It will also There can be no peaceful resolu-did not resolve the conflict. United Nations terrorist list with assassination is a major success probably incite retaliation: “Aslan tion in the short-term.Kosovo PM indicted for war crimesBy A Student lauded by his people may now lence have led to the deployment be declared as war crimes by of six hundred German soldiers,Kosovo’s, Prime Minister, the international community. As five hundred members of the 1stRamush Haradinaj, resigned he resigned, The Prime Minister Battalion of the Royal Greenyesterday after being indicted criticized the Hague tribunal for Jackets and a unit of Italian peace-by the United Nations War treating “liberation fighters” as keepers, who are being sent in toCrimes Tribunal in The Hague. though they were “aggressors reinforce the eighteen thousand-In response, hundreds of extra who destroyed entire nations and strong peacekeeping force, Kfor,NATO troops were deployed turned the region into ruins.” which numbers approximatelyacross Kosovo due to fears of an It is unlikely that Kosovo 20,000 troops. There are worries,inflagration of violence which is will remain peaceful following however, that Kosovo’s Albanianspredicted in the troubled region. the arrest of the popular Prime may turn on these troops. The UN The details of the indictment Minister despite the appeals of mission has raised its securityhave not been revealed, but Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, the NATO threat assessment and has orderedHaradinaj, one of the leaders of Secretary-General and Soren all non-essential staff to stay offthe former Kosovo Liberation Jessen-Petersen, head of the UN the streets, while the United StatesArmy, was allegedly involved mission in Kosovo, that were urged all US citizens in Kosovo toin the torture and murder of broadcast yesterday in response to take extra security precautions.Serb civilians in his birthplace, Kosovan Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj will undergo investigation at the situation. The ethnic Albanian Haradinaj has agreed toGlodjan, a village in western the Hague over his alleged involement in killing and torturing majority in Kosovo is already travel voluntarily to The HagueKosovo. In particular, two cases frustrated because it appears that today, and was praised by Denisthat occurred close to Djakovica, This occurred in the 1998-99 peace-seeking moves, bringing Kosovo is making no progress MacShane, the British Foreignin Kosovo, are likely to be cited. war in Serbia when the President hopes of stability to the region, in its attempts to gain independ- Office minister for Europe as One is the execution of Serbs Slobodan Milosovic, now himself which may well now be disap- ence from Serbia. The commu- “very brave” for not going intoand ethnic Albanians in 1998 and on trial at the Hague for genocide pointed. His conciliatory com- nity will be further inflamed by hiding in face of the charges. “Ithe other, the abduction of Roma and other offences, waged a cam- ments made towards Kosovo’s the indictment, since it occurred am entirely innocent. Kosovoand ethnic Albanian families from paign of ethnic cleansing against Serb minority, and his own strong just days before the first anni- Albanians have had tougha wedding in 1999, after which the ethnic Albanians, who made commitment and vision seemed versary of the worst violence in days and this is one of them,”three men were killed and some up the majority of the population. to be bringing Kosovo close to Kosovo since the UN began to Haradinaj said at a news confer-tortured. Haradinaj, the second He was eventually defeated by its goal of independence. He is control the province: March 17th ence in Pristina yesterday. Heand highest-ranking former rebel an eight week NATO campaign. seen as a hero by many Albanians 2004 saw Kosovo explode into went on to confirm that he wouldleader to be indicted, was twice During the course of the war in Kosovo, as well as in Albania riots when the Albanian major- answer the charges: “I’ll do what-questioned last year by inves- Haradinaj lost two of his broth- itself, because of his actions as ity attacked Serb communities in ever I’m asked to do by Thetigators from the International ers, and he himself was jailed. a regional commander in the Kosovo, burning Serb houses and Hague tribunal.” Mr Haradinaj’sCriminal Tribunal for the Former Haradinaj, had only been Prime Kosovo Liberation Army during churches, and leaving nineteen deputy, Adem Salihaj, will takeYugoslavia in the Hague tribunal Minister since December 2004 the 1998-99 war. It appears that dead and hundreds injured. over as caretaker Prime Ministerin November of last year. but he had already made positive the very actions for which he is Fears of similar scenes of vio- until new elections are held.
  6. 6. 6 World News Wednesday 9th March 2005 The NewspaperNew Tension over Taiwan World in BriefAnti-secession bill is met by By A Studentprotests in Taiwan and disapproval BAGHDAD, Iraq – An attack by suicide bombersfrom the international community on Baghdad’s Agriculture Ministry left one dead and 28 wounded. In Basra, a roadsideBy A Student threats. bomb struck a police patrol, “The anti-secession law seeks killing one and woundingChina announced yesterday an to carry out the Communist lead- three.anti-secession bill, which would ership’s long-promised goal ofgive them the right to use mili- reunifying Taiwan with the main- EREZ CROSSING, Gaza –tary force against Taiwan. China land,” said National People’s Israeli Defense Minister Shaulhas considered Taiwan a ren- Congress Vice Chairman, Wang Mofaz announced that theegade province since communist Zhaoguo. West Bank cities of Jericho andforces drove nationalists from Taiwanese legislators have Tulkarem will be transferredthe mainland in 1949, and has responded angrily, accusing from Israeli to Palestinian con-repeatedly threatened to use mili- China of a pretext for attack. trol.tary power against the island if it The Deputy Secretary Generaldeclares independence. This Bill, has said, “the people of Taiwan KABUL, Afghanistan –however, comes at a time when should be united and show their Briton Steven Blair MacQueeninternational opinion was at the firm resolve that they will never was killed by gunmen in theconclusion that their relationship succumb to China’s power. No first fatal shooting of a for-was improving, backed up by the sovereign state can tolerate seces- eign development worker inre-opening of the flight path for sion, and every sovereign state the country since the fall of thethe first time since 1949, in time has the right to use necessary Hu Jintao, faces international pressure over Taiwan anti-secession bill Taliban three years ago. A self-for the spring festival of Chinese means to defend its sovereignty proclaimed spokesman for theNew Year. and territorial integrity.” Popular vened frequently. to jeopardise its friendly relations Taliban, Mullah Hakim Latifi, Although China has been delib- demonstrations have been taking The international response to with China. The US Secretary of claimed that the attack was aerately vague about what might place in the Taiwanese city of the proposed legislation has been State, Condoleeza Rice, is plan- response to US military alle-trigger it into military action, Kaohsiung. extremely negative, with the USA ning a trip to China later this gations that the group was init has stressed that this meas- China has avoided mention- branding the law as “unhelpful” month. This issue will, no doubt, disarray.ure would be a last resort, as it ing a “one country, two systems” and of “running counter to recent be on the agenda.would prefer the implementation policy, like the one existing in trends of warming in cross-strait Details of the planned law have PARIS, France – The lastof more peaceful means, a sug- Hong Kong, giving Taiwan free- relations.” The Taiwan issue has been kept under close wraps, and three French citizens to begestion that has been welcomed dom to practise different systems been a constant cause of concern have been the subject of much released from Guantánamoby the international community. from the mainland. The policy for the Americans because under speculation and concern, particu- Bay were held for questioningChina’s ultimate aim, however, has had only mixed success in US law, Washington is obliged larly in Taiwan. China’s Congress on arrival for “criminal asso-is to prevent Taiwan from leav- Hong Kong, as the city is allowed to offer the democratic island of is expected to unanimously pass ciation with a terrorist enter-ing the sovereignty of China, and to govern itself in most areas, but Taiwan protection if its national the law when its session closes on prise”.Tuesday’s resolution would put not in foreign policy and defense, security is threatened. On the Monday.a legal framework behind those where the mainland has inter- other hand, the USA will not want VALLEY OF THE KINGS, Egypt - A CT scan of the mum-Perjury in MJ trial Bolivia to keep mified remains of the boy king, Tutankhamun, reveal no evidence of foul play in his death, ending decades of spec- ulation that he was murdered. President Mesa The evidence suggests insteadBy A Student that he died from an infection of the left leg that developed asYesterday, Star Arvizo, whose a result of a, Gavin Arvizo, is accus-ing Michael Jackson of child By A Student company of failing to serve the VATICAN CITY – Popemolestation, admitted to having city’s poorer districts, a highly John Paul II has delegatedperjured himself in a previous charged political issue in Bolivia the majority of Holy Week President Carlos Mesa of Boliviacase of sexual abuse, seriously that has spread throughout South activities to senior cardinals. will remain in office after theundermining his credibility as a America. Morales’ calls for tax The health of the 84 year-old country’s Congress rejected hiswitness in the current trial of the hikes on foreign oil companies pontiff, who also suffers from offer of resignation yesterday.singer. have added to the atmosphere of Parkinson’s, has been further Mesa’s decision to step down Star claimed to have seen political criticism, although when called into question after his came soon after Evo Morales,Jackson with his hands down his Morales was interviewed by The February 24th tracheotomy. leader of the nation’s coca-brother’s trousers while the broth- Associated Press he insisted that leaf growers, announced thaters were in Jackson’s bedroom Michael Jackson leaving court in he had not been seeking the presi- WASHINGTON D.C., he would increase the numberat the singer’s ranch Neverland Santa Maria CA. Courtesy of the dent’s resignation but only wanted United States – Former of road blockades throughoutranch in 2003. Jackson’s lead Telegraph a modification of the oil-tax law. President Bill Clinton the country unless legislatorsattorney, Thomas Meserau, chal- members fought frequently. In “Who is calling for him to resign? announced that he will be passed a law raising taxes onlenged the boy, saying, “There an earlier case, however, Star Nobody.” Morales said, “But we returning to hospital tomorrow foreign companies. This situ-were times you said that Michael had asserted that his mother and want that law changed.” to remove fluid and scar tissue ation echoes that of Mesa’sJackson put his hand on top of father had “never fought”, and his Despite the protests, Mesa has from his chest cavity that predecessor, Gonzalo Sanchezyour brother’s underwear, times father never hit him. When ques- proved to be a popular leader, developed as a result of bypass de Lozada, who was forced towhen you said he put it inside tioned by Meserau about these thus the decision to reject his offer surgery six months ago. resign in October 2003 amidhis underwear, and times when statements, he admitted that he comes as no surprise. Although wide public disputes over a planyou said your brother was wear- had lied under oath. Furthermore, Mesa is an independent with WASHINGTON D.C., to export the country’s natural-ing pyjamas and times when [you in another case, the boys’ mother, no political party affiliation, he United States – A study by the gas reserves.said] he was wearing underwear.” Janet, claimed that guards at the enjoys wide political support, and Government Accountability After days of increasingly dis-During cross-examination, the JC Penny department store had many leaders from opposition Office released yesterday ruptive street protests, the presi-boy appeared to have only a hazy manhandled her after accusing parties signalled their support for revealed that 47 known or dent finally submitted his offermemory of events, saying, “I her son of shoplifting, securing his presidency early yesterday. suspected terrorists on fed- of resignation. Street protestsknow everything happened. I just her a $100,000 settlement. Mr On the street, protests have given eral watch lists were allowed have plagued his presidency fromdon’t remember details.” Meserau used this as evidence of way to shows of support for the to buy firearms between 3rd the outset, in particular those Further undermining the the mother making the claims of president, as supporters flocked to February and 31st October demanding greater independenceArvizo family’s credibility was abuse against Jackson for mon- the Congress in La Paz during the in 2004. The study calls into for Santa Cruz, as well as lowerthe discovery that Star had lied etary gain. late-night vote on Mesa’s resig- question the current law, under oil prices and an immediate end toin a previous lawsuit. During the The singer, whose 1993 child nation, waving Bolivian flags and which belonging to a suspected operations of the French-ownedproceedings against his mother’s molestation charge was settled cheering. “We believe he’s doing terrorist organization does not water utility that supplies the cap-former husband, Star alleged that out of court for a reported $27 a good job,” said one supporter, exclude a person from owning ital and the neighbouring city ofhis father had abused him and that million, continues to deny all “Bolivia is being torn in differ- a gun. El Alto. Critics accused the waterhis mother, father and other family charges. The trial continues. ent directions, but he’s holding it