Smart work with high speed document scanner


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When it comes to scan documents, you need to have a high speed document scanner which can fast scan a number of documents. These days, there are various companies available, among which OCR solutions is well known for offering such product at reasonable cost.

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Smart work with high speed document scanner

  2. 2. About us
  3. 3. Providing • Software • Hardware
  4. 4. Software • OCR Software Software which has created a buzz in the market and widely used by companies is optical recognition software or OCR software. We, at OCR solutions are one of the most energetic companies specializes in imaging solutions for various erect markets. • Data Capture Solutions OCR solutions introduce a wide range of data capture solutions for your business that can help in capturing data easily. These solutions provide speed and accuracy to your business in the most efficient way. You can buy this easily from us and reduce your work load.
  5. 5. Hardware • High Speed Document Scanner • Remote Scanning • Passport Scanner
  6. 6. High Speed Document Scanner • It is very important to look for the compatibility in High Speed Document Scanner, which denotes it quality, speed and efficiency. Many scanners require special software or hardware to function. Therefore, compatibility acts as a main support system for proper functioning of high speed document scanner. There are scanners which are not compatible with specific hardware and software system, which can led the buyer to go for an additional financial investment. Hence, the compatibility of the high speed document scanner should always be compared with the available software and hardware specifications of the office or house terminals. This verification makes the buyer to have the best system in most reasonable cost.
  7. 7. Best quality of High Speed Document Scanner always has outstanding efficiency, which is denoted by its speed. When it comes to purchasing a scanner, speed should be verified tested once to have complete assurance. There are many companies which are dedicated in providing qualitative document scanner which are stuffed with outstanding features and guaranteed quality assurance. Although there is no established way to categorize scanners, but they are roughly distinguished with respect to the scanning capability of scanners. There are scanning systems available that can process up to thousands of documents a day. Therefore, it is important for a potential buyer to be aware of its efficiency or speed.
  8. 8. Passport Scanner
  9. 9. Remote scanning Virtual Scanning or remote scanning software enables a user to use a locally attached twain compliant scanner in order to scan to an application hosted on Citrix or Terminal Server. Although this sounds like a fairly simple function these applications can be extremely complex and difficult to make. The main reason is compatibility, if you think about the amount of different devices and software the application has to work with it is mind boggling.
  10. 10. Contact us 110 Main Street Suite 2E Burlington, VT 05401 Sales and Support: (802) 540-3099 Email Address: