TEDxAmsterdam - Crunching our braintrust’s minds


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TEDxAmsterdam - Crunching our braintrust’s minds

  1. 1. PRESS CONTACT US REGISTER LOGIN NEWS HOME ABOUT TEDX PROGRAM INFORMATION 2009 VIDEO PARTNERS TED2011 Official Opening! WMYT? TEDxAmsterdam Women | de! TEDxAmsterdam Ideas Wort! TEDxAmsterdam Challenge ! 04 Mar 11 - 16:31 17 Dec 10 - 21:29 18 Nov 10 - 13:59 21 Oct 10 - 12:59 Crunching our Braintrust’s minds Search Search Although I’m from Amsterdam and should be used to bumping into artists, opinion leaders and others “as seen on TV”, I can’t shed that tingling feeling when I really get to talk to them. Observing them at work is a rare occasion I just couldn’t pass. The line-up Social Networks of impressive people advising TEDxAmsterdam is dubbed our “Braintrust” and yesterday they crunched their collective creativeness to conjure up this year’s theme. Follow us at Twitter Join our Facebook group “We’ll mind pick your brains today as trusted members of what we call our “Braintrust”: all of you have some kind of relationship with TEDxAmsterdam”, Jim Stolze opens this gathering. The goal TEDxAms on YouTube is to discuss three matters open to discussion. First, how do we stand out from the thousands of TEDxEvents in the world? Secondly, what theme could we choose that both helps the organization, speakers and visitors focus and yet is broad enough to capture all that’s Talks2010 are Online interesting? Last, but crucial, is asking suggestions for speakers. Are you looking for the TEDxTalks from November 30th? Theyre online here! Ideas Worth Doing TEDxAmsterdam Braintrust meeting Louise Fresco took the attendants by the hand and had everyone introduce themselves shortly – not all advisors had met before. What lessons were learned from the first two editions? To some, Claron McFadden was a highlight “as she touched me deeply and opened my mind, heart and spirit to new impulses.” In a spirit of constructive criticism, points of improvement mainly Categories concern guiding speakers earlier on, both in content and in presentation form. “I love science, ambassadors (18) but I want to crack it down to practical realism at times. What can I do with it after the talk?”, behind the scenes (45) one advisor said. Also, the team will probably develop slide design guidelines to help put the breakthrough-book (16) speaker central, not their slides in the background. crew (60) An entirely other set of improvements discussed is the atmosphere and how spatial design can ideas worth doing (2) facilitate visitors’ interaction amongst each other. What some of the experienced TED(x) visitors nederlands (9) value the most is feeling stimulated both intellectually and emotionally, not just by the news (225) remarkable stage speakers but especially meeting new and interesting fellow visitors during the partners (22) breaks. All advisors agreed and a few specific ideas were shared. “What if we gave everyone this very big name tag? Or if you can not choose your own name and have to find your badge speaker (148) around somebody else’s neck?”. Let’s say we’re not sure yet, but helping visitors connect is an tedxams-talks (50) important point of attention. theme (5) tribe (20) “So why do we need a theme?”, Louise asked the group daringly. And if so, how does a theme video (62) make TEDxAmsterdam stand out from other TEDxEvents? Are we going for international speakers or is it best to focus on local strength, building on Amsterdam’s melting pot community? Now that’s quite a juxtaposition to choose between in itself, so wrap yourself for the next contrast: society seems to value ratio, analytical measurement and algorithms, but everyone Archive agreed we need to do more with our emotions, passions and humanity. “We’re onto something, May 2011 this tension between keeping control and giving room for irrationality, intuition and serendipity should lead to a theme soon”, curator Monique van Dusseldorp said. April 2011 March 2011 Without pinpointing this year’s theme I left inspired, with a mind full of interesting discussion February 2011 points and frankly, a bit confused. Maybe that’s the typical TED experience, right? 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Follow-Up: Siegfried Woldhek Follow-up: The Winddrinker Follow-up: Youth Food Movement Further reading: About the TEDxAmsterdam Braintrust Share and Enjoy: POSTED BY OLIVER DE LEEUW ON MAY 10, 2011 Related articles Mission: Spark & Inspire, says TEDxAmsterdam founder blog comments powered by DISQUSTEDx Amsterdam TEDx Worldwide Newsletter Connect with usAbout TEDx TEDxAuckland Name FacebookNews TEDxBrussels Twitter E-mailProgram TEDxBuonosAires LinkedinPractical information TEDxCopenhagen Submit NING2009 TEDxMunich YoutubeVideo TEDxNashvillePartners TEDxTelAviv Flickr TEDxVienna Hyves TEDxWarsaw Design by Silo, Powered by Toscani This independently organized TEDx event is operated under license from TED. © Stichting TEDxAmsterdam | P.O. Box 75756 | 1070 AT | Amsterdam | The Netherlands