Improving Your Position Within Search Engines


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Getting onto the web is easier than you think, but getting towards the top you of a search engine you might need some help. At oddbox design we improve your chances.

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Improving Your Position Within Search Engines

  1. 1. The Creative Company Improving your position within search engines Getting onto the web is easier than you think, but getting to the top you of a search engine might need some help. At oddbox design we improve your chances.
  2. 2. Topics Covered • So what is search engine optimisation (SEO) • What’s the importance of SEO • What does a search engine wants • What you are Ranked on • How to get your site visible • What do your customer wants to see • Step by Step guide for your first steps • How to monitor your progress • How to keep on the right track • Useful resources The Creative Company
  3. 3. So what is Search engine Optimisation ? • In the simplest terms SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of customers who arrive to your website through the use of search engines. • Optimisation is primarily involves editing your content, images and HTML to increase relevance to your customers, products and remove any potential issues to increase your visibility. The Creative Company
  4. 4. What’s the importance of SEO • Increase customers • Increase your sites reputation • Focus your role as the supplier • Make Business simpler and quicker • Getting Customers interested in your content • Become leader in your Business Sector • Better online relationships • More importantly Increase profit The Creative Company
  5. 5. What’s the importance of SEO It gives you the ability to: • Encourage high quality customers to your website • Boost sales from customers looking for your products and services • Build your brand online by communicating messages to the right customer • Gain a better profile against your competitors • Give you a global customer base • Better reporting & detailed analysis The Creative Company
  6. 6. What does a search engine wants • Search engines are designed to find the most relevant results for their users. • Basically they look for what is on offer and try to match what the user types in to the search engine. It also considers relevance by the words within your site and at the number of other site link to you The Creative Company
  7. 7. What you are Ranked on • Your website or page is ranked on – How well your content it matches – How well linked your • This is always relative to everyone else’s websites and pages. • The goal is to be the expert on your issue, product or service The Creative Company
  8. 8. What you are Ranked on • On Site Factors • Off Site Factors – Title Tag • Domain Name – Meta Tags • Filenames / URL – Content • Directory listings – Heading Content – • External Listings Frequency of Phrases – Density of Phrases • Anchor text of inbound – Internal Link Structure links • Page quality of inbound links
  9. 9. How to get your site visible • When promoting your site, having a little understanding of what your customer is typing can go a long way. • When designing your site go for substance over style. Great content can make the difference. What is your customer typing into a search engine? • Using keywords ( products , services ) can dramatically help make you visible • Increase the number of good links The Creative Company
  10. 10. How to get your site visible • Focus on your role as the supplier, so if you sell something look at your most profitable product or service, that’s one you need to promote and mention the most • Prior to going on line or to get a little help there are lots of tools that can help you. • Keyword tool • Insights searches • Hot trends • Google Webmaster The Creative Company
  11. 11. How to get your site visible • Find a niche ( USP ) • Buy a domain name that includes any key phrase, e.g.; • Rename your Business if it all goes well • Get links, this can be done in two ways, organically or paid. • Create a buzz with fresh content • Don't over do the keywords The Creative Company
  12. 12. What do your customer wants to see • Speak their language , they are real people • Keep it simple, at all levels • Keep it Fresh, update regularly • Make sure they don’t get lost • Use phrases that relate • Keep it focused on a end goal • Test and review your own site by trying to find your site via different search engines The Creative Company
  13. 13. Step by Step guide for your first steps in SEO • So you have a website now or you have a existing one, where do you start? • Well there’s two types; organic SEO and paid SEO, we will be looking at organic first . • Well over the next few slides we will take you through the first steps; The Creative Company
  14. 14. Step One • So you have done all the preparation the first thing you will need to add it to the main three search engines. • Go to each search engine and type “add url” or “submit url” and follow the instructions. • This will get you indexed, and your ready to be ranked. The Creative Company
  15. 15. Step Two • So you have added your site now. You will need to promote and link your site to others. • We recommend dual strategy of paid and non paid SEO at the beginning to assist. If your a member of any organisations email to ask for a link , People always like to help and normally are happy to do this. Add your company to other social media, such as Twitter etc The Creative Company
  16. 16. Step Three • So we need to bring more traffic to your site after all that hard work . • Get involved with your Business Sector and start building those links. Join forums, business Links etc • Use existing business relationship to advertise your site. Maybe even start a blog about your business • As Google is the biggest search engine will focus up on this for the next few steps The Creative Company
  17. 17. Step Four • So lets drive more local customers to your site. Go to Google Maps and click Local search. • With Google maps, you can add your business details to “Local Search” for free. • Include as much information and Images as you can about your business or service. For example: Opening hours , Payment Details etc The Creative Company
  18. 18. Step Five • So you got Google organised, lets focus on a few other little bits. • You can add your business to all sorts of free directories, just type into Google free business listing and follow the instructions. For example Yell and Thomson Local allow free submissions. The Creative Company
  19. 19. Step Six • Lets get rid of some Myths • Submit your site to thousands of search engines • Html Meta tags make all the difference • You can guarantee top placing in a search engine • You need to constantly re-submit your site • Multiple version/domains will help • Paid “ Pay Per Click” means higher natural ranking • SEO is a quick process, it doesn't happen over night. The Creative Company
  20. 20. Step Seven • Top Tips to help you get on your way • Check that your site has been indexed in the top search engines( type your site into each search engine • Check that your site has no search engines barriers ( e.g., flash , frames) • Check that there is a site map and text links within your site • Develop a SEO strategy and review monthly • Update content monthly • Research a dual strategy between organic and paid SEO • Review your Keyword Density • Review your HTML for any problems • Check who has linked to you by typing you full domain into a search engine.
  21. 21. Step Seven • So we mentioned getting links , well it can easier than you think. • Use useful/funny/controversial/valuable content • Beware of reciprocal and paid links • Create online press releases • User generated content sites • One way links are better than reciprocal links • Create a ongoing programme of link building as it is vital to retain and improve your position.
  22. 22. How to monitor your progress • So you have added your site now and done the other bits mentioned. You will need to monitor your progression. We recommend the use of Google analytics to view your performance. • Go to “Google analytics” in Google, if you are struggling finding it, type it in and it should pop up. • Once there follow the instructions The Creative Company
  23. 23. How to monitor your progress • Google analytics is a very useful tool to maintain and increase your ranking position. • It is worth while to review the available documentation an tutorials on the site to assist your SEO campaign. For more information please go to the below link • The Creative Company
  24. 24. How to keep on the right track • Once you understand what your customer wants on line, you can then – Develop the content gaps where appropriate with new pages or sections – Use popular Keywords to describe your content more accurately. – People like to link so try and make – Interesting and useful content – How to guides and tutorials – Develop lists of Top 10’s – Updated Sites – Use Social Media to generate Links – Blogs, Twitter, Face book are all good – But remember your links convey your reputation The Creative Company
  25. 25. Useful resources • The number of tools available on search engine optimization can be overwhelming. There are a ton of sites, tools, and conferences to choose from and it can be confusing and somewhat scary. I've compiled a list of good, credible resources here in order to steer you in the right direction • • • • • • • optimization • The Creative Company
  26. 26. Q&A • Thank you for taking the time reading through our slides. We hope you have found it useful. • If you have any questions or need assistance please don’t hesitate to email Enquiries TEL : 0161 298 1022 The Creative Company