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Daily deals magento extension


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To increase visitors on your store, make a plan how to attract them. Daily deals extension helps to display daily deals on home page, product pages etc. As well add countdown timer to motivate customers to purchase.

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Daily deals magento extension

  1. 1.     Daily Deals Magento Extension By oCodewire Easy way to display new discounts & offers Supported by:
  2. 2.     Its Working Basically, Magento Daily Deals Extension is used to display the new & latest offers/discounts as well new products on the home page, so that customer attract toward your store. Also, you can display this offers on other pages like product or categories pages. Supported by:
  3. 3.     All Deals on Home Page Supported by:
  4. 4.     Display Today's Deal Supported by:
  5. 5.     Display Upcoming Deals Supported by:
  6. 6.     Display Expired Deals Supported by:
  7. 7.     Display Deals On Left Slidebar Supported by:
  8. 8.     Display Deals on Right Slidebar Supported by:
  9. 9.     Display Deals On Both Sidebar-Left/Right Supported by:
  10. 10.     Display Deals On CMS Page Supported by:
  11. 11.     Display Deals on Product Listing Page Supported by:
  12. 12.     Display Deals on Product Description Page Supported by:
  13. 13.     Display Deals With CountDown Timer Supported by:
  14. 14.     Admin Features ● Easily setup countdown timer ● Set the amount of products to be discounted for simple  products ● Update deal pages with title, meta keyword, meta  description ● Schedule deals automatically ● Easily create a static block using the widget  ● Multiple template widget options ● Adjust the amount of product to sell during the promotion  campaign. Supported by:
  15. 15.     Frontend Features ● Easily access full list of deals in one click ● Visitor easily view deals pages with grid or list options ● Show countdown, deal quantity, sale label on pages ● Flexible countdown timer ● Highlight best & new deals ● Run as many deals as you want simultaneously Supported by:
  16. 16.     Other Features ● Easy to install & customize ● HTML/CSS validation &  W3C validation ● User­friendly interface ● Support multiple languages ● 100% open­source ● Cross­browsers compatibility Supported by:
  17. 17.     Daily Deals Pro Extension ● Get this extension on  10 % discount ● Click here for Demo ● Click here for more  details ● Supported by:
  18. 18.     Daily Deals Basic Extension ● Only on 40$ + 10 %  discount ● For more details. Click  below ● Daily Deals Extension Supported by:
  19. 19.     Contact Us Website: More Extension: E-mail: Twitter: @oCodeMagento Supported by:
  20. 20.    Supported by: