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Workshop Barcelona: Introduction to Creative Commons


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Presentation of Cable Green about an introduction to Creative Commons licenses at Workshop Barcelona at 19th of September 2012

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Workshop Barcelona: Introduction to Creative Commons

  1. 1. A simple, standardizedway to grant copyright permissions to your creative work.
  2. 2. Easy-to-use, standardized licenses and public domain tools that allow creators to publish their works on more flexible terms than standard copyright
  3. 3. “Some rights reserved”
  4. 4. Step 1: Choose Conditions Attribution ShareAlike NonCommercial NoDerivatives
  5. 5. Step 2: Receive a License
  6. 6. CC0 public Public Domaindomain dedication Mark
  7. 7. most freeleast free
  8. 8. 3 layers
  9. 9. “human readable” deed
  10. 10. “lawyer readable” license
  11. 11. <span xmlns:cc=“”xmlns:dc=”><span rel="dc:type"href=""property="dc:title">My Photo</span> by<a rel="cc:attributionURL"property="cc:attributionName"href="">Joi Ito</a>is licensed under a<a rel="license"href="">Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License</a>.<span rel="dc:source"href="”>Permissions beyond the scope of this license maybe available at <a rel="cc:morePermissions"href="">OZMO</a>.</span></span>“machine readable” metadata
  12. 12. Updated #s (and growing fast)Over 550 million items
  13. 13. choose
  14. 14. <a rel="license"href=""><imgalt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0"src="" /></a><br/>This work is licensed under a <a rel="license"href="">CreativeCommons Attribution 3.0 Unported License</a>.v_______________________________________________________________This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0Unported License.
  15. 15. Culture ScienceGovernment Education More
  16. 16. 72 Creative Commons “Affiliate” Teams
  17. 17. 175+ Million CC Licensed Photos on Flickr 20
  18. 18. Higher Ed
  19. 19. Education grant making
  20. 20. Translations & Accessibility
  21. 21. Customization & Affordability
  22. 22. Search & Discovery
  23. 23.
  24. 24. CC BY licensed OER sites• PhET Interactive Simulations• Connexions• OpenStax College• Curriki• Open Course Library•• OER Africa
  25. 25. ReusesOpen CourseLibrary Materials
  26. 26. Popular OER under other CClicenses• Khan Academy• MIT Open Courseware• Open Courseware Consortium• Flat World Knowledge• Peer 2 Peer University• MERLOT• OER Commons (referatory service)
  27. 27. Major communities by media type• Images• Audio• Video• Text Publish
  28. 28. Video platforms• Vimeo• YouTube• Internet Archive• Wikimedia Commons Publish/Video
  29. 29. OER-specific platform
  30. 30. Best practices for marking contentwith CC licensing• Creator of CC-licensed content• User of CC-licensed content Marking
  31. 31. Marking Best Practices: Creators• Marking on your site• Marking specific media• Marking specific formats• Marking third-party content• More… Marking/Creators
  32. 32. Example of poor Marking
  33. 33. o Which license?o Link to license?o License icon?o Not machine-readable
  34. 34. Example of better Marking
  35. 35.  Full URL (link) to CC BY license Visible notation of ‘CC BY’ CC BY license icon Machine-readable
  36. 36. Example of better Marking
  37. 37. Incorporating OER into yourcourse collections
  38. 38. Best practices for marking contentwith CC licensing• Creator of CC-licensed content• User of CC-licensed content Marking
  39. 39. Marking Best Practices: Users• Marking on your site• Marking works offered under other CC licenses• Is your attribution good enough?• Marking specific media• More… Marking/Users
  40. 40. Example of poor Marking
  41. 41. o Confusing creator with license granting organizationo Which license?o Link to license?o License icon?o Not machine-readable
  42. 42. Example of better Marking
  43. 43.  Title of work Title linked to original web page Creator noted Specific license noted and linked (CC BY) Machine-readable
  44. 44. Remix Licenses
  45. 45. Thank you!“Thank You – Danke” by Alice Popkorn / CC BY
  46. 46. Dr. Cable GreenDirector of Global Learning twitter: cgreen