Music Recommendation Tutorial

Senior Research Scientist at Gracenote
Dec. 13, 2007

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Music Recommendation Tutorial

  1. introduction:: sources of new music
  2. introduction:: commercial interest
  3. formalization :: the whole picture
  4. formalization :: describing users & items
  5. formalization :: describing users & items USERS ITEMS
  6. formalization :: describing users & items semantic gap USERS ITEMS
  7. formalization :: describing items :: text Fun with metadata
  8. music recommendation:: algorithms
  9. problems:: Social recommenders:: Cold Start
  10. problems:: Social recommenders:: Feedback Loops The Shins The Postal Service The Shins The Postal Service The Shins The Postal Service
  11. problems:: Social recommenders:: Popularity Bias
  12. problems:: Social recommenders Strange Connections
  13. problems:: Social recommenders If you like Gregorian Chants you might like Green Day If you like Britney Spears you might like...
  14. Charts examples:: Social music
  15. examples:: Social music – web services <toptags artist=&quot;Deerhoof&quot;> <tag> <name>indie</name> <count>100</count> <url></url> </tag> <tag> <name>experimental</name> <count>94</count> <url></url> </tag> <tag> <name>indie rock</name> <count>60</count> <url></url> </tag> <tag> ... </tag> </toptags>
  16. evaluation