oakland county parks cost recovery


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oakland county parks cost recovery

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  • Master plan Priorities Age of previous master plan Facility maintenance needs and requirements Land Aquisistion Evaluation of trends, markets and feasibility prior to investment of funds Design Notes Allow staff to evaluate: Construction costs and budgets Evaluate cost recovery, pricing and subsidy of the projects Evaluate maintenance and operation costs Ex. CO-Restroom, Concession, Rd/O River Restroom, Rd/O-Golf Training Facility, Wa/O Toboggan Impr.
  • oakland county parks cost recovery

    1. 1. A Time of Change...A New Strategic Direction
    2. 2. • “Our” plan – work plan for the next 10 years• Vision – WORLD CLASS PARK SYSTEM• Re-organization of operations and staffing is a key element of the Strategic Master Plan• An Evolving Process that will be Implemented over time
    3. 3. IceBreaker
    4. 4. New, Revised and Continuing Functionsbased on: – Staffing - the most important resource – Using all resources to get the job done in the most effective and efficient manner – financial, facility, program, operations, and human resources
    5. 5. Re-organization based on identifiedfunctions of the strategic plan initiatives – Example: Design & Development • Planning and Facilities Maintenance
    6. 6. • Communication will be critical -- “News Break” provides key updates• Team Reports – keep staff informed
    7. 7. Budget Process – Change • $27 Million operation • Cycle moves up 3 months • Planning January-March
    8. 8. Financial – Costs and SavingsLess emphasis on new facilities due to costs: – Infrastructure – Maintenance – Operations/ Staffing
    9. 9. Citizen Survey• What residents want/need• Priorities – trails, preserve, maintain existing• Support for millage
    10. 10. Millage• August 3, 2010 Election• Goal: 70% voter support• Secure future support – “People for Parks”
    11. 11. Strategic Planning Team Reports
    12. 12. GreenInitiativesWorkGroupLead: Kathleen Dougherty – Sue Ball – Boyd Brokenshaw – Phil Castonia – Larry Gee – Tom Gibbs – Skip Roche – Katie Stavale – Melissa Wagner
    13. 13. Park TrailsWork GroupLead: Mike Boyd – Brad Baker – Derenda Howard – Desiree Stanfield – Interns • Keith Kovtun • Sarah Gwisdalla
    14. 14. CoreRecreationWork GroupLead: Sandy Dorey – Phil Castonia – Vic Chiasson – Kathleen Dougherty – Jim Dunleavy – Derenda Howard – Rachel Meyers – Tim Nowicki – Darlene Rowley – Paul Simpson – Katie Stavale – Various Interns
    15. 15. LandAcquisitionWork GroupLead: Jon Noyes – Brittany Bird
    16. 16. OCPRC 2008-2009 Strategic Plan Implementation Work Group –Goal: Evaluate prospective acquisition targets Land Acquisition according to the OCPRC strategic plan Model visions for:  Land Critical Habitat, Size, Location, Water  Facilities Access, Utilities, District Support  Programs & Services Connectivity, Service Area, Site Features  Fiscal Sustainability Adjacency, Regional OpportunitiesStatus: OCPRC Staff – OCPRC Staff – TE TE Develop Model P LE Internal Review P LE M M OCPRC Staff – Framework CO & Approval CO Evaluation & Adoption or OCPRC Staff – IT Staff – S S Revision NG RE Model Testing & N DI Create GIS OG Modification PE Analysis Tool PR IN OCPRC Staff – Need for Additional Information
    17. 17. GapAnalysisLead: Jon Noyes – Joe Figa – Sheila Starks
    18. 18. OCPRC 2008-2009 Strategic Plan Implementation Work Group –Goal: Survey recreational opportunities in Recreational Gap Oakland County as a means of identifying: Analysis  Unmet Need Gaps in service coverage  Redundancy Overlapping service areas  Misaligned Resources Resource allocation that is not justified by the needs of the service area  Partnership Opportunities Cooperative branding, marketing, programming and maintenanceStatus: OCPRC/OCPEDS – S OCPRC Staff – ES Propose Amending OGR Solicit Input from a Network ING Data Layers PR of Recreation Providers EN D I N P OCPRC/OCPEDS – OCPRC Staff – Update Public GIS Evaluate Current Data & Layers Update Recreational Inventory
    19. 19. CIP/Major Maintenance Projects/Natural Resources • Direction and focus
    20. 20. Design and Development –Fiscal Year 2008 Oakland County Parks and Recreation Facilities/Maintenance & Planning Quarterly Update – Fall 2008 Report of quarterly activities including: • Grants / Land Acquisition • Planning • Capital Improvements (CIP) and Maintenance • Natural Resource Stewardship Program
    21. 21. FY2009 CIP Budget Highlights FY 2009 General CIP Budget Notes: • A majority of the Budget is predicated on completion of high priority Master Plans • Staff emphasis within this Budget reflects the philosophy of completing conceptual designs for estimation of construction budgets that will be forecasted within the following fiscal year budget. Development of Master plan Steps • Site analysis • Local information gathering FY 2009 Master Plans – Public Forum • Concept development • Priorities based upon strategic planning • Policy review and Staff objectives and tasks: revisions • Parks Commission review • Waterford Oaks • 30-Day Public Comment • Springfield Oaks Period • Staff revisions • Addison Oaks • Parks Commission Review and Public Hearing • Red Oaks • Master Plan Adoption STATUS: •Site Analysis in progress
    22. 22. FY2009 CIP Budget Highlights Grants Land Acquisitions •Independence Oaks (Upper Bushman Lake) •Addison Oaks West (Upland Hills Farm) STATUS: •Appraisals submitted to the state, awaiting permission to begin STATUS: negotiations •Funding legislation has been stalled •Award confirmation and grant agreement has been postponed
    23. 23. FY2009 CIP Budget Highlights Trails & Boardwalks •Addison (Connector Trail Safety Path) STATUS: •Funding legislation has been stalled; award confirmation and grant agreement has been postponed •Highland (Boardwalks, Docks & Overlooks, FY 2010) •Lyon (Boardwalks, Docks & Overlooks, FY 2010) •Rose (Boardwalks, Docks & Overlooks, FY 2010) STATUS: •Grant application for HO, LO and RSO submitted for consideration; Award recommendations to be announce December 3rd, 2008
    24. 24. FY2009 CIP Budget Highlights Waterford Oaks •Boundless Play Area (Access to Recreation Grant) STATUS: •Construction plans are in progress, anticipate bidding for JAN/FEB. Schedule Spring Groundbreaking. •Parking Lot Improvements (CMI Grant) STATUS: •Commission approved ABC Paving in Sept. •Expect Spring groundbreaking
    25. 25. FY2009 CIP Budget Highlights Project Highlights Groveland Oaks Island Concrete Walkways STATUS: •Bids received within budget Storage Station Rental Equipment Station Island Concrete Walkway STATUS: •Design to be completed by June. Addison Oaks Section C Play Lot STATUS: •Bid package in process •Combined bid package with I/O & RD/O Play Lots AO Camping Trails •Install for Fall 2009 Section C Play Lot Asphalt Camping Trails STATUS: •Spring Bid/Summer Installation
    26. 26. FY2009 CIP Budget Highlights Project Highlights Independence Oaks Play Lot, Waters Edge STATUS: IO Play Lot •Bid Package in process •Combined bid package with GR/O & RD/O play lots. •Install for Fall 2009 Catalpa Oaks Entrance Sign Entrance Sign Catalpa Master plan STATUS: Recreational Fields •Spring Installation Asphalt Curb Parking Lot STATUS: •Request for Proposal to be completed by FEB/MAR
    27. 27. FY2009 CIP Budget Highlights Project Highlights Lyon Oaks Woods Edge Shelter Maintenance Building Woods Edge Shelter Replacement Maintenance Building Addition STATUS: STATUS: •Existing Shelters have been moved to Dog Park by staff. •Awaiting Shop Drawings •Replacement Pavilion Bid in progress. •Scheduled Spring Ground Breaking  Orion Oaks Dog Park Pavilion STATUS: •Design in Progress.. Orion Dog Park Orion Pavilion Dog Park Restroom Enclosure STATUS: •In Progress, Expect completion date in DEC.
    28. 28. FY2009 CIP Budget Highlights Project Highlights Red Oaks RDO Bark Park Site Plan RDO Waterpark Entrance Dog Park • Paved Parking Lot Waterpark Complex Entrance Relocation • Fencing & Gates STATUS: • Pavilion •Design in Progress.. • Entrance Sign STATUS: •Site Plan Review in Progress
    29. 29. FY2009 CIP Budget Highlights Project Highlights Rose Oaks Holly School Property Boundary Fence STATUS: •Contract approved to Nationwide Fencing •Expecting Winter Installation Holly School Property Perimeter Fencing  Springfield Oaks Ellis Barn Upgrade STATUS: •Electrical: 90% Complete •Brick Pavers: 95% Complete •Entrance Railings: 100% Complete •Fire Suppression Design in Progress SPO Aerial Ellis Barn Samuel Farms Land Acquisition Event Campground, Phase 2 STATUS: STATUS: •In Process •Site Electrical As Built Plans in Progress •Potential lease agreement for parking during 2009 Oakland Fair
    30. 30. FY2009 Major Grounds/Building Budget Highlights Project Highlights Groveland Oaks Addison Oaks Restroom Renovation Dump station Repairs STATUS: STATUS: •Renovation Drawings completed •Completion Date: MAY 2009 by June. Independence Oaks Ted Grey Boardwalk Spring Lake Boardwalk STATUS: •Winter Construction Ted Grey Boardwalk •In-House Staff Spring Lake Boardwalk
    31. 31. FY2009 Major Grounds/Building Budget Highlights Project Highlights Red Oaks Red Oaks Waterpark Restoration •OCDC- Contract 6b Bath House Renovation STATUS: •Design in Progress.. Rock Formation for River Red Oaks River Rock Red Oaks Waterpark Waterford Oaks Bathroom Repairs STATUS: •In Progress with park staff WAO Men’s Locker room
    32. 32. FY2009 Natural Resources Stewardship Program Natural Resources - Invasive Species Removal JFNew Contracted Work In-house Efforts Volunteer Workdays JAWZ Removal WISDOM Volunteer Day Herbicide Treatment -- Phragmites -- Autumn Olive August 24th -- Swallow-wort -- Honeysuckle AO Lakeview Shelter -- Reed canary grass Autumn Olive removal to -- Buckthorn 3 Parks: improve Buhl Lake -- Autumn olive AO, IO, OO Viewshed. 6 Parks: Work occurring within AO, HO, IO, LO, OO, WaO Spring 2008 Burn Units (100 acres) as 55 Total Acres Treated Phase II of Ecological Restoration Efforts Bittersweet Busters October 18th Orion Oaks Dog Park Removal of invasive Bittersweet to prevent damage to mature shade trees in dog park.
    33. 33. FY2009 Natural Resources Stewardship Program Natural Resources – Education & Outreach Pontiac Kennel Club Brooksie Way DNR Green Initiatives Dog Show Relating Park Natural Staff Training At Springfield Oaks Resources, Trails, and MDNR Representatives Recreational spent the day with OCPR Eastern Massasauga Opportunities to health, Staff reviewing BMPs for Awareness Booth wellness, and quality of implementing a voluntary, system-wide Green life for Oakland County Information for dog Initiatives Program as part Residents. of the OCPRC Strategic owners on: -- snake identification Plan. -- snake ecology Booth provided: -- Trails Map Topics Included: -- bite prevention -- bite treatment -- Fishing Resources Poster -- No-mow Zones -- observation reporting -- Deer Management Info -- Green cleaning products -- Bio-fuels -- Energy-efficient lighting -- Recycling
    34. 34. FY2009 Natural Resources Stewardship Program Natural Resources - Winter Management Efforts Deer Hunting Deer Surveys Burn Break Preparation Bow Season: To be conducted 6 Parks: Oct. 1 – Jan. 1 system-wide pending AO, GRO, HO, IO, OO, RO first snowfalls of 4-6 Managed Hunts: inches. 320 Total Acres to be IO Burned Spring 2009 Firearm – Nov 17,19,24, 26 Staff to conduct visual Muzzleloader – Dec 8, 10 aerial counts of deer Neighbor Notification AO with use of GPS Cards to be mailed Firearm – Nov 18,20,25 technology early March 2009. Muzzleloader – Dec 9,11 McMahon Helicopter Neighbor Notification Cards Services to be mailed Oct. 31st 2008 MDNR Baiting & Feeding Ban Enforced
    35. 35. FY2009 Natural Resources Stewardship Program Staff Updates Welcome Owen Miller Prowse October 8, 2008 3:23 AM 6lbs, 6oz, 18 inches Welcome Erin Lavender! PTNE Natural Resources Fall 2008 – Spring 2009 Congratulations Melissa & Eric Prowse!
    36. 36. Lyon Oaks Business Plan• Pricing Policy Plan• Cost Recovery Model
    37. 37. Springfield Oaks BusinessPlan and Equestrian CenterFeasibility Study
    38. 38. OCPRC 2008-2009 Strategic Plan Implementation –Goal: To implement a systemwide program of Mater Planning park planning in order to realize the vision Process put forth in the Strategic Plan. Objectives: Through careful, collaborative and regular planning that is based on the input of OCPRC staff, the residents of Oakland County, public Measure Twice… officials and stakeholder groups, OCPRC will: Cut Once.  Better Meet Recreational Needs  Eliminate Redundancy  Better Manage Public Resources  Create Partnership Opportunities  Achieve Fiscal, Social and Environmental Sustainability Become a World Class Park System
    39. 39. OCPRC2008-2009 Strategic Plan Implementation –Process: Continuation of a standard 9-step process Mater Planning that has been used by OCPRC since 2002. Process1. Site analysis2. Local information gathering – Public Forum3. Concept development OCPRC staff input will be gathered at4. Policy review and Staff revisions each step in the5. Parks Commission review process!6. 30-Day Public Comment Period A process for7. Staff revisions involving staff in an8. Parks Commission Review and Public Hearing efficient manner is being developed9. Master Plan Adoption currently.
    40. 40. OCPRC 2008-2009 Strategic Plan Implementation –Schedule: Mater Planning ProcessOCPRC will strive to conduct Systemwide Recreational Master Plansthe Master Planning Process will be developed at intervals of nofor each park at intervals of more than 5 years to allow OCPRC tono more than 10 years. be eligible for State and Federal Grants.Springfield Oaks (unified) (---) 2009 2016 2025Waterford Oaks (1996) 2009 2017 2026Red Oaks (----) 2009 2017 2027Addison Oaks         (1992) 2009 2018 2028Glen Oaks (----) 2010 2018 2028White Lake Oaks (----) 2010 2019 2029Groveland (1992) 2010 2019 2029Independence Oaks     (1995) 2010 2020 2030Highland Oaks (----) 2011 2020Orion Oaks (2002) 2012 2021Lyon Oaks (1997) 2013 2022Rose Oaks (2007) 2014 2023Catalpa Oaks (2008) 2015 2024OCPRC 5-yr Plan (2006-2007) 2011-2012 2016-2017 2021-2022 2026-2027
    41. 41. Phase 2 Strategic PlanProjects• Strategic Marketing/Branding  Plan• Maintenance Standards Model
    42. 42. Re-organizationPresentation
    43. 43. New Organizational Structure• From “top down” vertical – to – Teams functioning horizontally• Lead and support functions
    44. 44. North/South District• Move from facility staffing to geographic staffing/resources – sharing and pooling resources – Example of equipment mechanics – Many staff/supervisors will move throughout system – Staff will be continuously challenged
    45. 45. Team Approach to Planning• Staff will work as teams to plan and problem solve• Unit leads -- Team leads -- Team members
    46. 46. Staffing needs and changesDetermined by resources needed/available andexpertise of staff – Opportunities to apply for competitive position openings – Career development; new challenges – More engaged; more productive – Some staff will be re-assigned and/or promoted – Re-allocated seasonal/part-time positions – College intern positions – Project Advisors -- Strategic Master Plan consultants
    47. 47. Leadership,Organizationand Staffing• Organizational structure is based on the Initiatives of the Strategic Plan
    48. 48. Oakland County Parks & Recreation Commission Proposed Functional Organizational Structure Executive Officer Administrator/Deputy Director Strategic Plan Management Performance ManagementCommunications Recreation Business Planning & Operations Fiscal Services & Marketing Services Development Design Park Planning & Advertising Maintenance Volunteers Grant Writing Purchasing Design Facilities Aquatics GIS – Data Market Research Maintenance Donations Accounting Management Natural Resource Management Seniors Charitable Systems Natural Resource Market Planning Solicitation Management Planning Fleet Management Therapeutic Information Recreation Parks Trail Technology Department Foundation Planning Safety Program Golf Program Partnerships & Contract Web Management Sponsorships Administration General Environmental Maintenance Education & Center Millage Budget Surveys Management Office Renewal Management Special Events Earned Income Public Information Centralized Youth Programs Development Registration/ Reservation Business Plan Customer Feedback Landscape Fitness & Wellness Development Management Customer Tracking Family Recreation Public Safety Golf Course Green Initiative Maintenance Campground Contract Recreation Management
    49. 49. Executive Officer Manager of Parks Dan Stencil Sue Wells Facilities, Organizational Marketing & Recreational Operations & Planning & Business Public Programs & Maintenance Development Information Services (FOM) Section Lead: Section Lead: Section Lead: Section Lead: Section Lead: Supervisor – Executive Officer* Manager of Parks* Chief of Recreational Manager of Parks* Park Planning *Additional Responsibility *Additional Responsibility Programs & Services *Additional Responsibility Park Strategic Plan Mobile Recreation Facilities & Planning Marketing & Special Events Supervisor – Implementation & Supervisor – Maintenance Chief of Recreational *Additional Chief of Facilities & Park Planning* *Additional Responsibility Millage Renewal Marketing Programs & Services* Responsibility Maintenance Business Development Public Training & Volunteer Natural Representative for Business North District Management Information Services Resource Supervisor – Recreation Program Supervisor – Chief of Operations & Planning Business Public Information Training & Volunteers Maintenance – North District Natural Resource Development South District Planner Business Development Increased Interpretive & Representative for Effectiveness Educational Services Chief of Operations & Trail & Organizational Management Recreation Program Supervisor – Maintenance – South District Recreation GIS/Data Budget Neutral Interpretive & Educational Services Golf Revenue Planning Therapeutics & Operations Management 7 New Staff Trails & Recreation Business Development Adaptive Recreation Supervisor – Planner Representative for 28 Modified Recreation Program Supervisor – Golf Revenue Operations Education Technology Management Positions Therapeutics & Adaptive Recreation Administrative Resources 0 Terminations Aquatics/Health Services Educational Resource & Fitness Supervisor – Administrative Services Specialist Recreation Program Supervisor – Aquatics/Health & FitnessOakland County Management & Budget Human Resources Fiscal Services Supervisor II – Golf & Field Sports Central Employee Accounting Parks & Recreation Recreation Program Supervisor – Records Coordinator Golf & Field Sports Fiscal Services Supervisor III – Budget Administration Parks & Recreation Outdoor Recreation & Camps Recreation Program Supervisor – Structural Reorganization Chart Outdoor Recreation & Camps
    50. 50. Thank you!!!Please fill out surveys before leaving
    51. 51. Q&A