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Post ramesh review on q2


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Post ramesh review on q2

  1. 1. Question # 2: What new goals should be add?1. Educate2. Socialize3. Expand more horizon than traditional and classic thinking4. Move forward in 21st century5. Go Green project6. Recruit project toward memberships7. Recognize our organization into national eventually global community8. Partner with several organizations like synergy9. Be encouraged MSADA members to give presentation about their drastic problems to Gallaudet community & outside10.Fund raise to seven countries
  2. 2. 11. National12. We didnt stop that benefits for MSADA. keep open social once a year13. Try to attract more new faces to join our board such as student representative,fulfill nine board members, and more volunteers or add "Member-At-Large". How? Toattract the college students, host the social hour for students and MSADA boards atGallaudet in every fall. Try to welcome the hearing parents, sibilings, etc.. of deafsouth asian kids (maybe some are hiding out there) to actively participate with us.14. Host more fund-raising events AND hearing/public events (I had given a few ideasto Gaurav since he is our fund-raising coordinator)15. Try to get Nepali deafies to join MSADA (I heard there are at least 2 or 3 deafNepali out there in the Greater DC areas)16. We should travel to one of those South Asian countries to visit Deaf school(s) andto expose them about Gallaudet University
  3. 3. 17. To raise more funds for additional scholarships, host our international MSADAconferences, set up more sign language interpreter trainings in South Asia, and to setup VRS centers (as per Hatims idea)18. Try to host at least one General Meeting during the academic year including apresentation.19. Build collaborations with other South Asian organizations (e.g. SAALT) as well asthe Indian Embassy, and consider hosting joint events with them in order to increaseawareness among the South Asian (hearing) population about our organization.20. Identify areas where MSADA can support other Deaf people of South Asiandescent. For example, we can increase the scope of the MSADA scholarship atGallaudet, and pick two or three schools of the deaf in India that we can support overthe long term.
  4. 4. Q2: WHAT NEW GOALS SHOULD BE ADD?1. Educate outsiders2. Socialize/open for social hour once a year3. Recruit more memberships • Student representative • Member-at-Large • more volunteers • Try to recruit Nepali deafies to join our team (there are far!)4. Move forward in 21st century/Green Project
  5. 5. 5. Expand more horizon than traditional and classic thinking6. National organization or International organization7. Partner with several organizations like synergy • Like we agreed to affiliate with DDW (Discovering Deaf Worlds) • Collaborate with other hearing South Asian organizations  e.g. SAALT (South Asian Americans Leading Together)  e.g. NetSAP (Network of South Asian Professionals), NetIP ( Network of Indian professionals etc..)
  6. 6. 8. Encourage MSADA members to give presentation about their drastic problems to Gallaudet community & outsider9. Raise MORE funds to seven countries • other than hosting the Deaf events, also be open to host/co-host the hearing/public events • Scholarships • MSADA Conference 2013 • Set up interpreter trainings in those seven countries • Support deaf schools in those seven countries10. Travel to visit Deaf school(s) and expose them about Gallaudet University/NTID11. General Meeting/Presentation – host once a year during academic year
  7. 7. Sponsorship goals: Example• MSADA Scholarship Fund (each year) Expenses: $500• One deaf school or organization in South Asia (rotate around different schools / organizations each year) Expenses: $500 TOTAL: $1000
  8. 8. Fundraising goals: Example• Sri Lankan New Year Party (April) Goal: Profit $200• Holi Festival (May) Goal: Profit $200• Diwali/Eid Celebration (Nov) Goal: Profit $500• Indian X-Mas Party (Dec) Goal: Profit $100 TOTAL: $1000
  9. 9. That’s it .