Otm presentation sc-draft 2_august_2012


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Otm presentation sc-draft 2_august_2012

  1. 1. What is Transportation Justice?
  2. 2. On The Move (OTM): The Greater BostonTransportation Justice Coalition
  3. 3. Background•On The Move—Who We Are-Accomplishments-Next Steps•What is Transportation Justice?•What is missing in the Transportation Agenda•OTM 21st Century Principles and Vision
  4. 4. Who is OTM? On the Move (OTM) is a coalition of nine community based organizations in greater Boston that came together in 2002 to advocate for transportation justice. Our core constituency is Greater Boston’s low income communities and communities of color and our focuswww.bostononthemove.o on regional transportation and smart growth.rg On the Move’s supporters include environmental justice, environmental, community development, affordable housing, tenant’s organizations, public health, and other neighborhood groups
  5. 5. OTM COALITION MEMBERS OTM COALITION MEMBERS (Steering Committee) (Steering Committee) Transit Riders Union (TRU)  ACTION! For Regional Equity MASSPIRG  Livable Streets Alliance The Arborway Committee  Washington Street Corridor Bikes Not Bombs Coalition The Greater Four Corners Action  Sierra Club Coalition Our five-point Platform for Transportation Justice and Livable Communities, endorsed by 50 organizations includes the following demands: Fix Our Transit System So It Works Clean Buses So We Can Breathe Give Us Our Fair Share of Transportation Funds Give Us a Seat At the Table for Transportation Decision Making Link Transportation Improvements to Affordable Housing and Livable Communities
  6. 6. OTM Accomplishments and Strengths OTM, under the guise of Clean Buses For Boston, has won campaigns for cleaner buses and bus monitoring systems Free bus-to-bus transfers in the MBTA system, many service improvements Fare Hikes defeated in 2003 and 2007 with significant OTM presence MBTA Rider Oversight Committee which several OTM Steering Committee members serve on. Solid Base of Committee and Coalition Members
  7. 7. What isTransportation Justice? What is Transportation Justice? Transportation Justice is the right and access to affordable, safe and meaningful transportation choices and opportunities for all communities in the neighborhoods and areas where we live, work, play, learn, and pray.
  8. 8. Why is Transportation an Environmental Justice Issue?• - Burdens on Community Pollution, Costs, Impacts (Physical), Amenities• New Transit Development Projects—For Who? Greenbush Line• History—Orange Line, Silver Line• Decision Making and Access
  9. 9. EJ in Greater BostonPortland Changing-For Who?
  10. 10. Concerns around Transportation Process in Greater Boston The Missing Community Base Churches Youth Small Businesses Senior Citizens Immigrants/Foreign Nationals Public Housing Residents Mentally/Physically Impaired/Paratransit Homeless/Indigent Residents Communities of Color
  11. 11. Why Has Our Transportation Message Become So ‘Wonky’? Lesson One--Thomas The Tank Engine The Tale of the Wonky Whistle The Tale of the Wonky Whistle "Workmen, fix that whistle. The whistle is clearly wonky!" — Victor "Workmen, fix that whistle. The whistle is clearly wonky!" — Victor
  12. 12. Base-Building and Advocacy (Arrow and Circle) Building Power Reacting to Fare Increases Developing Voice Crafting Legislation Setting Terms Working Within Government Making Change Compromising via Political Culture of process Community Culture of Elected Officials Less Wonk- and Politicians Real Talk Base-Building Political AdvocacyDeveloping Relationships Legislative Democracy Grassroots Organizing Grasstops Organizing
  13. 13. Arrows—OTM Base-Building Building Power Developing Voice Setting Terms Strategizing Making Change ActionCollaborative Problem Solving Culture of Implementation of Strategy Community Identifying Strengths and Sharing Stories Weaknesses Achieving Change Relationship Building Empowerment Storytelling Building A Voice
  14. 14. OTM Arrow Projects Base-Building and Grassroots Organizing (Arrow Projects) •OTM VOICES! Campaign-Storytelling and Relationship-Building/Strategy/Action OTM •Formation of Transportation Equity Caucus within core Arrow partnerships, including Transportation For Massachusetts (2011)Projects •OTM Transportation Equity Summit (proposed event— 2012 and annual)“Build The Base” •OTM Member Organization Recruitment (Identify Core Principles—Target Labor, Public Health, Social Justice, Faith-Based Institutions, Immigrant Groups, Youth and Seniors) •OTM & Organizing Opportunities (Events, House Parties, Tabling at Partner Events, etc...)
  15. 15. OTM Circle Projects General Advocacy (Circle Projects) OTM Legislative Advocacy (On-Going Policy Campaigns w/ MBTA/MassDOT and State Circle Legislature) Coalition Campaigns—Green Justice Projects Coalition and Transportation for Massachusetts (State Advocacy Committee; General Coalition)“Accountability of Elected MBTA Projects (Green Line Extension,Leaders and the System” Fairmont/Indigo Line, etc…) OTM Transportation Summit (proposed event—2012 and annual)
  16. 16. Transportation-EJ and SustainabilityEnvironmental injustices that we’ve been fighting and struggling against are caused by the same factors in theeconomy that have generated these obscene inequalities in wealth. Environmental injustice has always beenconnected to economic injustice in that respect. We don’t think that sustainability and justice can beseparated; that you can achieve one without the other.Penn Loh,Professor at Tufts University; Former Executive Director at ACE (Alternatives to Community and Environment)
  17. 17. OTM Future Opportunities Rebuild Momentum and Base around Transportation Justice by collecting ‘Transportation Stories’ from Target Communities and Neighborhoods around Greater Boston. Support OTM Coalition Member Organizations on Transit Justice Campaigns through Coalition (Project $$$ Funds, Coalition Leadership, Opportunities, Media Campaigns) Work with Statewide Coalitions on Long-Term Transportation Funding Campaigns and Advocacy for 2012-2013. Develop Base-Building Targets around Labor, Faith-Based Institutions , Immigrant Groups, Youth and Seniors. Look for opportunities with MPO and MAPC around Transportation Equity Caucus and Decision-Making Seats
  18. 18. OTM Vision• Base-Building-Who are the Voices of Public Transportation?• Challenging Culture and Class (De-Wonking the Process)• Government Accountability!• Impacting Circles…Developing Transportation Solutions; Dictating the Terms• Creating the Arrow…Changing the System and Creating CHANGE!