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May 23, 2010 - Growth Group Study Guide


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May 23, 2010 - Growth Group Study Guide

  1. 1. Application 6. How is your Growth Group like and unlike the fellowship you have just studied?  Thank God that the church is God’s Church! 7. What could you do to see your Growth Group become more like what you just studied?  The Presence and Power of Holy Spirit is the greatest need of the church in any age! 8. How has your Growth Group helped you to personally grow as a follower of Jesus this term or year?  Personal transformation begins and continues through the ongoing surrender of self to the Holy Spirit. Summer Plans: For most Growth Groups this will be their final meeting for the year except for social gatherings. We encourage groups to set plans to get together once a month through the summer. Plan a BBQ, a day trip or a service project in order to keep “connected” this summer. Summer Prayer Tip:  Father- fill me, change me, and use me to change my world As a way to continue supporting each other in prayer by degrees. through the summer months you may want to share email addresses and give everyone permission to send out prayer requests as they come up.
  2. 2. (Question 4 continued) b. What other roles does the Spirit play? John 14:16-17 This Growth Group Study Guide is the final one for the study of John 14:26-27 Titus and for the 2009-2010 Growth Group year. New study guides will come in September when the fall term for Growth Groups begins. Getting Started John 16:13-15 1. Describe a time when you had the realization “this is bigger than me” and worked with others to accomplish a task. c. With your understanding of the Holy Spirit’s work, why is it good that Jesus would leave them? (vs. 16:7) 2. When you were young, who caused you to change your behavior because of their powerful influence? 5. Read Acts 2: 1-13; 38-47. a. How did what Jesus taught about the Holy Spirit become reality in the birth of the church? 3. What are some of your unique gifts and abilities? b. What happened in people’s lives as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit? Into the Word 4. Read John 15: 26- 16:16 and Acts 1:4-8 a. How would you paraphrase the goals of the Spirit’s work? c. How does the Holy Spirit work through each individual Christian’s life? (1 Cor. 12:7-11)