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App for leaders for web


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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App for leaders for web

  1. 1. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE FULL LEGAL NAME ____________________________________________________________________ Last First Middle Name you go by: __________________________ Home Phone: ____________ Cell: _________________ (If selected for the Team, this name will be put on your name badge) Do you text?___________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________ Street City State Zip E-Mail Address: __________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____/_____/_____ Age as of June 1, 2010: ____________ Sex: Male Female Driver’s License #: _______________ State Issued: _________ Expiration Date: __________________ License issued (month and year): ___________________________________________________________ Any State of Oregon Driving Restrictions? _____________________________________________________ PARENTS: Father’s Name: ________________________________ Mother’s Name: __________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________ Street City State Zip Parent’s Home #: _____________ Parent’s Work #: _______________ Parent’s Cell #: _______________ Parent’s E-Mail Address: __________________________________________________________________ CHURCH: Do you regularly attend Oregon City Evangelical Church? Yes No SCHOOL: School Name (currently attending): ___________________________________________________________ Current year in School: ___________________________________________________________________ If not currently in college, are you planning to attend? Yes No If you plan to attend, where do you plan to go? _________________________________________________ EMERGENCY: In case of emergency or accident, whom should we notify? Name: _________________________________________ Relationship: __________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________ Street City State Zip Phone: ___________________________________ Work Phone: _____________________________ Insurance Company: __________________________________ Policy #: ___________________________ Medical allergies, medications being taken, medical problems or other pertinent information: _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. EXPERIENCE: List any previous employment experience that you have had (attach additional sheet if needed). 1. Employer ______________________________________________________________________ From _____/_____/_____ to _____/_____/_____ Type of Work ___________________________________________________________________ 2. Employer ______________________________________________________________________ From _____/_____/_____ to _____/_____/_____ Type of Work ___________________________________________________________________ 3. Employer ______________________________________________________________________ From _____/_____/_____ to _____/_____/_____ Type of Work ___________________________________________________________________ PERSONAL REFERENCES (Examples: Sunday School Teachers, Pastors, Bible Study Leaders. People (preferably at OCEC) who will tell us about your character. No relatives, please!) Name: ___________________________ Relationship: _____________________ Phone: _____________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________ Street City State Zip Name: ___________________________ Relationship: _____________________ Phone: _____________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________ Street City State Zip DOCTRINAL SURVEY: Please answer briefly, giving Scripture references when applicable. 1. Who is Jesus Christ, according to your understanding? Why did He die on the cross? What is the significance of His resurrection? 2. Who is the Holy Spirit and what is His purpose? 3. How does a person become a Christian? 4. What is the purpose of the Bible in your life? Do you consider it your final authority for how you make decisions? How would you rate your Bible knowledge? (very strong; moderate; minimal)? 5. Do you agree with the biblical teachings and practices of OCEC? If not, with what teachings or practices do you disagree?
  3. 3. BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Attach another sheet of paper with your answers. Please number them! 1. Tell how and when you came to know Christ. What is your current relationship with Him? 2. What are your reasons for wanting to be on the OCEC Summer Ministries Leadership Team? 3. Write a brief biography of your life. Include: a) significant happenings in your life; b) a description of your personality, including your strengths and weaknesses; c) family background (i.e., who do you live with? What kind of relationship do you have with family members? How do your family members feel about you being a member of the OCEC Summer Ministries Leadership Team?) 4. With what OCEC ministries have you been involved? Include: a) length of your commitment; b) duties/ responsibilities. 5. With what other experiences/ministries have you been involved that have prepared you for involvement with the OCEC Summer Ministries Leadership Team? 6. Do you play a musical instrument that you would be interested in using in this Summer Ministries Leadership Team program? If yes, what instrument? ____________________________ How long have you played? ______________________ 7. What are your hobbies? CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK: (Note: A criminal background check will be performed on all selected adult Summer Ministries Leadership Team Members. If any of the questions below are answered “YES,” please provide a complete explanation, attaching additional sheets as necessary.) A. Have you EVER been convicted of a sex-related crime? [ ] Yes [ ] No If YES, was the conviction in Oregon or another state? (Please specify if another state) State: ____________ If YES, did the crime involve force or minors? [ ] Yes [ ] No B. Have you EVER been convicted of a crime involving violence or threat of violence? [ ] Yes [ ] No If YES, was the conviction in Oregon or another state? (Please specify if another state) State: ____________ C. Have you EVER been convicted of a crime involving criminal activity in drugs or alcoholic beverages, including providing alcohol or drugs to a minor and/or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs? [ ] Yes [ ] No If YES, was the conviction in Oregon or another state? (Please specify if another state) State: ____________ D. Have you EVER been convicted of any other crime except minor traffic violation? (includes Traffic Crimes) [ ] Yes [ ] No E. Have you been arrested within the last three years for a crime for which there has not yet been an acquittal or dismissal? [ ] Yes [ ] No F. Have you been convicted of any traffic violations in the past three years? [ ] Yes [ ] No
  4. 4. MY PERSONAL COMMITMENT: I am committed to standards of faithfulness to God and purity of lifestyle. Therefore: I will refrain from the use of illegal drugs. Yes No If no, please explain: I will refrain from drinking alcohol. Yes No If no, please explain: I will remain sexually pure. Yes No If no, please explain: I will seek to present a Christian witness in every aspect of my life. Therefore, I give permission to the Team Director (Raelene Gilmore) and Pastor of Children (Sue Burson) to check out my MySpace or Facebook account. I agree to accept them as a “friend” so they have access to my MySpace/Facebook accounts.** Yes No If no, please explain: My “MySpace” screen name: _________________________________________ My “Facebook” screen name: _________________________________________ (**We do not endorse the practice of using MySpace or Facebook accounts other than to represent a life dedicated to Christ. However, we wish to view how you are representing yourself in public and therefore will check your page on a regular basis.) CHURCH SERVICE: OCEC desires that you continue to be involved in the church following the activities of the Summer Ministries Lead- ership Team. There are a number of ways you can be involved, such as Children/Youth Worker, Sunday School leader, S.W.A.T. Leader, KLUB JESUS, etc. In what areas of ministry do you anticipate being involved in the future? _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ TEAM UNIFORM: Team members will be required to wear a Summer Ministries Leadership Team T-shirt to all Team events. One T-shirt will be provided. Additional T-shirt(s) may be purchased for $7 each. (Extra T-shirts are suggested to help ensure daily presentability, and can lighten your laundry load.) T-shirt Size: ________________ I would like to purchase ______ additional T-shirt(s) for $7 each. SIGNATURES: (Applicant/Parent) I hereby certify that all the above information and statements are correct. Signature of Applicant: _________________________________________ Date: ____________________ If Applicant is under 18: I hereby give approval for my son/daughter to become an OCEC Summer Ministries Leadership Team Member. I understand that a calendar of events/times will be provided and I will make sure my son/daughter has transportation and will arrive on time for his/her responsibilities. Signature of Parent/Guardian: ___________________________________ Date: ____________________ Applications due in the Church Office by Monday, APRIL 12, 2010.