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04 05 09

  1. 1. Coming Events More Weekly News & Up-coming Events Women’s Ministry Begins New Bible Studies April 14th and April 15th Tuesdays at 9:00am - Balanced Living Wednesdays at 7:00pm - The Blessing of Friendships Book prices are $8.00 per copy. 8:15-9:15am You can purchase yours at Grand Central in the lobby today. Morning Worship in the Sanctuary at OCEC Essence Celebrates One Year Anniversary  NO childcare available at the church 10:00-11:30am Monday, April 20th at 7:00pm Brevé Espresso Resurrection Celebration Service at Millen Auditorium located in Settlers Square 18121 SE River Road - Milwaukie 19360 Molalla Ave, Suite 160  Childcare available through age 5 at Ballentyne Bldg. (behind ‘lil Cooperstown)  Parking assistance available. Ladies are invited to come for open sharing, special music, door prizes, No evening service. cake, no host coffee drinks, fellowship, beautiful location. Invite a friend to join you! April 19 - 22, 2009 Sunday Evening, April 19 6:00pm Wedding Shower - April 21 Monday-Wednesday, April 20-22 A wedding shower honoring Jessica Lowrie will be held at the home of 7:00pm Stephanie May (18423 SE Babbler St-Milwaukie) on Tuesday, April 21st at  Childcare available through grade 3. 7:00pm. Jessica and Chris Tomlin are registered at Macy’s and planning a May wedding. An RSVP for your attendance to Stephanie is appreciated by calling - SEMINAR TOPICS INCLUDE - 503 786-1306.  Scientific Evidence for Noah’s Flood  Dinosaur & Creation  Science vs Textbook Evolution Part I—The Fossil Record LOVE & RESPECT Conference  Science vs Textbook Evolution Part II—Human Origins ...with Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs Eight-Week Parenting Class for Moms and Dads Friday, April 24th  6:45-10pm Say goodbye to whining, complaining and bad attitudes in you and your kids! Saturday, April 25th 8:45am-1:30pm by Scott Turanski and Joanne Miller Held at New Hope Community Church This study helps provide parents with answers empowering them to change. It A conference to explain the keys to ending the approaches common parenting problems from the perspective of honor, not Crazy Cycle and beginning the Enriching Cycle. just obedience. Obedience gets the job done but honor deals with how the job Available to OCEC attendees for $25 per person through March 29th. is done. We’ll talk about bad attitudes, meanness, wanting to be first or best, Register in the lobby today or call Tom & Liz Dressel at 503 655-1489. arguing, tattling, anger and a host of other issues. Meeting Wednesdays in room D2 at 7:00pm starting April 8th. Questions? Call Brenda Heinsoo at 503 650-8763 Support While Unemployed Summer Is Coming! Are you looking for support while unemployed? Pastor Tom is meeting each June 22-26 Vacation Bible School - SonRock Kids Camp Friday at 11:00am in room C5 with those who are without employment. Come July 10-13 ALL Church Camp Out at Metzler Park enjoy the fellowship of others who are looking to find work. Discuss ideas and July 13-17 JR HI Camp (grades 7 & 8) at Eagle Cove Camp begin some creative thinking, receive positive encouragement and pray for August 2-8 SR HI Camp (grades 9 12) at Camp Mayfield each other. August 3-8 JR Camp (grades 4-6) at Trout Creek Camp
  2. 2. Love was meant to be shared with family and friends. Chris Tomlin & Jessica Lowrie have found love in each other which brings the promise of joy and fulfillment. You have shared in their lives by your friendship and love. Senior Appreciation Luncheon Kevin & Cherie Tomlin and Mark & Carmen Lowrie Keller Dining Hall (18121 SE River Road) request the honor of your presence at the Sponsored by the Pacific Conference and honoring our senior adults. celebration of the marriage of their children. Tuesday, May 5th —12:00noon Special Guest will be Supt. Elect. Rev. Chris Neilson Saturday, May 2, 2009  3:30pm Music provided by Mark and Annie Duhrkoop Oregon City Evangelical Church To RSVP for this luncheon, please use a Communication Card, sign-up in the Reception Following- Please RSVP to 503 655-3623 lobby today OR call the Odells at 503-659-5234. We’ve A Story To Tell Men’s Community Outreach Night Conference-Wide Women’s Ministry Spring Retreat Friday, May 15th  6:00- 8:00pm May 1 - 3, 2009 Held in the Fellowship Center Seaside, Oregon A great evening is planned for all men! A spaghetti dinner will be prepared and served by Chef Don Wallace. COST: $155 per person (No charge, donations gladly received.) Special Guest Speaker: Debbie Seibert Registration forms are available at the lobby Women’s Ministry Board. ~ Special Guest Speakers ~ Questions? For more information, call Bev at 503 654-8256. Neil Davies, Parrot Creek Ranch Finding ways to volunteer at the Ranch Baby/Child Dedications - Mother’s Day, May 10th Carol Kemhus, Principal of Mt. Pleasant A dedication service is planned for Mother’s Day. Would you The Optimist Club & Lunch Buddies like to have your child or infant dedicated to the Lord? Please Men, you won’t want to miss this special evening! use a Communication Card and list the following information: Remember, there is no cost for this evening, however, it is important to RSVP 1)child’s full name; 2)date of birth; 3)parent’s name & address; 4)the service for this evening no later than Sunday, May 10th. Please RSVP with a hour for the dedication. Pastor Tom can meet with those interested in being a Communication Card or call the church office at 503 656-8582. part of the dedication service and to answer any questions prior to that time. WOMEN OF FAITH ~ A Grand New Day! 13 seats are still available in the OCEC Skybox at the Rose Garden. October 9 & 10, 2009 ~ Guest Artists & Speakers ~ Sandi Patty, Marilyn Meberg, Steve Arterburn. Saturday, May 16th Cost: $109 ...includes Information and sign-ups at Grand Central today!  Friday Session: 10:00am - 3:30pm  Friday Evening: 7:00 - 9:30pm  Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm Softball Update! To reserve your place, contact Sandy Richter at 503-659-9562. Note: Some parking and lunches are included for Friday and Saturday. Come join the fun, cheer us on to victory. Sign up in the lobby today. Practices will be held April 15th, 20th ,22nd and a BBQ on You may also order in the Skybox at an extra charge. April 26th. Games begin May 1st. For more information call: Damascus City Hall is hosting a Co-ed Team: Terry & Karen 503 679-5055 (cell) Disaster Awareness Class Men’s Team: Keith VanEmmerik 971 533 0898 (cell) April 23rd  6:15 - 8:15pm. Softball Coordinator, Bud Dunton 503 829-6673 Call Tammie Milkes at 503 658-8545 for more information.
  3. 3. Did you know—  that items to appear in a Sunday bulletin must be submitted to the church office by the Monday prior to the Sunday suggested? When using email, send to office@ocec.net Subject Line: Bulletin Announcement  that we have another new QUILT on display? You will want to stop in at the  Praise the Lord for His love that moved Him to come to Jerusalem with Fellowship Center and see this exquisite piece of work by the Pioneer Center the full knowledge that His sacrificial death was just days away. Thank Quilters. This one is called The Fifty States, all hand made. Bids start at Him! Thank Him! Thank Him! $100. One half of the proceeds with benefit our youth mission trips. The other  Give thanks to God for what He has provided for you. In the midst of half towards the OC’s Pioneer Center. Final bids due by May 31st! needs you may have, give Him thanks!  that Ryan Choquette, Morgan Heinsoo, Austin Marl, and Shannon O’Brien were recently inducted into the National Honor Society at Oregon City High  Ask God to provide for those among us who are facing difficult life School? Congratulations! situations due to unemployment. Thank God for those who have found  that the PRC Baby Bottle Prayer & Giving Campaign has received $1749.74 jobs and pray for those who are continuing their search. from OCEC to-date? Thank you for your response. If you have not returned  Pray that people all around our area will be influenced by the Holy Spirit your bottle, you may still bring them to the church office. to draw near to God. Pray that your friends will notice the Lord Jesus in  that a thank you is coming your way? Vernon Still has spent much time being hospitalized. Both he and Carol thank YOU for your prayers, your cards your life and desire to know Him personally. and your concern on their behalf.  Ask God to move powerfully upon world leaders, awaken them to their  that OCEC will be a part of the annual Oregon City Food Drive? Collection need for the guiding wisdom of God and help President Obama to barrels will be made available from April 27-May 18 for your donations. Begin understand the true need of our nation to seek God together. watching now for sales on non-perishable, NON-EXPIRED food items.  that Brandon White and Kelci King have announced their engagement?  Pray for military and civilian families that are separated due to serving our They are planning a September 2010 wedding. national security needs. Pray for their safety, pray that husbands and wives will remain true to each other and pray that children will be Track & Field Opportunity protected from the negative influences that arise when one parent is not present. Anyone interested in having their children compete in track & field for the next few months should contact Fred Crowe at 503 780-5882. Practices will be held  Pray for Colleen Mattson along with other members and friends of our at Milwaukie High every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:30-6:30pm with church family who are suffering from chronic illnesses. Pray for those meets starting in late April. Fred has been coaching youth track (ages 8-18) for recovering from recent surgeries. And pray for those under hospice care the last 20 years. They run, jump and throw. Always having a good time! Cost and for those who have recently suffered the death of loved ones. if $40 with multiple family discounts. Serving In Our Armed Forces Church Prayer Focus— Pray for those from our church family or those who have relatives East Vancouver Evangelical Pastor Phil & Beth McCoy serving our country and are away from home. Epic Wineskins Pastor Rob & Linda Robinson Tim Anderson-Marines Jesse Fulkerson-Army Mark Matautia-Army Eugene First Evangelical Pastor Joe & Stephanie Marquez A.J. Asche-Army Josie Fulkerson-Army Valiant Mueller-Army Missionary Prayer Focus— Mac Ashford-Marines Brent Hagen-Air Force Nathan Phillips-Army Bill & Kaye Lawrence - Santa Marta Orphanage (Mexico) Jesse Atay- Marines David Hatlee-Army Scott E. Pierce-Army Jody Badders-Army Tim Harlow-Army Sarah Rhoads-Army Jeff Boone-Marines Daniel Hoskins-Army Douglas Rosenburg-Marine Amanda Brush-Army Chol & Heidi Kim-Air Force Brandon E.Rouse-Marine Stewardship of God’s Resources Michael Carlson-Air Force Rick Koyama-Army Justin Solem-Marine Brian Christensen-Marines Rocky LaChance-Air Force Nathan Swift-Air Force 2009 Needs General Budget Missions Jeremy Delany-Army Kevin Larson-Air Force Nathan Tegeler-Air Force 1,236,853 Tim Delany-Army Brandon Little-Navy Rebecca Tucker-Navy Yearly Needs Jacob Doolittle-Marines Brian McCartney-Marines Chad VanDeWalker-Marines 23,786 Weekly Needs Timothy J. Elwonger-Navy Eric McPherson-Army Stacey Virgin-Navy 17,934 Received Last Sunday 2,300 Keith Forsman-Marine Joseph Marugg- Marines David Walt-Marine 251,628 Actual Received Year-to-date 31,668 Jessica Fosburg-Air Force Amy Gail Mason-Air Force Bill Weatherell-Army 309,213 Proposed Need Year-to-date Cameron Workman-Marines Thank you for notifying the church office when these individuals return home.
  4. 4. Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:18-21; Mark 11:1-11
  5. 5. 9:45AM Communicating Heart-to-Heart With Your Spouse What Does the Bible Say… Guest Speakers: Alger and Gloria Marsh Taught by Brent Burson Meeting in Fellowship Center - Room FC 1 I can increase the quality of my marriage by effectively expressing what This class will focus on questions Christians and non-Christians are asking. is on my heart, and doing a better job of hearing what is going on inside When Dr. Burson went to seminary, he did not find that they often answered the practical questions that he had. He has questions. You have questions. What my spouse's heart. do you want to know? This class will provide a place where you can begin to Listening is considered to be the passive part of a conversation; find spiritual answers for what you want to know. Here are some of the questions that they will/might be answering (not all the questions have been speaking is seen as active. Reflective listening requires focus, intent, decided upon yet). and very active participation. Alger and Gloria offer a powerful tool. One Can I enjoy movies and culture and still be a Christian?  benefit of good listening is that the speaker is affirmed. Is it OK for a Christian to drink alcohol?  Can I lose my salvation?  Alger and Gloria are the founders of House of Myrrh Ministries here in How do I know God’s will?  Oregon City, established in 1986. They served nine years with Wycliffe Is Jesus the only God?  What is sexual sin and how do I go about breaking free from it?  Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea. On leaving PNG, the Marshes What do I do if I know that my dad is watching pornography?  were given an understanding that God would use them to help prepare When does temptation become sin?  the bride for the Bridegroom. Their HeartChange and HeartsTogether Can husbands be stay-at-home dads?  workshops, along with other aspects of their ministry, are helping do What is the kingdom of Hell? Does it exist?  How human was Jesus?  just that as relationships with God and each other are restored. Are we living in the end times?  Beware, this class is not being taught by a Pastor! We will not be resting on our own beliefs but will be looking specifically what the Bible says about these DATE NIGHT: a monthly night out with dinner at your questions. The only requirement is that each participant be willing to allow favorite restaurant with your favorite person! differences between class members and not be argumentative. It is the hope that between all participants, we will be able to find spiritual answers to those Make reservations: 1) At the restaurant of your choice, questions. and 2) RSVP for child care and dessert (see below). Financial Peace University Child care at OCEC available at 6 PM (no charge) Taught by Sarah Loftis Meeting in Fellowship Center - Room FC2 NOTE: Childcare Security Improvement This class is a continuation of the Winter term. Only the NORTH doors will be open between 6:00- 6:45pm to welcome children. When picking up children, The Book of Hebrews please enter only through the NORTH Fellowship Center Taught by Larry Griggs doorway from the north parking lot. Meeting in Fellowship Center - Room FC3 Continuing on with the study of Hebrews. God has given us some tough Enjoy a romantic dinner with your spouse. assignments. He has also made some amazing promises. You are encouraged Return to OCEC’s Fellowship Center at 8:00pm for dessert and to continue discovering what else He has for us. New class members are always welcome! a marriage-nurturing message (opportunity for donation). Marriage Encouragers / Mentor Couples On your way home at 9:00pm. Taught by Tom & Liz Dressel Please call Tom and Liz Dressel at 503 655-1489 to RSVP Meeting in Cristi Center - Lower Level Room LL2 and/or if you have questions. This class is a continuation of the Winter term.
  6. 6. ...for Josh Westermann Josh realizes the great need for a car in Nairobi. Everything is very spread out and it has been extremely difficult getting around the slums and downtown areas. He has been taking Matatus (minibus taxis) that are unsafe or walking long distances where they don’t have them. He doesn’t mind, but it’s very time-consuming and limits the ministry he can do each day. Having the use of a car would free him and the rest of the Ambassadors in Sport staff tremendously. It would also provide many more opportunities to be involved with the different ministries in Kenya and give rides to those that need it. Cars are actually more expensive in Kenya than in the States. The cheapest, second-hand car is around $5,000. Right now his support account would not allow him to buy a car. Would you pray with Josh about this and consider helping him in reaching the goal of $5000 to purchase a second-hand car? Upon completion of his time in Kenya, he will either donate the car to the Ambassadors in Sport office there or sell it and use the money to continue with this ministry elsewhere. [ ] Yes, I/We would like to donate towards the goal of WESTERMANN $5000 for the purchase of a car for Josh in Nairobi, Kenya. Donation amount $ ______. Name:_________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________ City:_________________________ State:_______ Zip:_________________ Phone:_____ _________________ Email:____________________________ Checks are payable to OCEC for tax donation purposes. Please use an offering envelope to make designation. Thank you.