MTS India SCRM Case Study


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Social CRM to counter negative brand sentiment on the web for MTS India. MTS India is a major telecom company operating across 12 circles nationwide.

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MTS India SCRM Case Study

  1. 1. + MTS India Case Study Social CRM to counter negative brand sentiment on the web
  2. 2. ODigMa ChallengeTo counter the prevailing negative sentiment on the webListen and monitor online conversationsEngage users who are not happy with the service and offer solutionsPredict and manage situation with potential of full blown crisis for the brand
  3. 3. ODigMa Solution Put a multi-stakeholder SCRM process in place engaging online communities, customer care executives, management and online properties of the brandUsed state-of-the-art social media monitoring tool to track online conversationsCreated user maps of communities engaging in conversations related to the brandAggressively engage unhappy customers by offering them speedy solutionsTracking online brand sentiment with speedy response for any spike in negative sentiment
  4. 4. ODigMaResults Brought negative brand sentiment down by 13.6% in three months Tracked user communities on more than 200 websites daily to engage with users Engaged in hundreds of online conversations offering information to users acknowledging complaints, queries, leads and information needs.
  5. 5. ODigMa Project DetailsA. Communication Challenge across 12 Circles• The telecom giant became aware of Indian customers who would express their frustration on the web often unhappy with the service or delay in resolutions. The increase in the social media adaption in 2011-12 had led more Indians to the web than ever before.• We faced a challenge which required a multi-stakeholder engagement process from the end user to various departments of the management across 12 Circles nationwide.• A social media command centre was set up to coordinating the process ensuring that conversations don’t go unnoticed.
  6. 6. ODigMa B. Monitoring and Listening hundreds of real time conversations• State-of-the-art social media monitoring tool Alterian was deployed to aid monitoring & listening to conversation on the web.• Based on the extensive audit of hundreds of blogs, forums and communities, 200 were identified as hot zones i.e. where communities actively discussed the brand. Surprisingly, the bulk of these conversations were not on Facebook or Twitter, instead local forums topped the charts.• Based on monitoring insights, these forums were segregated as per the dominant discussion topics and an extensive database created to tackle queries and complaints
  7. 7. ODigMaC. Engaging users comes with surprises• First response from users who have never been engaged by the brand was varied: some were surprised, others abusive and defiant, but most appreciated our concern. Majority of the conversations ended with a ‘Thank you’ and a smiley • Social media team handled abusive comments with patience and respect.• A personalized approach was used addressing the user with their first name• Users were kept engaged with status information about their complaint.• Multiple follow ups were done and finally at resolution their satisfaction was gauged.
  8. 8. ODigMa D. Crisis Management: Addressing the 2G spectrum crisis• Spike in negative sentiment was captured on Feb 1, 2012, when the news of Supreme Court’s judgment on 2G allocation broke out panicking the existing customers and other stakeholders.• Identifying the source of information and influential users who were spearheading the conversations, our team engaged them sharing information and answering their questions.• All follow up conversations were addressed providing them the best information available.• As a result the negative sentiment was substantially contained within first 5 days.
  9. 9. ODigMa Takeaways• Identifying the core community outposts is key to SCRM activity. Your community may not always reside on obvious social networking channels.• Listening to your community and their conversations plays a major role in core SCRM content management that resonates with their needs.• Unattended online posts and comments can be disastrous increasing the likelihood of them going viral. Thus, affecting the overall brand sentiment and affecting its image.• There is always a correlation between users who are effectively engaged online and the subsequent positive comments they make about the brand.• A core community of brand evangelists or happy customers play a major role in supporting the brand during crisis.• Identifying a source of negative information and engaging with users quickly who are spreading it acts as a confidence building tactic allaying their doubts. This also prevent the message from going viral.
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