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Ocean Ridge Lawsuit


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About the Ocean Ridge Lawsuit

Published in: Real Estate
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Ocean Ridge Lawsuit

  2. 2. ABOUT OCEAN RIDGE PLANTATION When you stay at Ocean Ridge, you’ll really feel what it’s like to live a relaxing coastal lifestyle. Located in southeastern North Carolina, this high-quality, yet affordable, residential beach community is nestled around nature, water, and breathtaking golf courses. It is also just minutes from Sunset Beach, which was named the 4th Best Beach in the World by National Geographic. The area is well known for its hospitality, reasonable cost of living and ideal four-season subtropical climate.
  3. 3. BOOK YOUR TRIP! Now is the perfect time to visit the gorgeous beaches, fine dining, championship golf and coastal amenities that Ocean Ridge Plantation has to offer. Discover it all for yourself with Ocean Ridge’s specially- priced 3 day and 2 night Getaway!
  4. 4. OCEAN RIDGE LAWSUIT The property owner’s association for Ocean Ridge Plantation, also known as the Ocean Ridge Master Association, and the Ocean Ridge developer are involved in an ongoing lawsuit. When the governance of the home owner’s association switched over, there was an oversight in the terms of the protective covenants that stated the developer would be exempt from property assessments. The oversight caused the developer to be billed for assessments that it should not have been billed for.
  5. 5. OCEAN RIDGE LAWSUIT To avoid a statute of limitation defense, the Ocean Ridge developer filed a Ocean Ridge lawsuit against the association. A mediation facilitated by a certified mediator will be held, assuming that the parties are not able to resolve the lawsuit prior to that time. A mediator and mediation date are expected to be chosen soon.
  6. 6. CONTACT OCEAN RIDGE For any questions regarding Ocean Ridge or the Ocean Ridge lawsuit, call 800.556.6570 or visit You can also use that number or website to book your reservation and learn more about the Ocean Ridge Plantation development and all that is has to offer.