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A Christmas Trilogy; Awaiting the Thaw presentation


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A Swashbuckling Sea Adventure Woven Around Three Christmases

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A Christmas Trilogy; Awaiting the Thaw presentation

  1. 1. A SynopsisAwaiting The Thaw A Christmas Trilogy By Gerald J. FurnkranzIllustrated With the Nautical Art of Gerald J. Furnkranz
  2. 2. Awaiting The Thaw A Christmas Trilogy
  3. 3. A Christmas Trilogy,A swashbuckling high seas adventure rolling in from the world’s oceans.Woven around three Christmases!
  4. 4. Though not written to be so, it possesses;a dash of Homer’s Odyssey,
  5. 5. a splash of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea,
  6. 6. a touch of Melville’s Moby Dick,
  7. 7. Our hero is returning from a long and arduous voyage to the orient
  8. 8. Debarking his ship inOld New York Harbor
  9. 9. He is aching for home with family and his love,celebrating Christmas, leaving the sea forever in his wake
  10. 10. Love turns its back on our hero. Wounded, he runs away, returning to the sea
  11. 11. This time on a whaler, voyaging to thefreezing and burning extremes of the earth, facing unknown spirits of the sea
  12. 12. He experiences the exhilaration and terror of whaling
  13. 13. Life
  14. 14. Death
  15. 15. Faith
  16. 16. Hope
  17. 17. Respect
  18. 18. Our hero grows• Through loss and abandonment• Living the cold harsh realities and burning pain• Surviving, then thriving in isolation• Finding friendship in strange places• Learning solitude and loneliness are friends• Understanding the love he left behind• Tempered by life
  19. 19. His adventure deepens into seemingly eternal darkness
  20. 20. Sailing the Arctic endless winter’s night
  21. 21. Discovering a light to survival
  22. 22. In the twinkling eyes of helplessness
  23. 23. Rescued
  24. 24. Regretfully leaving friends behind
  25. 25. Homeward Bound
  26. 26. Home Again At Long Last