A Taste of Superyachting


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A new eBook focused on the great experiences available on a superyacht vacation - delicious recipes from yacht chefs, exciting new toys, fabulous destination ideas.

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A Taste of Superyachting

  1. 1. A TASTE OF SUPERYACHTING Sampling the onboard experiences of the wonderful world of superyacht vacations
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction and Welcome 3 The OceanScape Yachts Story 4 Chef Mark Godbeer 8 What to Expect on your Superyacht Vacation 19 Chef Brandon Weiler 23 Toys, Toys and More Toys… 30 Chef Hilary Chell 35 The Dollars and Cents of a Superyacht Vacation 43 Chef Perry Schemuly 47 Toys Part Deux 54 Hot Destination Ideas 59 Home Cooking…Todd’s Favourites 76 Top 10 reasons for a Superyacht Vacation 82 2
  3. 3. A TASTE OF SUPERYACHTING Hello and welcome to our new book, “A Taste of Superyachting”. This book started out as a cookbook, with great recipes from some fabulous yacht chefs who we have come to know. It then grew as we found that we couldn’t just tell the story of great meals onboard superyachts – we had to share the rest of the superyacht vacation experience with you!! We are very excited that this project has come together in such a wonderful way, and hope that you enjoy the stories that these great yacht chefs tell, as well as their favourite recipes. I am sure in no time you will be serving up delicious meals for your friends and families, where they will be most impressed with both the food and the presentation – just as if you were a real chef! In addition, I hope the rest of the book gives you a glimpse of the experience that is possible on a superyacht vacation, and perhaps gets you dreaming of your next great holiday! The idea for this book really came from our own experiences while on vacation on superyachts. Every meal was absolutely fantastic, and inevitably, someone asked our chef – or spent time with them – trying to learn how they prepared the wonderful food that we ate. Having your own private chef is one of the best parts of the superyacht vacation experience, and experiencing gourmet meals, delicious snacks, and decadent desserts, all prepared to your own personal preferences, is something everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime. With this book, what we are giving you is a “taste” (pun intended) of the superyacht vacation experience – we hope you think we succeeded! As with any project of this nature, we have to say thanks to a few people. First and foremost, I have to thank the contributing chefs – the profiles that you put together on your life at sea are great – entertaining and very witty. And the recipes; what can we say? I have to say, I was quite intrigued to open up the emails with the recipes each chef submitted, to see what their favourites were and they didn’t disappoint, as each time I was hungry after reading them! And finally, I have to thank Isla McKechnie from Albatross PR, who worked tirelessly to put this project together for us. Getting this final product into your hands would not have been possible without her help. And so, enjoy! And if this snippet of the superyacht vacation lifestyle inspires you to think about planning your next vacation onboard a yacht, with your own chef available day and night, then please visit us at www.oceanscapeyachts.com, where we would love to help you fulfill your dream! Happy reading! Todd Beechey 3
  4. 4. CHAPTER 1: The OceanScape Yachts Story Our journey begins here, on the beaches of the Exumas chain of islands in the Bahamas, on our very first superyacht holiday. Each day of our own vacation was an amazing experience – the best vacation that we had ever taken - and we did it without breaking the bank. It occurred to me that the wonderful destinations we went to and the experiences we enjoyed were largely only accessible on a yacht vacation. It also occurred to me what a shame it was more people aren’t aware that this type of vacation experience is possible, and so the OceanScape Yachts story began! 4
  5. 5. Our Story The seas are boundless, and the entire ocean your playground. Our reach is everywhere; members are global. Jump on a yacht and have an adventure; our company provides the flexibility to customize your vacation, to make it anything you wish, where the experiences and rewards are limitless. Welcome to OceanScape Yachts! My love affair (ok, some of my friends and family may call it an obsession!) with the world of luxury yacht vacations began in the Atlantis Marina in the Bahamas, over 10 years ago. My wife and I were on a big cruise ship vacation, and wandering around the harbour at Paradise Island, sharing ideas of how nice it would be to have access to one of the yachts in the marina for a vacation someday. We even had a name picked out for our own yacht, should we win the lottery. From that point, we began to learn more and more about this vacation option and eventually had interest from friends of ours in planning a charter yacht vacation with us. Having never done anything like this before, it was difficult to know where to start. We decided to make a trip to Miami to the Yacht and Brokerage Show, to begin the planning process. Meeting with a couple of brokers, and touring some yachts led to booking our first yacht vacation, which ironically left from the same Bahamas island where the dream started 10 years before. With the amount of homework we had done over the years, our expectations were high at the start of our trip, but our vacation experience exceeded those expectations on almost every level. But how could we vacation like this on a regular basis – one or two weeks per year – in a more efficient way? That was the question we posed to our charter broker early on in the process of planning our trip. With the answer that (currently) a good business model for this approach to regular yacht vacations didn’t really exist, the genesis of the idea for OceanScape Yachts was formed. When the experience of our yacht vacation went beyond our expectations, the plans for launching OceanScape began. The basic premise of our business model is to provide an option for those people who want to enjoy the fantastic experiences a yacht vacation offers on a regular basis. Perhaps it is one week a year, perhaps two weeks, or maybe only one week every other year. Call it what you will – golf membership meets vacation timeshare meets the yachting industry –but we think we are building something different. There are other options out there. Yacht ownership; full or fractional options exist, but they involve substantial outlays of capital upfront and annually in terms of operating costs. Chartering on a regular basis is also an option, but we believe that OceanScape Yachts will be better for those loyal vacation enthusiasts – loyalty that can be rewarded! 5
  6. 6. Our Story In researching this business model, we’ve discovered that many people, for a variety of reasons, have never considered superyacht vacations a choice. A yacht vacation is an expensive option when you look at the total cost of the yacht; no doubt about that. When you look at it on a per-person basis, and the fact that you are able to enjoy fantastic experiences at remote, beautiful locations, combined with outstanding personalized service and share it with your closest friends or family, the cost becomes much more comparable with other travel options available. The idea of a collaborative, or sharing, economy is particularly applicable in the OceanScape model. We think times are changing, and more people want to rent their luxury experiences in life, rather than owning them. People who want to enjoy a variety of adventures around the world – different destinations each year, rather than the same locations year after year – will also be attracted to the OceanScape model. We also know that there are many yachts that have excess capacity week after week, and we will use our knowledge and contacts in the industry to tap into this capacity. Our goal is to improve the experience for every one involved; the vacation lover, the yacht owner, and the yacht crew. For the vacation lover, we want to provide the vacation of a lifetime, each and every time they cruise with us; wonderful exotic locations, exceptional service, and quality time spent with those you love. For the yacht owners, we think OceanScape Yachts provides a great option for those owners who want their yachts utilized more, sharing more of the annual operating costs, keeping crew active and engaged. And for the crew, we think a busier yacht provides for more stability in terms of employment and more opportunities to showcase the skills and knowledge that they have been trained for! At OceanScape Yachts we think we are starting something exceptional – a community of people who really love great vacation experiences. Yes, the yachts are an important piece of the experience, but what we have learned is that you will remember the places you visited, the things you saw and did, and the great crew more so than the yacht. And that is what we want to provide – wonderful memories of great trips, year after year. 6
  7. 7. Our Story Our vision is to build an exclusive community of yacht vacationists and yacht owners, bringing together the two groups to improve the overall yachting experience for everyone. By utilizing an innovative, community-based approach, we will change people’s thinking about yachting, and introduce this wonderful vacation option to a larger audience. In addition, we will actively engage everyone in our marketplace – vacationers, owners and crew - to continually improve the OceanScape Yachts business model and the overall vacation experience. Ultimately, the long-term vision for OceanScape Yachts is to have a community of 500-1,000 people around the world who love vacations and the ocean, supported by a network of 20-40 yachts in various regions globally – the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Asia Pacific (including French Polynesia, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand). When choosing their vacation, the member would have the choice to vacation anywhere in the world that we have yachts – one year in the Virgin Islands, the next in the South of France, the next in the Great Barrier Reef, and so on – the utmost in flexibility! Vacations are an opportunity to spend precious time with family and friends. At OceanScape Yachts, we believe we are the perfect choice to maximize the value of that time, where our goal is to provide you, your family and friends with the vacation of a lifetime each and every time you cruise with us. Come aboard and begin your adventures! 7
  8. 8. CHAPTER 2: Chef Mark Godbeer Chef Mark’s choice of his favourite recipes includes a starter of New York strip with a mixed melon salad, a main course of duck confit, and for dessert, a vanilla bean and Greek yogurt panna cotta. Enjoy! 8
  9. 9. Mark Godbeer “ Don't mess with the guy that feeds you.” Mark’s absolute love for cooking and childhood infatuation with the ocean made yachting the ideal career choice. Having trained in London, studied in South Africa, apprenticed in the Seychelles and operating a restaurant in Canada traveling was already a feature in his life.   Mark’s enthusiasm for the culinary arts literally propelled him to complete a three year intensive culinary diploma within one year’s time and now he’s composing his first cookbook. Through 12 years as a chef, Mark has constantly pushed the boundaries. He adds his flair not only to the food but to the dining experience as a whole.   If you ask Mark what his greatest achievement has been thus far, he’ll say, “doing what I love to do” 9
  10. 10. Mark Godbeer I would love to go to Turkey, my wife and I vacationed there a while back, breathtaking scenery, absolutely delicious food, friendly locals great spring and summer climate and plenty of history make it my prime location. Having that accompanied with the grandeur of being spoiled rotten on a superyacht makes for a great package!   My favorite activity on board is using the toys in tropical climates. Even just a dive off the sun deck into crystal clear water is hard to beat!   My advice to anyone planning a trip would be to get the crew to hide all the remote controls for the televisions prior to arrival and do as much as you can outside. There is no other service like superyacht service; kings and queens would be envious! Let the crew do what they do best, which is showing you an unforgettable time. and take advantage of your location.   I chose this industry because I love the ocean, traveling and cooking; there are not many jobs which tick all those boxes.   A very unique challenge to working on a boat is the motion of the ocean. Generally galleys are nearer the bow of the boat so when we get big swell and waves, it can get bumpy. Certain dishes are not motion friendly, so you always have to be on your toes. Knock on wood, I have not had many unusual cooking related requests, but I have had a guest ask me if there was any way we could stop the boat from rocking.   I love cooking guest caught fish (provided it’s not caught 15 minutes before service). It gives the guests a great all round experience! For them to see it still wriggling on deck to plated up a la gourmet, who wouldn't enjoy that? At the end of the day, that’s what we want for the guests - mass amounts of enjoyment! I remember the first time I worked with sea urchin. The only time I had come in contact with one was via my foot surfing a shallow reef and they had not become popular or common yet on the plate. I had a guest walk straight into the galley from his snorkel and put several on my bench and request that they were prepared immediately. Thank you Google! Needless to say I learnt quickly!   I really enjoy healthy cooking. You are what you eat and I am a skinny chef you can trust. I am not a big fan of constricting diets, especially when they are just a fad. However, dietary challenges make you a better chef, keep your brain ticking and broaden your knowledge. 10
  11. 11. Mark Godbeer Appetizer: New York strip with a mixed melon salad. Feeds eight to twelve guests depending on desired portion size. Ingredients *Strip and marinade rub 4x 16oz New York strip 4 x tbsp smoked paprika 2 x tbsp garlic power 2 x tbsp crushed pepper 2 x tbsp cumin 2 x tbsp kosher salt 6 x tbsp sweet chili *Salad 1/4 x cantaloupe melon 1/4 x honeydew melon 1 x red pepper 3 x green onion 4 x tbsp e.v.o.o 1 x lemon squeezed Salt and pepper to taste *Garnish >edible flowers >Micro chives (or regular chives cut in 1/2 inch) >Kecap manis (reduced sweet soy) in small squeeze bottle for easier application. >chive oil (1x bunch chives+1 x clove garlic+1 x cup e.v.o.o blended and strained) 11
  12. 12. Mark Godbeer Directions First the steak. If you are planning on serving this for your dinner’s beginning course, it's best if you prep it on the morning of the meal. I usually prep and marinade my meats first thing when I am making croissants, muffins, or fruit platter. The salad can be completed whenever you have an opportunity. *The strip and marinade rub. >Cut the fat off the strip. After doing so, cut the tip and toe of the strip at right angles, so the steak is starts to resemble a rectangular block. > Cut the sides of the strip in the same fashion as you did the ends so you have nice right angles. (Refer to photo) > In a bowl, add remaining rub ingredients. Mix well. > Apply the rub to each steak vigorously, leaving no surface untouched. > Place on baking pan, wrap tight and refrigerate up until one hour before service. *Salad. > Deseed and remove skin of melons. Apply a bruinoise dice (fine small dice) to both melons and set in a bowl. > Deseed pepper. Remove any remaining pith and also apply a bruinoise dice. Keeping it the same size as the melon. Add to bowl. > Split the green onions length way and then split again. Chop finely and add to bowl. > Add oil, e.v.o.o and salt & pepper to taste, and mix. > Set aside, cover and refrigerate until plating. Execution. > Heat a non stick pan to med-high. > Spray strip with Pam cooking spray > Add two tbsp olive oil to pan and start cooking the steaks. > Cook the strip for 45 seconds to a minute on each of the four sides obtaining a nice sear on each side. > Sear the tips and toes of the steaks and place in a oven @400'f for 10 minutes. (For medium rare). All ovens are different, so keep an eye on it. > Remove steak and set aside to rest on chopping board. 12
  13. 13. Mark Godbeer Assembly > Whilst the steak rests (three to five minutes), spoon the salad on to the plate. Be creative; I generally design a long line for the steak to rest on in the middle of a rectangular white or black slate plate. > Slice 1/4" slices of the strip and place atop the salad. (Steaks will be nicely rested and have retained its juices, so bleeding won't be an issue.) > Place some micro chives and flowers sporadically around the dish with some drizzle of reduced soy and chive oil. >Serve immediately. 13
  14. 14. Mark Godbeer Main course: Duck Confit Feeds eight guests Ingredients 8 x uncooked duck legs 4 x TBSP kosher salt 4 x lemons zested and thinly sliced 9 x cloves garlic crushed 10 x sprigs fresh rosemary 10 x sprigs fresh thyme 10 x grapefruits peeled & segmented 2 x cups rendered duck fat 5 x oranges peeled & segmented 5 x blood oranges peeled & segmented 2 x cucumbers deseeded and peeled into strips 1 x red onion thinly sliced 1 x bunch micro chives 14
  15. 15. Mark Godbeer Directions Season the duck legs with kosher salt on both sides. Place them in a large, resealable bag. Add the lemon zest and slices, garlic, rosemary and fresh thyme. Seal, and massage the duck legs through the bag until all of the ingredients are evenly dispersed. Refrigerate for 24 hours to marinate. Preheat the oven to 93 degrees C Remove the duck legs from the marinade. Rinse them off and pat dry. Place the rest of the contents of the bag into the bottom of an oven safe dish just large enough to hold the legs in a single layer, preferably enameled cast-iron or glass. Arrange the duck legs skin side down in the dish. Pour the duck fat into a small saucepan and warm over low heat until liquid. Pour over the duck legs until they are completely covered. If the legs are not covered, you can top it off with some olive oil. As the legs cook, more fat will be rendered from the skin. Cover the dish with a lid. Bake for six to seven hours in the preheated oven, until the meat pulls easily from the bone. Remove the duck legs from the fat and place on a baking sheet. Preheat oven to 140'c and cook duck legs for three hours. Raise oven temp to 180'c and bake further for one hour until legs are crispy. Arrange citrus segments, cucumber ribbons, red onions on a plate. Place confit on top, garnish with micro chives and serve. 15
  16. 16. Mark Godbeer Dessert: Vanilla bean & Greek yogurt panna cotta . “To me, a meal has to be balanced, it’s that feeling when you get up from the table, after having devoured endless amounts of flavors, perfect satisfaction sates your body and you don't have to be rolled away from the table. That being said, this little number I am about to share with you is perfect in your arsenal. It is so light and refreshing, it could even be used as a palate cleanser. It is a staple on every one to two week menu I plan, not because of the pure flavor and simplicity or the minimal prep time required to pull it off, but because of how it allows me to push the flavor boundaries for my starter, amuse and main meal with no concern that the last dish served - the Pièce de résistance - will tie everything together and set the balance .” Ingredients 1 envelope unflavored gelatin (2 1/4 teaspoons) 4 tablespoons cold water 2 cups Greek yogurt 1 cup heavy cream 1/3 cup sugar 1 vanilla bean, split 16
  17. 17. Mark Godbeer Directions 1- Pour the cold water in a small bowl and sprinkle the gelatin evenly over, let this sit without mixing for five to ten minutes. The gelatin will absorb the water and bloom, becoming a solid sponge like texture. 2- Pour the Greek yogurt in a large bowl and whisk for 30 seconds (to smooth out the consistency and make incorporation easier later on in the recipe), set aside until needed. 3- Slice the vanilla bean lengthways from top to bottom and using the blade of your knife, scrape the seeds (Flavor central!) off the stalk. Place the scraped beans, pod, cream and sugar in a small pot or saucepan and gradually bring to the boil. Keep an eye on the cream to avoid scalding and stir often as this also helps the vanilla flavor intensify. 4- Once the cream has come to a boil, turn off heat and add the bloomed gelatin. Whisk until the gelatin has completely dissolved. 5- Strain the cream mixture through a sieve into a measuring jug (or any heat resilient jug that is easy for pouring) 6- Slowly pour the strained cream mixture into the smooth yogurt whilst whisking. Continue whisking until all the cream has been poured and the mixture is smooth. 7- Spray eight to twelve (depending on desired panna cotta size, number of guests) silicone moulds with Pam (I use a three inch half dome silicone mould, like in the picture), if you don’t have silicone moulds, ramekins will work. The reason I prefer silicone, is so the removing process is easier, and the shape is awesome. 8- Pour the mixture into the moulds, allow to cool, then cover and put in the fridge for no less than three and a half hours, so they are firm to touch. 9- When you are ready to serve dessert, gently pull the silicone away from the panna cotta and apply pressure on the opposite end of the mould to remove with relative ease. If using a ramekin, separate the edge of the panna cotta from the ramekin by running a knife in between the two surfaces. Tap the panna cotta into the palm of your hand and place on plate. 17
  18. 18. Mark Godbeer Garnish I use multiple garnishes and accompaniments for this dessert, depending on the previous courses and how heavy I wish the dessert to be. However, this dessert battles to be heavy, and the simplicity of the vanilla and yogurt creates an almost endless list of flavor pairings. Cactus pear coulis To a blender add: 2 x cactus pear, pealed and chopped. 1/2 cup castor sugar 1/2 cup agave honey. Blend for two minutes and strain through a sieve. Funnel into a squeeze bottle and place in fridge until required. Pansy coulis To a blender add: 1 x cup pansies 2 x tbsp lemon juice 4 x tbsp light agave honey 4 x tbsp room temp. water Blend for one minute and strain through a sieve. Funnel into a small squeeze bottle and can be kept at room temperature until use. Chocolate Tuiles 250g x semi sweet chocolate nibs 75ml x chopped nuts (your preference, I used salted almonds) •  In a double boiler (A pot half filled with water, with a bowl placed on top creating a bain marie) on medium heat place the chocolate nibs and gradually melt, stirring occasionally. •  When three quarters melted, remove bowl from boiler and stir with a wooden spoon until the chocolate is completely smooth and melted. Add nuts and stir until evenly incorporated. •  Wrap a rolling pin in parchment paper and evenly pour disk shapes (or any shape you desire) of chocolate “tuiles” onto the pin, set in fridge. Remove from pin when set, leave set “tuiles” in fridge and repeat if necessary. 18
  19. 19. CHAPTER 3: What to expect on your superyacht vacation This is your vacation, your way. You choose where to go, how long to stay, when to leave. Your itinerary can be as simple as show up on Saturday and let the captain take you on a great adventure; or you can be actively involved in planning each step along the way. A superyacht vacation is the ultimate customizable break – no lines, no predetermined schedule – just great times with great friends. 19
  20. 20. A yacht vacation is unlike any other vacation experience available, as it represents the best life has to offer – a truly luxurious experience that is designed specifically for you and your group. No two yacht vacations will ever be the same! What can you expect on a superyacht vacation? Well, for starters, you are going to have unbelievable, personalized service from a great crew, catering to every wish and desire you may have. You are going to be able to visit exotic locations that are only available to people on this type of vacation, in many cases your footprints are the only ones on a beautiful beach. And finally, you are being “chauffeured” to each of these locations on a stunning yacht, where, for that week, you will enjoy some of the best things life has to offer. It all starts with the crew. Our OceanScape Yachts crew are dedicated professionals and their mission is to ensure you and your group have the best experience possible, all in an environment of safety and security. Within a day or so, our crew will know what you like in your coffee and how often your drink needs to be refilled. That is their job, and they do it well. You will wake up in the morning to the smell of coffee and fresh muffins baking in the oven. After everyone awakes, your chef will make breakfast, made to order for everyone in your group. After breakfast, the Captain will ask “What do you want to do today?” It is totally up to you! Go where you want, stay as long as you want, play as hard as you want, or just relax and read a good book. Sometime in the early afternoon, your chef will offer you lunch. Freshly made soup and salad, or gourmet sandwiches, or perhaps a BBQ on the beach. All to get you prepared for another afternoon of fun in the sun! An afternoon of snorkeling or scuba diving? Sure. Waterskiing or jet skiing? Why not! Or take the tender and head to the beach, making sure you take the sun screen. You will return to your yacht for a brief moment to restock the beverage cooler, and then head to yet another beach to watch a perfect sunset in paradise. A magical way to end a magical day! 20 OCEANSCAPE  YACHT  VACATION  EXPECTATIONS   Your yacht vacation. The ultimate in freedom and flexibility.
  21. 21. While you were out for the day, your chef has been busy preparing a gourmet dinner suited to your tastes and preferences. Relax and enjoy the evening, before heading off to sleep. You will need your rest to do it all over again tomorrow! We also think that a superyacht is a great base for a golf trip or cycling adventure. For the golf enthusiast, imagine waking in the morning to the smell of a great breakfast. The crew then takes you ashore to hit the links, and you enjoy a morning round of chasing the little white ball. After lunch, it’s playtime in the ocean. Sometime during the day, the captain has sailed up the coast or to a new island, and tomorrow you get to do it all over again at a brand new course. Replace your golf clubs with your bicycle if you are a cyclist instead of a golfer, and the same type of trip is available. The crew will do their best to provide you with the utmost in comfort. Your luxurious accommodations will be suited to your party, where the yacht will have 3, 4 or even 5 or more cabins, depending on the yacht you select for your trip. Yachts will typically have a master suite and a VIP suite with king or queen beds in each, and then the other suites with a combination of double or twin beds 21 OCEANSCAPE  YACHT  VACATION  EXPECTATIONS   Your yacht vacation. The ultimate in freedom and flexibility.
  22. 22. 22 OCEANSCAPE  YACHT  VACATION  EXPECTATIONS   Just to whet your appetite…
  23. 23. CHAPTER 4: Chef Brandon Weiler Chef Brandon has picked three wonderful recipes for you to try out on friends and family. A crystal clear gazpacho as a starter, the main course of a trio of tuna dishes, and a fabulous dessert of bananas Foster. 23
  24. 24. Brandon Weiler I am Chef Brandon Weiler and I was born and raised in chilly St. Paul MN. I’m a 15 year veteran of fine dining, and ran my first restaurant at age 26. I have been working on charter yachts for the past nine years and have been on nearly ninety weeks of charter. I entered the industry with some prodding from Australian roommates I had in Palm Beach. I thought I might give it a shot for a year or two to see if I liked it; well here I am almost nine years later! In my many travels I have dealt with all types of situations and galleys that have made working almost impossible. Heavy seas are typically saved for just the crew by the way, when we deliver the yacht to where you will be joining it. I have served 13 year old vegans, and 88 year old men who think I don’t cook my vegetables long enough. The one constant in all of this? I will take as much information from guests as I possibly can, in order to apply it to my work and try to provide those guests with the best food experience possible. Guests’ diets are a great way for us as chefs to show what we can do, and to create something that even our dieter or guestswith allergies never thought they would get. My biggest challenge with a guest was a woman who was gluten, sugar, soy, dairy, and berry-free and I had her for 23 days straight. I got through it and from that last day felt like I could handle any diet I was handed, and have. I have been asked at times where my favorite cruising grounds are. This is a complicated question as the cruising grounds I have traveled are so diverse. If I had to choose a place to fish and dive I would say Bahamas with no hesitation. However, I spent a summer on a charter yacht M/Y Shogun in Alaska and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! I hand-caught salmon in a stream, mushroom hunted, pulled hundreds of Dungeness crabs from pots (with guests of course), watched as a helicopter picked our guests up on an unnamed beach and flew them to the top of a glacier for dog sledding, then back to the yacht. I mean wow! I would say that dealing with all of that fish and crab was one of my biggest challenges in my years in the galley. We sent one charter guest home with 384 Lbs. of cleaned fish, just for some perspective. In the end, what I would tell perspective yacht charterers is that we are all very fortunate to serve you. We are in the business of making dreams come true, and business is good. So come see me in the galley if you like, after all, you can do anything you want! Safe seas and good eating!” 24
  25. 25. Brandon Weiler Appetizer: Crystal clear gazpacho with cucumber blossoms and gold memo chives Ingredients 15 Large ripe tomatoes 1 packet gold memo chives (see note) 1 bunch citrus coriander buds (see note) 2 packs (approximately 40) cucumber blossoms (see note) 1 ripe avocado diced and nailed with lime juice to prevent browning 2 packs Heirloom grape tomatoes halved 5 Persian cucumbers diced Juice of 1 lime 1 tsp. toasted whole cumin seed Salt and pepper 25
  26. 26. Brandon Weiler Directions At the time I first served this dish it was inspired by Charley Trotter, it seems to work well in the warm climates we constantly find ourselves in. The secret is all in the tomato water, if you can get all that red out you are left with the pure flavor of the tomato, lightly seasoned from the salt. I often add shaved slices of conch to this dish while in the Bahamas. This was served in Compass Cay. The specialty vegetables in this dish are from The Chefs’ Garden in Huron OH, they were picked and flown to me in Eleuthera Bahamas within 24 hours of being in the ground. One of the many perks of our job! They will ship anywhere and the facility and website are amazing, just tell Michele I sent you. Tomato Water: This is a simple and at the same time long process. Place rough-chopped tomatoes in a Cuisinart with a nice pinch of sea salt and pulse only until it is chunky, not completely pureed (about six to seven blasts). You’ll need to do this in three to four batches. Next, pour the tomato into a cheesecloth-lined fine strainer. Gently fold the corners of the cloth inward to form a ball with the tomato ‘sauce’. Do this very gently and allow the clear liquid to slowly come through into a saucepan. This can take a while but it’s worth it. When you finish you will have a pot with mostly clear liquid and inevitably some red fibrous tomato. Put it on a a gentle heat and add the toasted cumin - simmer until all those impurities rise to the surface - skim it and strain it through cloth one more time. Keep in the fridge nice and cold until ready to serve. This can be made ahead of time. Presentation: Line up as many bowls as you have guests, glass is great for this. Pre-place the tomato, avocado, cucumber blossoms, cilantro buds, and conch if you’ve got it. When ready to serve, simply pour tomato water over the bowls and top with gold memo chives or garnish with lime wedges. Bon appétit! 26
  27. 27. Brandon Weiler Main course: Trio of sharked Yellowfin tuna toro sashimi, citrus grilled with fresh fava beans and blossoms, and ponzu marinated sesame seared with kimchi and sambol Ingredients 2 Pieces fresh tuna belly (otoro) 16 3 oz. portions tuna steaks Fresh, blanched and hulled Fava beans (about a Lb. for 8 people) Grapefruit Supremes or segments 16 1 packet fava blossoms optional Sambol oelek , enough for the small dots. It is a fermented chili paste very similar to Sriracha but in whole, not ground, form. Look for the jar with a green top. Citrus marinade: 1 small shallot fine dice juice of 1 lemon and 1 lime 1 Tbsp garlic chopped salt and pepper Combine all ingredients and pour over eight of your fish steaks and marinate in a ziplock for up to three hours. Ponzu marinade: Juice of 1 lemon and 1 lime 1 Tb. chopped garlic 1 tsp. chopped ginger 1 Tb. Sambol 1 tsp. toasted sesame oil 4 spring onions, finely sliced Combine all ingredients in a bowl and pour over remaining eight fillets, marinate up to three hours. 27
  28. 28. Brandon Weiler Directions The first thing to do with our plates is line them up and cut the sashimi, which should be at room temperature when we serve. Place four slices on the plate and garnish with wasabi and soy on the side. Next move is to pre-grill one side of our marinated tuna and place on a sheet pan for a quick pop in the oven, since our grill is three decks up! Coat the Asian-marinated tuna in black sesame seeds and sear it in a scorching pan with a high heat oil such as grapeseed. Place with our citrus grilled on the sheet pan. Our favas are resting in a saucepan on the stove in a bath of chicken stock, butter, salt and pepper. Heat over moderate heat when ready, for about four minutes. Finish the tuna in a 400 degree oven for about two to three minutes. You do not want this over medium rare. Place both on plate. Garnish with fava blossoms, citrus segments, kimchi, and sambol. 28
  29. 29. Brandon Weiler Dessert: Bananas Foster on the beach with Nutella ‘sand’. This dish was made famous back in the 50’s at Commanders Palace in New Orleans. I have served many versions of it in the past and this is as fitting on a cruise as it gets, the sand is easy and clever and no one will know what it is! Ingredients: 1 jar Nutella About 3 cups tapioca maltodextrin powder. This can be ordered online, it’s cheap. You can also make olive oil powder to the same effect. Nutella sand: Work the Nutella in a bowl a bit and begin adding maltodextrin one cup at a time while mashing it with a whisk. You will know when to stop when it looks like sand, probably more maltodextrin than you think. When placed on the tongue it dissolves back into Nutella instantly. Use this creatively for anything; it’s that easy. Bananas Foster: 6 under-ripe bananas ½ stick butter 2/3 c. brown sugar pinch salt ¼ c. Myers or other dark rum Fresh-grated Nutmeg in a bowl with a spoon Vanilla ice cream for service Start with a pan on high heat and throw in your butter and brown sugar. When it’s melted and the sugar starts to break down, add your sliced bananas and toss in the pan for about a minute. Now the fun part. Walk to your table (or can be done in the kitchen) and pour rum over bananas. Ignite with a lighter being very careful not to burn you or the vessel! OPA! Sprinkle the nutmeg over while lit and it will toast and sparkle its way to the pan. Return to heat until a nice caramel forms, about two to three minutes. If you plate on a saucer just spread the sand on the bottom to form a layer, place ice cream over, top with bananas and caramel and run them to your guests. Enjoy! 29
  30. 30. CHAPTER 5: Toys, Toys and more Toys… Another fabulous aspect of a superyacht vacation is having access to the wide variety of toys that each yacht has onboard. All included in your vacation price! James Econ from Eco Yacht Toys has submitted a couple of his favourites to give you a sample of what is possible. 30
  31. 31. The Reef Surfer OSY: What has been the guest response to the toy? JE: For a long time guests have loved toys like the Seabob and underwater Sea Scooters which offer great way to explore the depths. The Reef Surfer is a new take on it - a water-sport in itself - using free-diving techniques and challenging the rider to make tricks and push the limits. From the point of view of any underwater enthusiast, what's not to love? OSY: Is this a guest or crew-operated toy, and are there any tricks to getting the best out of it? JE: We always advise that you have a certified boat driver at the wheel when taking any towable toys for a spin, but ultimately, you are the Reef Surfer's rider. To make the most of it, ride tandem. There's nothing like trading tricks or manoeuvres and pointing out underwater life to your buddy riding along beside you with two Reef Surfers pulled behind one boat! 31
  32. 32. The Reef Surfer OSY: How long has it been on the market and are there any new versions in the pipeline? JE: The Reef Surfer has only been around for three years and they've already developed two models to cover all abilities. There are other designs available but we picked Reef Surfer because of their manufacturing experience (from the Wakeboarding industry) and their eco-credentials. OSY: What's the best trick or maneuver you've heard of carried out using the toy? JE: Learning to barrel-roll would be my aim. Combine it with a deep breath lasting about two to three minutes and you'll have a ball down there! 32
  33. 33. The Recreational Island OSY: What has been the industry response to the toy? JE: With uses varying from a bathing, swimming and relaxation island, to a helipad and conservation observation platform, The Recreational Island has been a hit worldwide. OSY: Is this a guest or crew operated toy, and are there any tricks to getting the best out of it? JE: Each Recreational Island is custom built to the clients' specification but would be operated by a member of the crew. To get the best out of it I'd recommend working really closely with Henry Ward (the designer) and the team at BMT Nigel Gee to create your perfect island. They are a great bunch with incredible vision who will stop at nothing to create the island of your dreams! 33
  34. 34. The Recreational Island OSY: How long has it been on the market and are there any new versions in the pipeline? JE: We launched the Recreational Island with Henry in March 2012. He's a good friend of ours and has let us in on a few great projects he's working on but our lips are sealed for the time being! OSY: What's the best trick or manoeuvre you've heard of carried out using the toy? JE: I expect one of the most popular will go something like "Mine's an 'Old Fashioned with a Twist'!" - but as yet the guys are still in the production stages of their first Recreational Island, so we'll have to wait and see! 34
  35. 35. CHAPTER 6: Chef Hilary Chell “I have selected three of my favourite dishes to include: Arroncini, a favourite starter when in Italy; wild trout with fresh spring peas - spring is my favourite time of year to be a chef it's when all the exciting ingredients start to appear and wild trout is a deliciously delicately flavoured fish which works beautifully with the mint; and lemon posset with French Madeleine. I like to use Menton lemons where possible. Every year they have a huge festival to celebrate their citrus fruits, and this is a super simple dessert that's always a winner!” 35
  36. 36. Hilary Chell What are some of the dietary request challenges you most enjoy taking on? I actually enjoy dietary requirements, they give you a new way of thinking about food, what to use instead of what, what might work as a substitute and why. Recently I had a request for a gluten-free, dairy-free cake shaped like boobs for a stag do! 36
  37. 37. Hilary Chell Before I became a yacht chef I spent three years studying catering at culinary college and gained a diploma in hospitality and catering management. I then went on to work in some of the top hotels and restaurants both in the UK and USA. While working, I gained a great knowledge and passion for both food and wine. I discovered the yachting industry six years ago and I thoroughly enjoy the combination of cooking with the finest fresh ingredients, giving a personalized service to each group of guests and being surrounded by the beautiful sights of the Mediterranean. I love cruising in the south of France, it's just so organized and set up for the industry. The markets and fish mongers are not only fantastic but open really early so we can provision with fresh goods and still set off before the guests get up if that’s what they want to do. If I was a guest it would be water skiing but as I’m a chef it’s making afternoon tea! I'm always a little envious when the skis come out. A piece of advice for guests is to think about what it is exactly you want from your holiday and don’t try to cram too much into a short time. It should be a relaxing time as well as traveling; you want to enjoy each place you go to instead of getting there as it is turning dark and leaving before the sun comes up! Some of the unique challenges of working in a galley include keeping pans on the stove at 30 knots, decorating cakes at 30 knots, everything constantly on the move, being prepared to drop everything at a moments notice and move anchorage or drive the tender, we are only three crew so we do the deck work too. OSY: What's the most unusual request you've ever had as a private chef? HC: Scrambled quail egg whites for breakfast and warm gazpacho. Not too unusual but just wrong! OSY: What are your thoughts on cooking guest-caught seafood? HC: I’d rather not! Seafood can be tricky if you don't know what you are fishing for, let’s leave it to the professionals. OSY: Is there one brilliant quote you've heard from guests that you'd like to share? HC: All guests say 'you're so lucky' when they're the ones on holiday on a superyacht and I'm about to go and wash up some pans. 37
  38. 38. Hilary Chell Appetizer: Arroncini Ingredients Serves 6 4 Tablespoon olive oil 4 Tablespoon butter 1 Large onion (diced) Handful mushrooms diced 1 1/2 cups arborio rice ½ cup white wine 5 cups hot chicken stock 3/4 cup reggiano parmigiano 1 x mozzarella ball into small cubes 1 cup seasoned bread crumbs 1 cup flour 2 x eggs beaten 1 cup extra virgin olive oil 38
  39. 39. Hilary Chell Directions To start the risotto: In a heavy bottomed saucepan melt two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of butter together. Add the onions, cooking them for three to four minutes until translucent, then the garlic for another minute, (at this point you can add bacon or chorizo too if you like or whatever you like) then add the chopped mushrooms, sweat off until softened. Stir in the rice. Add the white wine and let cook out until it starts to absorb and then add 1/2 cup of chicken stock To cook the risotto: While continuing to stir, add half a cup of stock at a time. Let the rice absorb most of the stock before adding the next half cup. Repeat until all the stock is added. Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. Finally add the remaining cold chopped butter and reggiano parmigiano stirring to incorporate all the ingredients well. Keep stirring and tasting until cooked. Once the risotto is cooked lay flat on a baking tray and dot ice cubes in it, put immediately in fridge and cool. (this is to help cool it down quickly and prevent bacteria forming). Don't just leave it to cool in the pan, it will carry on cooking and become mushy. To prepare the arroncini: Form small balls of risotto, rolling in the palm of your hand. Stuff a cube of mozzarella in the middle of each one. Pane in the flour, then egg, then seasoned breadcrumbs to coat. Deep fry until warm all the way through or warm one cup of the extra virgin olive oil in shallow pan until hot. Fry the arroncini in batches until golden brown. Serve with an arrabiata sauce ( I'm not sharing my recipe sorry!) 39
  40. 40. Hilary Chell Main course: Wild trout with crushed spring peas and mint vierge Ingredients 600g wild trout (in 150g portions) 300g fresh peas podded 25g butter 100ml cream Mint Olive oil 1 x tomato concasse 1 tsp capers Juice of 1 lemon Half onion finely chopped Fingerling potatoes 2 per person Fresh thyme 40
  41. 41. Hilary Chell Directions Heat a little oil in a non-stick frying pan, season the trout with salt and pepper, place the trout skin side down in the pan. Once looking slightly browned and crisp flip over and then quickly take out of the pan and put on baking tray. Slice fingerling potatoes in two lengthways, heat olive oil in pan, place in potatoes, salt and pepper, once starting to get brown, add cold butter and chopped thyme, then place on baking tray with fish. Place peas in salted boiling water and leave them for three minutes without heat, drain peas, put back in pan, add butter and cream and with a hand blender crush slightly. Season with salt and pepper. For sauce vierge: Warm olive oil in pan (just warm) add mint and blitz with a hand blender. Sautee finely chopped onions and garlic and once cooled add tomato concasse, and capers, lemon juice and mix with warmed oil/mint mixture. Once you are almost ready to serve place tray in oven for approximately ten minutes, reheat peas, and serve. 41
  42. 42. Hilary Chell Dessert: Lemon Posset. Ingredients Posset 600ml cream 150g sugar 2 x lemons zested and juiced Boil cream and sugar slowly for three minutes Whisk in zest and juice and then pour into serving dishes and chill for three hours. Madeleines 150g butter 3 x eggs 150g sugar 1/2 tsp baking powder Zest of 1 lemon Preheat oven to 200, grease madeleine tray and dust with a little flour. Melt butter, and allow to cool slightly. Whisk eggs and sugar until pale and thick, sift in the flour, and lemon zest and fold gently, pour in the melted butter and gently mix in. Spoon into tray and bake for around eight to ten minutes until springy to touch 42
  43. 43. CHAPTER 7: The dollars and cents of a superyacht vacation Without a doubt, a yacht vacation can be an expensive vacation alternative when the total cost of the yacht is considered. When looked at on a per-person basis however, the cost is much more comparable to other vacation alternatives that are available, like luxury cruises or villa rentals. When you also consider the fact that, for the time that you are onboard, that yacht is yours, that it is only you and your friends or family onboard, that you have a full crew at your disposal providing an exceptional level of service, and you have the ability to pick where you want the yacht to go and how long you stay at each destination, the value of a yachting vacation begins to make more sense. 43
  44. 44. The math of a superyacht vacation Taking (some of) the mystery out of superyacht charter pricing While the experience of a superyacht vacation is almost without peer in most people's minds, planning your superyacht getaway can be a daunting task, particularly if you're new to the market. Who do you take with you? Where do you go? How do you pick the right yacht, with a crew who match your requirements? And last but certainly not least, how do you know that the price you are paying is fair and reasonable, when the price for a charter yacht holiday can range from $30,000 all the way up to $1,000,000 for a week onboard? We can’t help you pick who you want to vacation with, but we can help with the other questions; starting with pricing. In this article we walk you through the variables which contribute to a charter yacht's listed rates. Price is something we are keenly interested in, and to ensure the yachts in our network are fairly priced, we have analyzed the charter market and have built pricing models that are able to determine where a yacht sits in today's market. We began with over 800 yachts, with data from boatinternational.com, superyachts.com and superyachtintelligence.com. We narrowed that list down to 338 yachts and focused on yachts under 40-metres in length, (which is the preferred length range for most new charterers to the market) though kept in 60 yachts larger than that, to keep the sample size nice and broad. Number of Yachts in Sample by Length 100   50   0   Up To 33 44 33 To 37 37 To 41 41 To 45 Length in metres More
  45. 45. The math of a superyacht vacation In our first model we are able to estimate the charter rate of a yacht, where we don’t know its market value (meaning it's not listed for sale). We have identified ten factors that are statistically significant in this model, which is able to predict 82% of the variance in the base price of the charter. Those factors are length, age of the yacht, number of crew, the location of the charter (the Med or Asia Pacific) and where the yacht was built. We’re not going to tell you which builders (you will have to ask us!) and we certainly aren’t going to give away all of our secrets in terms of how much each factor influences the price but we'll be glad to talk this through with you in person. Our second model narrows the list down even further. We now have the current market value of the yacht, as represented by the listed sale price as per the noted websites. This model is even better at predicting the charter rate, with only five factors accounting for over 88% of the variance in the charter rate. Those factors now include listed selling price, length, location, age and one other factor. (Again, we're keeping a bit of the mystery here.) Of course, the base rate for the charter is just one component of the overall cost of a yacht vacation. You have to also include fuel, food and drinks, and crew gratuity. At OceanScape Yachts, we are totally transparent about the cost of that vacation, and want to make sure everyone understands all of those cost factors. So, if you’re thinking about a charter holiday, and want some advice in terms of looking at the rates you're being quoted, we would be happy to help. Of course, we’d love to help you plan the overall trip as well. Our modus operandi is to provide our members and their guests with amazing vacation experiences, while at the same time knowing that they have received great value for their holiday. Ready for your superyacht vacation? Get in touch to discuss costs with us; we'd be happy to talk through any queries you have on the price breakdown of a trip onboard. 45
  46. 46. The math of a superyacht vacation We have developed a pricing model that will be used to establish the member pricing for yachts in the OceanScape fleet. For demonstration purposes only, let’s consider the current charter market price for a luxury motor yacht in the Caribbean, where the yacht is 30 metres long, was built in 2007 and carries four crew, and eight passengers. As a charter yacht, the total cost for a week’s vacation on this yacht would be as follows: In the OceanScape Yachts pricing model, we have established four seasons for each yacht and location. These seasons are based on traditional cruising patterns and holiday schedules (such as Christmas and New Years as examples) for the location the yacht is in. In this example, the pricing for the above yacht would be as follows: Note that these costs are for illustrative purposes only. Remember that what you do on a yachting vacation is completely up to you and your guests; where you go, how much cruising you do, the types and amount of food and beverages that you consume. These costs will be factored into the above pricing models, but they would generally be the same for both options, and therefore would not impact the overall comparison. Crews earn bonuses based on members and their guests rating each vacation experience (the better the experience, the higher the bonus) and this cost is factored into the above rates. 46
  47. 47. CHAPTER 8: Chef Perry Schermuly Our fourth and final chef in our first book, Chef Perry, has selected three tantalizing dishes for you. A prawn and serrano jamon terrine starter, lobster ravioli as a main, and a delicious looking dessert of raspberry trio. Bon Appétit!! 47
  48. 48. Perry Schermuly I’m Perry Schermuly and I have been working on and off yachts for a few years now. I trained at Boodles Gents club in London, and then went on to five star hotels and Michelin-standard restaurants. I’ve worked alongside Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay to name but a few. At present I am the chef on the 40-metre M/Y Alumercia. Here are Perry’s answers to the questions that OceanScape Yachts asked him: OSY: If you could go anywhere in the world onboard a yacht, where would you go and why? PS: I really enjoy sailing the coasts of the USA. It is so huge and diverse, plus I love southern fried food. OSY: What is your favourite activity onboard? PS: I always get the kids in the galley to help out. They love it as cooking seems to be "cool" they say. The look on their faces when they present homemade jam or cookies to their parents is a picture. OSY: What advice would you give to someone planning a yacht vacation? PS: Plan well ahead to catch local fiesta days at your destinations if possible, great atmosphere makes for good times. OSY: What made you choose a life at sea as a superyacht chef? PS: I chose to cook on board as it is a real challenge to produce food local to where the boat is at any given time and that’s what I try to do whenever possible. OSY: What are the unique challenges of working in a galley? PS: The lack of space and the movement. Cooking on the move, windy al fresco dining and in particular, problems provisioning, are the big problems for most yacht chefs. 48
  49. 49. Perry Schermuly OSY: What's the most unusual request you've ever had as a private chef? PS: I was once asked to cook a dinner on a boat moored next to the boat I was working on. So I did; running between the two boats cooking two very different menus simultaneously. OSY: What are your thoughts on cooking guest-caught seafood? What's the biggest challenge a guest has handed you from their line? PS: I’m happy to cook guest-caught seafood if the sea in the area has a clean bill of health. My present boss’s son caught a beautiful Yellowtail tuna in Costa Rica recently; we ate that beauty sashimi-style! OSY: What are some of the dietary request challenges you most enjoy taking on? PS: Many owners like to eat healthy, light meals or are dieting to lose a few kilos. It’s great when they comment that the food is delicious with such low calorific content. But as all chefs know the secret is to season correctly. OSY: Is there one brilliant quote you've heard from guests that you'd like to share? PS: While watching the sunset on the boat (on anchor) one evening a guest asked me why the buildings on shore seemed to be moving. 49
  50. 50. Perry Schermuly Appetizer: Prawn and serrano jamon terrine. Feeds four guests. Ingredients 500g prawns de soller(Mallorca) 12 slices Jamon de serrano 2 avocado Mixed baby lettuce leaf 2 sticks of rhubarb 1 granny smith apple 250 ml double cream DIRECTIONS 1. Peel and puree two thirds of the Prawns, add cream, season and blitz to a fine mousse in a robo coupe. Add the remaining peeled whole prawns, fill a serrano-lined terrine with the mixture. Roll in film and steam until barely cooked. Chill but remember to serve at room temperature. 2.Slice and serve with poached rhubarb, avocado and apple slices, mixed dressed leaves and crispy serrano ham slices, previously dried overnight in a cool oven. 3.Serve with warm crusty bread and a very crisp white wine. Spanish Albarino is perfect. 50
  51. 51. Perry Schermuly Main course: Lobster ravioli Feeds four guests Ingredients 3 Maine lobsters 12 baby pak choy 12 peeled cherry tomatoes 4 large super fresh scallops (no roe). Cleaned and sliced into thirds. 500g fresh pasta. Use 1 egg for every 100g of flour 1 bunch asparagus (peeled and trimmed) Low acidity olive oil (cold pressed) Lemongrass, ginger, chervil DIRECTIONS 1. Blanch the lobster in rapidly boiling water for one minute. Chill back (refresh) in iced water. Carefully remove tail and meat from claws. Chop the meat finely, season well, then add lemon grass, grated ginger and chopped chervil. Save the claw meat for garnish. 2. Using an ice cream scoop, ball 12 equal mounds of lobster mixture. Set in fridge for an hour. 3. Using a large pasta machine roll the fresh pasta thinly enough to make 12 raviolis; 12 top rounds and 12 bottoms. Place one ball of lobster in each ravioli, secure the slightly larger ravioli top down with egg white (exclude all trapped air before sealing). 4. Cook rapidly the tomatoes, asparagus and baby pak choy in a little olive oil and lobster poaching water. 5. Poach the ravioli in the simmering lobster stock for five to six minutes. Remove and drain. 6. Sauté the seasoned scallop discs on one side for 30 seconds. 7. Place three ravioli on the plate, arrange the garnish around using asparagus, scallop, tomatoes and pak choy, drizzle a little olive oil over the dish and finish with sprigs of chervil. Serve with a good brut champagne. 51
  52. 52. Perry Schermuly Dessert: Trio of raspberry: mini brulee, sorbet and jello. Ingredients 1 kg frozen raspberries (defrost overnight, saving the resulting juice). Puree the mass and pass through a fine sieve. Brulee: 125g raspberry puree 125ml cream 75g bakers sugar 5 egg yolks 3 whole eggs Place all ingredients in a thermomix. Cook slowly to 90 degrees, blitz speed 6 for 20 seconds. Pour into small chilled moulds, set in fridge overnight. Raspberry Jello: 500ml raspberry juice. Use the strained juice, add your favorite fizzy water to make 500 mls if there isn’t enough! 4 leaves gold gelatine. 50g bakers sugar. Soak gelatine in cold water, drain and dissolve with all other ingredients, pour into small moulds and set overnight in your fridge. 52
  53. 53. Perry Schermuly Raspberry sorbet: 250 ml sugar syrup (equal amounts of sugar and water boiled together). 250g raspberry puree. Pinch of sea salt. Juice of two persian limes. Blitz the syrup and puree together and churn in an ice cream machine until smooth and softly frozen. Season with sea salt and lime juice. To serve. Unmould jellos using a hot water bath and place directly onto a chilled plate. Scoop a ball of sorbet and place next to the jello. Place a little sugar on the mini brulee and caramelize with a gas torch. Garnish with a selection of raspberries, mint, sugar crisps or fine tuille biscuits. This eats really well with a chilled limoncello. Enjoy! 53
  54. 54. CHAPTER 9: Toys part deux Photo courtesy of South Florida Dive Journal Most of the activity in the ocean is obviously underwater. When snorkeling and scuba diving aren’t enough, submarines are the best option available and are now possible on a superyacht vacation (with the right budget). Marc Deppe, from Triton Submarines, provides us with a look at their products. 54
  55. 55. Triton Submarines Some 97% of the sea-floor is completely unexplored. When you transit the world’s waters on a yacht, chances are, thousands of people have been there before you. However, as soon as you vent the ballast tanks on your luxury sub and dive below the surface, the chances are very good that you are experiencing that slice of ocean as no one on earth has before. And you are doing it in perfect air-conditioned comfort and safety, quite possibly with a flute of excellent champagne in one hand. Choosing a yacht with a submersible aboard your yacht can make you a hero with family and friends. Imagine being able to provide this very unique option of showing people the fabulous majesty of the undersea world. Letting them interact, up close and personally, with the myriad denizens of he deep. This is the finest type of adventure; safe, comfortable, fascinating and rare. 55
  56. 56. Triton Submarines How safe are Triton’s submersibles? Last year, approximately one million passengers took dives aboard the world's civilian submarine fleet, predominantly in one of 40 tourist submarines. In the 27 year operating history of the industry there has never been a single serious injury or fatality to any passenger. The industry has a perfect safety record and so, civil submarines are statistically the safest form of transportation in the world today. All Tritons are classed ✠A1 Passenger Submersible by the American Bureau of Shipping. Like FAA certification of aircraft, the ABS classification procedure is arduous, but results in unsurpassed safety. In fact, we tell our clients that by the time the paperwork weighs as much as the sub, the project is done. A bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. Not only are all Triton’s certified by ABS, and optionally by Cayman Island Shipping Registry, they are built by a group with over 350 years of collective experience on 80 subs, easily the most experienced and qualified civil sub builders and operators in the world today and with many times the experience of any of our competitors. Photo courtesy of South Florida Dive Journal 56
  57. 57. Triton Submarines How comfortable is it inside the submarine? Are there any changes in cabin pressure? The inside of one of Triton’s luxury submarines is air-conditioned and temperature-controlled. Regardless of the operating depth of the submarine, the interior of the passenger cabin remains at surface pressure, which is one atmosphere. As a result, there are none of the pressure induced physiological effects experienced by SCUBA divers (such as the bends, or nitrogen narcosis). A guest aboard a submarine can stay comfortably submerged for as long as desired, and the submarine can dive or surface at any rate. It is really quite amazing how many people misunderstand this important point and it is one of the key reasons that our submarines can be enjoyed by anyone from 5 to 95 years of age. In fact, any change in pressure is generally attributed to slight changes in temperature and are small enough to measured by a barometer (just a few millibars of pressure) 57
  58. 58. Triton Submarines How does the air stay fresh inside the sub? All submarines, even military ones, use a simple but very effective method to control the cabin environment, which is referred to as a metabolic make up system. Oxygen stored in high-pressure bottles outside the pressure hull is injected at low pressure into the passenger cabin in order to maintain a level of 21 percent oxygen by volume. Cabin air is drawn through a granular material called soda lime to remove the carbon dioxide produced during respiration by the occupants . The air is also dehumidified and heated or cooled as necessary. A Triton sub carries enough oxygen to remain continually submerged for a minimum of 108 hours, which is typically a 12 hour mission time plus 96 hours of self-contained emergency life support. How deep can the submarines dive? At Triton we have ten different models. The subs dive to 1000 feet (305 meters), 3300 feet (1000 meters) or 5500 feet (1675 meters). The amount of time you can stay submerged during one dive (the mission time) is typically 10-12 hours with longer durations as an option. Triton is also developing the world’s deepest-diving multi-passenger deep submersible and the only sub that will be active and repeatedly capable of diving below 7500 meters. The Triton 36,000/3 is capable of diving to the deepest spot in the ocean, The Challenger Deep at 35,800 feet (10,912 m). In human history, only three people have been this deep. 58
  59. 59. CHAPTER 10 Hot destination ideas In this chapter, we will introduce you to some great destinations; destinations that industry experts have recommended you consider when planning a superyacht vacation. Can you say bucket list? Say hello to the Exumas, Australia, Croatia and Montenegro, and Alaska! 59
  60. 60. Many beaches where yours are the only footprints. Every day is a day in paradise! 60 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  THE  EXUMAS     Why the Exumas? Well for starters, warm water and miles of beautiful, secluded beaches
  61. 61.   Much to see and do between Highbourne Cay and Staniel Cay. Nassau. Numerous direct flights from Europe and U.S. •  Two excellent FBO’s for private aircraft •  Atlantis is a great destination on its own. Recommended as the perfect start and end to our guests’ trips. The Exumas begin only 30 nm from Nassau •  Calmer waters than the Caribbean, no rolling anchorages •  No rough, beam sea crossings between islands •  Short distances between islands Clear, shallow water •  The ocean floor will be visible for the entire trip, which we find provides peace of mind for some guests •  Shallower water means better snorkeling and diving Numerous deserted islands and beaches within a quick tender ride distance •  Reduces fuel costs Anchorages rarely crowded •  Calm, warm waters •  You will have some anchorages all to yourself. 61 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  THE  EXUMAS       Easy to get to. A short cruise from Nassau.
  62. 62. Iguanas… The famous swimming pigs… And pet sharks! 62 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  THE  EXUMAS     All sorts of wildlife to see, swim with, or feed!
  63. 63. An easy snorkel… …into some 007 history!! 63 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  THE  EXUMAS     Sights and scenery. A visit to Thunderball Grotto.
  64. 64. 64 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  THE  EXUMAS     Above all, in the Exumas, this is how they tell time!
  65. 65. Years ago, after having just finished my university degree, I was fortunate enough to spend 9 months in Australia, with most of that time spent in Queensland. I started in Brisbane and then travelled up the coast to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. It was an amazing adventure, and I have dreamed many times of going back some day, but this time, a superyacht vacation with my family will be on the agenda! Brisbane City Skyline Main ports: Take your pick of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or Brisbane, all with connecting flights to a broad range of international destinations. If your idea of a break is fly-in, fly-out, use Australia’s cosmopolitan cites as a jumping off point and fly to meet the yacht in the Whitsundays, Australia’s tropical north or in the wilds of the Kimberleys. Airports are well-equipped and modern with plenty of charter jet providers available and the tone for your Aussie experience is set here; friendly people, easy connections and efficient service. 65 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  AUSTRALIA   Australia and the Great Barrier Reef: Tops on our bucket list for an amazing yacht vacation!
  66. 66. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a riot of colour and life which needs to be experienced to be believed. Kids and adults alike will love discovering the underwater natural city thriving on the reef. An experienced yacht crew is a must as there are strict cruising laws in place to protect this precious environment. While you’re in the region, don’t miss Whitehaven beach; Australia’s most-photographed beach and consistently voted one of the world’s top beaches. While most people daytrip to this special spot, your crew will be happy to drop anchor just offshore, giving you an up close and personal taste of this paradisiacal spot when other explorers have headed home for the day. Beautiful views of Whitehaven Beach. 66 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  AUSTRALIA   Australia: The must see and do’s.
  67. 67. Three times the size of the UK, the Kimberley region is not to be missed. Explore this ancient wilderness boiling with thundering waterfalls, wildlife, secluded beaches and exceptional fishing from the yacht; easily accommodated in the Kimberley’s upper reaches by the world’s largest tidal range. Sydney’s harbour, nestled within Port Jackson, is an inlet of the South Pacific Ocean and is considered one of the world’s finest harbours. Lucky for you then, your yacht puts you in the best seats in the house to witness it. Your crew will take you on a lazy afternoon cruise past the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge while they top up your glass with the award-winning local wines, before dropping you off to explore Sydney’s vibrant nightlife. The Kimberley Coast The unmistakable sites of Sydney 67 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  AUSTRALIA   Australia: The must see and do’s.
  68. 68. Tastes like: Seafood, wine, fresh produce and an innovative culinary scene; it’s safe to say you’ll be well fed on Australian shores. Melbourne is considered one of the most innovative and leading culinary cities globally, and this attitude of placing importance on food is reflected throughout Australian society with an emphasis on high quality ingredients prepared in a way that reflects elements of Australia’s multi-cultural society. Expect modern Australian menus to feature dishes like Wagyu oyster blade, caramelized Angasi oysters, bar cod with chili and sesame dressing, and of course, salt and pepper squid. And don’t forget all those world-beating wines. Culture: Indigenous Australian culture is fascinating, having developed in this isolated island nation for around 50,000 years. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in local cultures; with great diversity among indigenous societies and communities, exploring different customs, languages and cultures will become a fascinating part of your Australian trip. Australians are known for being friendly, open and happy to stop for a chat. Just don’t ask them to throw another shrimp on the barbie; they’re called prawns around these parts! Scuba diving at some of the best dive sites in the world. 68 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  AUSTRALIA   Australia: The must see and do’s.
  69. 69. While traditional European ports such as Monaco and Saint-Tropez have long been the hub of superyacht activity in the Mediterranean, destinations such as Croatia and Montenegro are fast becoming a bucket list item for many! Main ports: The picture perfect island of Hvar is essential for any Croatian trip. Pull in and drop anchor among the other superyachts, then settle in to watch the parade of beautifully-bronzed party people as they thread through Hvar’s old town. As the sun heads towards the horizon, every available sun lounger, bar leaner and rocky outcrop fills as tourists and locals alike to drink a farewell to the day and watch one of Europe’s most beautiful sunsets over the Adriatic. 69 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  CROATIA  AND  MONTENEGRO   Croatia and Montenegro: Europe’s newest superyacht hotspot
  70. 70. Sail down the coast, threading between a spread of picturesque islands, dropping anchor as you go. Croatia’s small island towns are charmingly quaint, with plenty of mom and pop restaurants perched above the deep green bays. Your crew will deliver you to shore to try them for yourself; just beware the homemade wine! Deeper down the Adriatic you’ll reach Montenegro; Europe’s newest superyacht hotspot. With the same crystalline sea as further up the coast, as you head into Montenegrin waters you move out of the EU, another factor which makes Montenegro a favourite with superyachts. The country is outside of EU tax and import regulations, and the savings that come with that can be passed on to you, the vacationer. Unmissable sights: In this part of the world it’s inevitable you’ll spend a lot of your time staring down into that green, green water. The clarity here is renowned and it’s easy to pass a lazy hour with an unopened book in hand, looking down on the busy sea life below from the aft deck. 70 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  CROATIA  AND  MONTENEGRO   Croatia and Montenegro: The must see and do’s.
  71. 71. Once you do manage to stop looking at that impossibly-clear sea, Sveti Stefan is a village to watch for along the Montenegrin coast. This tiny former fortress is located on an islet, joined to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. Often described as the most picturesque sight along the Adriatic, the entire island is now a private resort, so it’s been beautifully restored. And the best way to see it? By superyacht of course. Right in the heart of Croatia’s Split lies something very special. Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most striking Roman ruins in existence and, far from keeping the relics behind barriers in a museum, the locals live within it’s crumbling glory. Expect washing flapping overhead as you wend through the ancient rooms and dodge soccer balls kicked by local boys. Bars and cafes pop out of frescoed nooks when you least expect them, and the whole sun-bleached structure is offset by violent purple bursts of bougainvillea tackling the palace’s framework. It’s spectacular. 71 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  CROATIA  AND  MONTENEGRO   Croatia and Montenegro: The must see and do’s.
  72. 72. Tastes like: Gourmands will have a field day in Croatia and Montenegro as each region within each country has its own distinct culinary traditions. For your meals both on and off the yacht, you’ll have your pick of line-fresh seafood, locallygrown fruits and vegetables, while trying a Muscat produced in the region is a must for any trip. Don’t miss the famous cuttlefish risotto. This risotto nero is striking for its deep, inky colour, and it’s a taste which will have you dreaming of Croatia long after your holiday. Montenegro’s cuisine shows strong traces of the many nations which surround it. The hearty breads, cured meat, polenta, plethora of cheeses and stuffed peppers are all Italian, while the kebabs, baklava and musaka come courtesy of Turkey, via Serbia. Croatian desserts round off meals with the trademark sweet pastry of Montenegro’s northern neighbour, and along all coastal regions, seafood is a staple. 72 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  CROATIA  AND  MONTENEGRO   Croatia and Montenegro: The must see and do’s.
  73. 73. When the idea of a superyacht trip comes to mind, many people immediately think of great beaches and warm sunshine in the Caribbean, or the profound historical background and intimate experiences that traditional Mediterranean cruising grounds offer. There are other options, however, and Alaska is one such option. The rugged wilderness and the opportunity to spot amazing wildlife in their natural habitat (whether it be bears, seals, whales or dolphins as a start) are just some of the features that will entice people to think about Alaska when planning their next vacation adventure. Our destination guide ends with a pictorial from Chef Brandon’s own adventures on superyacht trips. Thanks Brandon! 73 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  ALASKA   Alaska: Not your typical superyacht trip!
  74. 74. 74 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  ALASKA   Alaska: Not your typical superyacht trip!
  75. 75. 75 OCEANSCAPE  TAKES  YOU  TO  ALASKA   Alaska: Not your typical superyacht trip!
  76. 76. CHAPTER 11: Home cooking – Todd’s favourites! Pic  of  me   Ok, so I am not a chef - very far from it as a matter of fact – but I thought the book wouldn’t be complete without a few of my favourites. All of the chefs submitted great recipes, many of which focused on fish (which I am trying to eat more of; honest!). My favourite meal is still beef though, and I thought we needed some beef in our book. I start this off with a simple salad, and finish with an ice cream dish. Hope you enjoy! 76
  77. 77. Todd’s Favourites Appetizer: Grandma Beechey’s Lettuce Salad. This is a very basic lettuce salad that my Grandma Beechey made for most family dinners. Truth be told, she didn’t have a recipe – just made the dressing to taste, and it was not until later in her life that we thought that we had better figure the recipe out. After much trial and error, we think we are close, but in the end, it never tastes like Grandma’s did. Ingredients 1 head lettuce Green onions 1/2 cup whipping cream 2 tsp. white sugar 1 tbsp. white vinegar Directions 1. Chop the lettuce and onions into very fine pieces, using as much as you need for the number of guests you are serving. 2. For the dressing, mix the whipping cream and the sugar together and stir very well until the sugar is dissolved. Stir in the white vinegar until the dressing thickens. This can be stored in the refrigerator until ready to use. Pour over the salad and mix well. 77
  78. 78. Todd’s Favourites Main Course: Grainy mustard rotisserie prime rib roast, with Yorkshire pudding, Swiss potatoes, and green beans We were always a meat and potatoes family growing up, and in my mind, you can’t beat a good prime rib dinner. The recipe for the beef is something that we found a few years ago at www.canadianliving.com, and we have enjoyed it ever since. Grainy mustard rotisserie prime rib roast Ingredients 1/2 cup (125 mL) grainy mustard 2 tbsp (30 mL) chopped fresh rosemary 2 tbsp (30 mL) Dijon mustard 2 tbsp (30 mL) Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp (15 mL) vegetable oil 1 tsp (5 mL) coarsely ground pepper 1 premium prime rib beef rotisserie roast, 6 lb Horseradish Aioli: 1/2 cup (125 mL) light mayonnaise 1/4 cup (60 mL) light sour cream 2 tbsp (30 mL) prepared horseradish 1 tsp (5 mL) Worcestershire sauce Directions In a bowl, whisk grainy mustard, rosemary, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, oil and pepper. Transfer half to large bowl; add roast to large bowl, turning to coat. (Make-ahead: Cover and refrigerate roast and remaining mustard mixture separately for up to 12 hours.) Follow manufacturer's instructions for using rotisserie. Or for 3-burner barbecue, remove grill racks. Place drip pan along centre of barbecue. Pour water into pan to depth of 1 inch (2.5 cm). Heat barbecue to medium-high. Turn centre burner off. 78
  79. 79. Todd’s Favourites Grainy mustard rotisserie prime rib roast – continued Clamp end of roast with rotisserie fork. Insert spit through fork and centre of meat. Clamp other end of roast with rotisserie fork. Position on barbecue with roast centred over drip pan. Start rotisserie motor. Close lid and grill over medium heat for 30 minutes. Brush with half of the reserved mustard mixture; grill for 30 minutes. Brush with remaining mustard mixture. Grill until meat thermometer inserted in centre registers 140°F (60°C) for medium-rare or 155°F (68°C) for medium, about 30 minutes. Transfer roast to cutting board; pull out forks and spit. Tent with foil and let stand for 20 minutes before slicing thinly. Horseradish Aioli: Meanwhile, in bowl, stir mayonnaise, sour cream, horseradish and Worcestershire sauce. (Makeahead: Cover and refrigerate for up to eight hours.) Serve with roast. Note: We don’t use this. Additional information : Top sirloin premium rotisserie roast, inside round rotisserie roast and eye of round oven roast of the same weight are all succulent cooked on the rotisserie following this recipe. Times may vary slightly depending on thickness. (source: http://www.canadianliving.com/food/grainy_mustard_rotisserie_prime_rib_roast.php) Yorkshire pudding Ingredients 2 eggs I cup flour 1 cup milk Dash of salt Blend ingredients together, but do not over-mix. Pour into a nine inch by nine inch pan in which some of the grease from the roast has been heated very hot. Bake at 425 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes. Do not open the oven door while this is baking. Note: Capturing the grease from the rotisserie roast can be a challenge. You may need to use an alternative such as vegetable oil. Also, this roast recipe will generally not provide great drippings for gravy – you might have to resort to a store bought gravy for your Yorkshire pudding. 79
  80. 80. Todd’s Favourites Swiss Potatoes Ingredients 8 medium red potatoes, thinly sliced and chilled in cold water Salt and pepper to taste 2 to 3 cups grated Swiss cheese (or a mixture of Swiss and mozzarella cheese) 6 tbsp butter 1 cup chicken stock, or enough to cover top of potatoes when in dish Preheat over to 425 degrees. Grease a nine inch by thirteen inch dish, or something of similar size. Pat potatoes dry and arrange half of them in the dish. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, half of the cheese and dot with half of the butter. Repeat the layer and then pour the stock over top of the potatoes. Bake 45 to 60 minutes or until potatoes are tender and the top is golden. Serves six. Green Beans Ingredients Green beans Butter Dry onion soup mix This is an easy one. Clean and cut your green beans and place into tin foil. Add in a slice of butter and a package of dry onion soup mix (or partial package depending on how many beans you are cooking). Wrap in the tin foil, and place on your barbeque or in the oven and cook until the beans are at your desired tenderness. 80
  81. 81. Todd’s Favourites Dessert – Mars bar pie. I am not being completely honest with you here... My Mom makes the best strawberry pie in the world, and it is my absolute favourite dessert. We are keeping this recipe a family secret though, and to get it, you will have to join us at OceanScape Yachts and email me for it! As a very good substitute though, I thought I would give you Mars bar pie, which is a great ice cream dish. Of course you can switch Mars bars out for any of your favourite chocolate bars if you like! Ingredients Crust: 1-1/4 cups Oreo cookie crumbs 1/4 cup melted butter Mix thoroughly and pat mixture into a pie plate or an eight inch square pan if you wish. Chill for about a half an hour. Cover with a layer of vanilla or butterscotch ice cream. Drizzle a small amount of chocolate syrup over ice cream and then drizzle a small amount of caramel sauce over that. Finely chop a Mars bar and sprinkle the pieces over the pie. Repeat the above layer one more time, or as many times as needed until the pie shell is full. Make sure the top of pie looks attractive with the sauces and chopped Mars bar. Freeze until ready to serve. This may be made ahead of time or stored in the freezer for unexpected company. Enjoy! 81
  82. 82. CHAPTER 12: Our Top 10 reasons you need superyacht vacation So you thought you couldn’t afford a superyacht vacation? There’s good and bad news for you. The good news is vacations onboard superyachts are more affordable and accessible than you thought. The bad news is that you’re going to have to start deciding who you want to take with you. We can’t help you with that, but we can help you start dreaming of your trip. Here’s our top ten reasons you need to take a superyacht vacation. 82
  83. 83. 10. Live like a superstar, without the paparazzi. Whether you’re in the mood for a slow Nantucket saunter, a golf trip along the Florida coast, or forging a path of adventure through Alaskan waters, on a superyacht you write your own storyline. 9. Become a water baby as you swim from the yacht’s beach platform, snorkel undiscovered reefs or even take the time to learn to dive courtesy of an onboard instructor. ! 83
  84. 84. 8. Did you know that you can take to the high seas on your own superyacht for about the same price per person as renting a luxury villa with friends, or other luxury travel options? Jet skis, a private chef, crew attending to your every need, deserted islands, a different beach every day - or a nice house or hotel room for a week? You decide. 7. Speaking of jet skis, superyachts come equipped with toys, toys and more toys! In addition to jet skis and other personal watercraft, try inflatable slides, jet packs, and mini-subs. Enough said! ! 84
  85. 85. 6. The chef. You deserve, no - you need - a private chef! This is vacationing at its finest, meals cooked to your taste, served privately on the aft-deck, on a deserted beach or wherever else takes your fancy. (They’ll even cook fish fresh from your line.) 5. And about the crew. Superyacht crew are highly trained to provide the best in personalized service. Think five star hotel service tailored to your preferences, carried out by a relaxed, friendly group of people, and you get the idea. ! 85
  86. 86. 4. Being dropped off to doze in the clear waters of a deserted island with not another soul in sight (apart from your crew bringing you fresh drinks). A superyacht vacation provides the utmost in privacy. While on vacation, you want to spend precious quality time with those you love – family or friends. On a superyacht, you do what you want, when you want to do it; without the worry of someone else impacting your fun! 3. More luxurious than a cruise, superyachts let you choose the destination and who you take your holiday with. (And there’s no queue at the buffet or schedule of when to depart.) ! 86
  87. 87. 2. Sunrises and/or sunsets - depending on where you are vacationing - there is nothing like watching the sun rise or set over the edge of the horizon from the deck of your own yacht. A cup of coffee (or a mimosa) in the morning, or a nice glass of wine in the evening, make it even that much better! And the #1 reason is... We think a superyacht vacation is one of the world’s best-kept secrets in terms of great vacation options available. Be part of the inside crowd and get out and plan your own dream vacation. It will be an experience that you and your travelling companions will never forget! ! 87
  88. 88. The END Ok, hopefully not… I hope you have enjoyed our book, and it has inspired you to get out there and plan your next great vacation adventure. If so, please visit us at www.oceanscapeyachts.com and follow us on your favourite social media channels below to stay up to date with all of our activity! 88