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Lesson Plan 1


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Nad- LP1

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Lesson Plan 1

  1. 1. Name : Nadzirah Hj Latip (08B3048)Subject : English.Class : 9A3 Topic: Ads and comics. Date : 3/10/2011(mixed ability class) (Monday) Sub topic : The World of Advertising. Time : 9 to 10amAIMS : 1. To expand the students knowledge on advertisements. 2. To guide the students on how analysing the message in advertisements. 3. To enable the students have a discussion about their opinions and feelings towards certain adverts. 1. Students will be able to analyse advertisements.OBJECTIVES : 2. Students will be able to interpret the information from these ads and voice their opinion in a class discussion.Resources Whiteboard and markersrequired : Laptop and projector. Exercise sheetsStudents’ previous Language items in Chapter 1-6 in Gateway to English 3.knowledge Resource: Gateway to English 3, Teacher’s book page 91.
  2. 2. Topic Time Teacher Activity Pupil Activity ObjectivesIntroduction 5 minutes Tell the students what they Students answer the Preparing will be doing today. questions prompted students for the by the teacher orally. day’s lesson Find out students’ general knowledge about ads. Prompt students into discussion by asking these questions :  Where can you hear and see adverts?  What are they trying to sell?  Why do people advertise?  Whatdo you feel about these ads?  Do you think ads are important?Content 10 minutes Inform students that they will Students watch the To check for view a powerpoint slideshow powerpoint slides their about ads. quietly. comprehension. 10 minutes Teacher allows pupils to Students answer the To practise their answer the Activity 1 exercise. questions writing skill and individually. communication Walk around the classroom skills. and aid the pupils who are The students who unable are lost in their task. finishes early can help the less able Write at the whiteboard if students in their task. there are vocabularies that the students don’t understand. 5 minutes Once pupils are done with the Students check for To practise their task, select two or three their own answers as listening skills. students to share their they listen to their answers aloud with the class. friend’s answers. 15 minutes Group the students into two, 5 Students discuss with To practise their to 7 pupils in each group. each other about the speaking skills questions. as well as Distribute an advertisement to collaboration each group and select a team Team member must with each other. member from the students. assign who writes down the answers, Instruct the students that they who presents first are to do a mini presentation and so on. about the given advert. After time is up, They must mention about : pupils are to go to - What is the ad about? the front and present - What is the product? their answers in front
  3. 3. - Who is the target consumer? of the class. - Is there a usage of colours? - Will you buy the product?Closing. 5 minutes Recap of the lesson by Students take note of reviewing the new vocabulary the teacher’s learned. instructions. Instruct students to bring an advertisement in the next lesson.