The future of On-line commerce and the digital wallet


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E-commerce and mobile commerce have dramatically changed the way brands reach customers, making it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases on the fly while avoiding the hassles of going to the store. This offers tremendous gains in convenience, but something crucial is lost when you remove the human element from the shopping experience. (Forbes, Oct 2012)
We’ll discuss the threats and opportunities for retailers , start-ups and financial institutes in a world where the boundaries between on line and off line commerce are blurring, the latest trends and different players who are trying to provide payment solutions and build digital wallets in a fragmented and complex global financial infrastructure and how Omni-channel retailing is creating new type of user experiences that will change commerce as we know it.
Oded Zehavi is PayPal’s Business Development Director. Until the beginning of this year Oded serve as regional director of PayPal Israel and Africa with overall responsibility for PayPal’s business growth in the region. In this role, he leads the rollout of new products, services and partnerships to increase adoption and usage of PayPal among consumers and businesses.

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  • Definitely a good overview, check out also our research on the who kills the $15 trillion wallet:
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The future of On-line commerce and the digital wallet

  1. 1. On Line Commerce, the DigitalWallet and Beyond …Dec, 2012
  2. 2. The Shopping Stages Intent Discovery Shopping Buying Payment Post-Sale Core Cloud-Enhanced Payment Capabilities Functions (SAFE, SECURE, RELIABLE) Demand Loyalty Card Mobile Generation
  3. 3. The Shopping Stages Payment Post-Sale Core Cloud-Enhanced Strong Payment Capabilities Risk Processing management Functions Capabilities Demand Loyalty Card Mobile Generation5 Confidential and Proprietary
  4. 4. Payments 101 100$ 95$
  5. 5. Payments 101 - KYC BANK
  6. 6. PayPal’s vision The world’s favorite way to pay and be paid 8
  7. 7. “PayPal Killers” Created by Partnershipsbetween Strong Payment Vendors and LargeConsumer Brands REACH CAPABILITIES
  8. 8. Traditional Boundaries are Blurring Online Offline world world Mobile
  9. 9. The Infrastructure is so Fragmented
  10. 10. Almost Impossible To Make Any Change In TheExisting Payment Infrastructure Handset manufacturer Retailer Handset OS Issuers merchants Acquirers MC VI Other Financial NFC reader institution Payment PSP GW MNO POS OS
  11. 11. Incumbents are Consolidation Everywhere
  12. 12. The Cloud will Connect Merchants Everywhere
  13. 13. Reaching New Segments
  14. 14. Mobile POS (mPOS)
  15. 15. The Future Acquiring opportunityFixed POS Low Cost mPOS
  16. 16. Merchants of all Sizes Struggling to Keep UpMulti- Demandchannel Large merchants Generation Small and medium sizeGlobal businesses Pace ofcompetition innovation Sole proprietors
  17. 17. The New Consumer is Always Connected
  18. 18. Google Wallet , A New Business Modelfrom Merchant Discount Rate to CPA
  19. 19. Gift Cards and Coupons Fueling PerformanceBase Advertising
  20. 20. The Cloud is Already Used to Store Some ofOur Most Sensitive Information
  21. 21. The Financial Cloud
  22. 22. Who Will Provide my Digital Wallet ?
  23. 23. The Battle for Trust and Identity Social Identity Commerce Identity Mobile Identity
  24. 24. What Will Replace my Leather Wallet ?
  25. 25. The Digital Wallet
  26. 26. The Digital wallet Financial information Demographics authentication
  27. 27. The Digital wallet Storage Financial information Demographics authentication
  28. 28. The Digital wallet Storage Financial information Demographics authentication
  29. 29. Lemon and BillGuard Turning the Digital WalletActive
  30. 30. How Will the POS Recognize the Digital Wallet? • payment will not survive as a stand- alone app. It has to be part of a large experience • Its not just about payments, its the whole experience.
  31. 31. The Digital Wallet
  32. 32. We Aren’t in Kansas Anymore
  33. 33. Did we Mentioned Regulation ?
  34. 34. User Experience is One of the (Only) keySuccess Factors
  35. 35. Thank YouQuestions?