Relive TEDxAmsterdam 2013 in different ways #TEDxAms


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Relive TEDxAmsterdam 2013 in different ways #TEDxAms

  1. 1. About Award Partners Press Contact Register 2012 2011 2010 2009 Login Bewerk deze post of pagina. tedxams2013 speakers program read watch talks Search Relive TEDxAmsterdam 2013 in different ways Thank you! Wednesday was special for so many reasons: we celebrated the 5th edition of TEDxAmsterdam, the Royal Concertgebouw had invited us to host more visitors than ever before, and half of the program was a musical surprise. But once again, the support you showed online for our speakers and their Ideas Worth Doing was overwhelming – so thank you for being a part of the community. Jim (host and founder): “What a special day it was! I could not have imagined a better party to celebrate 5 TEDxAmsterdam events in a row.” Monique (program curator): “It was a wonderful day. Thank you to all involved! Great team, terrific speakers, beautiful music and dance and lots more.” With the buzz still on a high, here’s how to make sure you don’t miss a thing of what happened: Interviews & reports to learn more Ten speakers have been interviewed by Frénk van der Linden. This interview playlist shows them all. Our camera reporters show you everything you didn’t see from behind the scenes in this reports playlist. You can also find all videos by clicking on the Talks buttons in the menu bar on top. And all articles about TEDxAmsterdam 2013 give you a complete overview, with text, photos and videos. Talks are all available now Yes, it’s true. This year as well we have published all Talks online before midnight. With a little help of a realtime cloud system the team of 40 video producers and editors worked hard to show you all the Talks and performances. Check out your favorite speakers and artists in this TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Talks playlist. Articles about… everything If you looked up to the balcony you may have spotted faces only lit by computer screens. A team of 15 bloggers captured everything on stage and off stage. All articles contain beautiful imagery from the 9 photographers and many videos to enhance your experience. Read up on all articles about TEDxAmsterdam 2013. More photos? We showed a snapshot of 5 years TEDxAmsterdam in pictures on stage during the finale. You can dive into the latest and oldest photos (for a sweet trip down memory lane) on the official Flickr photostream. Bibi created this visual storyboard with unique quotes and Henri shot these panorama photos. Partners, we love you! We can’t exaggerate how important the relationships with our partners, sponsors and suppliers are to the event. Without their support in various ways, we wouldn’t be able to organize TEDxAmsterdam the way we do. From offering the venue or building an app to covering the costs of catering 1,000 visitors: we love all our partners. Curious who we’re talking about? Find all official supporters on the partner page. One partner, however, is the driving operational force behind the event: Xander Kranenburg and his colleagues at LiveSolutions. When the tide is high, they push the buttons. When deadlines have passed, they call the shots. And when something goes awfully wrong behind the scenes – no one notices (although I promise to write an article about that one day). Award winner 2013: Stembell Benno Naaijkens’ StemBell won the Award: his technology provides an extremely promising solution to a severe medical problem: heart attacks. In myocardial infractions, heart failure results in the death of a part of the heart. StemBell usesa technique where microbubbles and sound waves are used to direct stem cells to the right place. Once again, congratulations! Watch his TEDxTalk to learn more about this Award winning concept. Keep on sharing Did you make new connections? Were you able to spot new consequences? Which speaker touched you the most? We love to hear from you on all social media! Here are some of the most inspiring quotes shared by visitors: “It was beautifully compiled, composed and conducted. World class with a Dutch touch. You can be proud!“ “Asking ourselves: are we really connected? Is tapping into such a potentially valuable pool of information to fill and progress idea development funnel! Great to be here!“ “An all inspiring event everyone should have the opportunity to experience. The positive atmosphere changed me. I will be a positive person from now on!“ Thank you, speakers, sponsors and supporters on behalf of the TEDxAmsterdam board (Jim, Marian, Monique and Paul) and all 128 other volunteers! And a huge thanks to all these volunteer teams! The delicious catering team, the warm and personal experience team, the totally awesome media team of bloggers and photographers, the incredible video team of Feller Media & Hoens, the stellar team of coaches that supported the speakers, the music and entertainment team, the design and publication team, our guest list team called Jan and many many more – thank you! TEDxAmsterdam volunteers on stage Concertgebouw TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Article by Oliver de Leeuw Share This Article Like what you see? Did you notice there where some ideas worth spreading inside? Feel free to share, we love you for it! Facebook Twitter Google+ Have something to say? Like what you read? Feel free to share, we love you for it! Partners Main partners We love our partners, as much as you do. Don't be afraid to show the world the great job they are doing for us! Show All Partners Gold partners What is TEDx? Find us on Like what you see? Did you notice there where some ideas worth Twitter spreading inside? Feel free to share, we love you for it! Facebook Copyright © 2013 TEDxAmsterdam Google+ YouTube Flickr Pinterest tedxams2013 speak ers program read watch talk s