Question 4 Evaluation


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Question 4 Evaluation

  1. 1. Research and PlanningBefore starting our documentary weneeded research. We used theinternet and Google to find thenecessary information such as typesof biscuits and the most popularbiscuits. We also used Google earthto find the locations we werefilming at for our location sheets.We applied this information toMicrosoft word and Blogger tomake the information moreaccessible.
  2. 2. Research and Planning We then needed to plan the structure of our documentary. We studied the codes and conventions of several documentaries so that when we come to producing ours we know what to include. We watched these videos on You Tube and the Channel 4 website where you can look specifically at documentaries. This also helped us know what to include and exclude, how to frame an interview, where sound should be used, opening titles and graphics. Research and planning helped us decide what our documentary should be about. After making a brainstorm we thought it would be a good idea to do Biscuits in Britain as they are cultural and popular in Britain and there for there would be enough people to interview and enough footage to make a documentary.
  3. 3. FilmingFor the production of filming the interviews weused a XM2 manual camera which was simpleto use as it required a tape instead of digital sothere was no chance of accidentally deleting it.You can play the footage back on the cameraand plug a microphone onto the side of it andlisten to the sound quality through a pair ofheadphones and with a tripod to fit with it.This insured that the framing was still andlooked more professional.
  4. 4. EditingFor the editing process we used an SR-DVM tape deck to capture the footageand put it onto Adobe Premier which was the programme we used to edit thefootage.Step By Step1. Open Adobe Premier2. Insert the tape into the machine, insuring that the cable is connected to thecomputer.3. Press ‘F5’ on the keyboard so a new window comes up and click the record button.4. Find the footage in the left window.
  5. 5. On this bar, to select the Editing required footage you click ‘I’ on the keyboard to start and ‘O’ to This window shows what Captured footage finish where you would like to is on the time bar cut. After selecting the footage you thenThis box has different kinds of cuts and drag the footage onto the line on theTransactions that can be dragged onto the timeline order you want.
  6. 6. Editing The red line shows where you are up to on the video Title Titles are graphics Video That go over the video Sound You can adjust the level of the sound by moving the yellow line up or down.
  7. 7. EditingWe used the blue screen for our opening titles. We put a pile of biscuits on thescreen and took a picture. Then we removed some more biscuits and tookanother picture and then over and over again so it looked like the biscuits weredisappearing. When we put this footage onto the computer we changed the bluescreen background into a British flag by saving the picture off the internet thenopening it with Adobe. By doing this it looked like the biscuits were disappearingand revealing the British flag.
  8. 8. Print AdvertOur Print advert follows the codes and conventions of a channel 4 poster as ourdocumentary is on channel 4. Before starting to make it, we researched whatChannel 4 posters look like by going on the website 4creative where you can seethe posters from real Channel 4 documentaries.
  9. 9. Print AdvertCreating the Print advert – We used Photoshop to create our print advert.
  10. 10. Print Advert
  11. 11. Print Advert
  12. 12. Print Advert
  13. 13. Print Advert
  14. 14. Print Advert
  15. 15. Radio AdvertScriptBritain loves biscuits, but why are they so popular? Why have we fallen headover heels for the Gary baldy? -Vox pops from beginning of documentary- Welldo anything to get our hands on them, weather its grabbing a pack off theshelves or making our own -Home bakers and Greggs answering questions-Relax with a cuppa, a bourbon and watch Britains Biscuits - Wednesday 20thDecember on channel 4 - dunking the nation! After scripting the radio advert we found a suitable voice over (That we also recorded and used for our documentary.) We recorded it in the radio room as it is quite and will come out at a better quality when we open it onto Adobe Premiere.
  16. 16. ProgrammesDuring our research, planning, creating my blog and making my evaluation Iused several computer programmes to help me achieve this. I used word to write documents and then putting I used Powerpoint to them onto my blog. help create my evaluation. I also used it to make a brainstorm of ideas. I used Excel to create graphs such as the running order, to help me film my documentary. I used paint to make pictures into a JPEG file so I could put them onto my blog.
  17. 17. ProgrammesWe used an online YouTube converter which allowed us to convert videos to audiofrom YouTube and put them on our documentary. We used this when we made amusic bed to go under the home bakers and the opening title. Find the video you want off You Tube and copy and paste the link onto You tube converter. Convert, save the file and then Import it onto Adobe premier. It will then appear in the left window. You can drag it onto the line and cut it like you do with filmed footage.
  18. 18. ProgrammesAnother online programme I used to helpwith my evaluation was Prezi. When Imade my slideshow I used Debut videocapture device to record what I hadcreated on Prezi, put it on You Tube andembedded it onto my blog. I used the social networking site Facebook to broadcast my documentary and get feedback from my target audience to put on my blog.