TEDxAmsterdam - call for volunteers


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TEDxAmsterdam - call for volunteers

  1. 1. PRESS CONTACT US REGISTER LOGIN NEWS HOME ABOUT TEDX DOING VIDEO PARTNERS 2009 2010 2011 TEDxAmsterdam - Claron M! Newsflash: behind the sc! Interview Jim Stolze - T! Newsflash: TEDx a social! 24 Jun 11 - 17:27 24 Jun 11 - 17:27 24 Jun 11 - 17:27 24 Jun 11 - 17:26 Call for volunteers Search Search TEDxAmsterdam and its spinoff events are the result of intense cooperation between volunteers, partner organizations and our sponsors. For the upcoming months, our teams are looking out for people able to fulfill specific needs. We would love to hear from you if Social Networks you want to help out! Follow us at Twitter Join our Facebook group TEDxAms on YouTube Talks2010 are Online Are you looking for the TEDxTalks from November 30th? Theyre online here! Photo by Jan-Jaap Heine Ideas Worth Doing TEDxAward • project manager Tasks: online communication asking for new projects, selecting the projects to pitch during TEDxAmsterdam 2011 and organize the TEDxAward auction. You will be assisted by 2 TEDxAmsterdam team members. Please contact eiso@tedxamsterdam.nl for more information. TEDxAmsterdamWomen News • experience manager Linda van Aalten Please contact tessa@tedxamsterdam.nl for more information. Close-up on Culture: Memory Museum TED Global – Live from Amsterdam Five years of TEDTalks online What we can learn from Barry Schwartz Exploring our human nature Ideas Worth Doing: A fresh drink of water in hot Somaliland Ideas Worth Doing – The TEDxBaghdad team Twitter TEDx Amsterdam Tweets TEDxAms To show the scale of the malaria problem @malarianomoreNL draped a huge mosquito net around the Euromast in Rotterdam. http://t.co/xppYpKL about 1 hour ago · reply · retweet · favorite If you want to help out as a volunteer during one of these events (so on the day itself), please bare with us. We will update you soon with a call for that type of volunteers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel your contribution is needed! Share and Enjoy: Vind ik leuk 45 18 POSTED BY OLIVER DE LEEUW ON APR 13, 2011 Related articles Join the conversation Volunteering Tim Jansen Categories The brands supporting TEDxAmsterdam Salmaan Sana ambassadors (18) Oliver de Leeuw behind the scenes (47) Thanks to the 2009 team! breakthrough-book (16) crew (63) Like 1 person liked this. doing (5) ideas worth doing (6) Add New Comment Login news (246) partners (22) speaker (157) tedxams-talks (51) theme (7) video (64) Showing 0 comments Sort by popular now M Subscribe by email S RSS What makes you think? Reactions What makes you think? We asked the TEDx Amsterdam Community and this is how they responded: Show more reactions Trackback URL http://www.tedxamsterdam.com/2011/call-for-volunteers/trackback/ blog comments powered by DISQUSTEDx Amsterdam TEDx Worldwide Newsletter Connect with usAbout TEDx TEDxAuckland Name FacebookNews TEDxBrussels Twitter E-mailDOING TEDxBuonosAires YoutubeVideo TEDxCopenhagen Submit FlickrPartners TEDxMunich Hyves2009 TEDxNashville2010 TEDxTelAviv2011 TEDxVienna TEDxWarsaw Design by Silo, Powered by Toscani This independently organized TEDx event is operated under license from TED. © Stichting TEDxAmsterdam | P.O. Box 75756 | 1070 AT | Amsterdam | The Netherlands