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Add price baragin extension in your eCommerce Magento site to improve your business sales & motivate your customers to buy more from your store. Allow customers to bargain on the price of product.

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  • Price bargaining has been very helpful for me on my website, i prefered the following plugin based on the performance, support and features,
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Price bargain extension

  1. 1.     Motivate Visitors To Buy From Your Online Store To improve business sales, first think like a customer: If you find the best product in any store according to your demand, what's the next thing that motivate you to buy from that store. What's the result if any store provide the bargaining option to their customers on every product price? Find the solution to attract visitors. Supported by:
  2. 2.     Price Bargain Magento Extension Supported by:
  3. 3.     Functionality Price Bargain Extension is one of the best extension that allow customers to bargain on the price of any product. Store owner can easily accept, reject requested bargain price & suggest new price to customer. It's motivate cutsomers to buy more from your store & visit again. Click next to See more, where you can add price bargain button? Supported by:
  4. 4.     On Product Listing Page Supported by:
  5. 5.     Price Bargain Form On Product Listing Page Supported by:
  6. 6.     Button On Product Description Page Supported by:
  7. 7.     Price Bargain Form On Product Description Page Supported by:
  8. 8.     Price Bargain Admin Dashboard Supported by:
  9. 9.     How it Works? ● Suppose customer visit in your store & select any product as well proceed to purchase, but customer find that the product price is more. ● So, if you have such extension you can easily provide the bargaining option to your customer & motivate them to purchase product. ● Customer can easily send bargaining price to store owner by just click on the bargain button on product page or other pages. ● After that, owner can see the customer request & accept, reject that request or suggest the new price to customers. ● For bargaining, customer must have account on the site. Supported by:
  10. 10.     Features ● Full admin control ● Allow admin & user to bargain on the product price ● Customer can easily send request to the admin by just one click on bargain button ● Admin right to accept or reject the request ● Allow bargain on more than one product ● Easy to install & customized ● To know more about this extension, visit: Supported by:
  11. 11.     Contact With Us Website: Twitter: @oCodeMagento E-mail: Thanks For Visit!! Supported by: