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Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man Book VI, the Examiner essays 2011


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This ebook “Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man” Book VI, is a compilation of essays/articles, political cartoons and photos created, for, by Gerald J. Furnkranz during 2011. It takes the convoluted, complexity driven motivations of politicians, bureaucrats, journalists and elitist intellectuals to obfuscate issues and reveals them in a commonsense light.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man Book VI, the Examiner essays 2011

  1. 1. CommonsensePolitical Thinking of a Common Man VI Examiner Articles 2011 By Gerald J. Furnkranz
  2. 2. CommonsensePolitical Thinking of a Common Man VI Examiner Articles 2011 By Gerald J. FurnkranzCopyright © 2011 Gerald J. Furnkranz
  3. 3. Dedicated To:Amelia and Ferdinand Furnkranz for teaching me commonsense and instilling it in me.
  4. 4. Table of Contents Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI)Examiner Essays 20111. April 20, 2011 Page 1Dodd Defines Theft: Part 1. Taking What People Produce2. April 21, 2011 Page 1Part 2. Dodd Theft Hides Behind Taxing the Rich3. April 23, 2011 Page 2Asleep on the Job, Merely An Example Learned4. April 24, 2011 Page 4Supporting the Sleepers, The Public Union Agenda5. April 29, 2011 Page 5C is for City, Incubator of Corruption6. April 31, 2011 Page 6Wolves and Sheep7. May 8, 2011 Page 7Befuddled Bloomberg Blusters, Bellows and Bloviates, Repeating the Failure8. May 10, 2011 Page 8Bloomberg, Running From the Past, Hiding in the Future9. May 11, 2011 Page 9Spending; the Lesson Taught10. May 14, 2011 Page 11Stepford School Superintendents11. May 16, 2011 Page 12Bloomberg Supports Government Unions, Promoting an Elite Class i
  5. 5. Table of Contents Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI)12. May 19, 2011 Page 13Corruption and Scandal, The Politician’s Entitlements13. May 22, 2011 Page 15Politicians Testify To Complexify14. May 25, 2011 Page 16Cultivating Ignorance of the Law15. May 27, 2011 Page 17The Tangled Web of Legalese; Dimming the Light16. May 29, 2011 Page 18All Hail Constitution, An American Hero17. May 31, 2011 Page 20“Old Ironsides” Wood and Canvas, Sweat and Blood18, June 3, 2011 Page 21The Tea Party People19. June 5, 2011 Page 22Juan Williams Says, Insurance Companies Cannot Be Trusted, But Government Can?20. June 7, 2011 Page 23Words Are Weapons21. June 10, 2011 Page 25The Chains of Habitual Lying22. June 13, 2011 Page 25Burning Money Fueling an Impotent Government Engine23. June 16, 2011 Page 27 ii
  6. 6. Table of Contents Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI)Selling America, A Piece At A Time24. June 17, 2011 Page 28Stimulus, Shmimulus, Ridiculous!25. June 19, 2011 Page 29Not the Secret Garden26. June 22, 2011 Page 30Be Thankful, the Government is Still Running27. June 24, 2011 Page 31Weiner’s Folly, Clinton’s Legacy28. June 26, 2011 Page 32America Has Spawned a New Race of Gods; the Gods of Government Entitlement29. June 28, 2011 Page 34We Are Odysseus In Defiance of the Governmental Gods30. July 1, 2011 Page 35Unions Seeking Elite Status for Theirs31. July 2, 2011 Page 37Constitution Ignored32. July 5, 2011 Page 38Mr. Olbermann’s “Bullying” Pulpit33. July 8, 2011 Page 39Unions Benefit From Socialism34. July 9, 2011 Page 40Over Spending is the Problem iii
  7. 7. Table of Contents Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI)35. July 12, 2011 Page 41The Real House Wives from Hell/Washington, DC: Congress36. July 14, 2011 Page 42Tea Party Groups Sprouting37. July 17, 2011 Page 43Rangel’s Ignorance38. July 19, 2011 Page 44Rangel’s Liberal Stupidity Enabled by Belling’s Conservative Blindness39. July 22, 2011 Page 45Spending, a Disrespect of the American People40. July 23, 2011 Page 46Who is Moderate America41. July 27, 2011 Page 47Taking Obama’s Head Fake42. July 29, 2011 Page 48The Absence of Will for Clean Government43. July 31, 2011 Page 50Waiting for the White Knight44. August 2, 2011 Page 51John McCain Attacking the Hobbits (The Little People)45. August 5, 2011 Page 52The American Constitution; An Oldie but Goodie46. August 7, 2011 Page 54 iv
  8. 8. Table of Contents Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI)What Ever Happened To Commonsense?47. August 10, 2011 Page 56Drunken Sailor Syndrome48. August 11, 2011 Page 57Tea Party Terrorists49. August 14, 2011 Page 58Enlightenment versus Entitlement50. August 16, 2011 Page 60Ignorance and Intolerance Attack Tea Party51. August 19, 2011 Page 62Keynesian Economics; Paid for Accomplishing Nothing52. August 20, 2011 Page 63Krugman: The Sky is Falling and Aliens are Invading53. August 22, 2011 Page 65The Reality; Science is Politics54. August 24, 2011 Page 67Maxine Waters Says, “To Hell With the Tea Partiers”55. August 26, 2011 Page 68Entitlement Destroying Freedom, the Source of Enlightenment56. August 29, 2011 Page 69Krugmania57. August 30, 2011 Page 71Janeane Garofalo, the Angelic Face of the Left v
  9. 9. Table of Contents Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI)58. September 1, 2011 Page 73The American Worker59. September 4, 2011 Page 74Labor Day60. September 6, 2011 Page 75Send in the Clowns61. September 8, 2011 Page 77Twin Towers62. September 10, 2011 Page 79Two Giants Stood Upon the Islands Tip63. September 13, 2011 Page 80Obama’s “American Jobs Act 4”; Bringing the Curtain Down on America64. September 15, 2011 Page 81Donna Shalala, Continuing the Bill Clinton Legacy65. September 17, 2011 Page 83American Bridges Falling Down66. September 19, 2011 Page 84An Expensive Bridge to Nowhere.67. September 21, 2011 Page 86The American Dream68. September 23, 2011 Page 87Exposing the Muffin Top; Coming to an Ugly Head69. September 25, 2011 Page 89 vi
  10. 10. Table of Contents Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI)Discussing Racism: Fools Venture Where Angels Fear to Tread70. September 28, 2011 Page 91Charges of Racism Camouflage Socialism71. October 1, 2011 Page 94Who Let the Politicians Out?72. October 3, 2011 Page 95Poverty and Hunger, a Government Strategy73. October 6, 2011 Page 96“Occupy Wall Street” Demonstrations74. October 8, 2011 Page 98Christopher Columbus75. October 12, 2011 Page 100Obama; Let’s Do More of What Hasn’t Worked76. October 14, 2011 Page 101Emotional Health Screening; or Institutionalized Brainwashing77. October 16, 2011 Page 104Ruled By Brains; Knowledge Vs Wisdom78. October 19, 2011 Page 106Something in Common79. October 21, 2011 Page 107Franklin D. Roosevelt, Acting President80. October 24, 2011 Page 108Realization and Denial vii
  11. 11. Table of Contents Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI)81. October 26, 2011 Page 109Obama is a Godsend82. October 28, 2011 Page 110Talking Heads83. October 31, 2011 Page 111Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Compared84. November 2, 2011 Page 113Addendum to Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Compared85. November 4, 2011 Page 115What Defines Racism?86. November 6, 2011 Page 116Occupy Wall Street Defined87. November 8, 2011 Page 118Abramoff is Washington and Washington is Abramoff88. November 10, 2011 Page 120Tom Reed at the Corning Area Tea Party Get Together89. November 12, 2011 Page 121The Man Who Would Be King90. November 14, 2011 Page 123The Penn State Affair (Part 1)91. November 16, 2011 Page 124The Penn State Affair (Part 2)92. November 18, 2011 Page 126 viii
  12. 12. Table of Contents Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI)CNN’s Tribute to Occupy Wall Street’s “Day of Action”93. November 20, 2011 Page 128Congress, the King of Corruption; Exempts Themselves from the Law!94. November 23, 2011 Page 130Thanksgiving Thoughts95. November 26, 2011 Page 131Institutional Self Preservation96. November 28, 2011 Page 133Al Gore, the Dark Clown97. November 30, 2011 Page 135Shining the Light Upon the Dark Clown98. December 2, 2011 Page 136Bailouts: Profiting From Reckless Speculation99. December 5, 2011 Page 137Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Intelligence Beyond Logic and Commonsense100. December 7, 2011 Page 138George Will Disagrees With Judy Collins and Says, “Stop Sending in the Clowns”101. December 9, 2011 Page 140I Trust Barack Obama102. December 11, 2011 Page 142I Do Not Trust the Republicans, Romney or Gingrich103. December 13, 2011 Page 143Barney Frank’s Legacy ix
  13. 13. Table of Contents Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI)104. December 16, 2011 Page 144Without the Spiritual, Christmas is Only About the Material105. December 19, 2011 Page 146Alec Baldwin, Clowns on a Plane106. December 21, 2011 Page 147The Secret of Christmas107. December 23, 2011 Page 148The Secret of Christmas (Part 2)108. December 26, 2011 Page 149Rod Balgojevich, the Model of the Illinois/Chicago Politician109. December 28, 2011 Page 151Is Jon Corzine Too Big to Jail?110. December 30, 2011 Page 153The New Year; a Time for Reflection x
  14. 14. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysExaminer Essays 2011Number 1April 20, 2011Dodd Defines Theft: Part 1. Taking What People ProduceRecently former U.S. Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut appeared on Chris Wallace’sSunday Show as, “Power Player of the Week”. Now head of the Motion PictureAssociation of America, he is defending the interests of the Hollywood elite. Concernedabout the pirating of the films produced in America, Dodd stated, “If someone is stealingthe product others are producing, that is theft.”Dodd was a supporter of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The government supportedcompanies that had their bad mortgage loans infesting half of the bad mortgageinvestments and influencing the rest, causing the 2007 financial meltdown. He backedthem unequivocally in hearings before the Senate, attacking those who questioned theorganizations practices. He received sweetheart loans from Country Wide Insurance.To the middle class American, wages earned are the product of our work. We receivemoney for our sweat, toil and time, producing products for our companies to sell. Whenthat money is taxed away from us in an oppressive manner, and used to supportcorruption in government made up of the political elite royalty, the product of our toil isbeing stolen. Over the years, Mr. Dodd has been leading the charge in robbing theproduct of the people’s work. He therefore by his own definition, as part of ourgovernment, committed theft.Now he is worried about the injustice to the Hollywood elite moguls. Those he rubbedelbows with and sold favors to as a Senator. He is being compensated by his cronies thatreaped the benefit of his questionable conduct and character. Mr. Dodd seems to seestealing from the common folk as a different crime than stealing from his cronies. Or is itjust a case of who is doing the stealing that makes it a crime?Number 2April 21, 2011Part 2. Dodd Theft Hides Behind Taxing the RichDodd theft is particularly notable to Southern Tier New York where taxes are among thehighest in the nation, federal, state and school. A land considered far from civilizationwhere jobs are scarce and good paying jobs much more so! Where we bite the heads offlive rabbits and tea partiers danced naked in the night lighted by bonfires! That was untiloutside burning was outlawed. Now they do it in the dark. 1
  15. 15. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysThe remedy to the assertion of oppressive taxation of middle class America is to promoteclass warfare by declaring, “Increased taxation of the rich, because they can afford it.”Many middle class Americans subscribe to this solution to deficit and debt reduction.Yes, it finds a scapegoat! “No”, it does not address the real problem?The problem is not revenue. The money flowing into our federal and state governmentsis much more than enough to fund the jobs desired. If results of those programs, projectsand goals were really desired! That is not the case. The desire is to build an evergrowing spending machine, effectiveness and efficiency contrary to the goal.It has been pointed out in many areas of government that reducing fraud could savehundreds of billions of dollars a year. It is often a solution cited, to encourage financingtrillion dollar programs, but never gets started let alone concluded. When there are riversof money flowing out of government because of fraud, why would we not check thatflow?Fraud is only one of those areas of the uneconomical flow of money out of government.Ineptitude, incompetence, waste and corruption are some others. If a small fraction ofthis were stopped, additional taxation would not be necessary. If a major part of thiswaste were halted, taxes could be cut tremendously and all the goals of governmentefforts could be accomplished, if it were desired they be accomplished.Their real goal is pulling more money to government. Failure to attain results inducesgreater taxation. Politicians, bureaucrats and government elites like the gray areas wherecorruption, fraud, waste and ineptitude hide. It creates pools of money ripe for thepicking by politicians. There is much power and profit to be garnered by skimming andredistributing those excess dollars taken from the people.The incessant expansion of government is merely a grab for power, expanding onlycorruption, fraud, ineptitude and waste. So, the theft of what the people produce, “DoddTheft”, takes the power (the wages) from the individuals (the people) and places it in thehands of the power collective (government elites).Number 3April 23, 2011Asleep on the JobMerely An Example LearnedThere has been a rash of Air Traffic Controllers falling asleep on the job. Pilots landingplanes with only silence from the control towers! If any activity could have been heardfrom the towers it likely would have been snoring. This isn’t happening at small airportsonly, but major hubs like Washington D.C., Reagan International Airport. 2
  16. 16. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essays Leadership by Example Mediocrity… The New American DreamGovernment officials have been up in arms, outraged over this embarrassment. They arecalling for heads as usual, in an attempt to show some action in answer to this scandalousbehavior. Congress will have hearings on the subject to feign further concern.In actuality, the Air Traffic Controllers are only a symptom of far greater problems.Their behavior exemplifies quite graphically the state of our government, our leaders whohave been asleep at the wheel for decades now, till oversight has degraded to such anexample by government leadership. The porn infestation at the FBI Headquarters isanother case. These leadership examples travel down the chain of command to staff andemployees throughout.This kind of negligence on the job is not a rare case in government. The Gulf oil spill canbe traced to government inspector’s negligent performance. The Fannie Mae and FreddieMac sub-prime mortgage failures if not causing the 2007 financial meltdown, at leastinitiating it. Passing numerous immigration laws over 40 years, none solving theproblem, only making it larger. These are examples of lethargic leadership.To cast blame on the Air Traffic Controllers is addressing the result of the problems inthe wrong place. Even to pick someone from the top of the Federal Aviation Agency(FAA) would only be selecting a scapegoat. Our government has become dedicated tomediocrity and this indolent behavior is the result. 3
  17. 17. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysNumber 4April 24, 2011Supporting the Sleepers, The Public Union AgendaGovernment bureaucrats and politicians asleep on the job should be no surprise. Thedeteriorating effectiveness and efficiency in the federal government has been understoodfor many years. The late Nobel Economist Milton Friedman in the fifties revealed,government delivers half the results with twice the resources.With the advent of the entitled and elite status of government workers, effectiveness andefficiency likely are degrading further. Add to it the unionized standing of manygovernment employees, and you have a monopoly immersed in mediocrity, contrary tothe competitive private sector struggling for superiority while restrained, wrapped ingovernment red tape.Mediocrity so much fits the long term agenda of today’s public unions. Any road blockor snafu the union introduces reduces productivity requiring additional employees. In theprivate sector it destroys companies. In the government sector it increases the tax burdenon the private sector workers.Government grows while the wealth creating private sector shrinks. In recent yearsthrough the “great recession” the federal government has grown about eleven percentwhile the private sector has shrunk over six percent. As reported by The Examiner(Washington) editorial 07/11/10 Government unemployment is around 4.4% while theprivate sector is around 10%.The Census Bureau of Economic Analysis calculated federal average salaries grew from$30,415 to $61,998 over the private sector average from 2000 to 2010. Reported by theBureau of Economic Statistics the average federal government wage in 2009 was$123,049, state $69,913 and private sector $61,051. Public unions say this is becausetheir workers have much greater skills?Mediocrity, center piece to the union strategy to grow power and profit throughexpanding membership, increasing dues collection used to influence and intimidatepoliticians and bureaucrats. Education and government, both failing institutions arecontrolled by powerful unions, like the bailed out auto industry! Government is theperfect venue for the mediocrity strategy. Their impotent efforts are bailed out byincreased taxation of the people.Air Traffic Controllers falling asleep on the job is a product of leadership, bothgovernment and union, mutually supporting each other’s goals of profitable mediocrity.Fairness for the private sector workers, who finance the government, has long beenforgotten. The unfairness initiated by this partnership makes private sector workers serfsto government and union fiefdoms. 4
  18. 18. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysNumber 5April 29, 2011 C is for City, Incubator of CorruptionThomas Jefferson wrote to James Madison, December 20, 1787, “When we get piledupon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.”What would the heaping of humanity have to do with increased corruption? This oddityshould engage our thought process.One way of looking at it is, “The pooling of money increases corruption.” Thereforelarger cities will attract greater riches and consequently will draw corruption like amagnet.The liberal’s quest for Socialism, larger government taking on more of the personalresponsibilities of the people builds reservoirs for that pooling of money. Governmentbureaucrats handle it, creating numerous opportunities for extensive dishonesty,incompetence, ineptitude, waste; inviting corruption. It allows no talent, lazy,nincompoops, access to power.Then we must look at the stacking of poor minorities in the low cost housing projectmega building communities of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, where crime and poverty werenurtured like a fungus. Prisons are stacked with those same dark and dismal hallways,insuring futility.Blue states tend to be liberal (progressive) leaning toward socialism, seeking largegovernments taking more responsibility, therefore freedom from the people. They are thestates with the huge cities, stacked high with arrogant blue blood bureaucrat-wardens.Look at the attack on rural America. Disarming folk, limiting hunting, open fires, waterusage for farming, actually legislating chains on the self-sustaining American PioneerSpirit! The rural areas, red states, are the strongholds where simple commonsensecommon folk still exist.Jefferson had a point! We follow the European metropolitan corruption model!Note: Jefferson quote from Thomas Jefferson, His Essential Wisdom, Edited by Carol-Kelly-Gangi 5
  19. 19. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysNUMBER 6April 31, 2011Part 2. Wolves and SheepWhile Jefferson’s line, “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe,we shall become as corrupt as Europe,” explained a phenomenon, his line to EdwardCarrington revealed the motive. “Jefferson’s 1787 letter stated, “Among [EuropeanGovernments], under pretense of governing, they have divided their nations into twoclasses, wolves and sheep.”Metropolitan megalithic monuments are the perfect place to stack, file and entrance thepeople. Like rooms of file cabinets, side by side, piled with people controlling data.Cities file, categorize and make obtainable people for whatever government proposes.City dwellers cannot be self sustaining. They are dependent upon bureaucratic services.Bureaucrats (wolves) have the people (sheep) on a leash, able to control them by theirneeds, for their survival. Government not teaching to fish, the people wait like trainedseals to be thrown a fish. Wolves and Sheep Political Elites Feed on the PeoplePeople are crammed into those buildings, like cattle in the stockyard. They are available,at the whim of the bureaucrats, easy to obtain. So available they can easily be lead toslaughter, figuratively, perhaps literally!A better comparison might be from H.G. Wells “Time Machine”, in which the hero visitsa future where humanity splits. The cannibalistic Morlocks (wolves) cultivate the docileElois (sheep) like cattle for their own subsistence. 6
  20. 20. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysThis is the promise of socialism, a nation of people selling themselves into dependency.Giving up their freedoms for things, promises that have been and will again be defaultedupon, the people selling “themselves” into slavery!Note: Jefferson quotes from Thomas Jefferson, His Essential Wisdom, Edited by Carol-Kelly-GangiNUMBER 7May 8, 2011Befuddled Bloomberg Blusters, Bellows and Bloviates, Repeating the FailureA short time ago, Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City was interviewed byChris Wallace on his show, Fox News Sunday. Listening to the interview, Bloombergappeared somewhat sound in his ideas. Reading the transcript, he appeared all over themap, his solutions convoluted, contradictory and confused.Bloomberg stated, “But the bottom line is, were here today, April 24th, 2011. Everythingin the past is history. You can entertain your audience in talking about that, or you caninform your audience and lead them by saying this is what we have to do going forward.”Far too often our leadership; whether local, state or federal government, even our localschool districts use the mantra, “We must forget the past and move to the future!” Theywant to avert their eyes from their mistakes, failing to recognize or avoiding recognitionof how we got where we are. Then blindly plowing ahead, thinking things will change bythemselves.Poet and philosopher George Santayana in 1863 wrote, “Those who cannot remember thepast are condemned to repeat it.” Leadership’s proclivity to push forward, withoutunderstanding their mistakes, when analyzing the condition of our country, it is notdifficult to understand why we are, where we are today.Bloomberg then points out the obvious, “You know what we have, Chris, in this country,fewer and fewer people supporting more and more people. The youth in our country areassuming a burden to take care of people our age, youre in -- the age of mine and older --that they will just not be able to satisfy. That is another reason why we need immigrants.”Then Bloomberg suggested “Comprehensive Illegal Immigration Amnesty” withoutsaying it, to bring bodies into this country to support the frivolous and wasteful spendingof our inept government elites. So “Illegal Immigration Amnesty” is not only a methodof garnering votes for a particular party, but he sees it will also help finance the waste,fraud, incompetence and corruption of our government.Then Wallace questioned, “Isnt that amnesty?” 7
  21. 21. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysBloomberg retorted, “You can call it what you want, but number one, lets get real. Werenot going to deport -- I think the number today is probably less than 11 million people.Were not going to deport them. They are going to be here. So lets find a path where theycan contribute more to the country”.Bloomberg continued, “Sitting around and yelling and screaming about something thatwas created by Congress in 86, where they passed a law saying were going to stop theillegal immigrants coming into this country, but then deliberately did not fund any kindof an enforcement leaves us with 11 million rather than the 2 million we had then.”Bloomberg blatantly ignores the lessons from the 1986 bill. As he pointed out, the toolsto enforce, The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and later The IllegalImmigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, were ignored and haveled to the 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants in the nation today. These illegalimmigrants over burdening our economic, education, welfare, legal and numerous othercritical institutions, he sees as the answer to solving these problems.Bloomberg is setting us up for the same failures of not enforcing immigration laws since1986. Pushing into the future afraid, he is merely attempting to escape the past. Clearlyhe appears to fall into the category of, “Those who cannot remember the past arecondemned to repeat it.”NUMBER 8May 10, 2011Bloomberg, Running From the Past, Hiding in the FutureBloomberg stated on Fox News Sunday, “But the bottom line is, were here today, April24th, 2011. Everything in the past is history. You can entertain your audience in talkingabout that, or you can inform your audience and lead them by saying this is what we haveto do going forward.”Forgetting the past and blindly plowing ahead, into the future in an effort to leave pastmistakes behind is not only ignorance, but cowardice too. Thinking things will change bythemselves is negligent. This is where the words of poet and philosopher GeorgeSantayana in 1863 come to play, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemnedto repeat it.” This is where leadership’s tendency to push ahead, without understandingtheir mistakes, is so dangerous.We saw the failures of past immigration amnesty laws and are looking to copy the partsthat did not work. Amnesty without enforcement of the laws just enlarges the problem.If we look at history enforcement is the part we did not implement. Shouldn’t that be our 8
  22. 22. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essaysfirst consideration now? This exemplifies what Thomas Jefferson wrote July 19, 1788,“The execution of the laws is more important than the making of them.”When looking at government entitlements given away like welfare and Medicaid we seeaction without recognition of mistakes. A national government healthcare system isbeing implemented on a foundation of failing programs. We see government obligationsthe people have paid for, but government has already spent the money, like socialsecurity and Medicare. It has long been known these programs were unsustainable asmaintained. Yet, in a cowardly way politicians pushed ahead, kicking the can down theroad, as they say.By placing the burden and responsibility on future generations, they avoid facing theirown failures. How can they ever learn when too cowardly to face the truth? This is thekind of spinelessness displayed by charging into the future without serious considerationof past incompetence.As Doctor Phil would say, “The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.” Ourpoliticians, bureaucrats and government elites have shown us they cannot change theirbehaviors. Either their negligence is beneficial to them, their political livelihood, or theyare just too weak for introspection necessary to make things right.As individuals, life teaches us lessons as we move along. Then there are times thelessons learned are forgotten and we make the same mistake again. Then we think, “Iknew that, why did I make the same mistake?” The information is processed and storedfor future use. Those too afraid to admit their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.Bloomberg then points out the obvious, “You know what we have, Chris, in this country,fewer and fewer people supporting more and more people.” The solution he does notwant to face is getting people off habitual entitlements collected for generations andmaking them productive.NUMBER 9May 11, 2011Spending; the Lesson Taught The Kingdom Cultivating Serfdom Districts Know Only Spending 9
  23. 23. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysFacing possible economic disaster at local, state, federal and international levels, ourlocal school districts think, like the federal government, they can spend their way out ofthe problem. They are closing their eyes behind the wheel, fingers crossed, hoping toweather the storm and never give up their gluttony.When the Star program was introduced in New York State in the late ‘1990s to give reliefto property owners paying school taxes, it should have sent a signal to school districts torestrain budget growth and district expansion. School administrators quickly movedboards to the opposite mind set, increasing budgets and programs in spite of seriouslyshrinking enrollment.They calculated the people would not notice the increases as much, seizing theopportunity for greater spending and expansion. In so doing they abandoned the tools,skills and will that would have helped them handle these dangerous economic times.Prior to that was the outlawing of pay-for-play in the mid ‘90s! In the Horseheads SchoolDistrict where several budgets had been voted down, pay-for-play was instituted. Duringthat period, many sports were added to the existing programs under the guise it cost thedistrict nothing. When pay-for-play was made illegal, those sports were not dropped.They were just added to the people’s burden.This set the stage for tremendous expansion of school districts adding programs. Seventhand eighth grade football and baseball along with others were added, in the effort ofschool district kingdoms to build sports dynasties. Neighboring districts had to “Keep upwith the Joneses”!Many of these sports were redundant, providing services already available in communityprograms. It revealed the sports programs not to be about a well rounded education or“sportsmanship”. Those programs had clearly become about district aggrandizement andnegative sports lessons of elitism.Redundant, obsolete, inefficient, ineffective and ostentatious programs have become thelinchpin in education industry expansion. Education’s alliance with profitable failurealong with a flooding of impotent programs aids expansion. Education only the excusefor the dog and pony show to strut their business model of perpetual growth!While education industry expansion is a nation wide strategy, it is not difficult to see howthat greedy goal negatively affects our local school districts. Redundant programs arenumerous. Our schools will gladly usurp activities from the community to expand theirown kingdoms. They encourage any opportunity for money to enter.Education is an industry, far more interested in power and profit than education of thechildren. 10
  24. 24. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysNUMBER 10May 14, 2011Stepford School SuperintendentsStepford School Superintendents; production line professionals, manufactured andindoctrinated by the massive education industry, including colleges, universities, publicschools, teacher’s and administrator unions and associations and more. The educationindustry is the one of the largest industries in America, second only to the HealthcareIndustry.Educators are indoctrinated into the education industry agenda of expansion, making theirtraining into mediocrity a success for their alliance with profitable failure. Bleeding thecommunity for more money for more programs, to stem the tide of calculated educationalfailure is only to feed an insatiable beast whose primary goal is to eat more. Education Industry Cannibalizing Communities Educating The Main CourseI have heard the local superintendents say, “It is a new paradigm. Times are hard. Weare going to have to do more with less.” And yet, while the writing has been on the wallfor years, they continue to do less with more. They are not capable of practicalmanagement. They are addicted to spending for mediocrity. Their livelihood is investedin incompetence, ineptitude, waste and corruption.An education industry, so invested in itself; arrogant about its place in society, leads to apractice of hypocrisy and deceit of the first order! Education is an institution that teachesbehaviors to all the other influential institutions in our society; government, law,journalism, science, and the arts. When it goes astray, our entire society is likely tofollow.Stepford Superintendents reject effectiveness, efficiency and even honesty, because theybelieve bigger is better. To them more importantly, it pays more! 11
  25. 25. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysNUMBER 11May 16, 2011Bloomberg Supports Government Unions, Promoting an Elite ClassDuring his interview with Chris Wallace, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the casefor public sector unions when Wallace stated, “Voters werent in on the negotiations. Itsyou guys.”Bloomberg argued, “No, but every year the elected officials negotiate new contracts, andevery couple of years or four years they go before the voters, so why dont you say toyour elected official, hey, you gave a union contract that we cant afford. I dont want youto do it again. Im going to vote for your opponent.”Bloomberg simplified the issue to the point where he ignored the facts. First, the publicdoes not have access to contract information till the contract is agreed upon and ratified.Even then, what went on in their secret negotiations is not broadcast by the media. Itreally takes years to find out and understand the adverse affects of contract giveawaysgovernment officials have handed to the unions that contribute to politician’s campaigns.The politicians then use their skills of spin and misrepresentation to deflectresponsibility! Sadly, the public unions have a greater intimidation influence overpoliticians than do the American people.Small groups gathering to represent liberal ideas are accepted, supported and promoted.People with conservative ideas gathering to exert influence are attacked, besmirched, andtheir reputations and character destroyed. An example is characterizing the Tea PartyMovement as villainous when it is merely a gathering of common folk, averageAmericans. The Public Union Movement and Union Movement in general have beengiven access to government from which the American People have been barred. Beware The Villainous Tea Partiers? Tea Partiers Pillaging and Plundering 12
  26. 26. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysBloomberg states, “A union leaders job is to get the most money for -- in the -- with thebest working conditions they possibly can. Thats what theyre hired for,” totally missingthe fallacy in what he says.The union movement was to seek fairness for the American Workers. The unionmovement today, particularly the public unions are seeking to raise themselves above themajority of American Workers. They are carving themselves an elite place in society onthe backs of the American Workers. They are making the American Middle Class serfsto their ambition for superiority.Government workers should not be represented by unions. They already were givenpreferential treatment in job security and benefits. Now they are given preferentialtreatment in salaries too. Government workers are given elite status and compensation onthe backs of the American People. They are picking the people’s pockets to fill theirown. This is wrong!Government employees should be compensated no better than workers in similar jobs inthe private sector. In fact, they should be compensated the average of those jobs, notmaking them the nobles on the fiefdom, and the American Workers their serfs, turning inthe product of their sweat and toil to make government workers elite.NUMBER 12May 19, 2011Corruption and Scandal, The Politician’s Entitlements William Jefferson Clinton’s Presidential LegacyBoth Among the Oldest Professions; Politician and Prostitute Being Made Synonymous 13
  27. 27. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essays“The American People don’t trust you anymore,” Representative (D-Mass) MichaelCapuano scolded bank CEOs, at House Banking Committee hearings, conducted after the2007 financial melt down. Recently NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo was one of the fewpoliticians to recognize when pointing the finger, three are pointing back, stating, “Thepeople don’t trust government!”It is sickening politicians do not have a clue of the magnitude of mistrust they engender.Faking a day of decent behavior they think earns trust? They behave like scandal andcorruption are entitlements of government officials. Now, with this smelly pile ofgovernment manure growing like an active volcano, another large load of crap isdropped.John Ensign, junior US Senator from Arizona has added a horrific scandal. It allegedlyincludes sex, a document shredding cover-up, pay offs, and illegal lobbying. NationalSyndicated columnist Debra J. Saunders revealed, “Special Counsel Carol Elder Brucefound substantial evidence that the senator broke federal law, made false or misleadingstatements to the Federal Election Commission about the $96,000 severance, andobstructed justice when he destroyed documents to cover his trail.”Debra J. Saunders asks, “So go figure this: Why has the Justice Department indicted thehusband on seven counts of violating the lobbying ban, but not the senator?”It seems government officials are easy on each other just in case they get caught. If theygive leniency, they will receive leniency for their indiscretions in return. It is the quidpro quo of politicians and bureaucrats which cultivates and encourages corruption anddeviant behavior.Look at Eliot Spitzer, strutting on his CNN Show “In the Arena”, rehabilitating hiscareer. Like many other politicians his arrogance so great, he betrayed his wife, hischildren and the people without conscience or consequence. Betrayal came so easy, whyshould he ever be trusted again?Charlie Wrangle, Barnie Frank, Duke Cunningham, John Jefferson, this article could befilled with a list of names of politicians milking the political entitlements of scandal andcorruption. One cannot help but think is it all of them?Politicians acknowledge the people don’t trust them, but continue to act repulsively asthough corruption and scandal are an entitlement of their positions. They revel in thegutter emerging from the slime preening like a peacock. This is the Presidential Legacyof William Jefferson Clinton, “He only lied to the grand jury about sex with an intern!”Broken trust takes years to repair, if ever, and only if trustworthy behavior follows. Thatwould be if they wanted it repaired. Once they could remarket their image to fool thepeople. Now they don’t even feel the need to do that. 14
  28. 28. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essays“Trust Requires Truth”! Parsing truth, lying, stealing, debauchery, politicians seem tothink this is their birthright. It is within the rules of the game they play. They don’t evenunderstand they are far more reviled than having to pick up your dog’s waste, in a plasticbag. It’s more like doing it with your bare hand and depositing it in your shirt pocket,right under your nose.Yes, that’s disgusting. It turns the stomach and makes you retch. So do they!NUMBER 13May 22, 2011Politicians Testify To ComplexifyWords are being added to the dictionary at a rapid pace. Some of these words aren’t evenwords. They are lazy abbreviations of real words. Almost grunts and groans to signifythe word we don’t want to use.So, a suggestion of a word that has definite purpose should be easily accepted by thosewith the authority to add words to the dictionary. Those intellectuals with the power andscholarly knowledge to know what is important to civilization for communication!Complexify is the word that would be a tool for civilization’s advancement.Complexification is one of the derivatives of the proposed word. What does the wordcomplexify mean?Complexify means to take something that is simple and make it complex, serving thepurpose of confusing people or camouflaging purposes, in order to arrest and securepower. It serves as a smoke screen making opponents feel stupid or inadequate so thesecomplexified ideas sound intelligent and are not challenged, failing to reveal their lack ofsubstance. It is government tying itself into the “Gordian Knot”. Government Becoming the “Gordian Knot” Expanding Government Institutionalizing Their Mess 15
  29. 29. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysWhat would be an example of this? Spending more when an entity is in financial trouble!Spending without thought, direction or purpose, just for the sake of spending, and tellingpeople it will get our states and nation out of its financial crisis.Or, how about “Global Warming” retooled to “Climate Change” because the data did notbear out the warming trend. The crisis was relabeled climate change, a natural andongoing process of the earth. In this way the con man comflexifiers could say, “See,climate is changing!”Politicians, bureaucrats and scholarly intellectuals complexify issues to make the peoplequestion their own intelligence and accede to their political assertions. It is a disguise tomake con men seem smarter, and intimidate others away from questioning their flimsyideas.Complexification is the antithesis of commonsense. It takes things that are very simple tounderstand and covers them in complexity so they are not understandable. The shysterpolitician, bureaucrat or scholar, like the horse trader or snake oil salesman, can bluster,bluff and bulldoze their way to credibility by way of cultivating intimidation andstupidity.NUMBER 14May 25, 2011Cultivating Ignorance of the LawSimplifying is the antonym of the new word we are trying to introduce into thedictionary. Complexifying is nothing new. The legal system has been complexifyinglanguage for years, mostly for the purpose of securing their position and profession.Legal language makes it necessary for the hiring of lawyers. Congressman John ConyersJr. of Michigan admitted he never read Obama’s 2700 page Healthcare Bill because hedidn’t understand it and it would take several lawyers to help him get through it.Complexifying has long been a tool in the legal profession. The term legalese hasbecome recognized and even found in Webster’s New Dictionary of American English –Third College Edition. It defined legalese as “The conventional language of legal formsand documents, etc., involving special vocabulary and formulations, often thought to beabstruse and incomprehensible to the layman.”Simply, legalese is lawyer speak. In addition to confusing and unintelligible languageput into legal forms, which would include contracts and even federal legislation, there isthe practice of putting such language in small print. Legalese also meanders, taking avery long time to come to the point. 16
  30. 30. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysMeandering, confusing and perplexing language, incomprehensible in large print,becomes unreadable in small print. These methods are designed to create diversions andillusions, making the mind struggle to understand. Occupying the mind with so manyobstacles and roadblocks, deception is able to be hidden.This type of complexifying though long in the legal system has expanded to education,media, science and even the arts. It is used to make certain groups experts and thoseoutside their loop feel like dopes. It builds a patronizing platform so those seeking elitiststatus can talk down to the people. It is a way of gaining power for one group andarresting power from anyone outside that group. Building the Tower of Babble Killing Communication With Camouflaging ComplexityThe process of complexifying and the teaching of it has removed commonsense from thevast majority of the people. Complexifying is the institutionalized Tower of Babble,blocking opened and honest communications, encouraging dishonesty and constructingintentional barriers to all communication.NUMBER 15May 27, 2011The Tangled Web of Legalese; Dimming the Light“Oh what a tangled web we weave when we indulge in legalese!”Legalese is intended for deception. Its purpose confusing people so they are not on soundfooting when it comes to understanding of the law. Our laws are designed to be difficultto understand to secure and solidify the position in the legal industry. The legaladministrators pontificate, speaking down to the people, “Ignorance of the law is noexcuse!” 17
  31. 31. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysHow is such hypocrisy even possible to allow laws designed to be incomprehensible bythe layman? Can they actually expect people to read the laws when they come out inthousands of pages of legalese, intended for deception? Many laws actually leaveloopholes wide enough to sail an aircraft carrier through, to allow legislators and lawyersplenty of room to manipulate the law in their and that favor of their constituency.Many other professions are following the legal profession to develop their own languagenot understandable outside their circle. This is like having a security system for theprofession, limiting intrusion by outsiders.This also aids the education industry, who wholly participates in the process ofcompexification. Intellectual illusions of complexity makes them seem more intelligent.They engage in helping other professions to build defensive walls. Then they musteducate those going into such professions. The Tangled Web of Legalese; Dimming the Light Legalese Webs We WeaveIt is the never ending cycle of complexification, design to abolish the quick and cheapercure of commonsense. Woven webs dim the light from the outside, creating the shadowsfor corruption to incubate.NUMBER 16May 29, 2011All Hail Constitution, an American HeroAt the very start I would like to say a few words about the Constitution. Not the miracleof the United States Constitution, penned in 1787, the law of the land of a new nation.The Constitution constructed by our founding fathers, to bring the ideals of freedom andhuman rights to the world. I am talking about the USS Constitution, born ten years later.The United States Ship which bore the proud name of the law of the land where freedomfirst rang. 18
  32. 32. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essays USS Constitution “Old Ironsides”, America In Wood, Iron and CanvasThe proud ship USS Constitution built in 1797, one of six frigates to lay the keel of theUnited States Navy. This ship so much embodied the spirit of America that went into theframing of its namesake US Constitution, the foundation of our rule of law.One of six frigates ordered by Congress, she was built along with two other large, 44 gunfrigates the United States and the President. Three smaller 36 gun frigates theConstellation, Congress and Chesapeake, would comprise the fledgling United StatesNavy.Built in Boston with Yankee know how and craftsmanship, the USS Constitution forged aplace in our history that typifies the American Story. She saw her first action in Waragainst the Barbary States to defend our sovereignty, “Millions for defense but not onecent for tribute.” On the shores of Tripoli transpired the baptism of the United StatesNavy and Marines.During the War of 1812, the survival of our infant nation hung in the balance. Therewere few victories in the land war to carry the spirit of America. Still, we persisted, ournation’s fortunes turning again to the sea.The Naval War of 1812 began with the Constitution outrunning a devastatingly superiorBritish squadron that would have canceled her illustrious career before it began. At sea,the USS Constitution carried the load. Defeating the British Frigate Guerrière, theConstitution was hailed as “Old Ironsides” a name she carries till this very day.She followed up against the Frigate Java in a fierce and bloody action. Taking on two atonce, the small Frigate Cyane and Sloop Levant in another battle, once more she wasvictorious over the ruler of the seas. England, whose captains had not struck their colorsin surrender in almost ten years! What “Old Ironsides” could not out run she could outgun. She is a monument to Yankee ingenuity like the US Constitution. (Next - “OldIronsides” Wood and Canvas, Sweat and Blood) 19
  33. 33. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysNUMBER 17May 31, 2011“Old Ironsides” Wood and Canvas, Sweat and Blood “Old Ironsides”, The Spirit of a Nation A Memorial to Our PatriotsThe USS Constitution faced dismantling upon the scrap heap in 1830. Oliver WendellHolmes wrote “Old Ironsides” a poem pleading for her survival. “Ay, tear her tatteredensign down,” he lamented. He saved the USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides”, from adishonorable fate amongst the trash heap of lost history. He resurrected a symbol of theAmerican Spirit and those who gave their lives for the freedoms the people of Americaenjoy.USS Constitution was manned by men of the sea, as was our country in the early days.Every man, woman and child coming to this country was tempered by the hardships ofthe sea. From Jamestown to the Pilgrims at Plymouth and the slaves brought against theirwill in those “hell on earth” slave ships. The sea tempered the spirit and strength of theAmerican, therefore America. The sea spawned the new nation where freedom andopportunity would someday reign.Those men of the sea were like the Constitution’s fittings, a natural part of the ship. Likeher strong and sleek hull, her canvas cloud of driving sails and her wooden bulkheads thatwore like iron. “Old Ironsides” was an entity of solid timber, cloth, rope, copper and ironput together in beautiful fashion. She too was an entity of sweat, flesh and blood thatbeat in her heart and the hearts of those brave souls that sailed her to victory, one afteranother.Her birth was over two hundred years ago. Most of her gallant actions are just over ayear short of that mark. Yet her life goes on just like the Constitution, our law. Bothwere constructed with great care and great purpose. The ship incorporated ideas faradvanced for its time, as did the document. They endure, proud and glorious for theiraccomplishments. Together they live on and can be seen today, solid structures of our 20
  34. 34. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essaysnation’s greatness. Memorials they are to those who gave life and limb for the freedomsand abundant existence we enjoy today.NUMBER 18June 3, 2011The Tea Party PeoplePeople participating in the tea parties have been tagged with a very ugly image by liberalsand most media. First grabbing attention is the derogatory, perverted and nasty tag of“tea baggers”. Applying such and expressions comes from a malignant mind in the gutter.This is the venom which creates all the other accusations. Racists, bigots, Nazis and toomany others to list have been laid on them.Tea Parties in Corning, Watkins Glen, Ithaca and Penn Yan, revealed Tea Party People tobe quite benign. They’re common folk concerned about our country heading in thewrong direction. While taxes are an issue, it is not so much the money out of theirpockets, but the money going to finance corruption in government and the usurping of thepeople’s freedoms. This is what seems to be the basis of the Tea Party Movement. Tea Partiers, Good Common Folk The Tea Party PeopleThere appears to be some people out there attempting to hijack the movement. They aregetting their name not only associated with the movement, but made synonymous with it.Liberal media seems very willing to give those people the crown. This way they can takethe words of one person and discredit the entire tea party movement.The tea party emerges as a bunch of independent thinkers wanting a cleaner government.They are sick of the corruption, fraud, waste and incompetence that has become acceptedstandard operating procedure in government. Our taxes squandered then increased tohide our government’s inept nature. 21
  35. 35. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysWhen the tea partiers rally, talk of how clean and well behaved they are circulateseverywhere but the main stream media. They are courteous and compassionate. Whenliberals rally the talk about their boorish behavior, and the filthy grounds they leave alsois left out of the liberal media. The tea party character is as fictionalized in the media asis the liberal character.Tea partiers are tired of financing people that want to do nothing but selfishly helpthemselves to government entitlements. They are willing to help those down on theirluck. They are always willing to give assistance to those needing help to get back ontheir feet. But not willing to finance indefinitely those that can stand on their own, butrefuse to.The “Tea Party” moniker is about people concerned for the future and opportunitieshanded coming generations. Will they live in a country of creative, energetic freedom orlethargic, oppressive entitlements? Will Americans become a people herded by wolvesinto becoming sheep to be fed upon by power?NUMBER 19June 5, 2011Juan Williams Says, Insurance Companies Cannot Be Trusted, But Government Can?Juan Williams on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday, May 29, 2011 seemeddiscombobulated hearing anyone could put any trust in insurance companies with regardto healthcare. He expressed total incredulity that human beings could do so. It wasalmost an uncontrolled tirade, fit or rant of utter disbelief. He puts his faith ingovernment to handle the massive intervention into the people’s lives.On the other hand, one could look in amazement at his willingness to trust governmentwith such a task. Government healthcare as it is, Medicaid and Medicare are in seriousdanger of burning themselves out financially. Riddled with corruption, fraud, waste,mismanagement and incompetence to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per year,they are bankrupting the country. Yet Williams would trust even larger healthcareprograms to the inept devices of the federal government.We are going to give greater responsibility to a federal government that spent the moneycollected for Social Security for decades. That money they put into the general fund andspent foolishly and whimsically for over seventy years. Now they expect currentgenerations to carry the load, looking to current workers to replace the money theyalready spent. This, the Ponzi Scheme, a Madoff move, of politicians and bureaucratshas made a major addition to the debt, a program that should have paid for itself. Insteadthey have a huge file cabinet of IOUs to show for their ability to manage. 22
  36. 36. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysInsurance companies probably are not the most honest organizations to place trust in.Then, there is oversight to keep them in line. That oversight, the federal government,politicians and bureaucrats, is no more trustworthy than the insurance companies.Perhaps they are far less worthy of trust, which would be a good bet.The only oversight in the federal government is the politicians and bureaucrats who haveproved themselves time and again they are not worthy of trust. These people we expectto lie, cheat, steal and display gross incompetence. So, we would hand ultimate power togovernment that has failed at leadership, management and oversight. We would expecthonesty and competence where it has seldom been found before. Well Mr. Williams, Ifind that unbelievable!NUMBER 20June 7, 2011Words Are WeaponsCher sang, “Words are like weapons they wound sometimes.” Even the discussion ofcivility brings out sharp words, designed to wound, by the people and groups crying foulwith charges of incivility. Words are warped and manipulated to inflict damage in thebattle for power.In the discussion of then candidate Barack Obama’s political leanings, identifying him associalist found the media declaring “socialist” the new “N” word. Merely a descriptionof political positioning had the media branding those people, seeing Obama’s ideassocialism, as racist. If successful in intimidating people, it would remove socialist fromthe lexicon, allowing socialism a stealth entrance into our society. Media Translation Machine Words Warped To Manipulate For Agendas 23
  37. 37. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysAttorney General Eric Holder declared America cowards, afraid to discuss the issue ofracism. His approach and that of many others has sent the message to discuss racismfrom a different point of view could very well hang the label racist on a person. Thelabel can amass power to destroy careers and lives even if tagged without cause. Asthese words are streaming, concerns arise.Words can accidentally become weapons, carelessly spoken, inflicting hurt on some one.More often words are sharpened, with venomous poison placed on the tip to inflictdamage. Sexist, racist, homophobic all have an edge designed to demean and cut. Wordscan be maneuvered to undermine, camouflage, distort and divert truth for nefarious ends.Gossiping and bullying with words, though highlighted among students on the schoolyard, are taught by school boards, administrators and education unions and associationsto defend the kingdoms they have built. The education industry aims barrages of attacksagainst anyone that would question them. They are the teachers by example.Parsing, molding and warping words to fit an agenda, forges words into weapons. Not byaccident, but purposefully to sully character and destroy reputations. By adding acceptednegative connotations to words it opens the door for them to be banned. For example,associating “Socialism” with the already banned “N” word! Banning words takes themout of the conversation replacing free debate with intimidation.Certainly, from any side or position words should be used with consideration and respect.Yet, there are times when words as weapons should be wielded, in the battle of words.Civility may even be dropped, the speaker reaping the rewards or suffering theconsequences of them. Audience will judge how the words are used and if the speaker’swords should be shunned or embraced.However, banning words leads to banning books. This becomes the banning of historyand knowledge. People must learn to recognize how words are misused and abused, andwhen they are used appropriately. Identifying the manipulation of words to controlpeople is essential to keeping the debate opened. The courage to stand up to aspersionscast down from the fortress walls of power is what keeps debate active and freedom alive.NUMBER 21June 10, 2011The Chains of Habitual Lying“He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and thirdtime, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truthswithout the worlds believing him. The falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart,and in time depraves all its good dispositions,” written by Thomas Jefferson to PeterCarr, August 19, 1785. 24
  38. 38. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysWilliam Jefferson Clinton lied to a grand jury and the nation about his sexual encounterwith intern Monica Lewinski. Many dismissed the lie because it was just about sex. Thefact is Clinton had become a professional liar long before this incident, and he merelypracticed a skill he had perfected. This was just another step up the ladder of deceit hehad been climbing for years.Political activist Saul Alinsky defined “community organizer” writing, “He does not havea fixed truth – truth to him is relative and changing.” His “community organizer’s”, truthis allowed major fluctuations and inconsistencies depending upon the organizers mood.Values “Alinsky organizers” are above include fidelity (loyalty); truth, at the organizer’smood; accountability, promises like truth are fleeting, whimsical. Honesty and integrityare superfluous, by Alinsky standards. He maintains “Ethical standards must be elastic tostretch with the times,” and “In the politics of human life, consistency is not virtue.”President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton are both disciples ofAlinsky, like many others. Obama taught Alinsky’s philosophies as a college professor.There is plenty of deceit inherent in the business of politics. The processes are evendocumented for reproduction by such as Alinsky. This gives us a trust and truth indicatorof our political elite.Recently married New York Representative Anthony Weiner lied about his multiplesexual escapades over the phone and on the internet. In the Clinton model, he denied it,making up stories to explain the evidence. Once caught, he was lauded for finallyadmitting he lied. The people in his district are willing to let the lying pass, claiming itdoesn’t affect the good job he is doing?Habitual lying seems obviously notable among our politicians and bureaucrats. Oftenlying about sex which doesn’t count? We trivialize wholesale lying by politicians,making convenient as a standard tool they use. It would be easy to deduce lying and sexare among their primary skills. It taints our government with dishonesty and corruption.Thomas Jefferson would be appalled, likely coming to the same conclusion.Note: Jefferson Quote from Thomas Jefferson, His Essential Wisdom, Edited by Carol-Kelly-GangiNUMBER 22June 13, 2011Burning Money Fueling an Impotent Government EngineLou Dobbs pointed out on his June 10, 2011 radio show that the democrats in Congresshave presented a jobs plan. That plan is to raise taxes and fund a federal jobs program. I 25
  39. 39. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essaysguess similar to the $870 billion stimulus package, in which “shovel ready” infrastructureprojects were supposed to be targeted. The shovel was certainly active when this planwas presented.What was actually targeted was saving state government jobs, primarily inhabited byunions. The automotive industry was bailed out, along with and in favor of theautomotive unions. Unions benefited from the stimulus as quid-pro-quo for their supportof President Obama’s election.Some stimulus money even went to organizations like ACORN, to help finance areincarnation under another name. Its operations often illegal and questionable at best inits support of democrat candidates, prostitutes and pimps, it had to disappear andresurface, crawling from its image like a snake shedding its skin.Most went to expanding the federal government by 450,000 jobs. Little money went toshovel ready infrastructure. Some went to impractical projects like high speed rail. Atthe same time, the private sector lost over a million jobs.Dobbs conjectured it sounded like a 1930’s public works program in the mold of FranklinDelano Roosevelt’s New Deal. That was a policy that financing a ten year GreatDepression, lamented by Henry Morganthau Jr., his own Secretary of the Treasury!Senate democrats are throwing good money after bad, implementing retread programsand policies that have failed time and again. Burning the treasure earned by theAmerican Worker, trying to fuel a government engine modified to burn that fuel, butperform very few other useful tasks. Liberty Is The Stimulus We Need Burning Money, Fueling An Impotent Government EngineThis is the intellectual power of the majority party of the United State Senate. While thehouse fire is burning, they find a bucket with no bottom to put the fire out. Their logic, ifthe bucket has no bottom, they can fit more water in to take to the fire. That is aspractical as giving the government more tax revenue to finance programs they failed to 26
  40. 40. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essaysfinance the first time they said they would. This tactic in combination with usingstrategies that failed miserably in the past!NUMBER 23June 16, 2011Selling America, A Piece At A TimeReuters reported, “The Treasury is so close to the debt ceiling already that it will start toemploy a series of emergency measures on Friday to allow the government to meet itsobligations, such as Social Security and debt interest payments.”Mary J. Miller, Treasury Assistant Secretary for Financial Markets from the top “secretauction room”, where American Debt is sold, targeted August 2, 2011 for Congress toraise the debt ceiling give or take a few days, depending on circumstances. On DianeSawyers ABC evening news June 15, 2011, Miller, like Treasury Secretary TimothyGeithner warned of "catastrophic consequences" if the debt ceiling were not raised bythat date.With administration policy to take advantage of crisis frightening people to succumb totheir agenda, it is difficult to know if this isn’t just another “cry wolf” contrivedemergency. It would seem that if this was as serious as they claim, thoughtful andmethodical reductions in spending would have been implemented as a solution manymonths ago. Instead the opposite took place. Madcap, unrestrained spending continued.Jonathan Karl of ABC reported from inside the “secret auction room”, that twenty eightbillion dollars of debt would be auctioned off in ninety minutes, allowing the nation tofunction for three days. In secrecy pieces of America are sold, one third to foreigncountries, mostly China. The futures and freedoms of the American People are barteredaway at the same time. Over The Cliff Racing to Destruction 27
  41. 41. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysIn our own lives, living in the small upstate towns of New York’s southern tier, we wouldhave long ago reduced spending in preparation for the financial crisis looming on thehorizon. The Federal Government’s actions are like driving a car with the gas pedalpushed to the floor, knowing around some blind corner a bridge is washed out. Orperhaps the Titanic running full speed in an iceberg filled section of the North Atlantic.SOS… SOS… SOS… SOS!!!!!!NUMBER 24June 17, 2011Stimulus, Shmimulus, Ridiculous!Over $870 billion was supposedly poured into the economy as an economic stimulus forthe country. It is well known most of that money was distributed to the states, to meet thepayrolls of the state, primarily unionized workers. Much of what didn’t go togovernment unions went to the automotive unions, with the GM and Chrysler bailouts.The stimulus package was essentially financing the administrations campaign for re-election. Returning money for votes to the democrats by the unions and ensuring theirvotes in the future.In fact, the stimulus package paid for on the backs of the American People, createdanother 450,000 new government union jobs, adding to the union coffers that donate tothe administration party. The stimulus package was an investment in government unionjobs and power, building the portion of the economy that creates no wealth, and onlyconsumes it. At the same time a million jobs in the private sector were lost. The jobsthat produce the wealth in America and finance the public sector, their activities andemployment!The economic stimulus that supposedly stopped us from falling of the economic cliff hasbeen revealed to be campaign funding for the administration and the democrat party. Itonly shored up the mechanisms of government and business that threaten to push us overthe cliff. The economic philosophy that extended The Great Depression for more thanten years is having the same affect now.You can conjecture it avoided an economic disaster and saved so many jobs, but historywould disprove that. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Treasury HenryMorganthau Jr. stated referring to the New Deal, “We are spending more money than wehave ever spent before and it does not work.” In 1939 addressing Congress he said, “Iwant to see this country prosperous. I want to see the people get jobs. We have nevermade good on our promises. I say after eight years of this administration we have just asmuch unemployment as when we started and an enormous debt to boot.” 28
  42. 42. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysThe Obama administration has chosen to follow this same path, yet with much lesssincerity of Morganthau. The administration argues, “We did not spend enough,” as theyignore all the warning signs on this path. Obama’s Blowing It Inflating Government and Debt, Deflating America!Not only did we spend too much, we spent it in the wrong place, expanding governmentby 450,000 jobs and shrinking the private sector by a million jobs. The economicstimulus package was merely an investment in growing government and furthercorrupting power.NUMBER 25June 19, 2011Not the Secret GardenThe “secret auction room” run by the Federal Government to sell America’s Debt to keepthe country running does not give a feeling of security. Keeping secret to protect thebuyers, as portrayed, witnessing behaviors of our government and politicians theAmerican People cannot help but wonder what else they have to hide.Politics of the past have been characterized as deals made in the smoke filled back roomsof some shady establishments. During the gangster days, dishonest dealings took place inthe dimly lit hidden rooms of restaurants, over spaghetti and Chianti. This sounds likedirty dealings of the past which have found permanent homes in places like Chicago.Government’s dealings in secret places should not give warm feelings to the people.These financial dealings in secret must give pause to the people. Selling debt to keep thegovernment going, how desperate do our auctioneers get during the festivities when theythink they are not going to fill their quotas? Do they make sweetheart deals giving 29
  43. 43. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essaysspecial rates to entice customers to buy America’s debt? Do they get trips, gifts andkickbacks to entice such special deals? The power is there. Is the will not to be seduced?The “Secret Auction Room” revealed by ABC’s Diane Sawyer and Jonathan Karl, seemslike an ominous place. It could be a place where America is being sold piece by piece.One wonders, is America being sold out in the process. The levels of corruption we areseeing in government, when the people finance the false and worthless paper of thefinancial elite, and are bailed out by the political elite, it is not an unrealistic leap.It appears our political elite treasure more the legacies of New York’s Tammany Hall,Boss Tweed and Washington’s Teapot Dome, rather than that of our founding fathers.They worship at the altar of corruption rather than that of integrity. Our nation is seeingdark and sad times. The Secret Auction RoomSecret Room, Black Box, Loopholes, Legalese, Designed to Keep Americans in the DarkThe more the Federal Government does, the more they screw up, cultivating corruption.It would be pretty safe to assume the more the government does in secret, creatingshadows to skulk in, black boxes, loopholes and legalese to manipulate laws, the morethe people are getting screwed.NUMBER 26June 22, 2011Be Thankful, the Government Is Still RunningFox News Sunday June 19, 2011 again brought up one of the most interesting quotesrevealing a real but disturbing truth. Chris Wallace questioned former Obama DeputyPress Secretary Bill Burton who now heads Priorities USA an “independent” politicalentity. Wallace asked about democrats not passing a budget when they had control ofboth houses. Wallace finished saying, “A country needs a budget to run.”Burton went into a long convoluted answer, the substance of which is really unimportant.He defended the lack of a budget. His statement tells a frightening story, when he said,“The country is running. It hasn’t shut down!” His words in two short succinct 30
  44. 44. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essayssentences revealed much about the Obama Administration economic policy andWashington in general.These are telling statements. They see a successful government as one that is running. Itdoesn’t matter if it is running off into a ditch, into a wall or over a cliff. In their view it issuccessful merely because it is running. It is of no concern to them if it is runninginefficiently and ineffectively, the fact it is running at all is sufficient.Amassing a huge debt and driving the country into bankruptcy is of little concern, as longas the country is running. Taxing working class America into poverty has little interestfor politicians, because the government is running. Reasonable return for tax dollars isnot a measure, the government is running. They talk about constant improvement towarda more perfect union, but they are satisfied with it just running.Like the energizer bunny, it keeps going, and going and going. No direction, no purpose,wasting American Treasure, but it is still running. Like the energizer bunny, it will stillbe running till it doesn’t run anymore. The energizer bunny will just need new batteries.The answer to the American Government stopping because the money is gone will takemuch more to fix. A miracle! Be Thankful, The Government Is Still Running The Taxergizer Bunny, Just Keeps Going and Going, Taxing and TaxingNUMBER 27June 24, 2011Weiner’s Folly, Clinton’s Legacy 31
  45. 45. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysThe behavior of New York Representative Anthony Weiner is certainly deplorable. Thefact he finally told the truth when backed into a corner with the truth has little merit.Telling the truth only after being confronted with ones bald face lie is not commendable.It says much about the honesty and integrity of the person.Listening to the news commentators, they are extremely disgusted by Weiner’s behavior.Democrats and republicans have come together in condemnation of his sextingescapades. They discuss it with a tone of nausea, revulsion and down right disgust intheir words and voices. Weiner’s arrogant and aberrant behavior deserves the derision.Going back in history, think about then President Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades. Aknown long history of sexual misconduct, Bill Clinton’s Sexual Scandals includingGennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey and JuanitaBroaddrick, etc. All went public with accounts of their confrontations with Bubba. Allwere viscously attacked by the Clinton smear team, led by James Carville.How did Clinton get away with his misconduct? Weiner’s actions, though despicablewere clearly less so than those of Bill Clinton. Weiner used the Clintonian approach ofconfident and bold lying. It worked for Clinton, but not for Weiner. Weiner lied to hiscolleagues, the media and the people, as did Clinton. Both were caught in their lies.Clinton trumped Weiner by lying to a grand jury, breaking the law.Being president must have certain sexual benefits. It was acceptable for a president to lieabout sex, even before a grand jury. Apparently it was not acceptable for a congressmanto lie about virtual sex. Feminists staunchly supported Bill Clinton in his conduct, as didhis fellow democrats. Bill Clinton won with the behavioral model which seems to havebeen adopted by many politicians. Weiner duplicated it as have many politicians, andthey seem to have lost.More recent charges of Clinton’s dalliances have been met with the same wagging fingerand denials that proved false during the Lewinsky Affair. Clinton has used the wordsslime and scumbag to describe those making such implications. It is probably humannature to identify others foibles you can’t see in oneself.It appears President William Jefferson Clinton has been a trail blazer in the sexualmisconduct of today’s politicians, democrat and republican, taking the politician’s art oflying and sex to new lows, perhaps heights depending upon your perspective.NUMBER 28June 26, 2011America Has Spawned a New Race of Gods, The Gods of Elite Entitlement 32
  46. 46. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essays The New Race of Gods Playing With the Lives of the PeopleAmerica has spawned a new race of gods. Self-indulgent, immature and oversexed, theworld is their playground and its people their pawns to be manipulated through theirlives. Washington is the new Olympus, where they strut and prance, displaying theirsuperiority to all. Lesser seats of government become each a mini Olympus, lesser godsaspiring to be greater gods. The behavior of these gods is aberrant, outrageous andhedonistic.While these gods may look like us, they are not. They are giants among men in someareas. They have titanic egos and colossal arrogance, thinking they are so special nothingis off limits to them. Lying, cheating and stealing are their due. Though born of man,and voted to position by man, they see themselves as divinity. Smarter than meremortals, they know what is best for mankind, they think?Though their superiority tells them they know best, their infatuation with the peon,peasant people is merely to ensure notice of their caring and kindness to the people. Intheir eyes it compensates for the selfish behavior they wallow in. Thus they use feignedconcern for the sweaty and dirty masses to cloak their corruption.Like the Greek Olympians looking down, they play with the peon, peasant people,making them toys for their sadistic satisfaction. Sitting around in their godly forums theydiscuss us with disdain and earn our disdain with their disgusting arrogance. Self-absorbed and petty, they play with people’s lives for their own amusement 33
  47. 47. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysNUMBER 29June 28, 2011We Are Odysseus In Defiance of the Governmental GodsIn response to the reign of the Washington gods, “We the People” are Odysseus on thelong voyage home, back to the Constitution. We must confront the challenges of the self-anointed American gods and in turn, challenge them, converting them from arrogance tohumility, incompetence to effectiveness and accountability.ChallengesThe governmental gods that have evolved in America have made it their goal to impedethe lives of the American people. To remain gods, they must pound down the “Spirit ofAmerica” that would question and challenge them. In essence they have little realsubstance, only the mythology of public service. So, through legislation and taxationthey place obstacles before the people to initiate their defeat and maintain bondage. The Avant-garde Avant-gods We Are Odysseus In Defiance of the Governmental GodsConfrontationsLike Odysseus, the people must meet the confrontations head on and triumph. Thegovernmental gods are blocking the advances and evolution of the common man so theyare ineffectual and impotent to stand against the gods. They want to beat the filthymasses down so they pose no threat to the absolute power, over common man, the godshave contrived for themselves. 34
  48. 48. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysHerculean TasksThis contest with the gods will be a Herculean task. It will test the metal of the people.They will have to weather the trials and tribulations the governmental gods rain downupon them, in an effort to defeat them. Taxation and laws designed to oppress thepeople, along with government abuse, waste, incompetence and corruption, are amongthe barriers that must be overcome.The people must defy these godsThe gods must be questioned vigorously in the people’s defiance of them. These godsmust be exposed for the self-serving fakes and frauds they have become. They need to bemocked and marginalized for their phony political dances and plays, pointing out “Theemperor has no clothes”. They must be defanged and declawed, neutralizing the wolvesthat would feed on the sheep in gluttonous fashion. They must be transformed frompredators of the people to servants of the people.SummaryThe American People will have to be persistent in this effort. Constant pressure will haveto be applied on the governmental gods to educate them in the ways of integrity and steerthem away from their hedonism. It will take courage to challenge them and endurance todefeat them. The people must take up Vulcan’s Hammer and forge the governmentalgods into respectable human beings. If the people do not rise up and do this, freedom islost. No example of a free people will exist on this earth.NUMBER 30July 1, 2011Unions Seeking Elite Status for TheirsRiots in Greece by government union employees seemed to force the hand of Germanyand France to refinance another bail out for the country. Throwing rocks a police, unionthug mentality reflexively comes to the surface. Those government union workers do notwant to sacrifice any of their elite compensation or benefits to save their nationseconomy.Teachers in Madison Wisconsin agreed to giving up something, only after years ofsandbagging and stalling, seeing that Governor Scott Walker was going forward to savestate solvency without them. Then the teachers cried foul, declaring they were willing tomake concessions all along.“Gov. Chris Christie is like Adolf Hitler and New Jersey is like Nazi Germany,” shoutedCommunications Workers of America vice president Chris Shelton at a rally outside the 35
  49. 49. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner Essaysstatehouse in Trenton. “It took World War II to get rid of the last Adolf Hitler — it’sgonna take World War III to get rid of Adolf Christie!” “Welcome to Nazi Germany,”Shelton continued! The incident reported by Politico’s Maggie Haberman.The union boss in Trenton New Jersey declared Governor Chris Christy and his alliesNazis, for trying to keep their state from bankruptcy. The battle in New Jersey has beenbrutal. Governor Christy making few friends among the elite there, but is gaining respectand popularity among the people for his commonsense approach and courage to bringabout fiscal responsibility.Union officials are defining their constituent union members as the American Workers.They are leaving private sector workers out of the conversation. This is telling to theirstrategy. Only government workers are of importance, getting the best of benefits andcompensation at the expense of the Real American Workers in the private sector creatingthe wealth.One thing seems common in these stories of government unions both domestically andabroad. They are among the elites with the expectation they will be carried on the backsof the real workers. They do not mind the push toward socialism. They have realisticexpectations of being among the government elite. The Royal Public Unions Making Serfs of the Real American WorkersThey are now and will be in the future among the royalty cashing in on the sweat of whatthey view as the peasant proletariat. Private sector workers generating the wealth will bethe surfs on the fiefdoms of parasitic government elites. Freedoms gone, the workers willbecome beasts of burden of a privileged class chosen by the government. 36
  50. 50. Commonsense Political Thinking of a Common Man (Book VI) Examiner EssaysNUMBER 31July 2, 2011Constitution Ignored “Old Glory” Endures and Freedom Flies America’s Foundation Keeps America EnduringOh, no, don’t tear that tattered ensign down, trampling “Old Glory” unto the earth.The banner victorious over darkness at Fort McHenry, surviving thousands of fiery blasts of bomb bursts.Like that flag, our Constitution stands for the people, fighting for freedom, justice and good.Showering opportunity over all our land, and throughout our neighborhoods.Millions of brave Americans battled, sacrificing life and limb, they fought and died.To fulfill the promise of our nation, helping our freedom and liberty to rise.Why would some scourge and crucify it, our foundation, our freedom bearing Constitution.Trashing our traditional rule of law, for manipulation of the institution.Creating a needy people, sapping strength within, leaders sacrifice our laws for selfish ambition.Stomping on the people, their rights and liberty, elitists barter our freedoms for position. 37