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Gaming business


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Gaming business

  1. 1. Gaming Business
  2. 2. Games now are a huge businessworldwide which can be divided intolots of sections.Today , we’ll talk about1- Advertising.2- Jobs .
  3. 3. Advertising Adverts now are not only on TVs or onthe streets ! They are in games in a huge amount.
  4. 4. Experts now say that since adults seeadverts on TVs or on the streets &newspapers , the kids and gamersalso see them on things that they areinterested in , Which are Games.
  5. 5. Companies all over the world now contactwith Gaming companies and creators toadvertise their products . Such as cars, food ,websites and industrial companies.
  6. 6. An example of how that is done , In the Fifagame ( which is a football game ) we cansee on the edges of playing field a lot ofadverts for different types of companies.
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  9. 9.  These companies paid the Fifacompany to add their adverts on theirgame.
  10. 10. On the other hand , a lot of car games such as“Need For Speed" advertise all car typesworldwide.
  11. 11. In the game each car has its own speed, power, body and engine. which is 100% the sameasthe real cars in real life .
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  13. 13. Jobs Today in gaming world , its notpossible to create a game with justfew designers since today games areso complex and realistic .Therefore, game companies employmany of professional teams just tocreate games that can be released tothe public . These professional teamsare:
  14. 14. Teams : Teams for authorizing. Teams for designing . Teams for production. Team for directing . Teams for marketing. Teams for financial purposes . Teams for feedback and developing.
  15. 15. Teams for authorizinglike : idea creator , story writers ,scenariowriters etc .....
  16. 16. Teams for designing To design ( forms , graphics , maps ,cars , advertisements , posters , cd’scovers … etc )