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Easter 2010 Bulletin


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Published in: Spiritual
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Easter 2010 Bulletin

  1. 1. Sunday, April 4 9:45am Sunday School Classes for all ages Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010 11:15am KLUB Jesus (Interpretive Sign Language provided at 8:15am.) 6:00pm NO Evening Service Monday, April 5 7:00pm PIT Crew (Prayer Intercession Team) Meeting - Room C5 8:15am & 9:45am ~ Blended Worship Tuesday, April 6  Worship Singing - Pastor Dave LeRud, leading 9:00am WOW Bible Study - Fellowship Center 9:00am WOW Childcare provided  Handbell Prelude: Reverberations 7:00pm Third Service Worship Team Rehearsal - Sanctuary  Vocal Ensemble: Passion Medley Wednesday, April 7 (Linda Buck, Vicki Guthrie, Shirley Peery, 6:45pm Childcare- Rooms B3,C1/2 7:00pm JR High Youth- Room C7 Lacy Redmond, Yvonne Swift) 7:00pm Adult Choir- Sanctuary 7:00pm SR High Youth- Room D5 7:00pm Prayer Gathering- Room C6 7:00pm Growth Groups- Rm C4, C5, LL1 7:00pm WOW Study- Room D3/4 7:00pm Healthy Life-Style-Ministry House  Message by Pastor Tom Hurt: 7:00pm SWAT (gr 1-6)- FC 9:00pm Prayer Gathering -Sanctuary Thursday, April 8 6:00pm Celebrate Recovery Meal - OC Ministry House 7:00pm Celebrate Recovery Meeting - OC Ministry House 11:15am ~ Contemporary Worship 7:00pm The Inn Lasagna Feed - Fellowship Center  Worship Singing - Brian See, leading Friday, April 9 6:00pm Date Night Childcare - Room C1/2  Message by Pastor Tom Hurt: 8:00pm Date Night Dessert - Fellowship Center Saturday, April 10 9:00am Bike Ministry - OCEC Ministry House Garage 10:00am Women’s Ministry Mug ‘n Muffin - Fellowship Center 6:00pm Sunday Services, April 11 NO Evening Service 8:15am, 9:45am, 11:15am  Message by Pastor Andrew Anderson 6:00pm Prayer Gathering Pastoral Staff— Lead Pastor, Tom Hurt; Music/Worship/Prayer, Dave LeRud; Small Groups/Next Generation, Andrew Anderson; Student Ministries/Church Outreach, Erin Loftis; Junior High, Josh Shelton; Children, Sue Burson; Visitation, Leroy Myers If you are a first-time or recent guest, we would love to get to know you! Ministry Directors— Nursery, Marilyn Brown*; Early Childhood, Brenda Heinsoo; Please complete a Communication Card located in the chair pocket in front of you. SWAT (Wed. Evenings), Raelene Gilmore; Women, Sandy Richter; You may place it in the offering receptacle, give to an usher Men, Don Wallace*; Marriage, Tom & Liz Dressel*; or leave it with a Welcome Center Attendant in the lobby. Primetime Adults (55+), Ben & Carole Datria* Support Staff— Church Office: Leah Bellamy, Esther Entenman, Kay Neumann; Maintenance: Jerry Wheeler * Volunteer
  2. 2. Women’s Ministry— Mug ‘n Muffin Bible Studies for Women Tuesdays at 9:00am in the Fellowship Center Saturday, April 10th at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday at 7:00pm in room D3 Bring your favorite cup or mug and a friend and join us in the Fellowship Center! Several Junior & Senior High girls and their NEW STUDY BEGINS! Me, Myself, and Lies: A Thought Closet Makeover advisers will be sharing about their Spring Break Mission is a video-driven Bible study for women to encourage them to clean out the junk experiences. in their thoughts and replace these hidden negative thoughts and failures with positive truths from God's word. Author Jennifer Rothschild shares practically Light refreshments will be served. and helpfully from her own life and from Scripture. Ladies, you are invited to Ladies, come and join us as we begin this new study. Books are available at Grand Central in the lobby and at the WOW Bible study meeting times. Cost per book = $12.00. Monday, April 19th at 7:00pm Band of Brothers ...held at Crossroads Café (Gladstone Exit off I-205, behind McDonalds) As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another Proverbs 27:17 The format is light and fun, with plenty of opportunity to mix, mingle, laugh, get to know one another and build relationship. Isolation from the strength & encouragement of other men invites disaster! If you are new and looking for a way to meet the gals you worship with, then the door is wide open. Ask a friend to join you! Men! … there’s still room! Come join us for a Hearty Steak Dinner, Great Entertainment and a Vital Message! Cost: $20 Tickets must be pre-purchased prior to April 7th! Inviting all Girls from 13 to 103 to the Sunday, April 11, 2010  5:00 - 7:30pm Women’s Ministries’ Spring Event. Farmstead Inn (28313 S. Hwy 213 - Molalla, Oregon 97038) Girls, Games & Goodies Please register in lobby today to purchase your ticket. Thursday, April 22nd, 7:00 P.M. June 21-25 Vacation Bible School - Sonquest Rainforest ...for children entering kindergarten - grade 6 this fall Plan on fun, food and fellowship. July 6-8 PrayKids Day Camp Tickets on sale in the lobby today — $3.00 ...for children entering grades 2-6 this fall July 9-11 All-Church Camp - Metzler Park July 12-16 JR HI Camp - Triangle Lake Pacific Conference Evangelical Women’s Retreat ...for students entering grades 7 & 8 this fall So here's what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and July 20-24 Athletes In Action Soccer Camp ...for students 6-14 walking around life— and place it before God as an offering. July 26-29 Summer Blast - I Romans 12:1 The Message August 1-6 SR HI Camp - Triangle Lake  April 30 - May 2, 2010  Cost: $160 ...for students entering grades 9-12 this fall Ladies, remember to get your registration form Without into the church office no later than THIS TUESDAY! August 9-11 Summer Blast - II Reservation Registration forms are located at the For questions and/or more information about the activities above please contact Women’s Ministry Board in the lobby. the following: Children: Pastor Sue Burson at 503 656-8582 ext 106 or Summer Ministry Coordinator, Raelene Gilmore 503 656-1218 Junior High: Pastor Josh Shelton at 503 656-8582 ext 104 WANTED Senior High: Pastor Erin Loftis at 503 656-8582 ext 109 FRIENDLY PEOPLE! Individuals who would be willing to serve as a greeter on Sunday mornings and for special events at our lobby doorway. For further information contact Mardell Hohensee at 503-722-4340 or email at
  3. 3. Date Night  April 9th Backpack Buddies The Journey of a Lifetime – A Lifetime of Journey OCEC helps stop hunger at Mt. Pleasant Elementary! by Bruce and Jan Benson Bruce and Jan recently completed 30 years as Mt. Pleasant Elementary is located two blocks south of our church. Many of their missionaries in Peru. In that time they have been to children are provided with a breakfast each weekday morning before their some way out places and had many unforgettable, life- studies begin. Teachers and administrators within our school system are finding changing experiences. Bruce and Jan will share the that some children leave their classes on Friday afternoon and return on Monday joys and struggles of ministry and marriage. You will be morning having had no real substantial meal throughout the weekend. They entertained, enlightened and enriched by their journey have confidentially identified those children in need and have been in contact of journeys. with their parent/guardian. OCEC wants to help stop hunger at Mt. Pleasant and become Backpack Buddies Their work in Peru with Wycliffe Bible Translators resulted in the New to these children each week. We are gathering the requested foods and/or Testament being translated into the Huamalíes Quecha language. Now monetary donations. Monetary donations can be made by using a giving based in Oregon City, Bruce and Jan are placing finishing touches on a envelope and marked Backpack Buddies. whole Bible translation for a related Quechua language. College sweethearts, Remember to keep the items below on your regular shopping list and bring your they celebrate 42 years of marriage on June 22nd. They have 3 children and donations to our food barrel. 7 grandchildren.  Canned Soups DATE NIGHT: a monthly night out with your spouse! (“pop tops“ are preferred, but do not have to be ready to eat from the can)  Canned Chilis  Make reservations:  Beef-a-Ronis 1) the restaurant of your choice or plan a special outing.  Easy Macs (regular macaroni & cheese will not work as additional ingredients 2) ...and RSVP Tom/Liz Dressel (503 655-1489) for childcare (6-9pm) are needed) and dessert (8-9pm).  Canned or Packaged Fruits Childcare is available at the church. Please use NORTH lobby doors to  Cheese & Crackers, Granola Bars, other Healthy Snacks enter. For security purposes all doors will remain locked until the call  Juice Boxes or Juice Pouches button alerts the childcare worker to unlock the door when an individual These foods have been determined through gives their identity. the ease of use and are also kid-friendly products. Return to the Fellowship Center (NORTH entry into Fellowship Center for Our food collection barrel is located in the Fellowship Center or Lobby. Our dessert and a marriage-nurturing message (opportunity for donation). foods will be assembled, prepared and delivered so that individual weekend food supplies can be confidentially put into a child’s backpack. Plastic grocery bags are also needed. Thank you for leaving the foods you bring in the bags you provide. Are you an artist? Helpers will be needed once we have foods collected. Art, art and more art ...we need it to brighten For more information, please contact Carole Datria at 503 632-8381. our lives and the Fellowship Center walls! We need you to share your talents and your creations. If you would like to display your art work, please call Jan Reed (503 266-3886) or Donna Crawford (503 656-2207). If you have moved or changed your email address recently, please notify the church office by using a Communication ALSO — take time to notice the beautiful lavender quilt displayed in the Card or emailing the church office at Fellowship Center. Bids are now being accepted! Bids close on May 2nd. Did you know—  that items to appear in a Sunday bulletin must be submitted to the church Thank you for helping to collect office by the Monday prior to the Sunday suggested? When using email, send CAMPBELL’S SOUP CAN LABELS! to Subject Line: Bulletin Announcement Please remember to bring in the ENTIRE label wrapped around each can.  that missionaries, Wayne & Sherry Schock thank the OCEC family for the Do not cut off the bar code! It is NEEDED. mission home. They feel so blessed and are grateful for this home away from If there is no bar code, then the collection is worthless. home.
  4. 4.  Praise the Lord for resurrection of Jesus and the power of God to forgive our sin through that incredible historical reality.  Thank the Lord for the 19 children who made decisions to become members of God’s family through faith in Jesus at the SWAT Resurrection Party last Wednesday evening. Pray that they will grow and remain in their faith.  Pray for those who are separated from family at this time of year. Pray especially for military families.  Ask God to reveal His love to your family and friends. Ask God to help you be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus to them.  Pray for President Obama, his family, congressional leaders and members of the courts to recognize our national need for God and to pray for His help.  Pray for Dee Wanvig. She along with others are suffering from chronic illnesses. Pray for those recovering from recent surgeries. And pray for those under hospice care and for those who have recently suffered the death of loved ones. Church Prayer Focus— Dayton Evangelical Pastor Steven & Ginger Hopper Dryden Evangelical Pastor Matthew & Manda Payne Missionary Prayer Focus— Jeff & Christine Stanfield (Kenya) They all joined together constantly in prayer... Acts 1:14 6:00am Monday - Friday: First Watch (men praying for children/teens) Ministry House 8:00am Mondays: Moms in Touch (mothers of adult children) - Ministry House 4:30pm Tuesdays: Moms in Touch (mothers of college/career) - Call 503 557-1647 7:00pm Wednesdays: Prayer Gathering - Room C6 9:00pm Wednesdays: Prayer Gathering - Sanctuary MOMS IN TOUCH: Experience focused prayer with at least one other woman for one hour a week for a specific child and their school. We are in a spiritual war for the lives of these children, and this calls for the power of united prayer! Stewardship of God’s Resources 2009 Needs Missions Yearly Needs 1,120,000 Weekly Needs 21,538 Received Last Sunday 21,221 3,430 Actual Received Year-to-date 248,696 33,325 Proposed Need Year-to-date 280,000