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Witless Wisdom of Gerald J. Furnkranz



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More Common Sense Political Thinking of a Common Man

Witless Wisdom of Gerald J. Furnkranz

  1. 1. Witless Wisdom of Gerald J. Furnkranz More Common Sense Political Thinking of a Common Man
  2. 2. Witless Wisdom Of Gerald J. Furnkranz More Common Sense Political Thinking Of A Common Man Copyright © 2021 By Gerald J. Furnkranz *Gerald J. Furnkranz Press* Golos Printing Witless Wisdom Of Gerald J. Furnkranz More Common Sense Political Thinking Of A Common Man Copyright © 2021 By Gerald J. Furnkranz *Gerald J. Furnkranz Press* Golos Printing
  3. 3. Dedicated To: My Mom, Amelia Furnkranz, who instilled common sense in me! Common sense the mechanism clearly revealing the failure, foibles, dishonesty and corruption displayed throughout our government and nation today. It doesn’t take a genius to see the corruption and incompetence, spending the nation into oblivion and the people into chains of oppression and poverty. Scuttling good ship America, sinking Columbia the gem of the oceans!
  4. 4. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents i 1. Education Approach Fails, (Leader Letter March 21, 2013) 1 2. Educators Are About the Money, not Students, (Star-Gazette December 3, 2015) 1 3. The Art of Cursive Writing, (The Leader August 17, 2016) 2 4. Wording a Concern for School Committee Member, (Star-Gazette Aug. 13, 2017) 2 5. Education is All About Socialist Indoctrination, (Star-Gazette July 6, 2017) 3 6. Experience in Politics Not a Good Thing, (Star-Gazette Jan. 25, 2017) 4 7. Political Norms? (Star-Gazette Oct 15, 2017) 4 8. A Look at Rule of Law, (The Leader March 1, 2018) 5 9. The Seeds of Corruption, (Star-Gazette) 6 10. Violence in America, (The Leader) 6 11. The Destructive Demolition of America’s Rule of Law, (The Leader October 7, 2018) 7 12. Government Cultivating Victims, (The Leader, December 23, 2018) 8 13. Who is “Tom”? (The Leader January 27, 2019) 9 14. American Barbarism: Infanticide, (Sent to The Leader Feb. 27, 2019 (Not Published) 9 15. Education Is Unconcerned with Educating, (The Leader, April 7, 2019) 10 16. Mueller Wasn’t Seeking Justice, (The Leader May 12, 2019) 11 17. Democrat’s “Big Tent” Socialist Circus, (Sent to Leader June 12, 2019 (Not Publish) 12 18. The Politician, (The Leader July 21, 2019) 13 19. Elitism Is on the Upswing, (The Leader, August 18, 2019) 14 20. Socialism’s Fallacies’, (The Leader, September 22, 2019) 14 21. Hillary Worse Than Trump, (The Leader, November 3, 2019) 15 22. Trump: The Political Heretic, (The Leader December 8, 2019) 16 23. Exorcising Political Heretics, (The Leader January 26, 2020) 17 24. The Impeachment Conspiracy, (The Leader March 1, 2020) 18 25. Socialism, Government of Fear, (The Leader, April 5, 2020) 19
  5. 5. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents ii 26. Coronavirus, Ally to Socialism/Communism, (The Leader, May 10, 2020) 20 27. Who’s Watching Them Now? (The Leader May 31, 2020) 21 28. American Democracy Balancing Precariously, (Utica Observer-Dispatch, Aug 16, 2020) 22 29. Elitist Intellectual Bottom Feeders, (The Leader, September 13, 2020) 23 30. Biden’s Lyin Times, (The Leader, October 18, 2020) 23 31. A Tsunami of Corruption, (Sent to Leader, Not Published) 24 32. The Swamp Exposed 25 33. The Consequences of Lies and Lying 26 34. Aristotle’s Reason and Truth 26 35. Aristotle’s Reason and Truth 2.0 27 36. Complexify 28 37. Nature of Trust 29 38. Sincerity of Politicians 29 39. Stealthy Corruption 30 40. Minutia or Turbo BS 31 41. Toxic Humanity 32 42. I Am a Contrarian 32 43. The Clique 34 44. The Age of Innocence Lost 35 45. Under the Dome 35 46. The Modern Day Freak Shows 36 47. Mistrust Cultivated 37 48. False Idols 38 49. Education Corruption 39 50. My Epitaph 40
  6. 6. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents iii 51. The Aspiring Socialist Leader 41 52. The Coming Creep of Communism 42 53. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 42 54. Marketing: The Seed to Mind Control 43 55. Religion 44 56. The Skullduggery Behind Free College 45 57. The Ambrosia of Hollywood 46 58. Chicken Little Socialism 46 59. Why Trump So Hated 47 60. The Accusers are the Doers 48 61. The Silver Spoon Succession of Power 49 62. Congressional Comprehensive 50 63. Global Warming Our WWII 51 64. Ways Democrat Socialists Will Destroy America 51 65. Waste Not Want Not 52 66. For Socialism to Work 53 67. For the Children 54 68. Politicians Like the Cobradi Fish 55 69. Love Vs Respect 55 70. Relinquishing Responsibility, Accountability 56 71. Nice Guys Finish Last 57 72. Institutionalized Elitism 57 73. American Values 58 74. Democrat’s Demolition of America’s Rule of Law 59 75. Get on With the People's Business 60
  7. 7. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents iv 76. False Idols 60 77. Education Not Intelligence 61 78. Nitpick and Chicken Shit 62 79. Fear of Future 63 80. America's Metal Illness 63 81. American Values? 64 82. Many Faces of the Villain Corruption 65 83. All Governments Susceptible to Corruption 65 84. Why the Electoral College? 66 85. Pessimistic, Idealistic or Realist 67 86. The Intellectually Superior Socialists 68 87. Democrat’s Drive to Tyranny 68 88. The Lure of Socialism 69 89. The Whole Greater 70 90. No One Above the Law 71 91. Holier Than Thou 71 92. Opportunity for Stupidity 72 93. Democrats Scuttling America 73 94. Debt and Depression 74 95. Hierarchy Hypocrisy 75 96. The Legacy of Hierarchy Hypocrisy 75 97. Washington is Falling 76 98. Jane Fonda Climate Scientist 77 99. I trust No American Institutions 78 100. Hillary: The Ugliest American 78
  8. 8. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents v 101. Lazy Liars 79 102. The Political Wall of Silence 80 103. Warping Our Youth 80 104. Dark Vision 81 105. Dark Days of Depression 82 106. The Tornado of Lies 83 107. Weaponizing Whistleblowers 84 108. Congressional Oversight 84 109. Discipline for Complete Education 85 110. Education Concentration Camps 86 111. Student Concentration Camps 86 112. Social to Socialist Engineering 87 113. The Prison of Promises 88 114. The Age of Words Louder than Actions 89 115. Lower Than a Snakes Belly 89 116. Government Paid Lobbyists 90 117. Safe Spaces 91 118. Lipstick on the Political Pigs 91 119. Eric Swalwell’s Most Honest Outburst 92 120. Trump’s Cult 93 121. The Complexifying Conspiracy 94 122. Democrat Ego Maniacs 94 123. Corruption’s Seduction 95 124. Corruption, Corroding America 96 125. Who is Running for President? 96
  9. 9. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents vi 126. Turning the World Upside Down 97 127. Regimented Thought Academies 98 128. Extremely Pathetic 99 129. More on Socialism 99 130. Globalism Equals Socialism/Communism 100 131. Vile Government 101 132. Jackals and Hyenas 102 133. The Fallacy of Character 102 134. Beware the Republicans Too 103 135. Snobbery of the Schooled 104 136. Computer Teachers 104 137. My Political Position Paper 105 138. The Socialist Utopia 106 139. Education Industry, Power, Profit, Addiction 107 140. More on Half Fast Impeachment 107 141. Democrat Party’s Hysterical Hatred of Trump 108 142. The Political Party Conspiracy 109 143. Integrity Upside Down 110 144. Who is Promoting Division? 110 145. Executive Orders, Abuse of Power 111 146. Subversive Education 112 147. The Socialist Democrat Deep State 113 148. Democratic Socialism? 113 149. Belt Tightening, the Forgotten American Skill 114 150. America, Corrupt from the Head Down 115
  10. 10. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents vii 151. State Sponsored Addiction 116 152. Branding of Superiority 116 153. The Corona Virus Crisis 117 154. Coronavirus Catastrophe 118 155. Trumpeting Trump 119 156. Coronavirus Coverage 119 157. Coronavirus Repercussions 120 158. How About a Frugal Government? 121 159. Dark Government 121 160. All Praise Media 122 161. Harnessing the Coronavirus Exile 123 162. School Board Incest 124 163. The Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy 125 164. Mistrust on Coronavirus 126 165. The Case for Global Warming/Climate Change 127 166. The Land of Myopia 127 167. Sweet Songs of Hypocrisy 128 168. Government Regulation 129 169. Trust Lost 129 170. Humility and Confidence 131 171. Training for Chaining 131 172. Marketing the Romance 132 173. Democrat Party, No Shame, No Integrity 133 174. Who’s Assaulting the Rule of Law? 133 175. Coronavirus: Chinese Domination 134
  11. 11. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents viii 176. Seeing the Forest for the Thieves 135 177. Rat Infestation 136 178. Socialism’s Predilection for Addiction 136 179. Divide and Conquer 137 180. Uncle Simon Says Syndrome 138 181. Never Waste a Good Crisis 138 182. Stupid or Diabolical 139 183. Corona Catastrophe: Cultivating Depression 140 184. The Haze of Government Darkness 141 185. Honesty is the Best Policy? 142 186. The Colossal Cuomo Clown Show 142 187. Racism’s Reign 143 188. The Evil Empire Within 144 189. The Progressive Destruction of America 145 190. The Dark Shadow of Propaganda 146 191. Democrat Hypocrisy on Display 146 192. Respect, Arbiter Between Love and Hate 147 193. Broken Promise of America 148 194. Corruption like Gravity Pulling Down 149 195. College: Over Rated, Over Graded 149 196. Devolution of Progressive Political Norms 150 197. Trump Epic Villain or Epic Hero 151 198. Freedom Isn’t Free 152 199. “Together?” 153 200. Politicians Preachers Propagandists 153
  12. 12. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents ix 201. Who Am I? 154 202. TRUMP Derangement Syndrome! 155 203. Anti-education 156 204. How Do You Fight? 156 205. McCain and Romney 157 206. Tyranny of Majority and Minority 158 207. Capitalism vs Corruption 159 208. Racism 159 209. Democrat Designs to Destroy Democracy 160 210. The Treachery of Technology 161 211. Teaching Methods 162 212. Passionate About Freedom 162 213. Elitist Intellectual Bottom Feeders 2.0 163 214. Democrat Deception Masters 164 215. America the Appeaser the Pleaser 165 216. The Aggressive Power Seeker 165 217. “We the People” Beasts of Burden 166 218. The Accuser is the Doer 167 219. Equality Exploited, Ergo Inequality Extended 168 220. Throwing Money at Problems 168 221. Social Animals 169 222. Conspiracy Theorists? 170 223. Listen Ignore 171 224. Partners in Lies, Biden and Harris 172 225. Shallow Joe 172
  13. 13. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents x 226. Intentions of Tyranny 173 227. Washington DC Vampire City 174 228. Labeling Liars 175 229. Ineffectiveness Inefficiency, Government Business Model 175 230. Democrats: No Shame Their Game 176 231. Kinks and Assholes 177 232. The New Face of Socialism? 178 233. Killings by the Numbers 178 234. The Plus and the Minus 179 235. Wisdom 180 236. Importance of Education 181 237. Battleground America 181 238. Democrat’s: All Paths to Socialism 182 239. Force Feeding America 184 240. Democrat Leadership Makes Me Sick 185 241. Fame Addiction 186 242. Web of Lies, Web of Corruption 186 243. Democrat’s Socialist Onslaught 187 244. Knowledge is Power 188 245. Socialists Planting Fear 189 246. Washington DC, Cesspool of Corruption 189 247. Corruption Pedal to the Metal 190 248. Trump’s Ego 191 249. Democrat’s High Hypocrisy 191 250. How Can We Heal? 192
  14. 14. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents xi 251. Marketing, Chosen Communications of 21st Century 193 252. Terror Forming 194 253. Socialism’s Slavery 195 254. Democracy Needs Interaction 195 255. Entering the Twilight Zone 196 256. Possession of America’s Spirit 197 257. Slaves to Stupidity 198 258. The Deadliest Pandemic, Dishonesty 198 259. OMG Dark Clouds Covering 199 260. Democrats Accusing of their Doings 200 261. Corruption, Fear and Cowardice Grip Government 201 262. Crippling Corruption 202 263. Media Manure Spreader 202 264. America Needs to Unite 203 265. Biden Time After Time 204 266. Neville Chamberlains America 204 267. Invasion of the Bottom Feeders 205 268. The Saintly One 206 269. Dishonest Disingenuous Delusional Dim Bulb Biden 206 270. Frog March to Socialism 207 271. Cultivating a Culture of Corruption 208 272. Andrew Cuomo, Pompous Ass 209 273. Critical Race Theory 210 274. Alas in Wonderland 210 275. The Fallacies of Expertise 211
  15. 15. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents xii 276. Hypocrisy Rule Rather Than Exception 211 277. The Course of Corruption 212 278. Dismantling Democracy 213 279. Spitting in American’s Faces 214 280. Erasing President Trump 215 281. Seed of Corruption 215 282. Worldwide Lynching of Trump 216 283. Sticks and Stones 216 284. Aspiring Gods 217 285. The Mind Gestapo 218 286. Depression: Fanfare for Oppression 219 287. Stupidity 219 288. Secular Socialist Democrat Cult 220 289. No Show 221 290. Trump Remorse 222 291. Biden Obliterating Our Democracy 223 292. DC, Hollywood for Ugly People and Bad Actors 223 293. The Trail of Tyranny 224 294. Socialism, Not the Oasis Alexandra Ocasio Cortez Claims 226 295. Celebrating Corruption 228 296. Fight 230 297. Experience in Politics Positive? 232 298. Age of Words Louder than Actions 233 299. Democrat Socialism Riding with the Grim Reaper 235 300. Lying, Coverup, Politicians Default Positions 237
  16. 16. Witless Wisdom Table of Contents xiii 301. Understanding Rush 238 302. Sociopath Socialist Democrats 239 303. Our Spawns as Pawns 240 304. Cultural Extinction 241 305. Well Rounded Education? 243 306. Stupid Wasteful Spending Socialism’s Ally 244 307. Money is Power 245 308. Total Suspension of Democracy 246 309. Democrats Bedazzled by Corruption 247 310. Crisis Craft 248 311. Deep State Democrats Draining America 250 312. The Selfishly Strange Strategy of Socialist Leadership 252 313. Deep State Democrats Conscienceless 253
  17. 17. Foreword In my journey through the years, perhaps I have become paranoid, pessimistic and cynical. Reading my essays, you might see me as a dark, dismal, bitter human being. The subjects I write about may make me seem so. In my defense, I write these things to purge the negatives I see in society, from my brain. Such thoughts forever trapped in my skull a prescription for insanity. Sitting in the distant bleacher seats in center field, my perceptions may be misguided. On the other hand, perhaps my eclectic experiences have rendered me some insights into human behaviors and conditions which I have an obsession to share. In this tangle of aimless meanderings, weaving a fabric from which you may pull a thread of truth! Maybe a number of loose threads may find a few concrete thoughts which may spur the thinking of some. At least for me it provides mental gymnastics giving my mind activity, avoiding these wild ideas from bouncing around in my skull incessantly, driving me crazy. Purging these thoughts also allows me peace and rest. Perhaps I will hit on some views of politics that are political nuggets. Maybe even a little philosophy, satire or even humor that might strike a chord, firing up some imaginations. Or, my letters, essays and vignettes may just be an exercise in brainless futility wasting time. Judge me as you will, for I have studied and accepted who I am through these letters, essays, rants, raves and life. Be harsh, not gentle because I will not trust you if you buff my butt. Letters and essays snapshots of my views of society. Politics, philosophies and conspiracies viewed from afar, some perhaps off base, others maybe on target. You be the judge. Perhaps a view from a distance produces a clearer judgement on the dirt and filth of the Washington DC corruption. Those in the government have been so jaded and contaminated by the shenanigans of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, they have no concept of right and wrong, legal or illegal. I pray to God I see our leaders, politicians and bureaucrats, religious, science and others abandon the path of politicians, self-serving chasing of the dollar and the power it brings. I’d rather transcend the negative thoughts they force upon me and travel to those more positive and uplifting visions that are within me. Perhaps we’ll pick up a few gems or discover it’s only fool’s gold. A stew of tasty ideas, thoughts and observations or perhaps an unpalatable fare! I consider myself of average intelligence on the low side. Creative, artistic, practical with common sense. I used to think those in politics and the media were smarter than the average bear. Reality set in over the years and I began to see I was smarter than them. Where does that leave them? I may be wrong, sometimes right, perhaps my thoughts might shed some light. You certainly will find grammar errors in my writings. I know liberal socialists Democrats will use the misplaced comma, typographical error or nit pick anything to avoid the content of what is said. Their need to hide from truth. Now days they beat down, intimidate anyone who disagrees with them. Sad, supposed representatives of the people destroying democracy.
  18. 18. Witless Wisdom 1 | P a g e Education Approach Fails, (Leader Letter March 21, 2013) Thomas Jefferson told us “Good” public education is essential to democracy! I say, “Poor public education is essential to socialism!” A rationale why our education unions are invested in failure! Keep this in mind as our school budget process approaches. An editorial titled “TeachersFirstNY” from the New York Post Monday August 20, 2012 very much summarized education in New York State and America. It begins, “You’ve really got to marvel at just how far New York’s teacher’s unions will go to block meaningful school reform.” It discusses another group created to distort the debate and from another front of opposition to keep the unions and their members unaccountable. The group calls itself, New Yorkers for Great Public Schools (NYGPS)! The New York Post mocks, “Great Schools” it points out, “For the adults running them, that is – with good pay and no serious consequences for failure.” Highlighting, “For the kids not so much.” The education industry actually benefits from failure. Constant cries for more money, they say to address the failure. The more they fail, the more their requests for money are met. In actuality that money goes to expansion of profit and power of the education industry. This is the typical education approach! Throw more money at the education problems. This provides more resources to the teacher’s unions and education associations which serve to expand their membership making them stronger and richer but never seeming to improve education. Effectiveness and efficiency, they run away from because that would mean accountability. Educators Are About the Money, Not Students, (Star-Gazette December 3, 2015) We must face the fact today’s education is an industry — a business chasing the dollar like any other. Whether public education or colleges and universities, collecting money is their primary objective. One could say greed is the motivation. The myth of educating the students comes well down the list of priorities. Unlike other capitalistic businesses, striving for success to increase profits, education is much like government, profiting from failure. Lamenting their failures, they cry for more money to fix, stifling motivation to get better and improve. Educators, like politicians, have discovered that failure is profitable in their industries. The failure to educate promotes the future expansion of the education industry. Failing to create self-sufficient individuals indoctrinates them into socialist dependence,
  19. 19. Witless Wisdom 2 | P a g e leaning on the education industry for help. No wonder education is being usurped by government thinking. The objective of dependence is desired by both education and government industries. Because of this motivation, a majority of educators have become politicians. School superintendents are trained in political manipulation, as are teachers. Their political agendas and indoctrinating students into them are the goals of teachers’ unions and administrator associations. Our education systems are as corrupt as government — for the educator, not the children. The Art of Cursive Writing, The Leader August 17, 2016 The Education Industry and pseudo-intellectual educators have pushed more money for the arts in schools for a well-rounded education. They insist such art programs make the students smarter. On the other hand, cursive writing is being banished from education. Brilliant educators see no need for that skill. This is an indicator of the lack of vision and foresight of those we give so much credit for intelligence. Cursive writing is an art exercise for all students, whether pursuing art or not. It teaches control of the pen, pencil, brush and mind. Following the curves and adding one’s own creativity to their style. A school in Georgia had students copying Islamic texts as training in calligraphy, yet cursive English is being dismissed as unnecessary. Could it be the Education Industry’s pushing of more money to arts programs is about the money; not about art? My observations show education leadership is more interested in money than art. They’re more interested in money than education! Cursive writing presents an inherent introduction to art with the potential to impart art skills to all students! Yet shortsighted and money blinded educators cannot see beyond their greed, their green (money)! Wording a Concern for School Committee Member, (Star-Gazette Aug. 13, 2017) Recently I prematurely expressed renewed confidence in education locally, dissipating in one word: integrity. Part of the Horseheads School District 2030 Committee, I gained enthusiasm when our facilitator professed profusely (red flag ignored) we weren’t being led to a predetermined conclusion like the Strategic Planning Committee almost a decade ago.
  20. 20. Witless Wisdom 3 | P a g e Six grueling four-hour sessions covered many tasks including vision and value statements. I fought embarrassingly hard for integrity to be a value. The committee agreed in next to the last meeting. When reviewed at the last meeting, integrity was abandoned, deleted in editing replaced with a nebulous “quality of character.” “Bait and switch!” Duped. Why is the “education industry” frightened by integrity? Perhaps lacking knowledge, understanding, interest or their union’s selfish agendas are antithetical to integrity? When on the school board mentioning integrity, most members would become defensive accusing me of saying they lacked integrity. Integrity becomes a casualty of politics and personal agendas. Integrity sets a standard of accountability. “Quality of character” is subjective, allowing convenient twisting, distorting of definitions, spurning integrity. Without integrity what we declare, often is not what is! Education without integrity breeds treachery, tyranny; corruption! Character Education that trivializes integrity is meaningless, a farce. Education Is All About Socialist Indoctrination, (Star-Gazette July 6, 2017) Recent interactions have improved my view of local education. However, my view of the “education industry” on national and state levels continues plunging. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton pushed that all children should go to college, herding students through the turnstiles for money, ignoring the many failures of college educations. They discount apprenticeship, experience and self-that bypass a college education. Their purpose is to buy educators who overwhelmingly support progressive Democratic socialist dogma. Our youth are not educated, but indoctrinated into Democratic political philosophies, programming students to be lazy recruits for socialism. Indoctrinated college students are demonstrating violently against freedom of speech and the Constitution with Democrats’ support. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s free college is about mass indoctrination by our education system to his politics, a failing authoritarian socialism. It creates a lazy, lethargic needy population depending upon a lazy, lethargic leadership that enjoys grazing on the people’s bones. Our socialist education industry, an influential arm of the Democratic Party, fails to instill critical thinking, often punishing it, even stripping students of common sense. Thomas Jefferson said good public education is essential to democracy. I say poor public education is essential to socialism.
  21. 21. Witless Wisdom 4 | P a g e Experience In Politics Not a Good Thing, (Star-Gazette Jan. 25, 2017) The idea that experience in politics or government makes for a better national leader is sadly misguided. The founding fathers did not want career government officials who would evolve to government royalty. They wanted citizen representatives that knew what real life in the nation was like. Political experience likely means indoctrination into frivolous spending, massive dollars spent with little to show for it. It means acceptance of incompetence, graft and corruption. Also, lack of accountability and responsibility, dragging one’s heals, stalling to avoid getting anything done. This is why the politicians and government bureaucrats do not want to see those citizens educated in the private-sector experience getting into government, exposing them to people who are held accountable, and are weaned on accomplishment and concrete achievements. Not like the achievements of so-called academics and scholars, which only results in paper they are arbitrarily graded on or framed and hung on the wall. Experience in government may very well be a major negative. Just think of the good that could be done for the hungry, homeless and ailing with the many billions wasted by politicians’ graft, corruption, incompetence and waste. Political Norms? (Star-Gazette) One of the many attacks on President Trump I find very interesting, he does not adhere to or abide by “Political Norms”! Question, what are those “Political Norms”? From my bleacher seats way out in center field, this is what I observe them to be. “Political Norms” begin with extreme, wasteful spending, which then translates to extreme oppressive taxation. A political class behaving like royalty, using their position of representative of the people to line their own pockets! Diverting more money to government through incompetence and waste provides more for the politicians to skim. Lying during campaigns to get elected which clearly carries over to their everyday service as a matter of habit seems a “Political Norm”! Deception, hiding from the people activities of politicians! “Verbal Rope-a-dope” talking in circles incessantly, saying nothing, till people’s eyes glaze over and minds are numbed. Once seen as rhetoric above our intellect, we now know that used car salesman BS, their way to make them feel superior and profit.
  22. 22. Witless Wisdom 5 | P a g e Then there is “Written Rope-a-Dope” manipulating laws and bills so dishonestly politicians can interpret them any way they wish! These the “Political Norms”, incompetence, waste, fraud and corruption, our politicians covet so dearly! A Look at Rule of Law, (The Leader (Corning) March 1, 2018) Russian Collusion? Democrats charge questioning the FBI and DOJ jeopardizes America’s “Rule of Law”? Not questioning those powerful institutions threatens the “Rule of Law”! The dark deep state has forced me to defend a crude, crass President Trump. Corruption and incompetence by far trump crude and crass. Democrats accuse President Trump’s concerns of FBI and DOJ malfeasance and corruption in the Russian Collusion investigation as trying to derail the investigation. They say it threatens effectiveness of those agencies, thus jeopardizing the “Rule of Law”. Logic dictates corruption in the FBI and DOJ are far greater dangers to the “Rule of Law” than questioning powerful institutions of our government. To place them above questioning and reproach for misguided perhaps criminal action would establish a nest for tyranny. J. Edgar Hoover on steroids! Russian Collusion, it appears the DNC spear headed by Hillary Clinton made a Preemptive Strike against President Trump accusing him of “Russian Collusion”, which they engaged in to defeat Trump. Failing, the Clinton mafia is out to destroy his presidency, a direct attack against the U.S. Constitution! Clinton’s Democrat Party accuses Trump of behaviors Hillary has actually engaged in, given a pass by Obama’s deep state FBI and DOJ! We see top leadership FBI’s Comey, McCabe, Andrew Weissman, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, DOJ’s Loretta Lynch, Rod Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr and Sally Yates up to their eyebrows in dishonesty, obtaining FISA Court warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and presidency. Special prosecutor Mueller’s Russian investigation has engaged in questionable behaviors with his deep state allies. Democrats and media avoid looking at these issues making them accessories to the corruption of these rogue government officials. Unfettered power to our guardian institutions of law places heavy hands on the scales of justice. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”
  23. 23. Witless Wisdom 6 | P a g e The Seeds of Corruption, (The Star-Gazette) While we educate good leadership to cultivate better organizations, politicians and journalists reject the premise corrupt leadership can cascade down, radiating throughout organizations implanting corruption. Corruption propagating in society is rearing its’ ugly head in the FBI, DOJ, IRS, media and many institutions. Discussion with academics finds insistence no corrupt policies, programs or procedures exist because virtuous educators would not allow. Dogma often preached in areas incubating corruption. Humans aren’t necessarily attracted to virtue, generally seeking paths of least resistance, acquiescing to dishonesty in varying degrees. Corrupt people attain leadership, incorporating corruption through programs, policies, procedures, personnel and practice (example)! Leaders bad and good seek similarly thinking followers. Corruption like gangrene delivers deadly poison to connected body parts! Good people steered through tainted principles normalize organizational corruption. Yes, there are people finding corruption distasteful, failing to speak up because they must provide for families. Those speaking against the corruption are labeled “whistle blowers” and experience personal destruction launched upon them, losing standing, jobs, careers and livelihoods. Corruption has a powerful hammer pounding down nails sticking out! Once corruption takes hold, few confront for retribution is so great. The consequences of avoiding risk; a corrupt society! Violence in America, (The Leader) Violence in America, guns only the tip of the spear, the excuse used by a mentally degraded and morally decaying nation. Many issues lead up to the use of the gun, knife, club and killing hands. Abortion has devalued the sanctity of life. Barrack Obama didn’t want his daughters being burdened with children, conscienceless sex promoted, abortions removing unwanted birthing burdens evolved to conscienceless killing. Television’s content flooded with extreme violence! Dateline, 20/20 along with numerous other reality crime shows glorify violence! Fictional crime shows fill the screen with heinous mass killings. They sensationalize brutality. Violent video games glorify the art of killing, while desensitizing the children playing them. A number of years ago in an area in Africa, a gang of young bull elephants were going on murderous rampages, killing for the sake of killing. Aberrant behavior for elephants, the case studied,
  24. 24. Witless Wisdom 7 | P a g e discovering those young males were moved in a group to that area from over populated areas. Without mature male role models, they ran amuck. “Lord of the Flies!” Perhaps good fatherly role models are important? Drugging children with hallucinogenic drugs like Ritalin to control them likely catalyzed because irresponsible parents used drugs. Corrupt politicians condoning Alinsky methodology encouraging violence to promote their own agendas! (i.e. Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, etc.) People and politicians are looking for an easy fix for government which seldom fixes anything. That is part of the government game keeping the pot boiling, so the need for bigger bloated government is magnified and decades of government failure hidden. There are many more reasons the mental health of America is degrading and that is the issue with violence in America, guns play only a part of the final result not the cause. The Destructive Demolition of America’s Rule of Law (The Leader Sunday October 7, 2018) America’s Rule of Law, foundation of American democracy is being demolished internally. California, a cancer initiating this disaster spreading throughout the country! Sanctuary cities flaunt the law giving criminal’s safe haven, amnesty! San Francisco, one such city ignoring cars being robbed and people crapping on the streets! Los Angeles has tent cities all over where sanitary conditions are ignored and crime runs rampant. Illegal immigration! Democrat socialist like Rep. Maxine Waters encourage the violence of Occupy Wall Street, Antifa and the like with their inflammatory rhetoric. Violence on streets and even college campuses against people with opposing ideas is not only accepted, but encouraged. Nancy Pelosi defended a brutal MS13 gang, members mutilating and beheading people, as downtrodden youths needing jobs. The Democrat Party endorses these actions. Let’s not forget the attempted assassination of republican Congressmen on a softball field, likely encouraged by democrat angry rhetoric and support for violence. This epidemic is spreading rapidly. Our Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence institution leaderships are not only bathing in but exalting their corruption. This includes the anti-Trump cabal of FBI’s (Comey, Strzok, Page, possibly special council Mueller) and DOJ-s (Rosenstein, Bruce and Nelly Or, McCabe, Holder and Lynch) John Brennen CIA, James Clapper DNI Lois Lerner IRS and likely numerous bureaucratic leaders cashing in integrity for power. Ignored Hillary corruption! Now the “Me Too” movement has changed “Innocent till proven guilty” to “Guilty by accusation”, a militant vengeful vigilante movement, high jacked by Senators Mazie Hirono and Kirsten Gillibrand.
  25. 25. Witless Wisdom 8 | P a g e The philosophy of guilt by accusation strongly embraced by the socialist democrats, voiced by Cory (Sputtercus) Booker, lynching people, destroying lives by mere accusations! There are many more examples of the plunging into lawlessness, creating chaos and danger for the American people, as “WE THE PEOPLE” sit by ignoring the destruction! Government Cultivating Victims (The Leader – Sunday 12-23-18) Why would leaders cultivate victim mentalities in their citizenry? Lazy, lethargic, lard butt leadership lacking ambition and vision desire’s such a population, disarming the people of self-reliance, while shackling them with dependence. Forsaking positive environments, nurturing addictive neediness traps citizens in socialism, chosen government for incompetent, power crazed leadership. I have often thought politicians would welcome a drug addicted society, made docile, easily controlled. Failure to secure our Southern border, surrendering the “War on Drugs” speaks. Some trace the present opioid crisis to laws passed by Congress. Fentanyl flooding in from China, the US Postal Service their mule! Blaming our drug crisis on a pill rather than weakened will of the nation, a smoke screen protecting the guilty! Guns made the scapegoat for killings, not the distorted mental deficiencies behind the gun? Twisted thinking human beings given dispensation for criminal acts, inanimate, unthinking, unfeeling objects tagged with the blame. Reducing human beings to tools of the tools they should control. Humanizing tools and dehumanizing people, shifting responsibility. Studies say one of five students entering college have mental problems. Children’s brains are arrested and undermined by societal progressivism, computers, electronic pads and cellphones supposed to be great godsends to education. Parents in Silicon Valley are sending their children to private, electronic free paper driven schools because brains are degraded by addictive electronic crutches, lauded as the miracle cure in public education. Replay: tobacco industry addicting children to increase profits! Government criticizes citizens for not saving then confiscates their money, spending it dishonestly and wastefully, exemplifying massive debt, modeling greedy immediate gratification. Not planning, paying many times more on enslaving credit instead of managing finances.
  26. 26. Witless Wisdom 9 | P a g e Our government, education, social media and main stream media systems are complicit in this undermining effort. Personal responsibility, accountability, self-discipline, and independence snuffed out! Who is “Tom”? (The Leader, Sunday January 27, 2019) “I’m Tom”, an arrogant, narcissistic campaign slogan taking for granted the vote of trusting constituents. With his condescending attitude Tom has dumped his warm and fuzzy clap trap on us for too many elections. We have time to consider replacing this falsely home spun Washington “good ole boy” whose frighteningly empty promise is “I’m Tom”! I supported with signs Tom Reed for his first two terms, voting recently over the socialist movement. It appears he has been usurped by the Washington “good ole boys”, the Republican “Cowardly Corrupt”, hanging onto the donkey’s tail, swallowing their personally profitable socialist crap. Remember when we said Obama couldn’t solve the problem of terrorism if he could not name the enemy, “Extremist Islamic Terrorists” based on the premise you cannot solve a problem if you cannot identify it. Congressman Reed refuses to recognize corruption (waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence and deception), the underlying cancer of all problems in Washington DC. Corruption taints, no, pollutes everything coming out of our Federal Government. Laws, news, ideas people etc., are corrupted by the extremely toxic environment. When Reed glorifies his results, if there really are any, they are immersed in devastating corruption. Reed takes not the low hanging fruit to aggrandize “Tom”, but the rotten fruit festering on the swamp floor. Reed brags about his over two hundred town hall meetings. Those meetings only a song and dance minstrel show, merely a marketing ploy to say he did something, yielding only corrupt contaminated contrivances. He fakes listening while formulating long rehearsed canned answers he spouts, not really hearing what the people are saying. His blindness to Washington corruption the proof! Tom Reed has become a comfortable member of the cowardly corrupt Republican Party led by the nose by an aggressively corrupt socialist Democrat Party! American Barbarism: Infanticide, (Sent to The Leader Feb. 27, 2019 (Not Published)) Is America descending into the clutches of hell? A baby surviving abortion condemned to a linen closet to die. Similar grisly incidents motivated legislators to pass the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act of 2002 at both state and federal levels.
  27. 27. Witless Wisdom 10 | P a g e Illinois state senator Barrack Obama opposed legislation classifying aborted fetuses showing signs of life as a "born alive infant" entitled to legal protection. Viewing those bills as stealth attacks on women’s legal right to abortion, the same argument against critics of today’s new unconstrained abortion laws. New York’s diabolical jackbooted little dictator, Governor Andrew Cuomo giddy over his new bill legalizing the aborting of “unviable” babies right up to birth. Boastful, the bill conceivably a threshold to infanticide, he declared progress! Cuomo strutting like a Banty rooster crowing exultant about his inhumanity! Virginia Governor Northam stated babies could be resuscitated then a discussion to terminate their life could ensue, characterizing a bill proposed in his state. Crucified for a racist picture in his medical school yearbook, supporting infanticide ignored. Boundless abortion laws justifying and legalizing Doctor Kermit Gosnell’s baby killing atrocities. Ghoulish murderous acts are being sanctioned by American Law! These laws promote profit models of Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts business. Steps to take government control over life even further were suggested by Obamacare architects Senator Tom Daschle and Doctor Ezekiel Emanuel, characterized at the time as “Death Panels”. Scoffed at by democrats, judging these new limitless abortion laws, withholding of healthcare from unviable elderly to reduce costs is not farfetched. Secular subversives seek erasing Christian morality, warring against God and American Judeo- Christian foundational values. Secular motivators make government religion, ordaining themselves powerful gods yearning worship. Dominion over life, defining unviability, the right to inflict death the pinnacle power in their ongoing avaricious socialist quest! Education Is Unconcerned with Educating (The Leader, Sunday April 7, 2019) Educational Sabotage Call me an old crank, but when I was in school political leanings of teachers were unknown. They taught disciplines building our minds, not manipulating them. Our Education System has become money centric unconcerned with educating! An incestuous alliance between the education industry, government and main stream media indoctrinates. Disarming students of common sense and critical thinking, stripping individuality, shackling them with dependence! The “Education Industry” executes major roles promoting socialist agendas, exploiting pre-k through advanced degrees for brainwashing. While professing critical thinking, they criticize, attacking those
  28. 28. Witless Wisdom 11 | P a g e thinking independently. Like failed strategies of National Socialist Germany and Soviet Socialist Russia, they commandeer education, propagandizing the minds of our youth, for profit and power. Teacher’s unions and administrator associations place selfish agendas well above education of our youth, dismantling learning processes that strengthened the mind replaced with ones that erode the brain. Good teachers often driven to mediocrity and worse by powerful union intimidation. Like government the education industry has formulated methods for profiting in failure, installing mechanisms to subvert education, leeching more money to feign repairing their sabotage! • Filling the minds of the young with “education should be fun”, softening them with toys and games, bastardizing what used to be disciplines. • Education was to enhance how to think not indoctrinating what to think. • The miracle educator of the computer was sold as a brain builder, in reality a brain killer. • Liberally diagnosing children with ADD and ADHD plying them with drugs to subdue independent restless energy normal to childhood! • Trading multiplication and division tables and cursive writing for mindless electronics and thumb driven texting. • Redefining “Integrity” with nebulously undefined “Quality of Character”! Self-anointed intellectuals, educators crowning themselves saviors of the future, their arrogant indoctrination of children may well sentence the children to a debilitating future of hopelessness. Mueller Wasn’t Seeking Justice (The Leader May 12, 2019) Obstruction of Justice or Injustice? Trump is no angel, but by far not the worst of Washington rancid with stench of a long rotting swamp! Trump scapegoated for swamp failures, incompetence over decades. Justice, absent from Mueller’s probe of Russian collusion! A gossip based investigation with information planted by a deep state government cabal of anti-Trumpers to nullify a presidential election. Can there be obstruction of justice where there is no justice? Mueller knew within six months Trump did not collude with Russia. Yet Mueller’s lengthy dragnet avoided obvious Hillary Clinton conniving with Russian entities, his purpose to lynch Trump: protect Hillary. Certainly Trump’s rapid fire rhetoric endangers himself with the obstruction of justice charge. Still many legal experts say charges by democrats are unfounded, illegitimate, and silly. With no crime found, what is obstructed?
  29. 29. Witless Wisdom 12 | P a g e Is justice a bias, investigative attack council of haters against Trump, vigilante thugs digging dirt setting-up Trump for a Democrat “Kangaroo Court” lynching to impeach him? No, it is not! Perhaps under such conditions, injustice needs to be obstructed! Representative Adam Schiff of California accuses, Trump with his words fooled the American people. Schiff lied about having incontrovertible evidence of Trump’s Russian collusion and was a prime perpetuator of the fabrication costing American taxpayers $35 million for a false and phony investigation. Who lied and obstructed justice? Democrats and media, power crazed nattering nabobs of nasty corruption like Nadler, fomenting a coup d'état! Vigilantes harassing Trump, Democrats, media, academe, and Hollywood profit greatly from the Washington swamp. Trump’s attempt to drain the swamp threatens their goose that lays the golden eggs for them and theirs. Like rats backed into a corner, they viciously went for Trump’s throat. Justice the furthest from prosecutor Mueller’s mind, his goals deleting Trump, tarring, feathering, and running him out on a rail. Democrat’s “Big Tent” Socialist Circus, (Sent to Leader June 12, 2019 (Not Published)) Democrat politicians arrogantly act as smartest people in the room. Allying with their reflections, pseudo-intellectual academics, claiming elite status to implement their socialist agendas! While they are products of college educations, those seeking the U.S. Presidency and several new members of Congress Cortez and Omar, spouting rhetoric before their brains engage seem more likely graduates of Clown College. Hailed as presenting new, innovative ideas, they are actually foisting on us old ideas which have long proved failing and destructive. Promoting government taking on healthcare and college for all and “The Green New Deal” would easily bankrupt America, making us impotent to accomplish anything but poverty. They are proposing poisoning actions that would degenerate America to a third world country, killing opportunity, denying freedom and democracy to the world. The dust jacket of Kamala Harris’s book says, “Harris’s commitment to speaking truth is informed by her upbringing.” Her commitment appears to misrepresent truth selling historically failed socialism to the people. A deceitful, big lie, much like the myth of manmade global warming alias climate change! Beto O’Rourke adopted his name to scam people, requesting their molding him! His policies morphing constantly to con people. A chameleon, how would his jelly backbone fair against Putin and Kim?
  30. 30. Witless Wisdom 13 | P a g e Joe Biden a limp wind sock waiting for a breeze. Liz Warren, a lifelong liar about who she is. Kirsten Gillibrand taking massive policy about faces upon smelling power! Corey Booker, Sputtercus living his imagined myths. Bernie Sanders a crazy snake oil doctor selling socialist rip-offs as a miracle cure. De Blasio front runner in democrat’s endless cavalcade of empty socialist suits ending capitalism! The collective’s ceremonial prostrating before “Reverend” Al Sharpton’s corruption, the clown atop their cake epitomizing Democrat’s “Big Tent” socialist circus. The Politician, (The Leader - July 21, 2019) The Webster Universal Dictionary of the English Language, copyright 1936 defines “Politician - A man of artifice or deep contrivance: a man who adopts politics as a means to his own ends; an intriguer or schemer.” Clearly a reprehensible, corrupt human being not worthy of the trust of the people! This same dictionary glosses over with a short definition of statesman, referencing the material under politician where it states, “Politician, statesman, diplomat – A statesman may lack the qualifications essential to success to politics and diplomacy. A successful diplomat may not be a statesman but he is likely to be a good politician.” Webster’s New World Dictionary of American English, copyright 1986 defines Statesman - A person who shows wisdom, skill and vision in conducting state affairs and dealing with public affairs, or one engaged in the business of government. A senior politician, especially a man, who is widely respected for integrity and impartial concern for the public good! These definitions show we’ve historically understood the putrefied, self-serving nature of politicians, with their inherent dishonesty and corruption. An entity without conscience, destined to debauchery and rebuffing respectability. We have seen this so clearly in recent decades, obviously aware of the disgusting nature of the politicians, but accepted it as “WE The PEOPLE” getting the corrupt and greedy government for which we have allowed. A prime example is the acceptance politicians will lie during their campaigns. If they lie then, they will lie anytime lying is expedient and beneficial to their personal selfish agendas. Perhaps politicians lobbied, connived to put lipstick on the politician pig in more modern dictionaries. Instinctually we know politicians to be scurrilous scalawags, corrupt and untrustworthy. They constantly show us their colors, yet we continually accept their treachery. Statesmen extinct!
  31. 31. Witless Wisdom 14 | P a g e Elitism Is on the Upswing, (The Leader, August 18, 2019) Snobbery: A lust for elitism, craving dominance An old saying “the cream rises to the top”, what makes up the cream? In our changing morality, where words speak louder than actions, that cream can be spoiled and soured. Where the powerful, often corrupt define elite to promote themselves and questionable “qualities of character” they possess. A corrupt cabal forming an oligarchy! Elitism, accentuated by arrogance and narcissism is rapidly trending upwards in America. Three of the major groups crave society’s power. Media propagandists crowning themselves journalists, academic indoctrinators ordaining themselves intellectuals and self-serving politicians camouflaging themselves as public servants! All claiming noble motivations, absolved of wrong doing, because of gold plated titles they possess! I remember as a young college graduate in my small home town two other college graduates talking about how superior they were, talking down those not going to college. One a two year graduate, the other later became a millionaire which was announced profusely. I thought it repulsive when I heard it and years after seeing the results. I see in America an infestation of the same kind of superiority complex. Viewing those elitist groups on television, as if under a huge microscope, their condescension, dishonesty and hypocrisy festers bursting forward like a massive growing infection. They must avoid watching themselves to evade their ugly reflections in the mirror. People who are so afraid of not measuring up, they embezzle mantels of superiority, devaluing others to hide their weaknesses and failings! Displaying the need to be superior diminishing others and so themselves! Terms like deplorable, ten teeth types, clingers of Bibles and guns, elitists see “WE THE PEOPLE” as drooling Neanderthals. Producing nothing tangible but patronizing hate, those groups vehemently falsely attack others for corrupt behaviors they themselves employ abundantly. Demanding political correctness of others, stifling debate, avoiding inspection of their own corruption! Socialism’s Fallacies, (The Leader - September 22, 2019) Socialism defined – “a political and economic theory of social organization advocating the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” Pollyanna societal visions, where everyone meets definitions of integrity always, and fairness and honesty reign supreme!
  32. 32. Witless Wisdom 15 | P a g e Realistically we must admit the people of our society only have power to attain that through our representatives. Politicians voted to office by “WE THE PEOPLE”. Documented in Webster Universal Dictionary of the English Language, copyright 1936 the “Politician – is a man of artifice or deep contrivance: a man who adopts politics as a means to his own ends; an intriguer or schemer.” Putting entire workings of a nation in the hands of corrupt untrustworthy politicians cultivates treachery in a garden of corruption. “Power corrupts! Absolute power corrupts absolutely!” Your retort might well be those controlling the means of production, distribution, and exchange may be no different than politicians. In many cases that may be true. However, I’d rather have that power and that of government dispersed among more scoundrels than fewer. The private sector is accountable to profit, failure eventually exposed. Government keeps throwing our money at their own incompetence. Failure stealthily hidden: No accountability! We know there is no honor among thieves (politicians), so infighting often exposes their corruption, if only the people would punish it. The private sector might produce leaders of integrity, perhaps many if the people begin to reject the politicians legislating corruption of capitalism for their own greedy purposes. Supreme power handed over to inherently corrupt politicians fertilizes, corruption flourishes. Socialist leaders lazily deliver equality, condemning subjects into equal states of poverty, leaders living luxuriously on treasures stolen from the people. Socialists epitomize the saying “Given an inch they take a mile”! Hillary Worse Than Trump, (The Leader, November 3, 2019) Balancing the Ledger, the Scales of Justice Acknowledging Democrat accusations blitzkrieg against Trump, let’s balance the ledger. Russian Collusion Accusations of Trump’s Russian Collusion Mueller investigated over two years taxpayers paying $35 million, no collusion found. Hillary’s Russian Collusion ignored. Hillary’s Democrat Party paid for fictional dossier, written by foreign agent Steele, tied to Russia, smearing Trump. Hillary’s Uranium one deal, Bill Clinton received a half million dollar speaking fee, Clinton Foundation received $2.35 million Russian
  33. 33. Witless Wisdom 16 | P a g e donation which Hillary financed her campaign staff between presidential elections. Russian election interference and Quid-pro-quo? Bill Clinton met with Vladimir Putin at the time. Obstruction of justice The firing of James Comey the primary example of Trump’s obstruction of justice. Comey’s behaviors, warranted firing. Hillary’s obstruction of justice Hillary’s private server initiated to hide her actions, (premeditated corruption). When subpoenaed by FBI/DOJ she deleted 33,000 emails, wiped clean the server, destroyed all related cell phones and computers. Clearly a blatant obstruction of justice. Comey’s bias investigation of Hillary a partisan coverup. Bill Clinton’s secret meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac during the bogus Hillary investigation. The State Run Media Charges FOX is a state media. Statistics show Fox ran nearly equal amounts of Trump negative and positive coverage. Main Stream Media ran 90% negative coverage against Trump, obviously deep state compliant media. Consciousness of Guilt Having notes of phone meeting with Ukraine president on a secured system because of previous leaks characterized as “consciousness of guilt”. What about the multitude of Hillary’s actions obstructing justice “consciousness of guilt”? (Private email server, destruction of subpoenaed materials, etc.) Democrats investigating Trump are in search of a crime. When it comes to Hillary’s crimes, they are blind! Let me be clear! I’m not defending Trump. I’m defending the “Rule of Law” and JUSTICE. I’m condemning corruption and tyranny! Trump: The Political Heretic (The Leader – December 8, 2019) Impeachment: Billboard to Destroy Trump Impeachment drama merely a national billboard publicly cheerleading hatred for Trump, a marketing drumbeat!
  34. 34. Witless Wisdom 17 | P a g e An effort to destroy President Trump and his bid for re-election. The 24 hour news cycle provides barrages of smears, gossip from a Democrat party with nothing positive to offer people. It is akin to throwing as much crap at the wall and seeing what sticks. I would call it “Blitzkrieg Slander”! The only hope lazy, lethargic, visionless, socialist Democrats have of defeating Trump. It reveals the incompetence and wretchedness in the Democrat party. Impeachment began as a one party investigation behind closed doors. Evolving to a regimented choreographed unholy inquisition. Like the “Holy Inquisition” of the middle ages, this impeachment is designed to tar and feather a political heretic. Someone who confronts the secular orthodoxy of the “Good ole boys and girls of the federal government Washington cabal”! That heretic is Donald Trump! He threatens feathered nests of the political elite. The businesses they have established in government, providing them riches and power, even though they are lazy and incompetent. They produce nothing but laws oppressive to the people, yet lavish in luxury for their fraudulent efforts and accomplishments. Still, they have managed to hoodwink us they are superiorly smart. The cloak of superiority and elitism hides the corrosive incompetence and corruption of egotistical politicians. Their intelligence focused primarily on politics. An area of study which is dishonest, fraudulent and corrupt. A dark and dirty sewer where the rats and snakes thrive. These crooked people we place on the pedestals of leadership direct our paths to mediocrity, then destruction. Trump threatens the cushy positions politics has provided these slimy swamp creatures. Like rats backed into a corner, they are viciously going for Trump’s throat to eliminate scrutiny, his threat. Exorcising Political Heretics (The Leader January 26, 2020) I appreciate Mr. Acomb, of “Frankly Speaking” guiding me to the rebuttal letter in the Leader. Attention must be paid to Flo Fender, pointing out hyperbole and emotional ranting of my Dec. 8 letter. As a child asking my mother a word’s meaning, she repeated, “Look it up in the dictionary.” I immediately looked up hyperbole and Flo was right! Her Dec. 22 letter exhibited expertise in hyperbole and emotional ranting requiring I take heed. Though, I will admit my hyperbole is adept and my ranting is cool and calculated, controlled emotion. My letters are on the drawing board, refined numerous times, at least a month, choosing my words meticulously. My comparison to Democrat leadership’s and Mainstream media’s impeachment attacks against Trump as “Holy Inquisition” and Trump being punished as a “political heretic”, inspired! Not adhering to the dogma and orthodoxy of Washington’s “Political Norms” is deemed heretical and by their politically correct corrupt standards must be punished with malicious termination.
  35. 35. Witless Wisdom 18 | P a g e Too, I must thank her. Her letter masterly summarizes the multitude of specious accusations against Trump. Fastidiously following anti-Trump propaganda’s contrived attacks, not facts! Democrat Party’s and their media’s massive hypocrisy, accuses Trump of all the crimes Hillary and they have committed. Their lust for dominating power cannot accept contrary thinking. They must stamp it out. Revenge of the swamp! Hence, their push to destroy Trump. Socialist Democrat inquisitors want to exorcise perceived demons, in reality “We the People”, a macabre sinister mirage hovering over the vast wasteland of their desired socialism, threatening their power grab. I knew nothing of Flo till her letter. If attached at the hip with the Democrat Party leadership, let the chips fall where they may. Flo, thanks for igniting a spirited debate. Honest debate is a healthy exercise in revealing truth, strengthening democracy. The Impeachment Conspiracy (The Leader Sunday March 1, 2020) Democrat’s dirty deep state’s plan to impeach Trump existed long before his election. House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearing enlisted constitutional law professors pontificating high crimes and misdemeanors. Three recruited by democrats, republicans allowed one. Harvard’s Dr. Feldman, Stanford’s Dr. Karlan, and North Carolina University’s Dr. Gerhardt, exhibited cravings for Trump’s head. Snarky democrat prejudices against Trump, raised cautionary red flags revealing education industry’s leftist indoctrination techniques. Dr. Jonathan Turley, impartial, liberal Democrat shunned by Democrats, like liberal Democrat legal scholar Alan Dershowitz’s judicious approach to impeachment, branded them persona non grata. Democrat pariahs! Judiciary Committee hearing followed similar “Holier Than Thou Inquisitions” like the “Intelligence Committee”. Witnesses testifying witnessed nothing, bias gossipers spreading Democrat’s hate driven character assassinations. Democrat’s notorious liars Nadler and Schiff, leading vigilante mobs to lynch Donald Trump. Mimicking obliterating of supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation. Like the old west, hair trigger lynching motivated by blinding hate filled anger. Speaker Pelosi declaring necessary haste, branding Trump an immediate national threat, stalled “Articles of Impeachment” to the Senate for a month.
  36. 36. Witless Wisdom 19 | P a g e House having failed, drama queen Pelosi wanted Senators to conduct an investigation, after decreeing conclusive proof of Trump’s guilt. Manipulation to extend their fishing expedition. Investigations underway over three years, Democrat’s worldwide dragnet for a crime, to bring down Trump. Beginning with Obama’s DOJ and FBI investigating Trump’s “Russian Collusion” and Hillary and her DNC commissioning fictitious “Dossier”, during Trump’s campaign, slandering him. Illegally, igniting warrants, spying on Trump’s campaign. Deceptively sparking special council Mueller’s overplayed investigation resulting in nothing. Deception master Schiff digging into dirty deep state for sleazy “whistle blowers”, bolstering his deceptions. Deep state Democrat’s maniacal over non-politician and non-swamp member winning the election. Trump’s success exposes corruption and incompetence Washington has wallowed in for decades. THE BEAT GOES ON!! Socialism, Government of Fear (The Leader, April 5, 2020) Socialism, Government of Fear, Oppression, Poverty Socialism, governments of fear and oppression! Germany and Russia of the early 1900s employed both in their brutal takeovers of nations. Germany (National Socialist Party) began fortifying the fears of a nation punished heavily by losing a war and the effects of a great economic depression post war. Russia (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) trading oppression under the czar for revolution replacing one oppressor for another. China’s Mao, guaranteed people meager subsistence. Socialists promising people ownership equality was false, to slip ruthless, incompetent leadership on thrones of power and luxury. In our democratic republic violent takeover of government unlikely. The same methodology of fear and oppression is applied sneaking socialism into America. Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel declared, “never waste a good crisis” to induce fear. Then they created crisis to frighten people prodding them toward slippery slope socialism, threshold to communism, dictatorship, fascism etc. Dismantling America a freedom at a time using these “Chicken Little” tactics “The sky is falling” fabricating fears, implementing oppression, the course of all socialist dictatorships. Many methods of instilling fear into Americans are being deployed. Nobel Economist Paul Krugman once suggested declaring alien invasion from outer space would coerce Americans accepting greater government control and spending. Following Krugman’s trickery conniving socialists introduced
  37. 37. Witless Wisdom 20 | P a g e “Climate Change” alias “Global Warming”! Casting fear of earth’s destruction on the people! Sadly, “political pork packers” Pelosi/Schumer exploiting the very real Coronavirus! Trump’s Russia collusion, another such hoax to instill fear. As was Barack Obama’s stalling economy lauded the new normal. That 2% growth was the maximum we could expect. Socialists would stymie capitalist prosperity for the shared poverty of socialism, the equality they glorify. Socialist leaders live in luxury laying waste the lives of citizens beneath them. Coronavirus, Ally to Socialism/Communism (The Leader, May 10, 2020) DANGER! DANGER! Will America survive? Coronavirus fatalities could reach beyond tens of thousands. Economies greatly damaged, unknown catastrophes of looming chaos. Businesses, industries, brakes slammed, chain reaction shutdowns, jamming gears of economies. Bankruptcies, massive failures, resources for business startups unavailable. Sources, transportation networks and distribution centers impotent. Possibilities, more havoc by devastation from wrecked economy than by the pandemic. Exploitations, unscrupulous politicians canceling American’s freedoms, mismanaging the virus. Martial law mentioned casually, perhaps pursued by power crazed politicians twisting people’s democracy into totalitarianism. Strategies stripping people’s freedoms lurking in dark political minds. Restricting, isolating, exiling society, preemptively syphoning civil liberties, long underway, increasing pace. Tasting power, politicians connive not to relinquish it. Martial lawlike behaviors offer opportunities for giant government gobbling up democracy and vomiting tyranny upon us! “The Green New Deal” designed for that exact agenda. Destroying our economy, herding people like cattle to slaughter houses of socialism/communism. Now, travel restricted throughout the country, fossil fuels used far less, results desired by “The Green New Deal” zealots. Allying themselves with Coronavirus would reach their power usurpation objectives? Population control part of “The Green New Deal’s”, government. True character displayed culling populations with abortions, for birth control, late term, partial birth, even after birth. One socialist media fanatic declared Coronavirus beneficial to Climate Change/Global Warming agenda, killing mostly elderly, likely opposed to “Green New Deal”. Beyond facades of concern, elite’s behaviors reveal inhumanity. Stacking people, like cord wood, in cities for greater control of population, their agenda, UN’s Agenda 21, would multiply effects of
  38. 38. Witless Wisdom 21 | P a g e plagues and oppression. Would utilizing war and plague become weeding out tools, using “we the people” as worker ants, expendable, disposable trash? Corruption and incompetence wielded by power mad politicians and plutocrats, pave paths to socialism. Government official’s lust for dominant control! Who’s Watching Them Now? (The Leader May 31, 2020) School budget time again! Wonder who’s holding our districts accountable? Not kowtowing, compliant board members there for personal, selfish issues! Relying on organizations run on government models, where money is the solution, like education, is foolish negligence. Corning’s Sylvia Huber, Tom O’Brien and Lou Watson once confronted questionable conduct of the district. Sylvia sacrificed much time, energy, popularity, perhaps her life keeping the district honest. In Horseheads I served on the school board and a couple of time consuming committees only to find the deck stacked insurmountably by educators in their favor. Methodology of deflection, stalling, hiding and lying, education’s prevent defense, rope-a-doping questioners. Educators do pretty much what they want. The education industry sets up systems comfortable for themselves, detrimental to students. On the micro level, locally no one confronts them anymore. Given that freehand there is absolutely no reason for them not to stray to mediocrity and selfishness. On the macro level, we see the corruption in education running rampant. Only certain ideas and ideals allowed on campuses. Diverse thoughts and theories banished and punished if voiced. Rich buying the “Golden Tickets” to supposed prestigious universities which gives them another “Golden Ticket” to the power positions of society. Control of the country given to overinflated, indoctrinated dolts. Free college designed to pour tax money into social engineering, brainwashing the entire population. Independent critical thinkers be damned. Automatons led by their noses by elites, socialist, visionless, and lazy. Make no mistake, higher education controls public education, our districts. Without tenacious citizen watchdogs like Sylvia Huber, our education systems, like government, will most certainly drift toward incompetence and corruption. That degradation causing decaying of our nation. Guardianship must pass to younger generations, shouldering the duty to confront these institutions gone awry, bringing integrity back into vogue.
  39. 39. Witless Wisdom 22 | P a g e American Democracy Balancing Precariously (Utica Observer-Dispatch, Aug 16, 2020) Sent to The Leader August 14, 2020 “May you live in interesting times” an old Chinese well wish or curse. We are living at a point in the life of our democracy philosophers like Alexis Charles de Tocqueville and others predicted the end of democracies life expectancy ranging about 250 years. America’s democracy is balancing on the point of a pin. Corruption among the royal leadership is a caustic poison that drips down to the people. In 1787 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, said this: “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.” Professor Tyler continued with these eight steps of a democracy: 1. From bondage to spiritual faith; 2. From spiritual faith to great courage; 3. From courage to liberty; 4. From liberty to abundance; 5. From abundance to complacency; 6. From complacency to apathy; 7. From apathy to dependence; 8. From dependence to bondage We seem to be on pace to make Professor Tyler’s predictions come true. Our ancestors took great risks, sacrificing sweat, blood and life, to free themselves from the bondage of monarchs, despots and dictators. They fought hard for the treasures of freedom. It appears recent generations are surrendering those freedoms in the most cowardly of capitulations, rolling over like dogs to be leashed in bondage. Settling fat, happy and lazy, back again to emaciated and down trodden.
  40. 40. Witless Wisdom 23 | P a g e Elitist Intellectual Bottom Feeders (The Leader September 13, 2020) Coining phrase, “Elitist Intellectual Bottom Feeders”, people fancying themselves smartest, superior beings, corruptly elevating themselves. Quislings subverting “We the People”! Perspective, Webster’s Universal Dictionary of the English Language, copyright 1936 “Politician - A man of artifice or deep contrivance: a man who adopts politics as a means to his own ends; an intriguer or schemer.” (Editor’s note: This definition dates back to 1755 dictionary compiled by Samuel Johnson, who was a writer of humor and satire.) Pinpointing Nancy Pelosi, hailed skilled politician. Elitist intellectual bottom feeder, arrogant, self- serving thugs, fits Pelosi’s modus operandi! Her conscienceless, ruthless corruption ravages America(ns). Asked about destroying monuments, Pelosi answers haughtily, “That’s what people do!” Maliciously tagging Coronavirus, Trump virus, absolving China! House Speaker, third most powerful in government, royalty, rubbing people’s noses in her hundred dollar a gallon ice cream, hair salon privileges, while American’s tighten their belts to extremes. Pelosi ostentatiously flaunts her Queen Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake”, attitude. The hypocrisy of spoiled, royal brat bros Cuomo, Beavis and Butthead. Staunch supporters of violence, looting, ransacking and burning. Chris exaltedly lectures people to stay home in consideration of others during Coronavirus. Pontificating, carrying the virus, strutting outside, no mask, he debases citizen questioning him. Dictator Andrew decrees those with virus sent to nursing homes, exposing most vulnerable elderly, facilitating almost 11,000 deaths. Intent on saving lives? High marks for leadership? Really! Masters of “Highness Hypocrisy”! Political royalty cut from the Pelosi tree of elitist pseudo-intellectual bottom feeders. Pelosi cloned an entire army of arrogant, self-important, parasitic political bottom feeders. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Adam Schiff, Gerald Nadler, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, just to name a few. Democrats practicing supreme hypocrisy without shame! Never flinching even when videos prove their fraudulent hypocrisy. “The Backstabbers”! Their entitlements awarding sociopathic privilege! While cowardly corrupt Republicans kowtow to bottom feeders, main stream media and academics, exploiting people for power and profit, complicit! Biden’s Lyin Times (The Leader October 18, 2020) Joe Biden’s 1987 presidential run he claimed graduation from Syracuse with three degrees, was in the top half of his class, was only student in his class with a full academic scholarship and was named the outstanding political science student. Those statements were lies, scamming the nation! His excuse, “His memory had failed him.”
  41. 41. Witless Wisdom 24 | P a g e Biden received one degree, in the bottom 15% of his class, on a partial scholarship and not named outstanding political science student. A seriously failing memory, a compulsive, pathological liar, perhaps dangerously delusional. All probabilities, any would disqualify him for the presidency of United States! Pile up President Trump’s foibles and those false transgressions he has been accused, do not stack up against Biden’s half century corrupt history. Failing memory, pension for lying, plagiarisms and telling tall tales like “Corn Pop”, to enhance his stature, a lifelong delusional pattern. Democrat’s falsely charged Quid-Pro-Quo with Ukraine against Trump. Truth of the charge clearly falls on Biden bragging to media withholding Ukraine aid unless the person investigating Burisma, with whom his son had a lucrative deal as a board member, was fired. Riches to family a trend! Biden charged stupidly, Trump responsible for all Coronavirus deaths, saying there should have been none. Biden regularly accuses Trump of his own corrupt behaviors, without wincing from shameless lies! Biden, perhaps a sociopath, or just plain stupid! Biden’s career spread with manure. Media the farmer plowing the stench under. Main stream media’s hatred of Trump has them propping up an empty suit, shallow Joe. A dim bulb, burned out, no, broken! All the Dems forces and all the Dems, can’t put Joey together again. Democrats, with media are selling the people a rotting bag of delusional deceit, hypocrisy and corruption. A Tsunami of Corruption (Sent to The Leader September 12, 2020, (Not Published) I mistrust politicians, their proclivity for corruption! Democrats aggressively corrupt, Republicans cowardly corrupt, joining Democrats for lucrative intercourse! Corruption tsunami, elections awash! Democrats sold their souls to Saul Alinsky’s methodology, “End justifies Means!” Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton avid Alinsky apostles, zealot disciples, injecting fanaticism into Democrat Party! Goal: destroy Republican Party, granting Democrats total power. Establishing one party rule, fascism! Next destroying American Democracy, clearing for socialism’s oppression and poverty! Socialism shackles people with deceitful promises, enslaving peoples! Casting doubt on our elections instrumental for destruction of our democracy. Democrats throwing stupid last minute rules clearly contrived to manipulate election, intended to steal and soil voting process positioning for extinction of democracy. They talk integrity of elections as though it exists. How can there be election integrity, when politicians, inherently lacking integrity, are election centric! Dark clouds of election fraud pollute 2020’s presidential election.
  42. 42. Witless Wisdom 25 | P a g e Democrats embraced election fraud for years, media and education a triumvirate of political corruption! Partisans like Juan Williams emphatic there is no proof. History of dead people voting in California and other states. Precincts in Ohio and Philadelphia PA having not one republican vote, statistically impossible. Massive malfeasant mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, blinding election observers! Yet Democrats relentlessly deny existence of voter fraud. Why? They are election fraud experts, lucrative tools they covet! Democrats use deception, hypocrisy and corruption as tools of their trade! Hatred for Trump, who threatened their profitably productive swamp, ignited ruthless hostile insurrection. Democrats dropped any pretense of integrity, contrary to Michelle Obama’s statement, “When they go low, we go high! In fact they abandoned any semblance of truth against Trump, falsely accusing him of everything they have done and are doing. Nothing too dirty, too corrupt to destroy President Trump! Blazing the path to America’s future? America’s demise? The Swamp Exposed Whether intentional or just happenstance, President Trump has gotten the shameless Washington swamp to expose itself. From congressional democrats and republicans, to the deep state appointees and bureaucrats to the main stream media. Often it seems outrageous Trump decisions often force the lumps in congress, to get off of their lazy asses and make decisions they have long avoided. Our representatives possess so many negative, even corrupt traits. Lying, cheating, hypocrisy, stealing, slothfulness, incompetence, deception etc., just to name a few! I have no doubt Donald Trump is no saint. Business is dirty, especially in big cities like New York, Chicago, etc. Government and politicians have great influence on creating an atmosphere of that dirt and corruption with their regulatory laws that reward their supporters, (crony capitalism). The dragnet cast by the swamp to destroy Trump is massive. It includes all branches of government, legislative, judicial, even the executive. It is not merely the Washington swamp, but a swamp that stretches from New York to San Francisco and Los Angeles to Florida, yes, covering the entire United States like a toxic foggy fart. Still it goes even farther to Europe and who knows how much of the world it encompasses. While it looks like the swamp will go to any extent to destroy Trump, illegalities, lying, fabricating, hypocrisy, slander, Mueller’s dragnet for dirt, the Democrat and Republican Parties and the main stream media’s collusion in this effort will only heighten this tidal wave of corruption to destroy Trump.
  43. 43. Witless Wisdom 26 | P a g e Even if it doesn’t destroy Trump or get rid of him through impeachment, corruption will remain, growing the monster eating our government. It was there before Trump and having exercised its’ power, it will be even mightier after Trump. There is no one with Trump’s hutzpah in the wings! The Consequences of Lies and Lying Well known celebrities like psychologist Doctor Laura Schlessinger and Judge Judy Sheindlin declare children lie and there is little that can be done about it but expect them to lie and mistrust them. Seems a poor way to bring up children, not holding them accountable for truth! I recall an October 17, 2000 editorial in The Leader stating, “As far as lying and cheating go, while obviously wrong, who didn’t look at a neighbor’s paper during a test? Who didn’t come up with some outlandish story about missing homework?” Was this a futuristic gaze into journalism and the integrity of our nation? It is not surprising the downward direction society is headed. When it comes to honesty we treat our politicians the same way we treat the children. We expect them to lie, mistrust them, but avoid the teachable moments failing to hold them accountable teaching them to value honesty. This approach will take our nation to a very dishonest place, perhaps the ruination of America. As I see it Democrats lie almost 100% of the time. Selling socialism, global warming, the green new deal, national health care etc., requires monumental dishonesty because socialism is so far removed from economic practicality. They are aggressively corrupt to secure the power they crave. Republicans lie about 50% of the time because they are lazy and afraid. They fear the aggressively corrupt Democrats because their defamation tactics of racism, sexism, homophobia etc., can ruin their career of a cushy, profitable bilking of the American people. Neither can be trusted! If someone lies to you 10% or even 5% of the time, you really cannot trust them because you don’t know when they are lying or not! Lying is a dangerous and destructive game. Aristotle’s Reason and Truth Mark Levin on “Life, Liberty and Levin”, asked Fred Dryer what influenced his political views. Dryer answered, “Truth and Reason.” Levin pointed out that was from Aristotle. Interested, I googled Aristotle and “Truth and Reason”. Over my head trying to comprehend these great philosophers, well beyond my ability to grasp the complexity of their thinking. I tried trudging through some of the explanations.
  44. 44. Witless Wisdom 27 | P a g e Arguments ensued between followers of Plato and Aristotle over the role of reason in confirming truth, both recognizing this as one of the essential questions of philosophy. Human beings use logic to reach conclusions they feel are more concrete than basic sense perceptions. Boiling these ideas down to fit my simpler mind, even failing, I might come up with an understandable philosophy. Deducing that truth was somewhat straight forward, but could be influenced greatly by reason, so truth was not all that apparent. Reason could waylay truth through reasons rationalized by personal agendas and emotion. Truth requires reason which consists of many attributes like reality, honesty, data, facts, logic, common sense, etc. Today our politicians on all sides avoid truth by hijacking it with reasons: excuses. Particularly the approach of the socialist Democrat Party! Their actions tailored to fit their bogus truth tied to their personal selfish agendas. Aimed at gaining power for themselves, without concern for the people they are supposed to represent. Politicians, especially socialist democrats, have bastardized reason (logic, the scientific method, common sense) making it reasons (motivations, agendas, excuses, pretexts, cons) to justify their selfish actions to the people. Substituting reasons for reason, warps the truth, making it their truth, reasons excusing lying. It seemed to me “Truth and Reason” could be reduced to one word, the common denominator of INTEGRITY. Not today’s deceitfully overused “quality of character”! Aristotle’s Reason and Truth 2.0 When first encountering “Aristotle’s Reason and Truth” I saw it as a winding maze of complexity. Wandering in the maze I came to realize it was really quite simple. To get to the truth reason provides the most direct path. Reason made up of things like honesty, facts, logic, common sense, the scientific method and more. It amounts to using concrete elements to look at issues reasonably. Viewing problems and plans with honesty. The strategies today are marketing reasons, not reason. The goal is manipulating minds, reasons are established to brainwash. Contrived reasons manipulate thinking to the goals of those seeking privilege, position, power and profit to dishonest ends. Often directions detrimental to the vast majority of people. (Examples: “Political Correctness” stripping freedom of speech and debate. “Gun control” nullifying freedom of defense. “Climate Change” alias “Global Warming” usurping many freedoms in general.) Stealthily stripping us of freedoms, preparation for subjugation.
  45. 45. Witless Wisdom 28 | P a g e Reasons consist of excuses, false narratives, cons, all lies in general. On “Adam Ruins Everything” they pointed out people confronted with truth, defensively hunker down in their ignorance, doubling down in untruths they have accepted. The suggestion to overcome this was, keep repeating the truth so they hear it more often. Sounds like a plan? However, those citing reasons for their actions and goals, have long discovered that key. Hitler’s “Big Lie” stated, tell the lie enough people will believe it. Marketing lies repeatedly, pounding lies home, forges illusions of truth. In America today those espousing reasons subvert truth. Many with big voices and access to many ears. The Democrat Party, Media, Education Industry and Hollywood have huge platforms, megaphones to spread their reasons, propaganda, distorting, subverting truth. Entities pounding home dishonest messages have scuttled truth and reason to extinction, along with integrity! Complexify “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”! With the millions of pages of laws written by our governments, the only way we could not be ignorant of the law is if we the people were all computers. All those laws are to instill confusion and put “we the people” at the mercy of government and politicians. Continuing to horde more power, they oppress, not protect the people with these laws. They can drag any citizen they feel is a threat to them in any way before the courts with some inane law to silence and confine them as in Kafka’s “The Trial” a way to control the people. I have no claim to fame other than being myself. I thought I had one possibility, a word I thought invented since I couldn’t find it in any of my dictionaries. Then I googled it and found it does exist. Still I think deserves attention. Complexify – To make things more complex! Complexifying is making language, therefore communication more difficult to understand. Those in and seeking power can use such methods to hornswoggle the people. Legislators made up of lawyers compile laws with words difficult to understand by common folk. Likely designed with that legalese to ensure the need for their profession, lawyers! Educators have done a similar trick, inventing educanese, language that gives academics the advantage when seeking more money to be shoveled to their profession. Like politicians, more money entering avails more to be skimmed.
  46. 46. Witless Wisdom 29 | P a g e Using big ambiguous words is another method to complexify. Spiking speeches with ambiguity contradiction and hypocrisy! Like included in long contracts and on line agreements, the small print. Add talking in circles, long interludes chaining together long list of meaningless words, coming to no conclusions, making words unintelligible, a typical approach of politicians and pseudo-intellectual academics. Nature of Trust A little friend enlightened me about the nature of trust. A tiny chipmunk I courted for friendship after a time climbed up my leg, into my lap, eventually sitting in my hand and eating. Even going into my jacket pocket! He was so cute. As he sat in my hand, fuzzy and warm, his little heart beating rapidly, I wanted to close my hand around him. But I knew if I did, the trust would be broken and it would never be mended. Trust requires truth! Little truth comes from the poisonous marsh gases emanating from the Washington swamp! When caught in indiscretions politicians always lay smoke screens, hiding their dishonesty in a hazy fog doubling down on deception. They ponder “what do I have to say to regain trust?” Obsessed with marketing an illusion of trustworthiness instead of being honestly trustworthy! Easy answer, tell the truth! Be worthy of trust, not marketing with words to feign trustworthiness. After years of dishonesty trust of the people does not come back with one honest utterance. It takes years, an extended visible behavioral trend that can be destroyed by one indiscretion. Even FOX News pundits speak like trust can be regained simply. Not So! Trust lost is a Herculean task to rebuild. Most politicians and media people who lie and fabricate as a reflex are ignorant of the nature of trust and truth. They lack moral wherewithal to be trusted let alone earn it back. Trust is like a fragile piece of porcelain or glass. Once shattered it is very difficult to put back together. Especially for those who depended on marketing a façade of trustworthiness as their way of life. A dishonest use of marketing to feign honesty! Deceit the major tool of their trade! Sincerity of Politicians Politicians apologize profusely when cornered with their indiscretions. Not when caught. Then they double down with dishonesty and deny, deny, deny. Only when they see there is no escape and they are trapped dead to rights in their corruption do they concede.
  47. 47. Witless Wisdom 30 | P a g e Then they apologize. They claim regret for their actions when they only feel regret for their being ensnared in their own web of corruption. They feign sorrow and humility all designed to fool the people, leaning on the character of forgiveness in the American people. “We the People” should only grant forgiveness if the offender is truly repentant. Seldom are politicians truly repentant. They fake that sorrow as they do sincerity to fool the people as they have always done. Lying with their campaign promises promoting their everyday dishonesty, they cultivate personal agendas that are in conflict with the good of the people. The forgiveness of the people only emboldens them. We see them constantly lying and cheating the people, long histories of practicing corruption. How can we even consider their apologies are sincere? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me hundreds of times over many years “We the People” are damn fools for letting our corrupt and selfish leaders treat us that way. They say we are treated the way we as people allow others to treat us. If we allow people to walk over us, manipulate us and treat us poorly and do not stand up for ourselves, we have laid out the way we expect to be treated. Standing in silent acceptance grants permission. The same is true of “We the People” as a group, as a nation of free people, giving up our freedoms, to corrupt politicians, in silence. Stealthy Corruption American politicians sit on their high and mighty thrones of government lording down on tin pot dictators and third world countries, laughing at their barbaric corruption. Holier than thou, they ordain themselves pure and untouched by such things. Virgins to the seductions of greed and corruption! In reality our politicians are masters of corruption. Mark Twain stated, “The only truly criminal class in America is Congress!” Our democratic republic though a greater opportunity for clean and honest government is still dependent on the integrity of the people voted in to run it. Having established the nature of the politician is selfish, dishonest, inherently corrupt, it is not surprising generations of politicians have stealthily incorporated corruption into the structure of our government. Built in corruption assists politician’s professional, political and profitability gains! And they can do all those things legally because they have paved the way passing laws that make their corruption legal. They have immune themselves from the laws we the people are accountable to. They cannot be sued for liable or insider trading because of laws they passed to protect themselves from what would be illegal for the public. They protect themselves in a cocoon of corruption allowing their dishonest and selfish behaviors. So, while the average citizen is a target of the many
  48. 48. Witless Wisdom 31 | P a g e frivolous laws passed by dishonest politicians, those same politicians are immune from those laws and more. Politicians have also immune their partners in crime the bureaucrats and big business. Those in the deep state, unelected politicians unaccountable to the vote of the people! The FBI’s (Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, possibly special council Mueller) and DOJ’s (Rosenstein, Bruce and Nelly Or, Holder and Lynch) John Brennen CIA, James Clapper DNI Lois Lerner IRS, all examples, a boiling pork stew of corruption. Minutia or Turbo BS Our constant barrage of news, feeding the 24 hour seven days a week news cycle has devolved in the main stream media mutilating minutia to the drumbeat of marketing. Debate devolved to regurgitating the same talking points show after show, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, an inundation of crap exhibiting little intelligence; massive stupidity. I think we received more world news in the half hour evening news programs of the past than we do now in all the 24 hour news channels. Even sports news takes a miniscule incident, then rides it into the ground, until another piece of minutia manure is kicked up, sticking to somebody’s shoe. We have created a vast and lucrative profession of minutia manipulators, eating up their excrement until many actually see them as intelligent. This has aided in words speaking louder than actions. So lip flappers have actually arrested power from real thinkers and doers. We have ceded power to the medicine show hucksters. Parasites picking at the dullard brains, created by their ally the money leeching education industry! Little balls of dung formed, which they like to play with like an innocent kitten, but playfulness and innocence far from their purpose! Kicking, stomping, and beating a dead horse, burying it in minutia, focusing on nothing as the important issues of the world pass us by without notice. Rumormongers, scandal mongers, gossips, crap throwers, the Hedda Hoppers of our age pretending to be honest journalists! Myths, half-truths and outright lies the tools of their trade. These the phony facades constructed by a highly dishonest media for the purpose of securing power for themselves and their political allies and agendas.
  49. 49. Witless Wisdom 32 | P a g e Toxic Humanity Toxic Masculinity has always existed. Even in today’s society there are some remnants. Call it machismo, chauvinism, male dominance there are many males out of control in many ways. Let’s be clear, there are many men trained by their mothers to be very sensitive to women. They are taught to hold doors opened, help with their coats and many deeper actions of respect. Many men place women on a pedestal out of that deep seeded respect. Toxic Femininity is just as existent as that of masculinity. Militant feminists have recently introduced that just the accusation of a man committing acts against a woman is proof of guilt. No more innocent until proven guilty. This is a powerful weapon in the hands of angry feminists carrying on a war on males. Seeing my mother’s example I saw women as pillars of honesty, a civilizing influence of the barbaric tendencies of men. I see today many women have adopted the worst characteristics of men in their quest for power. Honest women of the past in power a good thing. Women, merely clones of men just continuing the corruption. Toxic Elitism encompasses Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Femininity. It also includes corruption dominating politics and the media. Also many leaders in corporations, business and Hollywood! Those that want power to placate their narcissism, to make them feel superior to others! Toxic Victimhood is the weapon used by many practicing Toxic Elitism to gain power. Making promises impossible to fill sucks the people in to supporting these snake oil salesmen, allowing them to fulfill their goal of superiority and elitism. Many of these Toxic Elitists are Toxic Socialists. Plying socialism because there is no accountability for success under socialism. Talentless, lazy and lethargic leaders can succeed and reap a harvest of luxury for themselves under the socialist banner. The entire population will become victims, thrust into a citizenry of poverty. Toxic Government - The incompetence our government is practicing is toxic. It is an incompetence that is breeding waste, fraud and corruption. It has our nation descending into conditions that have people wanting change. One of the changes is socialism, toxic socialism. All socialism is toxic! I Am a Contrarian I am a disagreeable, contrary old man. Don’t get me wrong, it has nothing to do with age. I was a disagreeable, contrary young man! It is just my character, my nature.
  50. 50. Witless Wisdom 33 | P a g e In my young manhood, I transformed because of wonderful life lessons I shed the need to be liked. That probably sounds sad and pathetic to most of you, but I saw it as a burden I was happy to abandon. The need to be liked drives so many people. It leads some to allow people to walk over them. It leads others to do destructive things, in order to be accepted. People giving themselves up, rejecting themselves to be liked by others! In eighth grade, standing in a deserted hall in the school with my friend, a member of the popular clique came along. He walked up to my friend and said, “If you beat up Furnkranz, you can be part of our group.” Without hesitation “my Friend” turned to me to attempt to fulfill the offer. Half again my size and weight, very well built, he couldn’t beat me up on his best day and my worst. Still, the offer must have been compelling for his ego. He moved toward me menacingly. I arm dragged him, throwing him into the wall and walked away. He went on to be a prime mover in the popular clique. I went on to be me, with no desire to be a toady pleaser. In college I was asked to become a member of the primary clique because of a talent we shared. For me this was way out of the normal occurrence in my life. I declined, because I had already established a group of friends I would not reject. Pursuing my seagoing career, I got a job on a tug in Cajun country in Louisiana. They disliked us from the North because licenses were being required of them. It led to me being on the barge while pumping, only being relieved for meals. While the locals aboard rested, I was on the deck twenty four to thirty six hours. Making my way back North, I worked on small tankers out of NY Harbor. Initially I got along very well with Captain Bastich. Then one day he was talking about the other cook, off rotation at this time. He stated to the crew at the table, that Joe was stealing the food money. He wrapped it up saying, “Isn’t that right Gerald.” I answered, “I don’t know about that. The only time I was shopping with him, I saw him put his own money in, because he had miscalculated.” Relating my experience with Joe changed the relationship. I was now on his black list. For other members of the crew to stay in the captain’s good graces, they no longer spoke to me socially. Only ships business allowed. You might think the people I worked with at sea were crude, crass and cruel. In such a closed environment they could easily be manipulated by leadership. As a member of the Horseheads School Board, I found the behaviors very similar. Holding contrary views often led to castigation. The cold shoulder, silent treatment the norm, except when I spoke up about something, being met with demeaning put downs and letters the verbal interaction. Being told my views were wrong when I knew they weren’t.