Te dx amsterdam (20110706) exploring our human nature


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Te dx amsterdam (20110706) exploring our human nature

  1. 1. PRESS CONTACT US REGISTER LOGIN NEWS HOME ABOUT TEDX DOING VIDEO PARTNERS 2009 2010 2011 TEDxAmsterdam - Claron M! Newsflash: behind the sc! Interview Jim Stolze - T! Newsflash: TEDx a social! 24 Jun 11 - 17:27 24 Jun 11 - 17:27 24 Jun 11 - 17:27 24 Jun 11 - 17:26 Exploring our human nature Search Search Rest assured, you’re not the only one humming a Madonna or Michael Jackson song hearing the words ‘human’ and ‘nature’ in that order. The theme “Human Nature” symbolizes an array of topics we would like to cover on November, 25. Social Networks This year’s TEDxAmsterdam aims to bring you some of the most valuable insights on ourselves: Follow us at Twitter the human being. “What is it like to be human?”, we ask. When we choose, the impact of our Join our Facebook group choices is unknown. We’re focusing on human accomplishments, people’s unbreakable spirits and practical wisdom able to change the natural environment we’re living in. Next to that we will TEDxAms on YouTube take you a step further and invite speakers that highlight irrationality, human error and unexpected connections: exploring the darker sides of our mind is intriguing. Talks2010 are Online Are you looking for the TEDxTalks from November 30th? Theyre online here! Ideas Worth Doing Sharing the brain, by Maurice Mikkers “Humans always seem to know why they do what they do, but is that really how it works? We want to provoke attendants with questions and stories about what it means to be human”, founder Jim Stolze tells us. The most fascinating about the theme “Human Nature” to us at TEDxAmsterdam is the blind spot we have: we are so common with being human, yet we know so little about ourselves. “Speakers from all over the world will tell us about our deepest motivations, how genes influence important parts of our behaviour and where our feelings come from. Special attention will go into the future – how will we influence, improve and alter our brain? This is all about who we truly are and can become”. News A small step for TEDxAmsterdam 2011, a big step into the unknowns of the human mind. Linda van Aalten Share and Enjoy: Close-up on Culture: Memory Museum Vind ik leuk 34 37 TED Global – Live from Amsterdam Five years of TEDTalks online POSTED BY OLIVER DE LEEUW ON JUN 27, 2011 What we can learn from Barry Schwartz Exploring our human nature Ideas Worth Doing: A fresh drink of water in Related articles hot Somaliland Ideas Worth Doing – The TEDxBaghdad team What we can learn from Barry Schwartz Crunching our Braintrust’s minds Mission: Spark & Inspire, says TEDxAmsterdam founder Twitter TEDGlobal: enquire within TEDx Amsterdam Like Tweets TEDxAms To show the scale of the Add New Comment Login malaria problem @malarianomoreNL draped a huge mosquito net around the Euromast in Rotterdam. http://t.co/xppYpKL about 1 hour ago · reply · retweet · favorite Showing 1 comment Sort by popular now harryzicht Horrifying, but true: Our human nature, as we are discovering now, is our major threat. Thanks to our intelligence we infect and destroy our environment with our natural, industrial, chemical and nucleair waste. But we do not have a clue how to solve this before this situation will turn against us. Worse: Recent insights reveal we are just not wired to solve this puzzle. So I state we need to invent external intelligence to calculate the way out of this otherwise dead end street.... 1 week ago Like Reply Join the conversation M Subscribe by email S RSS Reactions Categories ambassadors (18) behind the scenes (47) Show more reactions breakthrough-book (16) crew (63) Trackback URL http://www.tedxamsterdam.com/2011/exploring-our-human-nature/trackback/ doing (5) ideas worth doing (6) blog comments powered by DISQUS news (246) partners (22) speaker (157) tedxams-talks (51) theme (7) video (64) What makes you think? What makes you think? We asked the TEDx Amsterdam Community and this is how they responded:TEDx Amsterdam TEDx Worldwide Newsletter Connect with usAbout TEDx TEDxAuckland Name FacebookNews TEDxBrussels Twitter E-mailDOING TEDxBuonosAires YoutubeVideo TEDxCopenhagen Submit FlickrPartners TEDxMunich Hyves2009 TEDxNashville2010 TEDxTelAviv2011 TEDxVienna TEDxWarsaw Design by Silo, Powered by Toscani This independently organized TEDx event is operated under license from TED. © Stichting TEDxAmsterdam | P.O. Box 75756 | 1070 AT | Amsterdam | The Netherlands